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on August 12, 2010
I'm not new to photography, but I'm fairly new to Photoshop...CS5 in particular. In the interest of quickly getting up-to-speed, I signed up a few weeks ago with an Adobe Certified Instructor to provide personal Photoshop mentoring to me on a once-a-week basis. To supplement these sessions, I also joined NAPP and have watched dozens of their video tutorials; Adobe TV, etc. At the same time, I also picked up another highly respected author's book on CS5 (lets call it the "me" book) to try and put things together. The videos have helped, but I must candidly say that I quickly got lost in complexities of the writing in the "me" book and found it quite frustrating to say the least! Thats not to say that the "me" book isn't well done, but it is clearly written for someone that has had a fair amount of Photoshop experience in the past. IMHO, it's just way too detailed for the neophite user.
Then forward to Scott's new book which arrived at my home earlier this week. What an amazing book this is indeed. BANG...just open up to any Chapter and there you have a very straightforward, concise, step-by-step tutorial to guide and fast-track even the most inexperienced user through the process of getting the very best results out of his or her images. Photoshop frustration has been replaced with Photoshop fun. Trust me, using this book is like having Scott looking over you shoulder as you go through his easy-to-follow methodology. Even the complete novice can process some amazing images the very first time through.
Without reservation, I highly recommend you BUY THIS BOOK!!! Thanks, Scott, I'm having an absolute blast.
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VINE VOICEon August 11, 2010
Scott Kelby keeps writing great books about Photoshop and somehow he makes each new book about the newest release of Adobe Photoshop better than the last. This book is no exception. Whether you are brand new to Photoshop or have been using it since Photoshop 2.0, like I have, you can quickly pick up the book and in a matter of minutes put to use some new technique or learn a new and better (i.e. faster and simpler) way of doing things. If you are a Photoshop user this book is a must have reference to have by your side.

What make Kelby's writing so effective is that he clearly walks you through each step of the process with photos, menus and directions - including before and after photos. His discussion of Camera Raw both basic and advanced is especially useful. His chapter on B&W is awesome. (I'm a former photojournalist with a predilection for Black & White images). But the chapter I refer to over and over, is the common problems chapter. He covers all of the ways to help you improve common image problems - backlit, removing reflections, group photos, and many more. Also not to be missed is his Photoshop Killer Tips section at the end of each chapter. If you are a photographer and a Photoshop user you won't be disappointed with this book.
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on March 6, 2013
As a dedicated user of Kelby's previous editions, I found this book extremely disappointing.


- He removed all portrait retouching content that was present in all previous Photoshop books

- The majority of this book is dedicated to editing in Camera RAW, not editing in Photoshop and how to use Photoshop tools and techniques. It took me a very frustrating while to realize why I could not find the workspaces, tools, palettes, etc... that he uses in the book. It's because he spends the majority of the book showing you how to edit photos in Camera RAW and the Camera RAW interface, not Photoshop. He doesn't bother to tell you (unless you dig deeply though the book) that most of what he's instructing you to do is in the ACR workspace, not Photoshop. It's extraordinarily, frustratingly ridiculous.

- By committing the majority of edits (as Kelby tells you to in this book) in Camera Raw before even opening them in PS (with access to layers and PS tools) of of the greatest features of PS-layers- is completely negated. By following Kelby's instruction in this book, there's no way to perform edits on layers and retain the ability to turn them on and off or adjust their intensity.

- Camera RAW is a module that is used in Bridge as a tool for fine tuning images prior to opening them in Photoshop. If Kelby wants to train people how to use the Camera RAW module, he should write a book titled Camera RAW, not Photoshop.

If you use Lightroom before editing your images in Photoshop, this book is virtually useless as it just tells you how to do everything LR does, but in ACR instead.

It really seems like Kelby's trying to thin out the material, to spread what used to be encompassed in one book across multiple books, only to make more money. This is very disappointing, the title of this book is very misleading and I've lost a lot of respect for Kelby with this book.

