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on August 4, 2013
Pikmin 3 is the latest addition to the series for the Wii U. The HD looks spectacular. I would recommend using the Wii remote and nunchuk to play this game. I tried to use the Wii U tablet but it was not as easy and more cumbersome. The Wii U tablet adds a little bit extra by displaying the map and logs on the screen. As far as gameplay the look and feel is just like the past Pikmin games. This time around you get 3 crew members that you can switch between to divvy up the work. The classic model of going until you run out of daylight still holds. The goal is to accomplish as much as you can in a day and sacrifice as few Pikmin as possible. Nintendo made another great addition to this franchise and it's worth picking it up if you own a Wii U.

Update 1: So far this game is really fun. Being able to split the crew up is really nice (I didn't play Pikmin 2 only Pikmin). The controls are a lot more intuitive now. I don't have to keep spamming A to pick Pikmin, I can just hit it once and they will carry on doing it. There is some subtle humor especially in the naming of the items you find. There are a few annoyances though. I keep running around and a few Pikmin will get caught along the path and I won't notice I lose them until they die at the end of the day. The "Go Here" function of the gamepad comes in handy a lot, use it frequently!

Update 2: This game is such a challenge. The path to take isn't always obvious and working with the 3 crew members can get interesting. You really have to watch your Pikmin and use the right ones for the right situations. Sometimes I have them all split up and I get the Pikmin under attack warning and am frantically searching for them. You can leave fruit places and come back and get it the next day but any creature bodies will disappear. I find myself being really adventurous and getting too far ahead of myself. And be careful with bombs! I get carried away throwing Pikmin and then notice I just threw a bomb and blow up half my Pikmin and have to restart the day.

Update 3: I've finally acquired all the different types of Pikmin and it's amazing. The strategy to plan out your day and bridge different types with you is awesome. I usually split Pikmin up between my different crew members, one might take the blue and pink for water duty while the others stay dry on land. What's really awesome is using them all together to accomplish different tasks. I feel like I'm getting closer to the end but I know it's fun enough to make me go get all the fruit before I finish up.

Update 4: The end is a nice challenge. You will need to work together with all your Pikmin to win. I'd comment more but I don't want to give anything away.

Mission Mode: You get different challenges from gathering treasure to defeating enemies to fighting bosses. You get a medal depending how well you complete the mission. This gives you more to do once you've completed the story and can get competitive and challenging. This mode can be played with a friend.

Bingo Battle: You compete against a friend to see who can gather fruit to make a bingo. You each get a "bingo board" with the different fruit on it. You then try to gather fruit and get 4 in a row. The first player to do this wins.

I highly recommend this game for any gamer out there. It has some nostalgia if you have played the past Pikmin games as well. This is the red carpet rolling out for all the Nintendo games coming out next year. The games are slowly but surely justifying my Wii U purchase.
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on August 7, 2013
Well, I bought a Wii U during launch week and played it that weekend. Since then the thing has sat on my shelf collecting dust while I played my 360 or PC instead. Then I saw Pikmin 3...I've always heard good things about the Pikmin series, but never played any of the others. After reading the positive reviews on here and IGN, I figured "Why Not?" and went for it. This is the first Wii game aside from the staples of Mario/Mario Kart that I don't regret spending money on.

If you've read anything about it, you know the basics of the game. For me, its a fun balance of time management (need to get back to the ship before sundown), strategy (how do I solve this puzzle with the Pikmin I have...or do I need more of different types), adventure (exploring the planet looking for food, enemies, and treasure), and action (MINIONS....ATTACK!!!!).

When looking at the reviews I expected the battles to be pretty easy...and in general they aren't bad, but upon facing my first boss and losing every. single. pikmin. I had, I realized "hmm...there may be something to this after all." The battles aren't "Dark Souls", but they're challenging enough to make it fun.

I haven't tried multiplayer yet, but I play the single player with my 7 1/2 year old son...with him acting as navigator holding the game pad map and me controlling the on-screen goodness.

