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on March 13, 2016
This is my go-to exercise video! I love Pilates in general, but this video gives you three levels to work out to so that you can choose to do simple, intermediate, or expert moves. Having the choice to do any of the three levels with every single exercise gives you the flexibility to change up your workout each and time you do it. I have experienced amazing results after a short time. It is definitely toning my abs and core. Several friends purchased this video upon my recommendation and they have all loved it like I do!
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on July 6, 2013
I took a Pilates class a while back and really fell in love with it even though I was not very fit or flexible. I began a more focused and committed journey towards health on June 2012 and I used this dvd to help get me on track. Even though this video is only 30 minutes, I was able to fill a small portion of my day with a workout that I would not have otherwise done. On the other hand, it is only 30 minutes long! So I was able to do this every single day for around 2 months, when I finally "graduated" onto a harder workout on youtube called POP Pilates. It's great that there are different levels because you get to feel as if there are goals for you to strive for. It is also great for days when you are sore and need to scale back a bit, so you merely focus on level 1 or 2. It's motivational to see level 3 moves, and you feel as if they are something to strive for. You'll feel so accomplished as you see yourself moving up in level and becoming stronger and healthier. Overall this exercise is very gentle on your joints and the pace gives you time to catch your breath and spread oxygen throughout your body. It's actually quite relaxing. Combined with a drastic diet change (I switched to eating whole foods only), I was able to lose 10-12 lbs a month solely utilizing this dvd. A year later, I have lost a little over 60 lbs and I look back fondly at this dvd for helping me get started.
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on August 29, 2013
This is a wonderful (mat) Pilates tape that's easy to follow no matter what level you're at!! If you're a beginner or not feeling that strong, you can follow one of the three women doing all the exercises. If you feel stronger, you can follow the leader of the Workout. If you're really experienced or in strong shape, you can follow the third demonstrator. What is great about this tape is that you can switch back and forth in each exercise, so that you might follow woman #1 in a few of the exercises, and woman #2 or woman #3 in some of the other exercises. You're continually working out all parts of your body and you're always doing it at a level which is comfortable for YOU! The directions are clear and the workout leaves you feeling energized and strong. I love it and do it at least 4 times a week. If i had time I'd do it every day....since it's basically a 30 minute, whole body workout.
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on February 11, 2013
I am a beginner to Pilates, but not to working out. I really liked that this gave you options of which level to pick (hence the name) of beginner, intermediate, or advanced. However, the beginner level was very elementary, and the intermediate and advanced I felt were on point. The advanced, however, was not so advanced that it was impossible - I found myself switching between intermediate and advanced levels, depending on the difficulty of the exercise.
All in all I really liked it, and will use it again. The only thing I wish, was that this had several different Pilates routines to choose from, as opposed to just the one - I could see it becoming boring as you do the same routine over and over. I will solve this by buying some other videos to mix it up, but that can get expensive!

Addition: I've started adding weights to the arm movements, and putting some on my ankles as well, because while this would get my heart rate up, I didn't really feel the burn the next day like I felt I should. It gives you a fair amount of arm movements, so adding weights (like 3 lb) really makes you feel it.
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on October 4, 2012
I've had this video for about a month and have done it probably an average of once a week (I do another Ellen Barrett DVD more regularly). The first time I did the work out I did the "easy" level, level 1, and couldn't believe I could lose weight doing it, because it felt too easy and didn't seem to raise my heart rate at all. The next few times I stuck with Level 2 for most moves, and Level 3 for some of them. I can now see how one could lose weight if you push to Level 3! But what's great is that some of the Level 3 moves don't feel as challenging as others, so for instance, turning a wide squat (Level 2) into a squat-shuffle-squat with arm work (Level 3) is a great addition of cardio, and is relatively easy to do, I can still stick with Level 2 or 1 for say, the push ups, which are tough for me to do without bending my knees. I prefer doing a work out that has cardio in it, such as Ellen's Crunch Fat Burning Pilates DVD (my favorite!), but I like this one for days when I want to do some other sort of cardio separately, or when I want a light day. I think this DVD is a great introduction to Pilates, too.
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on June 23, 2013
I have recently become a Pilates convert. I discovered I needed to build up my core strength. I purchased several dvds but struggled to find one with just the right level. Even the beginner dvds had some exercises that I just could not do. This dvd allows me to work up to the right level. Some exercises I can do at level 2, but most at level 1. The different levels really are different during the video, and so easy to follow. I am able to customize my workout for each exercise--GREAT CONCEPT. I have to say this is a fantastic video, and my favorite of all the pilates dvds I've tried!
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on November 14, 2013
This is one of the best Pilates DVD I have used! There are three levels to follow. My rheumatologist recommended that I stretch the crap out of my body in order to feel better and I have included this DVD in my regimen.....wonderful! There are no 'twist into a pretzel' moves like some of the yoga DVDs and you can actually work your way into the moves. I am doing all three levels now! I switch up and do the ones I am able to do. I started out doing only level 1. My Rheumatologist was correct.....stretching the crap out of my body is truly making me feel better and that is a challenge for me at this time in my life. Highly, highly recommended for anyone suffering from joint stiffness, aches and pains. Never give up!
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on February 24, 2012
After having a very minor surgery I needed a workout that would allow me to make modifications for my strong areas and the areas I was re-training. This was the perfect disc! I was able to follow along just by modifying which level I did for each exercise and still got an awesome workout. I like the instructor's style of incorporating several short exercises so that no one exercise feels like a mini-torture session like I've experienced in live classes or other DVDs.
I originally watched this as an instant streaming on Netflix, but will be getting the disc to own as well as shopping around for other discs from this instructor!
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on July 3, 2013
Ellen Barrett is excellent. This workout is gentle and effective. It is not jittery or hyped up. I love the floor work and find this the most enjoyable of all her DVD's. The music is nice, the set is simple and modern, she is very thorough with her instructions. Her tone is upbeat and respectful. It is just perfect! I have over 10 of her dvd's and this is my all time favorite. Some of her "at the studio" dvd's are a bit preachy, but this one simply talks about the present moves, good posture, with simple encouraging words. She is such a beautiful woman with a positive attitude! I love Ellen!!
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on August 26, 2017
I really like this DVD, I chose it because it had the three levels of difficulty showing at the same time. The instructor is clear and precise an the workout is not overwhelming. This one is 2 thumbs up, and I also received it quickly which is awesome.
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