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on October 3, 2012
I purchased this unit to secure a storage unit. I purchased this unit based on the other product reviews and I too and very happy with it. It is not perfect and I will outline the pros and cons.

Shipping - Shipping time was outstanding, shipped the same day and arrived 2 days later.

Packaging - It was packaged very nicely and no issues with this at all.

Initial Setup - I removed everything from the box and it was all pretty self explanatory. The main box comes with the control panel, 1 motion detector, 1 door sensor, 2 remotes (really like this!), and one indoor speaker. It also came with 1 additional motion detector and one additional door sensor. Before taking the alarm to the storage unit I wanted to test it in my kitchen. I hooked up the speaker wire first, then plugged in the power cord (be sure and put a towel over the siren speaker b/c it will squeel for a second when the power is first plugged into it).

When I armed the alarm system either on the control panel (delayed) or with the remote (instantly), it works perfectly. Adding additional wireless sensors was very simple (which you have to do for the extras included with the shipment. I was able to easily add the phone numbers that it calls when the alarm is set off as well as the SMS numbers for sending the text messages.

In order to make any changes to the system you have to enter the "setup mode". You do this by entering the default password and pressing #. Then to exit the setup you press * # . Someone made the comment that the sensors are made of cheap materials. I honestly think that goes for any alarm system. I have had alarms in my home, my business and the "motion sensors" are all made from relatively cheap platic. So I don't compare this to be alot cheaper than other systems we have had that were installed by an alarm company. I will outline the issues I had below but despite these issues I still give this system 5 stars. To get this system for $169 plus the cost of the Tmobile SIM card is worthy of 5 stars.

Now for the issues I had.
1. The speaker wire is WAY too short. I wanted the speaker/siren to be a fair distance from the control panel. The length is about 3 feet and I wanted to place the siren about 10 feet from the control panel so I had to go buy some additional speaker wire. You MUST wire the speaker properly or it will not work. I first wired it backwards and it blew the speaker apart. I snapped it back together and reversed the wires and it worked fine.
2. It had some issues trying to find the T-mobile SIM card. I finally found the card on the T-mobile site for $0.99 with free shipping. This included 10 minutes on the card. When I tried to activate the SIM card it would not accept the Alarm serial number (EIN number) because it must be 15 digits. I then found out from a Tbmoile customer service that you can just use 111111111111111 as the EIN and it will go right thru. There are several options for Tmobile SIM card but I opted for the $100 card that is good for 1 full year and 1000 minutes. This alarm system will never use that but that was the best deal for the length of time. I did have a little trouble getting the SIM card installed. You must 1) slide the sim card cradle latch, then it will raise up (hinged at one end). You slide the card down into the cradle that is now raised up at a 45 degree angle. After you slide the SIM card down into the cradle, you push it down and then slide the latch to lock it. You can plainly see how the SIM card is to fit down in the holder.
3. You can NOT record a voice message on the Alarm System UNTIL the SIM card has been installed. I tried setting it all up before I got the sim card and I could not record the 10 second message. The voice output of this message is terrible and can hardly be understood. However you can not have this alarm call your police department without permission and I doubt any PD or SO would allow that. If you are using this system you will be like me and have it call you and several other people in your family/business. You (or they) would immediately call the PO/SO as soon as you get the call.
4. Using the option to "listen in" or even use the Alarm "as a phone" is just not functional in my opinion.
5. Lastly, I could not figure out how to change it so that the door sensor had a 10 second delay so the unit could be disarmed using the password. I use the remote but if someone else who has a key (but no remote) opens the door, it goes off immediately and they have to key in the pw to disarm the unit. However, I actually like the door sensor with no delay so that the "would-be thiefs" will hopefully turn and bolt and soon as the alarm siren starts going off.

But even with the issues above I feel this is well worth the money. I have tested this unit and tested it and I feel very confident in the alarm system. There have been no false alarms and I doubt there will be. I put Duracell batteries in the motion detectors instead of the ones they included. The motion detectors work in pitch darkness as they use body heat sensors.

The time for the unit to call and text out was amazingly fast so even if a thief stole/bashed the control panel it would have time to dial. You MUST check the signal level to make sure the control is in a good spot to dial out. The signal level is supposed to be at least a 7 or higher (the manual tells you how to check this in setup mode). If it is too low then it will not dial. I had to move it after discovering this.

