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on October 4, 2013
Are you pondering what I'm pondering? I hope so, as I am pondering why this show didn't go for ten years or more.

Our best lab rat 'Brain' pours his blood, sweat and tears into plans in his attempt to take over the world. In the process he becomes, among other things, a waiter, a teacher, a sumo wrestler, a baseball player and evens tries to take a day off from all that pondering, but even that does not go to plan.

As with this third and last dose of pure maniac enthusiasm Brain has to endure his one and only friend Pinky - the dimwit, but it is a partnership that survives many trying times. Brain came up with some weird ideas that had me pondering how two lab rats could get the funds for their plans to come to fruition, or how the world would go being ruled by two rats, scary isn't it?

This is the end of the road, the last swan song, the last train to Clarksville, the last chance to experience the octaine high of two megalomaniacs, one as genius as the other is insane.

To cap off the series Rob Paulsen (Pinky) and Maurice LaMarche (Brain) play their swan song in a tribute for the dedicated fans, which left a gaping void so huge.

This four disc set gets five stars from me, as one needs to let go and enjoy the maniac side of things once in a while. For those who wish to obtain the series I suggest you go ahead. You should not be disappointed, as long as you do not wish to take over the world, that is.
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on June 15, 2012
Warner Bros. is an amazing outfit. Almost dying in the sixties, with De Patie-Freleng doing their animation work, and putting out some of the most formulaic swill imaginable in detective shows and westerns for TV, (except for "F-Troop", a sitcom staged like one of their old cartoons done live,) and after having the foresight to sign up Stanley Kubrick as their in-house cinematic "artiste" in the 70s, revived their animation department in the early nineties, and, while not as fluid and great as their golden stuff from the forties and early fifties, the writing was ingenious as h-e-double hockey-sticks, and this duo's antics were a prime example. Along with Slappy Squirrel, "Pinky and the Brain" was definitely one of the cleverest cartoon series ever written, as episodes like "Broadway Malady" bear witness. This is an episode with songs like "The Schoeden-Freude Polka", "I'm Going To Have To Hurt You" and "Angst!"...stuff so far over unit-aged kids' heads, it's incredible! Yes, the animation could be MUCH better, but when you're doing two or three animated series at once, I guess some compromises have to be made. I dunno... Disney didn't do TOO badly with their TV animation, and they were turning them out like fishcakes for a while there, too!

Anyway, buy or rent this collection, (I may buy all three eventually,) and I can assure you, you won't feel like a stupid jerk watching a kiddie cartoon! If anything, you'll need a thesaurus!!

Pinky and the Brain, Vol. 3
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on August 26, 2015
Pinky and The Brain. Ah, where to begin? This wonderful bit of animation history, along with Sailor Moon and Pokemon, came into my
welcoming purview one happy afternoon. My beautiful young daughter sat on the couch eating an afterschool snack and I sat by her and asked what was this new show she had on? I not only quickly got the 411, I fell deeply under the Spielberg spell! I was a goner and as hooked on
the Pinky and The Brain (or Herr Brain as I love to refer to 'him') show as I had been on the mighty Animaniacs...the forefather of our verminous twosome. What can I say? They had me at..."What are we going to do tomorrow night, Brain?
Try to take over The World!!!" da da da da da da :-)
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on May 1, 2016
Pinky and the Brain is one of the best cartoons ever created and I am glad that I purchased it. The cartoon is about two mice; one brilliant and the other not so much. The Brain has plots to take over the world and his side kick is there to try and help him with his plans. The plans never work but the Brain continues to try - he never gives up!! I love this series and have shown it to my children, who are now huge fans!! I would purchase from the seller again; it arrived on time and in great condition.
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on August 14, 2017
This set is perfect and has all the episodes needed from the last season. There's even some good special features but not a lot. The reason I say beware is because I've had 2 of these sets and disc 2 doesn't work for like the last 4 episodes. So check your discs to make sure they work. I just had bad luck with the ones I got.
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on July 27, 2017
More animation, more antics by the two lab mice who intend to "take over the world".
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on December 27, 2012
YESSSS! Another fantastic children's TV show has been put on DVD for all to enjoy! This show isn't just for kids though, the show is well written with lots of innuendo. My husband & I enjoy the voice talents of Maurice Lamarche and Rob Paulsen very much, and we will let our children enjoy this instead of some of the rubbish on TV these days.
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on August 11, 2010
Pinky and the Brain are at it again! The two mice plot to take over the world, time and again in this third and final boxset of the series (at least until Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain, the show NOBODY wants would come out, which is doubful.).

Many good episodes include The Megalomaniacal Adventures of Brainie the Poo (Parody of Winnie the Pooh), The Melancholy Brain (Hamlet, with the mice worked into the story, until William Shakespeare is told to lose the mice, since they stink), Inherit the Wheeze (Strong Anti-Smoking Message, here!), The Three-Part Epic, Brainwashed, and one half of the Hour-Long Animaniacs/Pinky and the Brain Series Finale - Star Warners, a Star Wars parody with 3-Pinky-O and Brain2-Me2 (Pinky and the Brain), Yakk Soho (Yakko), Wakk Skylicker (Wakko), Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Leiana Origami The Third (Dot), Girth Plotz (Thaddeus Plotz), Slappy Wanna Nappy (Slappy Squirrel), Skippoda (Skippy), and Soho's co-pilot Chewbooboo (Chicken Boo)!

Good is the boxset, yes! The show was a breakaway hit on the WB Schedule, and was really great to begin with! If you love Pinky and the Brain, then you'll also love Animaniacs, Poit!
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on July 14, 2015
Interesting cartoon with lots of 1990's political commentary. There is one thing that has never been made clear. One is a genius and the other is insane. While Pinky is no genius, he is also not insane and he does possess a kind of emotional intelligence.. So, which one is which?
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on November 27, 2014
Pinky and the Brain is a fantastic comedy cartoon that is all age appropriate. It'll make you laugh and find humor in everyday life. If you haven't watched an episode you should-also great stress reducing laughter. I watched this show when it was originally broadcast in the mid'90s. Sadly there are only a few seasons. Spielberg should renew and continue the production. Great, clean entertainment the whole family can enjoy.
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