Bottom Line: If you have the money and you think you might enjoy it, give it a won't regret it. After all, who doesn't want to assemble a minion army and send them to do your bidding?
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on August 4, 2013
Pikmin 3 is the first game in the series for Wii U. Originally designed for Wii but then upgraded for the Wii U The graphics are amazing. You will be shocked seeing them and the fruit is just beautiful to look at. As Another reviewer suggested using the Wii remote and nunchuk to play this game is recommended but you should use the Wii U gamepad as well with that. The Wii U gamepad offers extra info and can be used as a map and reference point in the game, should you get lost or need some guidance. Logs are also on the screen and provide much more info on the happenings in the game. I would suggest further using the Wii Motion plus as it doesn't need to be pointed exactly at the screen unlike the standard wiimote but either are good.
This game feels like a merger of sorts between Pikmin 1 and 2. It has a sort of time limit but can be worked around completely with some skill and eventually it doesn't become an issue leaving exploration open. You will want to explore every last bit of the game to see everything. As another reviewer stated, you have 3 crew members that you switch around and that makes the game more interesting for me. It made the gameplay more unique and open and also funny with the way the character interact each is different in their own way and its wonderful to see.

Also included is the multiplayer Bingo battle and while its not online, its still a fun experience. This mode is addictive and if you have friends over, is a must play. I played this with a friend and we had a blast.

The real beauty of Pikmin is that it accomplishes what most games try and fail to do. It lets you feel for the characters and know what is going on. And it does this without cut scenes, when a Pikmin dies, you feel it. Show Don't Tell is clearly done well here. But more than that, in a gaming industry filled with shooters and games that call themselves hardcore, a game like Pikmin 3 is a refreshing change of pace and truly one of the best games out there right now.

If you are on the fence about the Wii U, this game is just the start of many more games coming including the Wonderful 101, sonic lost world, donkey kong country tropical freeze and Mario 3D world. All are going to be amazing. This is a good start to a Wii U collection.
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on August 6, 2013
This is my first time playing a PIKMIN game and I must say its been a true joy. The HD is awesome it looks like your on a real planet. The game play is very unique can't say I've played a game like this. This game has inspired me to look into getting the previous versions of it.

I think my favorite thing about this game is its not just fun for adults, kids can watch and play too. I think with a strategy game parents would think that this game is for older people, the controls on this game a simple and even young children should get the hang of it quickly.

Worth the buy. Thanks for reading this review.

Been playing it a few days now and after much trying from past games my wife has joined in and is enjoying this adventure. No other game has she asked me to play with other than PIKMIN so it has great family draw. Try playing the bingo multi player mini game who would have known playing bingo while dropping rocks and lightning on your oppnents would be so appealing...

Another thing worth mentioning ive looked over some other reviews and I must disagree that the game pad is a great tool to playing this game. It gives you a map to plan your day in game which saves you valuable time and allows you to take pictures not just from your tv screen but encourages you to look around your living room with the screen giving you an in game feel. I really appreciate Nintendo for working to give a more in depth experience. So again buy and you will not be disappointed.


PS Amazon there is a review I read that is partial to XBox and gives no real input to the pros or cons of this game. Looked for a way to report the kid. He was insulting people based off his bias opinion that real men play COD and had no way to notify you. So I put it in this post to flag you into looking into it.

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on September 7, 2013
I purchased this game for my 13 year old grandson's birthday. He wrote the following review on his homeschooling blog ([...]

For my birthday this year, my grandmother pre-ordered Pikmin 3 for Wii U (thank you Meema), which I have been eagerly awaiting for several months. I was very excited for the game, especially because it came in the mail one day late, and I had the opportunity to read many reviews before it arrived at our house. When I first opened the game, I noticed the very amazing cover, which immediately sent my expectations soaring to their peak. As you turn on the game, you are treated to a fully narrated cut scene, showing what events that led up to your new adventure.

The premise of the game revolves around three explorers sent out from a starving planet called Koppai, to find a new food source on a planet called PNF-404. As the three explorers near their destination, there is a malfunction in their ship which causes it to crash. As the ship goes down, the three explorers bail out of the ship in special suits that enable them to fall thousands of feet.

I won't spoil any of the story here, as it is quite compelling, unlike the bland storytelling in the original Pikmin title. The three explorers land in different parts of a huge world, and about 1/3 of the game is spent trying to reunite the three intrepid aliens. The three explorers are named Alph, Brittany, and Charlie, and they all have completely different personalities. The beginning of the game is vaguely reminiscent of the original Pikmin, and you can read my original review of the game here. The discovery of the Pikmin themselves is also very similar in this game, so I suggest reading my plot summary on the original review, or you may not understand some of the Pikmin terminology that I will reference in this review.

Alph is seen by most as the main protagonist, and is the engineer on the team. He is quiet, cautious, analytical, but still very brave. Even though you can play as all three of the explorers, I tend to play as Alph most of the time. Alph is also the most relatable character in my opinion, because he seems so real, and not as comical as the other characters. He can also keep a level head in any situation.

