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on July 20, 2011
I watched Happy Endings on Hulu after it premiered because I had heard vaguely of it - and it was a good decision. What sounded like a hard-to-continue concept, Alex(Elisha Cuthbert) leaves her fiance Dave (Zachary Knighton) at the alter and the fallout as their long-time friends try to avoid choosing "sides," actually worked here. The supporting cast of friends include married couple Jane and Brad (Eliza Coupe and Damon Wayans Jr.), perpetually single Penny (Casey Wilson), and Max (Adam Pally, a breath of fresh air in that he plays a gay character whose main source of comedy is not that he's "the gay guy").

A word of warning, ABC aired a few episodes OBVIOUSLY out of order. The show appears to dismiss the problem where Alex left Dave at the alter rather briskly and then we see them trying to stay friends and move on - and what's odd is the group's easy chemistry and the fun writing mean you don't mind too much. Later, though, you'll see a pair of episodes that show Alex and Dave fighting and struggling to come to terms with the end of their relationship before recognizing that they can eventually still be friends. These were clearly meant to air second and third. If you watch them in this order, the friendship will probably seem more organic than the quick fix of the second episode as aired.

Other than this hiccup, this first season is fun and light. Cuthbert and Knighton play their relationship perfectly - they have years of history and still like each other as people, but play those awkward moments where one starts to move on romantically quite poignantly. The transition is never made to look easy. Coupe, most well-known perhaps for her turn on the later seasons of Scrubs, is hilarious as the control-freak Jane and Wayans plays the long-suffering husband with just the right amount of tolerance born out of love.

The episode that I would hands-down show to any first-time viewer is Dave of the Dead. The heart-warming A-story is Dave trying to revisit his dream of opening a restaurant (his idea is terrible, but Jane doesn't want anyone to crush his dream yet). However, it is the B-story that steals the show: Penny meets a great funny guy while doing laundry (and of course wearing their awkward laundry day outfits) only to discover that he ACTUALLY dresses like that. Max has the best line here: "Penny, you know what he is? He's a hipster. Everything that you like, he likes ironically." He takes her to an underground mix tape party and invites her and the group to a 90's-themed bat mitzvah, but is immediately disgusted when Penny actually dresses up for the theme because it seems like she's trying too hard.

I was convinced I was the only person watching this show (though I sent links for Dave of the Dead to everyone!) and was delighted that ABC renewed it. Hopefully it can be paired with something strong in the fall to get the viewership it deserves.
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on July 22, 2011
Like the previous reviewer, I thought for the longest time that I was the only one watching this hilarious show, despite great efforts to pass the good word along. "Happy Endings" is a completely underrated comedy gem that has me and my friends laughing out loud several times an episode! It's like "Friends," only way goofier and more modern. Needless to say, I am SO happy that ABC was smart enough to pick this show up for a second season!
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on November 15, 2011
I'm going to review the boxset, not the series since if you haven't seen this series, i strongly suggest you stop right now and pick this up!
the boxset or case, is a simple dvd case that you would normally see on any single disc edition movie. but it houses two dvds. first 6 i believe are on disc one and remaining on disc 2. i have to note that the episodes were aired out of order as i'm sure all of you know, but thankfully the episodes are not out of order here in this boxset, so i was very pleased to see that corrected.

i have to say i loved the deleted scenes, especially for the first episode. the outtakes were HI-larious. there is no secondary language on this set, but there are subtitles in english only. disc two has an interview with two cast members but its really just a parody interview which was nice. and there is a really great remix music video featuring funny moments from season 1 that i think everyone needs to watch, its great! theres also a promo for several shows inclduing happy endings and the community and others which i thought was cool.

all in all, if you a fan of the tv show, please support it buy purchasing the set. i'm a lil confused as to why this series didnt get a bluray release, i'm assuming because they didnt know how it would do, so i fully expect a bluray release for the second season. so please buy this awesome set!
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on August 6, 2011
When I first watched this show, I thought it was mediocre at best. Then at about episode four, I started to love it. It takes a lot for a show to literally make me "lol", but this show does it.

The show is about a group of six friends living their life in Chicago. The main storyline running through the first season, revolved around Dave and Alex. In the first episode, Dave and Alex are set to be married but she ends up leaving him at the altar for a past fling that comes in at the last minute on rollerblades, confessing his undying love for her. Thus the group is forced to figure out how to handle the situation because they're all still best friends. During all of this, we also get little side story arcs from some of the other characters and to be honest, they are the funnier ones.

You have Max who is not your stereotypical gay guy (which is quite refreshing to say the least) and he is probably the most hilarious character on the show. He has the best lines. His best friend, Penny, is also quite hilarious and she is desperate and single. This leads to one of my favorite episodes of the first season in which Penny dates a hipster. Hilarity ensues.