I hope this helps your decision. This unit has LOTS of features and things you can do which I did not list. You can go to the PISector website and download the manual to read that. I did not want to waist this space telling you what all it can do but rather provide my satisfaction level and the issues I faced.
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on June 4, 2012
Purchased this security system for installation on our motorhome RV because we had a break-in where the thief stole and damaged about $5000. in value. This system operates on 12 volts so adapted to the RV voltage very well. The greatest feature is the cell phone communications. The RV is stored at a lot that is not secured and is vulnerable to break-ins because nobody is nearby to hear or see anything unusual. This unit calls phone numbers to alert someone to a break-in or, using different sensors, can detect fires, glass break, sump pump overrun, door/window openings. Then, remotely, the system can be armed, disarmed or listen-in/intercom communications from any phone - anywhere. When we have to have service done on the RV, we can disarm the alarm from our cell phone so the technician can enter.
The only problem so far is that the door switch can be triggered by nearby vibrations, such as a diesel engine running or starting in close proximity. When this happens, from our cell phone, we can turn the alarm "Off" and then listen to hear the sounds around the RV and also we can "intercom" or talk to anyone around the RV for reassurance of their intent, or, if needed, call the police.
We have had this PISector Alarm for about 2 months and, so far, is doing a good job.
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on December 22, 2014
After having my house broken into, I started looking for a home security system to ward off any intruders. I figured, if my car comes with an alarm system, why shouldn't my house? So I started looking into them and had a list of requirements, which this system addresses.

1. It must be able to function when power is lost. This unit has a backup batters. So, if the system is unplugged or power is lost, then the unit will still function for several hours. I haven't tested exactly how long, but based on my estimation (unplugged for at least an hour), I'd say it could go half a day (12 hours) at least.
2. It must be on GSM network so that I may be alerted via text. This system works with T-Mobile and I believe AT&T. I used a T-Mobile Prepaid plan which requires $10 to be added every 90 days. So that's roughly $3/month.
3. The system must be able to delay the arming and disarming of the system to allow us to leave the house and walk in and enter the code. This system let's you configure both as two different time intervals (for me, I had 60 seconds to leave and 30 seconds to disarm).

The above were my minimum requirements. Some of the features of this system made me choose this over the competition.
A. The system is reasonably priced. It's the best bang for the buck I could find.
B. If power is lost, it would notify you via text of loss of power. This is good news, because I have a sump pump and if we lose power, I'd like to know to make sure the basement doesn't flood.
C. The key FOBs make arming and disarming easier.

After I got the product, it was very easy to set up. All the sensors were already registered with the unit. All I had to do was insert a SIM card, power the main unit, and install the sensors. Senors are easy to install with either double-sided tape or screws. The main unit is very easy to install as well.

Now, you may be asking yourself, "Why the three star review if all these things sound so good?" Well, let's get right to it. There are several issues with the product that I want to make sure people are aware of before purchasing. These are issues with the design itself. I'm attaching some photos to show what I mean.

The main issue with the system is all related to the design and how it deals with power. The indoor wireless siren is just plugged into a wall. An intruder can easily unplug the siren before it goes off (or while it goes off). Also, the siren is not very loud. Don't expect your neighbors to hear the internal siren if you live in an rural area.

In the photos, you'll see that the power cord just hangs out of the unit and plugs into the wall. An intruder can easily walk in and unplug the unit. This may not be a big deal due to the fact that it has backup power, but let me explain something that's not very obvious in any of the reviews, Q&A, and user manuals. There's a power switch for the main unit. In the second photo, you can easily see on the back of the unit a power switch. The manual describes this as an "internal backup battery switch". If you switch this off, the entire unit turns off. Given that I need a delay in arming the system, this gives an intruder ample time to just turn off the system.

Finally, the feature of notifying you when the power is lost does not work. I've tried several times. Never worked. But regular alarm messages I'll get correctly with the zone and sensor that was triggered.

Given all the above, I would recommend this over cheaper PiSector products, but I'd warn you about the issues with power. If you buy a product, make sure there's no easy power switch to turn off the system. Here's what I would do if I were an intruder in your home. I'd see this system, so I'd immediately take it off the wall (the wall installation is just like hanging a poster or a picture) and turn off the unit. Then the owner would never get an alert and I would have all the time in the world to take what I want.
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on April 28, 2014
We have this unit up and running with no problems and it took about 2 hours to install the door and window units. I like it that you can separate some of the contacts and motion detectors and put them on their own channel, which is good to be able to tell the police that it's the garage and not the house that's getting broken in to.

We will be expanding this system later in the month to include smoke, and CO detectors, along with a few more zones and outside siren!

I really like it that you can go to Wal Mart and pick up a sim card from AT&T Prepaid and put $25 on it and it lasts a year. If you have only a few incidents, it cost you $25 for the year to monitor your system. It sends 3 text messages to different phones, and dials up to 7 numbers. I guess the best part is it has the battery backup so kids at home alone can take the keypad off the wall, and take it to the safe place in their home and call 9-1-1 or a family member for help. This certainly beats a contract-based monitoring system which charges you upwards of $1k to install and $40 per month to monitor your system.
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on November 21, 2014
I'm a Home Builder and I purchased this system for use in completed homes while they sit for sale. I chose this system based on a few simple factors, the Price, the assumed quality and the features. In all 3 departments this system did not disappoint. I think I was most impressed by the remote controls. While I expected cheap plastic, these remotes are chromed metal, they feel solid, heavy and come with a shield to prevent any pocket pushing of buttons.