Brittany is my second most played character. She plays the role of a botanist, and tends to make more discoveries than the other characters. She is also very self-centered, and does not seem to like the other explorers very much.

Charlie is my least played character. You find him stranded in a cave about 1/3 of the way through the game. He is significantly bigger than the other characters, and has a very Santa Claus-like personality. I find it hard to relate to him, because he is so different from the other characters.

Now that you know the characters, I will delve deeper into the gameplay mechanics that will make your time with Pikmin 3 a blast. In case you didn't read my original review, here's a quick recap. Pikmin are small creatures that inhabit PNF 404, and come up to about waist height on the three explorers. They live in a special spaceship/plant called an Onion, which is able to produce more Pikmin seeds, keeping the Pikmin race from going extinct. The Onions absorb nutrients from a special food called a Pellet. Pellets can be brought back to the Onion in order to make more seeds. The Onion can also absorb nutrients from dead animals, but it is mostly the Pellets that will keep your Pikmin going. The explorers can throw Pikmin at different objects in the world such as walls, Pellets, enemies, and fruit. The Pikmin will then start to interact with the objects in front of them. They will tear down walls, carry Pellets to the Onion, fight ferocious enemies, and carry fruit back to your ship, among many, MANY other things. The amount of actions programmed into the Pikmin is astounding, and they can do almost anything that you could find useful.

Fruit is an essential part of Pikmin 3. In order to survive on PNF 404, your explorers will need to drink one glass of fruit juice per day. You need to find fruit in order to make the fruit juice, which is scattered throughout the huge world. You will spend much of your time scouring the world for fruit in order to feed the hungry explorers, and sometimes you may have just barely enough juice to move on.

One major strong point in the game is its graphics. The game is modeled and shaded very well, with HD textures in abundance. Most of the plants and fruit in the game look completely photorealistic, and even cartoony enemies look very polished. I personally think that the graphics in Pikmin 3 are the best on Wii U, and easily beat 90% of the games on competing consoles.

The game has far too many AMAZING features for me to list here, but I will mention some of them briefly. One of the most unused features in Pikmin 3 is the camera. The game has a built in camera system, which allows you to take pictures of anything in the world. These pictures are taken from the Pikmin's point of view, so that you can really capture action from a different angle. This makes battles even more intense, as you are looking up at enemies, instead of looking from a top down perspective.

Another cool feature is the three explorer mechanic. At any point during the game, you can switch between Alph, Brittany, and Charlie. This allows you to multitask by switching between three different Pikmin squads. For example, Charlie can monitor Pikmin as they carry fruit, Alph can pick the Pikmin, and Brittany can find more fruit by exploring the world.

Finally, I have to mention the multi-player modes. First, is the Mission mode. Mission mode can be played alone, or with another player in co-op mode. The goal in Mission mode is to gather as many resources as you can in a certain time frame. Its best played in co-op mode, as you can work together to maximize your efficiency. One player can collect Pellets, while the other player finds fruit and slays enemies.

The best multi-player mode is called Bingo Battle mode. This mode is by far the most original multi-player I have ever seen. In this mode, two players take Pikmin squads and compete for resources. You goal is to collect the resources on your bingo card, and when you collect four resources in a row, your team wins. For example, the red team may have to collect a pear, a peach, an orange, and some grapes in order to win, while the blue team may have to collect an apple, grapes, a strawberry, and a starfruit in order to win. As the grapes appear on both bingo cards, the grapes will become the target of both teams, and a Pikmin brawl may ensue. This happens when one team throws its Pikmin at the other team, and the Pikmin fight each other in a ferocious battle. Sometimes the loser's only option is to run away, as his Pikmin are lost in swarm of enemy Pikmin and mercilessly beaten into submission. Some Pikmin may chose to follow you in this case, but others will stay behind and sacrifice themselves for the cause. When Pikmin die, a small ghost rises into the sky, making the player feel terrible and also making you fight harder to avenge the fallen soldiers. This power struggle always ends in laughs, and is always a great time for all ages.

In all, I have to rate Pikmin 3 a perfect 10/10, not just because of its engaging characters, gameplay, and adorable creatures, but also for its outstanding multi-player, which I know will last me far longer than any single player experience.

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on August 12, 2013
One of my most hated genres of video games is strategy games ... that is why it is so shocking that I love this game! To begin with, its beautiful, with lush environments. But more importantly, the game play is what keeps me coming back ... there is something so addicting about it, it is literally hard to put the controller down.