Next up, you have Brad and Jane. They are the only married ones of the bunch. Brad is your token metrosexual (who is more gay than Max) and Jane is your typical control freak. It's fun to see how Jane handles the groups problems and exactly how far she'll go to prove that she will win at anything. Their relationship with one another is quite funny.

What makes the show great is that all the characters are believable. We all have someone in our set of friends that matches up with at least one of the characters on the show. The cast has great chemistry together and it shows. I'm so glad it was renewed for a second season, because more people need to give it a chance. It's well written, modern, and hilarious.

Definitely worth a purchase!
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on May 26, 2015
This is one of the funniest shows on TV. It's basically about a group of 20-something friends who hang out in Chicago. Brad and Jane are the married couple. Besides their obvious difference, Brad is laid back while Jane has a neurotic, competitive, Type A personality. Alex is Jane's attractive little sister. Alex left her fiancé Dave at the altar. This leads to complicated feelings between the two throughout season 1. Penny is a shallow airhead who is obsessed with finding the perfect boyfriend. Max is Dave's best friend. Max is gay, but he acts straight. He's into sports.

The show has a weird type of humor. It's not like the conventional type of humor on shows like Friends. It's more like the type of humor on shows like Scrubs and Parks and Recreation. They make a lot of black and gay jokes, but as a black guy, I'm not offended. My favorite episode of season 1 was Mein Coming Out when Max came out to his parents. Another funny episode was The Girl with the David Tattoo when Brad and Penny got a waiter fired. All of the characters are funny, but my two favorite characters are Max and Penny.

I seriously don't know why ABC cancelled this series. It wasn't a heavily promoted series. I discovered it by accident. I guess that the only thing people watch these days are reality shows, singing competitions, and sports. It's not like the 1990's when there were a whole bunch of sitcoms.
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on February 25, 2017
This show is hilarious! The concept is very unique. It starts off with a runaway bride, but the happy ending isn't ruined. They stay friends along with her sister, brother in law, gay BFF and Penny (every group has one and if you doubt me then it is probably you).
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VINE VOICEon January 3, 2012
HAPPY ENDINGS is a delight - it is innovative, witty, intelligent and most importantly hilarious. Many automatically compare it to FRIENDS for there are 6 main characters - 3 men and 3 women, but that is where all comparisons end. This show is in no way a copy cat to any other show that has aired. I fell in love with it when the 13 episodes of the first season aired and the awesome thing about getting the dvd is that the show when aired on network tv was not shown with the episodes in the order intended. There is a basic plot here. In the pilot Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) walks out during the wedding ceremony on her fince Dave (Zachary Knighton) and the following episodes follow how they and their mutual friends deal with the fall-out of this. Seeing them in order gives more depth to the characters and the story lines.

The show manages to shine in every way, each character is in no way a caricature and each actor is perfect in their given role. Elisha Cuthbert comes from a serious role on 24 and shines. My favorites though are Casey Wilson from SNL who plays Penny and Damon Wayans Jr. who plays Brad. I was very upset when SNL just up and let go of Casey Wilson but it was truly their loss as she shines in a role that gives her a much better field of play than the now tired SNL. Episodes are filled with heart and also honest insight into the characters. And the writers deserve as much credit as the actors for each episode is filled with laughs and many that turn into full out belly laughs. I highly recommend purchasing this wonderful first season of this great show. And if you haven't given it a shot yet catch up with the second season that is airing now. This is a show that just continues to get better and better. It is fresh, witty and deserves a truly wide audience. Give it a chance and I guarantee it will pull you in fully.
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on May 13, 2015
This is the season that launched so many careers.. The writing was so pitch perfect.. fresh original and most of all FUNNY... the latter season focused a bit too much on Max's gay life and that angle took over the show's many plot lines too much... (btw I'm gay) ... But this first season all the cast members shine with great writing and great acting... and I'm in love with Dave Rose and his midwestern white lib character... This show and this season will be in heavy rotation for those lucky enough and smart enough to see this show
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on October 22, 2014
Although the pilot episode isn't the greatest, Happy Endings quickly establishes itself as a very funny show. Of course there are similarities to Friends (something the show makes fun of the next season), but I think Happy Endings is much more absurdist, while still giving the characters enough reality to care about what happens to them.

For me the the standouts are Max (Adam Pally) and Penny (Casey Wilson). And episodes such as "Of Mice & Jazz-Kwon-Do" and "Dave of the Dead" were laugh out loud funny.
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on April 18, 2017
Love this show
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