I started using Kelby's books because I found them to be more accessible, succinct and efficient than Martin Evening's books. After the huge disappointment of what an inefficient mess this book is, I think I'm going back to Evening. At least he's consistent, reliable and straightforward.
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on September 14, 2011
I was expecting this book to actually teach me how to use Photoshop, I am only somewhat satisfied with this book. You'll find the first half of this book is all about using camera raw. I really didn't want a camera raw guide, since I use lightroom already. So Half the book pretty much got skipped. What was left was some interesting techniques on making some difficult selections and using Photoshop to process different kinds of photos, which was good. Unfortunately, Mr. Kelby decided to remove most of the portrait stuff and have a separate book on that(which is a really good book). I am still confused about a lot of the different things in Photoshop, so don't buy this book thinking it will teach you all you need to know. If your new to Photoshop, this book is only the tip of the iceberg.
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I liked this book very much and it made me much more proficient in photo editing. I was looking for some detail tutorial as how fully utilize Photoshop CS5 to create as close as possible professional images. Mainly this book gives you detail step by step information as how to accomplish major corrections and some effects for your images. Scott Kelby is really good in his way to deliver his knowledge in easy understandable and very informative language. The only thing I would object is his focusing on Mini Bridge within Photoshop CS5. I read another books on digital photography and using Photoshop CS5 where I've learned the benefit of the Adobe Bridge where you can do much more than in the Mini Bridge. I use the Bridge now on starting from the capturing images from my CF card and going into Camera Raw and finally batch image processing for converting them into different format than raw. Any way, Mini Bridge is using Bridge for its operation so I don't see much benefits to use Mini Bridge. Unfortunately, when Photoshop CS5, Mini Bridge, Bridge and Camera Raw are all open, the Photoshop crashes on my computer and I have 4GB of RAM with Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 plus NVIDIA Geforce CT 120M. I guess you need at least 8GB of RAM to run all the Adobe PhotoshopCS5 software at the same time. One more thing is I actually would love to learn as how to use many more existing tools and different kind of adjustments in Photoshop CS5 that Scott Kelby has not covered in his book. I am still looking for the complete book of Adobe Photoshop CS5 related to digital photography.
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on July 25, 2016
Learning a complicated program like Photoshop can be daunting enough in itself so having this textbook to help walk me through the process was great. It was required for my commercial photography courses in college and I'm glad it was.
The book is well made and well laid out in an understandable format. It helps guide you through the photoshop learning experience with a bit more ease than trying to conquer it without any further assistance.
I still have this book to refer back to if need be even though CS5 is now a thing of the past like many programs are. They get outdated so quickly today in the tech world.
I would recommend this type of textbook to help anyone that may struggle with this program and need additional assistance through the learning process. And it was a good price on here vs buying it at a much higher mark up at my college bookstore.
I hope my review has been helpful.
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on June 10, 2011
From the start, I'm going to tell you that I've never used Photoshop, ever. I remember getting on a school computer that had this installed on it and when I opened the program, I was lost right from the get go. I couldn't even open a picture! Pretty sad to think about that now actually...but anyways. I bought this book hoping to learn something about Photoshop since it has always intrigued me. I've seen videos of professionals using Photoshop to make a mediocre model look stunning. This was something I wanted to add to my very bare resume. This was something I wanted to learn, and so I did.
This book is great from the get go. The early chapters lead you through opening pictures, setting up a Mini-Bridge, and basically situating with the basic surroundings. Halfway through the book I had already felt pretty comfortable with my Photoshop skills, but I still continued. The later chapters helped fine tune these new learned skills. I'm very confident now in adding that extra 'pop' to them.
As a person who knew absolutely nothing about Photoshop (besides that it can make pictures look great), I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone and everyone interested in learning Photoshop. I will continue to hold on to this book as a reference.
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on September 5, 2013
I'm not quite sure how to summarize this book, but will give it a try of course. Kelby knows his stuff, no question, and he does a pretty good job of filling you in on what you don't already know with respect to fixing those average, as well as good, photos of yours. You WILL learn to make better prints in the end, though Kelby only touches on printing at the end of the book. The book is a Camera Raw (which I really needed) and Photoshop primer, except that you do need to know a lot of the basics, especially of Photoshop, already. (Here's where it's hard to summarize.) He will tell you of some fairly basic stuff, such as how to use Curves, how to Crop in a number of different ways, how to sharpen and/or reduce noise, how to Dodge and Burn, and all the rest to much to mention, but he doesn't really ever explain what a Layer IS. You see? He assumes you know that already, that is, what a Layer is and reasons for using them at all. That's also true of masking and a few other basics of Photoshop. Actually, I think his chapters concerning Camera Raw are some of the best in the book, as it is a bit more explanatory, or so it seemed to me. But then I had less knowledge of Camera Raw than of Photoshop.

So, it's not a book for beginners but it's still a book for beginners. Sorry about that. If you've at least got the basics of Photoshop already then this is a very good book that teaches about all of Photoshop, and Camera Raw, photographic capabilities and what you can do with those. Don't look for a chapter on Photoshop 3D, however, or, say, anything about painting in Photoshop. Those aren't what he teaches. He teaches photography like it says on the cover of the book, "for digital photographers." There are many more tools in Photoshop not necessarily intended for photography, though Photoshop remains first and foremost a digital darkroom, and Camera Raw even more so. Camera Raw is strictly for photography and it should not be ignored, even if Photoshop by itself has most of the same tools. Camera Raw can still outshine Photoshop in certain respects and Kelby points out where as well as how. He's excellent on Camera Raw in particular. I can't possibly list all that's in the book, as it's jam-packed with methods both basic and more advanced, bearing in mind that Kelby is himself a commercial photographer--at least in this book.