I played Pikmin 1 for the Game Cube back in the day but didn't like it because of the controls and the strict time limit (having to finish the game in 23 days)

With this version, you control with the Wiimote and Nunchuck .... PERFECT ... and use the game pad for the map too.

anyone on the fence about this game, get off the fence and buy it, you will not be sorry ...

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on August 7, 2013
This is by far one of the greatest game on the Wii U. The Graphics are brillant and beautiful. I had no issues with either controls, the gameplay was really good, reminds me of Starcraft but it is not the same type of game. I got involve with the story and the multiplayer is really fun. I'm addictive to the game. I'm trying to get all the secret codes for something misterious that is going to be tell in the future. A must have if you looking for something unique.
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on October 18, 2013
I didn't think I would enjoy this game as much as I do. Because the days in the game only last about 15 minutes or so, I get a nice little break after every adventure. I enjoy exploring the world, finding new things, battling bosses, and continuing the story line. I especially like that bosses retain their hit points even after you leave the area. It's a little tricky trying to look around. Using the map on the game pad while looking at the TV is helpful for getting a really good overview of the land.
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on August 8, 2013
In the past, I've never really been that interested in the Pikmin series. Gameplay footage from the first two games never managed to hold my interest. However, something about Pikmin 3 intrigued me. I couldn't tell what, but after watching many gameplay trailers, I decided to take the plunge and buy Pikmin 3. And it was worth it. I discovered that I had been missing out on a series full of charm and top-notch gameplay, and Pikmin 3 is well-worth your time and money.

Pikmin 3 revolves around the adventures of three space explorers: Alph, Brittany, and Captain Charlie of the S.S. Drake. Their home planet, Koppai, is in the middle of a food crisis. They send the three to a remote planet named PNF-404 to gather fruit for their starving home planet. However, the S.S. Drake crash lands on the surface of PNF-404, and the three crew members are separated. The story then begins to revolve around three major plot points: 1) The crew must reunite, 2) The crew must find fruit to bring back to Koppai and to keep themselves fed, and 3) The crew must find the cosmic drive key, a crucial part of the ship that they need in order to return to Koppai. The story is quite gripping and there is a major plot twist later on in the game. This is honestly one of the few times where the story kept me fully interested and gripped until the end, and I commend Nintendo for doing that.

The core gameplay of Pikmin 3 revolves around the player throwing their Pikmin to achieve various tasks. The Pikmin are the key to everything, as you must perform every task using the Pikmin, whether it be fighting enemies or collecting a piece of fruit. The game uses a "Day" system, and each day lasts about 15 minutes. At the end of each day, you must have all of your Pikmin gathered up or else you risk losing them. As such, Pikmin 3 really stresses time management and multitasking as key gameplay elements. You can control each of the three characters separately, allowing you to split up the work amongst them. However, I found it to be easier to simply keep the three characters together at all times and to only multitask when it is absolutely necessary. Nonetheless, time management will always be a crucial part of the experience, and you must decide whether you have enough time to complete a certain task before the day is up or if it would be more worthwhile to complete the task the next day.

Pikmin 3 makes use of five different Pikmin types. The Red, Blue, and Yellow Pikmin return from the previous two installments, whereas the Rock and Winged Pikmin are new additions. The Red Pikmin are resistant to fire, the Blue Pikmin can survive in water (keep in mind that water is fatal to all other Pikmin types), the Yellow Pikmin are able to conduct electricity, the Rock Pikmin can smash through crystals, and the Winged Pikmin can traverse all different types of landscapes. There isn't one Pikmin type that feels underused, and the balance between them is perfect. While each Pikmin type has their advantages, you will need to use all five types in order to fully explore the game world and collect everything there is to collect.

On the surface, Pikmin 3 isn't overly challenging. The real difficulty comes from your ability to assess a situation and determine the best way to complete a task without costing too many of your Pikmin. This is the true challenge that Pikmin 3 presents, as you want to end the game with as few Pikmin deaths as possible.

Finally, Pikmin 3 presents several different control schemes, however, the Wii Remote and Nunchuck combination stands out as the definitive way to experience the game. The Wii Remote and Nunchuck combination allows for more precise aiming and it allows you to run away and aim behind you at the same time. This may not sound like an important feature, but it is very crucial to the gameplay.

Pikmin 3 contains five different areas for the player to explore. While this may not seem like much, each area is vast and contains a large variety of different environments, including caves, underwater caverns, and more. The main goal for each area is to find and defeat the boss battle, which will allow you to move on to the next area. In order to reach the boss battle, you must perform several tasks, such as building bridges and pushing ramps into place. In addition, the fruit contained in each area is meticulously placed, and in many cases will require you to think and determine the best way to recover it without costing too many of your Pikmin.