The system is very user friendly. With respect to the included sensor and accessories, they are all pre-programmed into the system. You need only turn the system on and it's ready to go once you install the sensors, many of which can simply be attached using the included double sided tape. navigating the menu is easy as well. The options are simple and easy to use.

Having the unit installed in an empty house makes my concerns a bit different than most. I rely heavily on the remote options for arming, disarming and monitoring the system. When the system is triggered a few things occur depending upon how you have it configured. First, an audible alarm will sound. If you're looking at the picture it's that air freshener looking thing with the red bulbous bottom. Aside from the controller, this is the only part of the system that actually plugs into the wall, but still operates wirelessly. The audible alarm can be easily turned on and off depending on your preferences. The next event to occur is the sms text message. The system can send you a text every time the system is armed or disarmed. This is particularly nice if you want to monitor when people are accessing your property. A text can also be sent notifying you of a trigger. Finally, a phone call is placed. The unit can store 6 number and cycle through them until it gets an answer. The unit will then allow you to do silence it and rearm disarm, or monitor the situation through its intercom.

The system can also be armed, disarmed, or monitored at any time by phone. You just dial its number, enter your password and choose our numbered options. The portability of the system is quite good and only requires a minimal amount of minutes on a prepaid sim to operate.

On a side note, I've read a few reviews criticizing the 2g connectivity as an outdated technology. I can't say exactly why the makers of this product chose to limit it to 2g, perhaps in hope of selling more expensive 3 and 4g systems to those who actually believe this tale. 2g on the GSM spectrum (CDMA does not work with this unit as it doesn't use sim cards) isn't going anywhere. This alarm system will be long outdated for other reasons before 2g is gone.

All in all, for the price, features the ease of installation and the quality of the remotes, 5 stars all the way.
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on December 10, 2013
batteries didn't work right out of the box . I had to buy all new batteries with name brands and they were hard to find since they are not a typical battery size (smaller than AAA but bigger than button batteries). Then some of the adhesive starting falling off and even though the alarm was set, it didn't call me as it was supposed to since that should have triggered the alarm. Now it serves like a fake camera.... it looks like we have an alarm but that's it. It did actually work a number of times when I tested it and the motion sensors did a better job of detecting motion than the motion detectors that are not supposed to detect animals that I had previously. But the fact that it did not consistently call the numbers programmed when the alarm was triggered and that the batteries are hard to find and don't last more than 5 months even when I bought energizer batteries at the local Ace Hardware (the only place I could find the right type of battery) just sort of makes it useless to me.
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on September 13, 2014
Product arrived exactly as ordered. Instructions were not great but they were more than adequate. You can get the comprehensive instructions online. I had very little trouble setting this up. Sensors and alarms have all worked as they should. I don't understand all the whining about the instructions. This is not rocket science. This seems like a good value for what you get.
I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 because I do not love it. I wish I had ordered the less expensive PiSector product. It is just like this one but it is only 129. The difference is that you cannot call out without a land line and it had a couple of less sensors. The motion detectors are really all you need as they will detect someone coming into the room (hence the window alarm is kind of moot). The window alarms will not detect breakage. They only sound if the transmitter is separated from the magnetic strip. Motion detectors go off regardless. Anyway I think it is a good product and I think it is a good value.
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on October 6, 2012
This system really does a lot to protect your property! The manual is pretty good, in some areas you just have to experiment to understand how to do something. I got a T-Mobile SIM card and the lowest I could go was $3.33/month ($10 to use their "pay as you go", and that is good for 90 days, whatever isn't used (minutes) is lost) which is just fine for a monitored system (voice calls to three people and/or SMS messages). I have asked for help both before ordering and after with programming, via email, and the responses were fast and detailed. I like this system so much I plan to get another one for the house. Wait till you hear the siren, is this case size means nothing - it is LOUD! TWO THUMBS-UP...
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on August 20, 2013
For a do it yourself security system, it is very simple to setup and get going. I would recommend that new users who are not too technical minded visit their website to get a more detailed installation / user manual, however the included setup guide will be sufficient for most users. This unit does not come with a smoke detector which we wanted, however we purchased one separately and had no problems adding it to the alarm system (they do sell one with a smoke detector, however it was cheaper to buy this unit and the smoke detector separate). The siren is not very loud, but there should be louder sirens that you may purchase and add to the system; it is loud enough that you will hear it when in the same building. The GSM card was simple enough to install and works as described by the maker. It also is able to receive decent signal strength from the 2G network once the building is closed; between 3 to 4 bars. For the price it is worth the purchase.
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on July 1, 2012
I bought this product based on the good reviews from other customers. The product arrived in a box for a different unit, that's not a big deal. The material looks pretty cheap with the sensors. Everything works well after setting up, but the alarm is keep making noisy beeping sounds for every 30 minutes to an hour due to signal lost, and starting to giving me headache. It also gave me false alarm in the middle of the night for no reason and was very frustrated it. I finally can't take it anymore after a couple weeks and decided to unplug the system so that I can finally be peaceful. This is a waste of money.
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