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on March 25, 2012
I was pleased at how fast the seller shipped this book and what a great deal I got on, it price wise.

( This was listed as a used book, but what came in the mail was a book in pristine, like new condition!)

As for the book itself- the author is very easy to understand.

Her style of writing is not complicated and she walks you through various restoration issues you might encounter among photographs- both old and new.

Granted this book is not for a newbie/beginner.

You definitely need some Photoshop 7 knowledge, as the author is not teaching Photoshop 7, but rather how to use that version to restore images.

You also have to have a genuine desire to want to fix-repair- or enhance photographs.( See book title- it says it all!)

This is a fat book, chock full of information.

You get a nice mixture of detailed segments & helpful hints, but all throughout, a very informative book that holds your hand through steps in fixing flawed or damaged photos, many of which, the average person would deem trash worthy.

It was amazing to see how, by just learning to using the right tools in Photoshop, a photo could be vastly improved.

But what was even more astounding, were the images most of us would say were a total loss.

To see these practically brought back to life in the book, was incredible and gives testament to the power of Photoshop as well as the author herself.

After all, she is showing the reader exactly how to resurrect a photo that would be deemed hopeless and daunt many a Photoshop savvy user.

You will see in the book( well illustrated) all sorts of photo situations- from common problems like the underexposed- overexposed,etc, to the horror of a photo torn into multiple pieces.

Yes, multiple pieces- just imagine being handed all these photo pieces, like a jig saw puzzle, with the request to make a photo out of it.

That example is not one I would relish working on- but leave it to the author to make that jigsaw puzzle magically become one uniform lovely image!

Truly, most will see that example as quite amazing; but the author gives us some others, that are also feats of Photoshop magic.

This books gives you the feeling that with time and learning the *ins and outs* of Photoshop as taught by the author, one is not going to be faced with many photos that are a lost cause.

Throughout the book you are shown the comparative differences in each project, so you see for yourself , BEFORE- AND- AFTER photographs and the miracle of Photoshop in action.

Photoshop works and it can work photo miracles, it is just a matter of learning what to do and use to achieve certain effects and that is what this author is all about- clearly explaining what to do, in each case presented as an example.

I am considering buying other books by this author, but wanted one that had gotten a good review regarding restoration/repair of photographs.

Having read some very complex, dry or poorly formatted Photoshop Instruction books I have to say:

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on May 20, 2013
I primarily got this to read up on techniques on editing and not necessarily for specific edits with photoshop. There are a lot of good editing tips that you can glean from this book and apply them to any software editing program. One reason I got this was for a reference on doing black and white conversions. While it does touch on them, its not quite as through as I had hoped in this regard. Still a great reference to have at the used prices that are being offered. Pick this one up!
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on August 3, 2003
Katrin Eismann's new Photoshop book is the updated version of her very successful restoration/retouching Bible. She is a brilliant teacher who uses her vast knowledge and precise communication skills to demonstrate sophisticated techniques at workshops throughout the world.
In this book Katrin provides a carefully crafted manual for repairing and enhancing photographs using Photoshop 7, Adobe's challenging image software program.
This second edition offers step-by-step demonstrations describing how to address the most common problems one encounters when working with faded, damaged photographs. Among the subjects covered are: color, contrast, tone, exposure correction, mold damage, stains, cracks, red eye, torn edges, working by the numbers, replacing missing information and removing dust and scratches.
Katrin's approach to portrait retouching emphasizes the subtle touch. In her extensive chapter on developing a portrait retouch strategy, she thoughtfully discusses and demonstrates the steps for removing blemishes, reducing wrinkles, and improving eyes, lips and hair.
The comprehensive website that supplements the book allows readers to download most of the photographs. This makes it easy to follow along and practice techniques on the same images found throughout the chapters.
This excellent book by the "Photoshop Diva" will teach you more about Photoshop than you can possibly imagine.
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on December 3, 2005
This book primarily deals with retouching and restoring photographs. But it is obvious Ms Eismann knows Photoshop inside and out. She clearly explains how each technique works, uses tons of very effective photos in her step-by-step descriptions, and does an excellent job of explaining how Photoshop accomplishes the task at hand. Her results are positively stunning.

I've purchased and read many expensive PS books over the years since I started tinkering with it (v. 3) and this writer is simply the best of breed. Well, I'd have to say Ben Willmore is pretty cool too, but for retouching work nobody does it better than Katrin.
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on July 30, 2009
In teaching some techniques the author does not include a link to the photo sample (i.e. chapter 3, figures 3.48-3.53)
This makes working with this book very annoying.
Also, sometimes she takes too many steps to get a result that's not very impressive (chapter 3, correcting overexposed images from digital cameras).
Now ... on chapter 9, page 274 ... quote: "Don't le the client watch while you're retouching ..."
I think the author takes her own advice and does not want to share all the information with us. This is almost a waste of money! True: I learned some techniques but the author does not deliver enough to make this a good use of my money and time.
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on December 4, 2016
exceptional reference
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on January 9, 2014
Just what I needed. I am working with illustrations and wanted to improve my knowledge. The book gives many examples with thorough steps and explanations what to do and how to do. I'm going to study and learn them :)
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on August 27, 2015
Well written and very helpful
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on August 14, 2003
After being thrilled with the first edition of this work less than 3 months ago, I was hesitant to purchase the second edition, but after looking at the reviews I took a chance and found the additions to the second edition to be well worth the cost. There are many additional techniques that save enough time to pay the modest cost many times over.
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on December 5, 2014
Covers easy things, but lacks depth. I'm no better having read this book.
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