At the end of each chapter are his "Photoshop Killer Tips," a lot of which are pretty neat, if not all of them. A few aren't so "killer." But most are and well worth knowing. Can't give any away here, but I'd guess that some of them aren't known by a lot of pros. Kelby will also lead you to a fantastic plug-in to try out and then buy if you can afford it. Man, it's a really good one, in my opinion! I'll probably spend the dough to get it after having tried it out. It includes, though Kelby doesn't say a lot about the plug-in per se, a terrific noise reducing tool, something Photoshop notoriously lacks. Camera Raw's is better.

The book is very well organized, which I always appreciate. Having said that, and after adding that what is in this book could make you into a pro as long as you otherwise take great photos, there are spots where the book suffers from insufficient explanation of some method or other, or of some tool or other; i.e. using Photoshop's new Refine Edge tool. If you work at these things long enough you'll eventually work out how it works, but on these occasions a little more in the way of explanation would help.

I took a star off for that reason in general. In fact, all of these instruction books suffer from a common syndrome that really bugs me; namely, using as illustrations photos that are perfectly suited to the use of a given method or tool. I get why authors do it but I'm still bugged by it. Just once I'd like to see one of them use a really tough example of how to do something. E.g., try that Refine Edge tool on a photo with a background a lot more busy and it doesn't work so well, or try dodging or burning an area not so well defined as in the case of the photo used by an author specifically chosen for the purpose of illustrating dodging and burning. I tried to get the Refine Edge tool to work on a photo of some trees against a fairly dark background, wherein contrast was not so great, and forgetaboutit. Not happening. Against a clear bright sky it would have been easy, but not all photos come like that. And I wonder if there's a way I could do it but just can't find out or if there's just no way. (One way that helps a little with the Refine Edge tool is to temporarily blow up contrast and THEN try the tool. Hey, Adobe, the older tool was better.)

Most all of these instructional writers are lazy about this, including Kelby, who's otherwise an engaging and clear writer 95% of the time. And not to say Kelby isn't ever critical of both programs. He certainly is on several occasions, even chastising Adobe, and I LIKE THAT. The book really is very good and I DO recommend it for serious photographers. Great reference book to have around too.
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on November 24, 2010
Like the other books in this series, the CS5 Book for Digital Photographers is another winner from Scott Kelby. This is the perfect addition to your library if you've upgraded to CS5 and want to be able to take advantage of all the new features without spending a ridiculous amount of time climbing the learning curve. Scott explains step by step how to use the new features in his usual, easy to follow format, and you'll be up to speed with a lot more editing tricks and skills at your disposal in no time with this latest book. The format is the same as previous editions so you can browse through the book and start reading anywhere you see something that interests you. None of Scott's books require you to read the sections in order, and this is one thing that makes his offerings so easy to use and so valuable as reference tools.

Also of great value is Scott's direction on some features to avoid in the software package. One example is using noise reduction in Adobe Camera Raw and avoiding the noise reduction feature of photoshop itself. Noise reduction in camera raw is far superior to the alternative and some experimentation with both quickly proves this out. You will learn so many more features in camera raw in CS5 compared to previous versions, that you find yourself using camera raw for most of your editing with this latest book, saving both time and effort. Note that even if you are shooting JPG, you can still open the image in camera raw and use the ACR noise reduction feature.

Another great feature is the "Photoshop Killer Tips" section at the end of each chapter. As if you didn't learn enough in the chapter itself, Scott throws in 8 to 12 more killer tips at the end. I've been using this software since the introduction of the CS series, and I still find things in Scott's tips that I never knew were there.

I purchased Scott's book for each of the Photoshop CS software upgrades I have purchased, and have found each and every one of them to be invaluable. I actually pre-purchased this CS5 book on Amazon prior to its release because I knew it would be another winner and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it (Amazon also had the lowest price). With each book I have found that I learn enough new skills in the first 15 or 20 minutes to justify its cost. In my opinion, Photoshop CS5 is the best software upgrade yet in the CS5 series. If you are a Photoshop CS5 user, you are cheating yourself if you don't get this book.
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on September 4, 2010
I have been using Photoshop Elements but am totally new to CS5. I was about to buy another book when I read a review saying it was great for those with previous Photoshop experience. Then I read the reviews for this book which said it was easy to follow.

I got the book today and in just a little over an hour I have learned to do so many things with CS5. I am amazed. I am at a new level.

The only criticism of the book is that he is a little hokey in his introductions and here and there. But this is easily forgiven by the ease with which I can read the book and implement his instructions. BUY THIS BOOK. It is terrific. I am already a third of the way through the book and have learned so many fantastic things which I was never able to do in Elements.
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