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on February 15, 2014
I use 115lbs dumbbells (each) for shrugs for 15-20 reps. I start with that to let you know I'm no slouch in the traps department, and have been accused by my jujitsu buddies of having no neck. I'm also in the Army with tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan, so I am familiar with carrying heavy loads longer distances than the average person. The problem with this device is that no weight is transferred to the hips, in contrast to modern army load bearing equipment or the outstanding ergo carrier (which I realize is for smaller kids). As a result after about 25min, this starts to feel like my 75lbs Vmax weighted vest. Fine during a grueling workout, but not fine at minute 25min of a Disneyland family vacation with my 42lbs daughter on my back! I tried it with my 35lbs daughter, but much rather would have had her in the trusty ergo carrier.

I applaud the dads who designed this and hope they can incorporate a hip strap to distribute the weight. There are many pros, easy kid loading, folds up really compactly in the included backpack, the parade view, and really high quality. My daughters loved the ride. The feet in the butt or hamstrings slows down the gait, but seems unavoidable.

This could be used as part of a physical conditioning program, or for walks less than 30min. For anything else, this just doesn't work. I returned mine when we got back from Disneyland.
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on July 18, 2015
I am really conflicted with this review because in some aspects it deserves 5 stars while in other areas closer to 2 or 3 stars, let me explain. I purchased this piggyback rider to take with me to Costa Rica where we would be doing some pretty extensive hiking. I used to it carry around my 4 year old boy who weighs 35 lbs. I used it without the harness attaching my son to me and this allowed him to climb up and down very quickly and efficiently. It looks awesome, everyone stares in amazement and my son had a perfect vantage point over my shoulders on the hikes. He loved it. I could feel a lot of weight on my shoulders but it wasn't unbearable. The benefits of quickly carrying him during portions of the hike far outweighed the stress on my shoulders. But here is the problem, the night after the long hike, my back was killing me as I tried to sleep. I got up out of bed at 5:00am and could barely stand up. The stress on my back from carrying him was horrible. I am 33 years old and in pretty good shape. If I had some Ibuprofen available I probably would have been ok, but with no medicine and this pain, 4 stars is the best I can say for this product. I wish they could find a way to incorporate some of the weight and stresses on the hips which would make this carrier a for sure 5 star product. In the end, I am going to keep the carrier, but I won't use it for such long periods again.
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on March 15, 2016
I wanted to LOVE this, I really did. And I can see where it may be great for younger riders, but certainly not up to 60lbs. It may support that much, but in no way, shape or form can anyone comfortable carry that much. I read the reviews, many, many times about it nor being comfortable for heavier riders, but I figured I carry my (just) 4yo, 46lb son on my shoulders anyway, so how much more difficult could it be? I said to myself "It will be different for me." I even thought it may be easier, since I was used to hiking with his weight on my shoulders anyway. And I saw a youtube (video with a 7yo rifing comfortable, so I thought I could even use it for my (almost) 6yo. That couldn't be further from the truth. My son is "tall" so I'm told, and even at just 4, I had to position the bar just under my butt for him to not be falling over my head. This left no room for his feet to be on the bar comfortably (guess my butt is as wide as the bar) Now, again, I wanted to LOVE this, and I did......just NOT for anyone over, say 35lbs. I took my sons friend for a "ride" and he was easy, but again, shorter and much lighter. The reason for this purchase was for my kids to have a "rest" during the 5k races they do with my husband and I. Sort of a "jump on, jump off" situation. My final analogy......for a younger child, this may be your answer! For an older child, not so much......
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on November 9, 2013
I've only just began my journey with the Piggyback Rider. This allows me to go for long walks without worrying about my toddler getting tired. This is perfect to carry my 3 year old who is 32 lbs. He loves riding on it. But to test this unit out we went for a 4 mile walk around a park that is exactly 4 miles around. I must say that it's not the greatest for the 4 mile walk because after about 3 miles things start hurting. (Even the straps [assuming you're walking in a t-shirt and your child is 30+ lbs. like in my situation] anyway as comfy as the straps seem and even though the material is high quality and breathable, it starts ripping into your skin on your shoulders.) and that cute little monkey on your back now feels like a gorilla! So now I've limited it to about 2.5 miles walking near my house. I can see this will be great to trips to our local amusement parks (Knott's, Disneyland, Magic Mountain) and great for walks on the beach. I've used it twice and already have gotten a lot of stares and compliments as well from strangers.
Now for the hidden (conditioning) I'm so amazed at my energy level. I play intense 5 on 5 basketball with guys in their 20's and I can't believe how light on my feet I was laterally and even jumping after using The Piggyback Rider. (I'm no Kobe but I scored 13 pts the last game). So this conditions you in many other ways indirectly.
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on September 5, 2015
We loved the overall idea of this product. But on our first hike, which was only 2.2 miles. The foot support rubbed the strap inside of it to the point it started to break. To prevent this you have to make sure the foot support bar is level with the brackets in each place. Ours was pretty level but through the hike it had to have stretched or the brackets moved. I was disappointed in the production of the product but still like the idea. Just poorly made.
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on June 29, 2016
I actually love this product...It is so easy to load the kid into and carry around. My son is now 4 and I still put him in it. The ONLY issue I have with it, is that the bar that he stands on, is quite narrow in width, and his feet get sore from standing on it after a short time. He always wants to go up in it, but soon realizes how much it bothers his feet. I wish it was maybe double the width, to make it more comfortable....or if there was a quick fix for this. Aside from that, this is the best concept.
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on May 14, 2014
As a backpack, it is fine and separately as a kid carrier it is fine just not both together. If you fill up the backpack with a days worth of stuff then your kid can't ride comfortably as the have to wrap themselves around a full pack. If you want to use as kid carrier, you need to pack light or be able to remove the stuff from the bag. Otherwise it is fine. So my recommendation is to stick with the basic kid carrier.
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on April 8, 2014
I have twins, 3 year olds. I'm a mommy who buys, researches everything just to make it easier and comfortable for twins even if it last a year it's worth it to me. From carriers which are too hot for me and the twins it wasn't working. Then purchased hip seats for both my husband and I. It's great but your still leaning on a hip and their getting bigger so becoming uncomfortable, and you still gotta hold their back not hands free. Then I came across this I was like genius!!!! I wanna start hiking again and if I got one on my back I can put a harness on other and have them safe by me. As I received it I was like a little girl opening gifts on Christmas morning. A mom that really should open a YouTube to review kids stuff would help many parents save money or make decisions easy to get or not get. Anyways the kids laughed and giggled when I got it in. It's so simple to strap up, got a little use to having them step on and balance on bar as they are only 3.

