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on July 9, 2015
This show was pretty awesome. I really wish it would get picked up again for a second season. Left us all hanging pretty hardcore.

The characters are all pretty well done and diverse. The story is progressed fairly well and the interactions and dialogs are all interesting.

In comparison to Silicon Valley, which seems to be doing really well, I'd say I liked Betas just as much or more. The characters kind of mirror each other, some of the Betas characters were better and some of the Silicon Valley characters are better. Betas has a much more human presence I think. Meaning the people have more relationships and interaction. This seems to be the focus while the technology business is slightly secondary. In Silicon Valley the technology business is very primary and the character's interactions and personal stories are secondary. Personally I like that about Silicon Valley, but do kind of wish they would add a little more character interaction.

Betas on the other hand could have used a little more of the tech saavy elements that Silicon Valley has. I know neither are completely accurate but it feels like Sillicon Valley does a lot better job while Betas is closer to that of a few high school kids making fart apps... This doesn't really detract from the overall quality of the show though. Still definitely a great watch.

So yeah, wish they'd continue it, and definitely worth watching.
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on May 2, 2016
I just finished watching season 1 only to learn that there will not be a season 2 and this makes me VERY sad! I would pay double, triple, even quadruple the highest going rate for a second season!!!!!
My wife and I have never laughed harder together while watching a funny and captivating show. I stumbled upon this by accident and forced myself to watch the pilot because I was bored and had already binge-watched everything else that was worth watching during my days off. I am now very sad that I missed this back when it came out. I think that Amazon made an epically (<(<(HUGE)>)>) mistake by cancelling the second season. I believe this show was failed by lack of marketing, or perhaps it was overshadowed by some reality show that was trending at the time. Either way I am super disappointed that this show was cancelled in the second season. I really would pay double a premium price for more of this brilliantly written show. I have never rated or reviewed a show before this one. My hope is to get another voice out there letting someone... anyone know that this is a GREAT show and people clearly want more.
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on December 29, 2013
Betas is pretty good low budget kind of comedy. As one of the initial Amazon tv shows, I think it's a great start and reminds me of other juvenile-ish shows that I enjoy like the Inbetweeners (the UK version). It's not of the caliber of House of Cards, Arrested Development or Big Bang Theory and won't win any awards, so best not to compare it against those types of shows. However, it's pretty funny especially if you work in the tech industry or live in the Bay. I think the main character is the most well defined - he really wants to be successful with this startup and you want to see them succeed. Ed Begley Jr as their "mentor" is pretty good as well as a kind of zen master who always seems to remind them that they're not the first ones to be trying to build a successful startup.

The negatives I would say:
- Many of the plotlines are quickly picked up and then dropped, which I think hurts the character development
- There is an almost ridiculous obsession with drug references/plots. I wish the writers would lay off this in the future - it doesn't make it funnier
- Other reviewers have said there is a lot of tech jargon that isn't funny if you don't know what it means. It's funny for me, but that's probably true.

Overall, I think it's worth watching, but I don't think it would convince anyone to sign up for Amazon Prime (sorry Amazon).
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on November 8, 2015
First off, the only way I even found this show was by searching for Amazon Originals... When I did my search, I found it appealing because I am a big fan of Silicon Valley... This show, in my opinion, beats it in every way. It's extremely entertaining and I binge watched the entire season. I was extremely upset to find out that Amazon is not making a second season. I completely blame the promotion/advertising department because I NEVER even heard about this show. It seems that Amazon was looking to make this prosper with only "word of mouth" and failed. The only reason it didn't have more viewers is completely the fault of Amazon. How can this show have been created so long ago and I never even heard about it? I mean I can look at a product on Amazon and then I see the same ad littered all over my Facebook page... But I can't see a suggestion on my Amazon page for a show that I might like??? I buy a LOT of technology and IT based items on Amazon and they can't even give me a hint about a show that they have created??? WTH is up with that??? "betas" is an extremely entertaining show and if Amazon has any sense what so ever, they will make a second season... Alpha house got a second season and I didn't even make it though the first one... That show started out decent, but failed... I must say I'm very disappointed in Amazon... So I give "betas" 5 starts and give Amazon 0 stars for letting this one slip away.
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on June 20, 2017
It may not be entirely fair to review this show as I've only seen an episode and a half but that's honestly all I could sit through. The comparison to Silicon Valley is obvious but I'm shocked at how many people are saying this is on par or even better than the HBO show. The characters in the two shows are practically carbon copies except the guys in Betas with their nerdy, awkward, techworld personalities are not the least bit charming. The writing of the show didn't work for me either. It seemed lazy and like it came from someone who knows the tech world exists but doesn't actually know anything about so he hired his 17 year old nephew as his "consultant". If you're interested in the straw that broke the camels back. I literally had to stop watching episode two midway when the cute Asian girl who seems to be the budding romantic plot line for the chubby nerd was stealing Red Bull's from the office and asked "what's the book" on two guys in a coding competition. Soft pseudo rebels in what's little more than a potty mouthed PG show are a huge pet peeve of mine.
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on January 25, 2014
I looked forward to each episode as it was released. Its depiction of startup accelerators, venture capitalists and their obsession with traffic, funding rounds, and exits, the gossipy nature of the environment, etc., captured the look and feel of the environment. I'm aware that the plot is somewhat stereotyped, and that the protagonists are each archetypes (e.g., the Stanford dropout founder-CEO who sells his car to make payroll, the driven ethnic coder with relentlessly pushy parents, the 35-year-old "dinosaur" wanting to hit it big just once) - but it is nonetheless a more realistic depiction of a startup team in an accelerator than is, say, another program that depicts the way that four Caltech research faculty members spend _their_ time.