Speaking of the boss battles, they are appropriately huge and challenging to defeat. Each boss is unique and each has their own weakness. Exploiting that weakness often involves using a specific Pikmin type. The boss battles really do a great job in providing a sense of fear and stress, as you don't want to lose any of your Pikmin. As such, finally defeating the boss provides such an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment that you can't wait to find the next one and give it justice.

Pikmin 3 provides a very solid single player experience. This is primarily because there really is no rush to finish the main adventure, and you can take however long you want, so long as you have enough food in your food supply. This really caters to all gamers, including the speed gamer and the gamer that likes to take their time and fully uncover everything Pikmin 3 has to offer. In addition, you do not have to collect every piece of fruit in order to finish the game. This really makes Pikmin 3 accessible to everyone, and I'm really glad Nintendo took that extra step to make this game available to all gamers.

Pikmin 3 also provides two multiplayer modes: the cooperative Mission Mode and the competitive Bingo Battle. In Mission Mode, you and your friend must collect as much treasure as possible within a certain timeframe, usually ranging between five to eight minutes. Mission Mode is a fantastic addition and the co-op is fantastic and it works perfectly. In fact, the splitscreen co-op works so well that it makes me wonder why Nintendo didn't include co-op in the main adventure. It would be a lot of fun to play through the main adventure with a friend, and it is a missed opportunity.

Bingo Battle, on the other hand, is pure insanity, chaos, and fun. In a nutshell, Bingo Battle dumps the two players in a small arena filled to the brim with enemies, fruits, and collectables. Using a small squad of Pikmin, you must collect the items you need in order to complete your Bingo card. In addition, you can sabotage the other player by taking the item they may need to complete their card.

Overall, the multiplayer modes offered here are a lot of fun, but it leaves me wishing that Nintendo had incorporated some type of online play. Even if it was limited to online play with your registered Wii U friends, any form of online play is better than none.

Even though the Wii Remote and Nunchuck combination is the ideal way to play Pikmin 3, the GamePad is still absolutely necessary to experience the game to its fullest. The GamePad constantly displays a map of the area. The map shows you the location of every piece of fruit in the area, the location of the other characters, and the location of all of your Pikmin. This is extremely essential, especially when the day is drawing to a close and you must gather all of your Pikmin. The "Go Here" feature built into the GamePad is perhaps the most important tool in the whole game. You can use your finger to drag to any location on the map and click the "Go Here" button. Your squad will automatically head to that location. This is extremely important, especially while you are multitasking. Off-TV Play is also available, but keep in mind that you must control the game using the GamePad while in Off-TV Play. Overall, the GamePad is put to good use in Pikmin 3, and it shows how the GamePad can be essential to the gaming experience.

Pikmin 3 is a simply beautiful looking game. The environments are so lush and realistic looking that you would almost believe the developers simply filmed the environment outside and added the characters, Pikmin, and enemies in later. Every now and then, there will be a day where it rains in the game, and this also exemplifies how realistic the game looks. The environment looks appropriately wet and you can even see raindrops falling from the various plants. That being said, not everything is perfect. The ground textures look dated and out of place when compared to the rest of the environment, and there have been several rare and minor instances where the game lagged. These small complaints aside, Pikmin 3 is one of the best looking games on Wii U.

In addition, the music for Pikmin 3 is wonderful. For the most part, it is very calm and relaxing, but it slowly becomes more upbeat and rambunctious as you start to battle an enemy. There are also moments where the music slowly fades out, indicating that something big and bad is about to appear. Essentially, the soundtrack is very atmospheric and it works hand-in-hand with the graphics to provide that sense of realism that the game is trying to achieve, and honestly, it succeeds.

In the end, Pikmin 3 is a fantastic game. The gameplay is top-notch and it plays marvelously, and the atmospheric graphics and soundtrack are just the icing on the cake. Despite a few minor nitpickings with the multiplayer modes, I can safely say that Pikmin 3 is a must-have for any Wii U owner that may be looking for a great strategy game.

STORY: 10/10
FINAL SCORE (not an average): 9/10
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on August 5, 2013
There's not much else to say, really. The game is a treasure. Lush, gorgeous visuals, charming characters, and an enchanting soundtrack. Main campaign should last you 15-20 hrs with around 10hrs of missions and multiplayer tacked on top of that. I know I'll be replaying this one a couple times for sure. Amazing!
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