Very good, great product I love they love! I really want to get another with the water for my husband!!!! Test that out.

The only thing is I wish their was better more secure clips to hold child in and shoulder pads for parents and child more padded only thing I would definitely change and make a huge difference.

But it's worth purchasing for uses like Disney, parades, heavily crowded functions, shorter hikes.
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on June 2, 2014
I live in a crowded Asian capital where strollers are impractical (if sidewalks even exist, they are likely to be blocked by telephone poles, street vendors, etc.) My youngest is three--too big for most carriers but too small to walk for miles in tropical heat. The Piggyback Rider seemed like a good alternative to carrying him in my arms or on my shoulders. I really WANT to like this product because there doesn't seem to be anything else on the market that meets my needs. But my first attempts to use it, for about 15 minutes at a time, have resulted in sore shoulders and a tired back. I'm not particularly big (5'5") but I am athletic and my toddler is unusually small (26 pounds). I'll keep trying to adjust it and hope for better results.
UPDATE: Just couldn't adjust it to make it comfortable. Without a waist strap, my child's entire weight was on my shoulders. I was sore for an entire day after using it for an hour. I returned it. :(
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on August 7, 2016
Great way to bring my 4 year old daughter on hikes with me. She lasts about 2 miles and then hops on the piggy backer. She loves being up high and close to me. The fit took a few adjustments to feel right but works well. She has no problems standing on the bar and the weight is distributed well freom my shoulders to my back. I used to carry her on my shoulders for miles and this relieves the pain I felt in my traps after a long hike.
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