I disliked all of the protagonists in the beginning - I was watching the first episode to see how realistic the plot was going to be - but by the end I empathized with each one of them, as they each struggled with their personal demons. They are betas who are not content to remain betas.

I probably would not have made the decision that they made in the season-end cliffhanger - I'm older, and theoretically wiser than they are - but I'm looking forward to the return match in the second season. I hope that it depicts the team as having gotten past the forming and storming phase, and into the norming and performing, which is what would happen to a startup in real life that was destined to survive.
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on February 1, 2016
Betas is all about two guys trying to make it in the tech world. They have a great idea to launch an app that is supposed to bring serendipity and social together, through the app. The season has a tremendous story flow, starts off fast, and just keeps going faster from their. Trey (Joe Dinicol) is the protagonist, and his confidant is Nash (Karan Soni), the coder for brb, the app they are working on. They work alongside Hobbes (Job Daly), who is a dynamic character to say the least, and Mitchell (Charlie Saxton), more or less is a static character, but does improve tons, and last but not least, Mikki (Maya Erskine), in the late stages of the season, she is the spotlight for a lot of events surrounding Mitchell and his sort of socializing and romance mobober. Some support characters are Murch (Ed Begley Jr.), who is the CEO of Velocity, the tech giant in the season that gives them a hand and work space to launch brb. The characters have it all, sex, substance, and even art kinda moments, where it’s real, but surreal at the same time. A lot of irony is under-toaned in the lines, and cosmic irony I believe . LIke when Nash ends up kissing a dude, or something like that. Oh and the Asian guy you think is like just a heterosexual generic 21st century well rounded picture of *pull women 24/7, is actually the opposite. So yeah, you will get everything you want to see in a series, romance, violence, drama, suspense, and even some aesthetic kinda over arching theme that everything just seems to work out for those who work together, like a jigsaw puzzle. Oh and Tray does get laid! had to put that out there ha ha, more than twice, and that alone I believe made it a 5, and the Merch doing tai chi.
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on January 31, 2017
Starting off on the first episode, I wasn't sure how I felt about the show. But getting into episode 2 and then 3 it was really starting to grow on me. By episode 5 I was completely hooked ...and then it ended. It ended in both the best and worst of ways.

Best of ways: completely set up for so much story arching for this rag-tag team of techies to prove themselves. How do they fight against the big guy trying to keep them back? Where do they go from here? So many questions to answer.

Worst of ways: Amazon. that's it. It ended because Amazon wanted to keep their political "Alpha House" going instead. Quite a shame really.

If you enjoy tech-based shows (i.e. Silicon Valley, Halt and Catch Fire) then you'll enjoy this. It's a different take and different perspective that feels fresh. You can hope to be hooked and sorely disappointed when it ends right at it's height to keep going.
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on April 19, 2015
This is my first Amazon review, and I have used the company for a lot! So originally, I watched Silicon Valley on HBO (which you should watch if you haven't), but this show absolutely takes the cake. Not only is the cast fantastic and the actors selected play their respective parts perfectly,but I feel that the characters are extremely relate-able at least in some sense. I truly feel that the ONLY reason this show was not picked up for another season is due to Amazon prime not being a viable source for original programming (at the the time it was released). One only needs to look at the success of programs like Silicon Valley to see the mass appeal. I have seen some reviewers say the show ended abruptly, but the writers left SO much room for the storyline to continue. I know that my single review means a little in the grand scheme of things but I can only hope that the decision makers at Amazon can see the outpouring of support for this show. I have watched both seasons of Alpha House and have loved them both, and while I continue to enjoy the Amazon created content, (WHICH WE PAY FOR!), I hope they continue this great series!

TL;DR: This show is awesome and needs to continue. They already beat Silicon Valley to the punch and can fully beat them in ratings.
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on June 25, 2016
As a 66 yr. old Boomer with Millennial children, I approached this somewhat as cultural anthropology. Wanted to get a little insight into what these Mills are all about since in some ways they seem to be wanting to recreate the 60s - 70s. Took a few episodes to get past the broad stereotypes (and for the writing to improve) and then I started to get interested in the characters and their situation. Binged on the whole season.

Most of the characters are very engaging and even likeable. I like the way that they integrate the generational interaction between Boomers, Gen Xers, and Mills. The insights/POV offered on the whole Tech & social media scene are also revealing, i.e. "The problem is not the tools, but the way we are using them." Couldn't agree more. Social is a sewer for the most part which only gives the illusion of human interaction but really offers an opportunity for people to be at their worst without having to really interact.

The big question is; will there be a season 2? Gotta know how it all works out.
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