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on November 18, 2015
I love it it works great the people that wrote reviews and said this program wasn't good is a liar it works great
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on August 30, 2003
If you plan to capture analog video at DVD quality, don't buy it! Don't waste your money! When you record a DVD the video and audio get out of sync. No support is given in their website, forums are full of complains and there are no answers from Pinnacle.
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on January 16, 2004
I received the MovieBox for Christmas 2003 and have spent about 40 hours with it. First to pros. It is easy to install, captures video flawlessly, and the editing software (Studio 8) is fantastic. Being able to take 3 hours of home videos (which like everyone's included things that in hindsight didn't turn out great) and cut it down to an hour+ of fun scenes, add music and digital photos was worth every penny.
The negatives. MovieBox only imports audio in mpeg format. I didn't even know this mattered until I went to make a DVD and I ran into the out of sync problem where the sound is 1 second behind the video. The product claims to be able to make DVDs from any source, but this audio limitation is a real problem. Second, my video ended up being 75 minutes long. Studio 8 appeared to burn the disc properly, using a lower quality setting to fit it all on the disk, but when the disc is played in a DVD player random sections of video are missing. Pinnacle says you can only put an hour on a DVD, which is a stupid and erroneous claim. Lastly, the support on this product is horrendous.
Luckily there is a fix. Instead of using Studio 8 to burn a DVD, I created an MPEG file of the video on my harddrive. This solved the audio syncing problem. I then used ULead's DVD Moviefactory (which came included with my PC) to turn the MPEG file into a DVD. It worked great. This method does require you to render the video twice, which can degrade the picture, but I didn't notice any difference in my case.
I'd call it an ok product that with some tweaks could be great.
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on January 21, 2004
I haven't actually used the MovieBox, but came here to read reviews on it.
However, I have been using Studio 8 for a while with another capture device and have also experience the audio out of synch problem.
I have found a work-around that works for me and have been posting it everywhere I see other comments on the problem.
The answer is to NOT allow the hardware to capture the audio. Rather than connecting the RCA audio to the box, connect the audio directly to your PC's line-in jack on the soundcard. I use one of those RCA to headphone jack splitters for connecting a portable CD player to a sound system. Then you set the audio capture source in the Studio program from the breakout box to line-in.
I was pulling my hair out like everyone else until I stumbled upon this solution (by attempting to capture with Adobe Premiere which doesn't recognize my hardware as an audio input). Since I've been doing it this way, I have made about a dozen DVD's, with lengths from 10 min to 1 hour with perfect audio synch.
Maybe it will work for you guys who've already bought the software. If you haven't bought it yet, though, look elsewhere.
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on October 4, 2005
I love mine. No audio problems or dropped frames. It works great. Made a dvd with no problems. Don't know why all the complaints.

Only a few minor gripes.

1. It took me 4 hours with a XP 2400+ and 1GB of ram to make the DVD. Cuz it renders twice or something like that. I upgraded to a Sempron 2400+ now with 512MB of ram and everything is blazing fast. Sure I have a slow burner but it stil is their software and the way they render.

2. The device is a little noisy. Don't know about grinding. But the motor has always been a little noisy. But it's livable.

3. No matter what I try they only let me use studio 8 or Pinnacle software. They won't let me capture with any other software.

I'd like to try other softwares too and not just be stuck with the slow studio 8.

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on July 15, 2003
First of all, it works. As advertised.
I connected through USB 1.1 port. Captured a 30-minute
Lizzie McGuire for my kid, edited out commercials,
and made an SVCD. The video editing software is very nice,
intuitive, easy to use. All I can say is, "It works !"
The trouble is though, it takes so much time.
My machine is 2GHz P4 laptop with 1G memory.
First, it takes 30 minute to capture.
Then editing process.
Third, to create VCD. I found that creating VCD actually
takes twice as much time as capture, because it converts to
some file format and then to CD image, and then copying
the SVCD image to CD.
So to record 30 minute, I ended up spending 2 hours.
Not recommended for casual recording from TV, unless you
have patience and a lot of time.
Very good, if you have family video, which requires some
good editing and you are willing to patiently wait
(as a rule of thumb, multiply the original length by four
(that is, if you are recording 1 hour, it will take four hours).
But it works as advertised.
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on January 4, 2004
I've had a project sitting around for about a year; to transfer a VHS tape of a newscast(involving my Mom's retirement) to DVD and send it out to my family members. After reading the reviews here on Amazon, I passed by this product this fall, but received "Pinnacle MovieBox usb" as a Christmas Gift. I love it!
The software is almost completely intuitive. OK, I tried to do my project the night after Christmas and messed it up, probably by not manually setting the software to mpeg2, but the second burn worked great and played on our 2 year old dvd player! This included two VHS tape segments, one of the newscast and one of diving in Bonaire with some 8mm waterskiing video from my old Canon camcorder. Titles were easily added.
Luckily, I saw none of the audio sync problems other people have complained about. My computer is only a year old though and pretty much new. Is a P4 2.4 gig, with 512mg ram, and a Western digital HD with 8mg buffer. MovieBox aparently "renders" projects differently depending somewhat on the speed of your machine. Not being a tech type, I can only be happy that I didn't run into any problems with MovieBox. I love the size (very slim), feel (very sturdy aluminum) and overall simplicity.
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on August 14, 2010
I bought this product a few years ago at an apple store and found out that it works with great with MAC (even though it says it's for PC). The trick is DON"T install the software. I Just plugged my audio video cables from my VHS player into the box and then plugged the firewire cable to the MAC. From there I opened up iMovie and selected the Camera as input on iMovie. iMovie (and iMovie HD) both just simply accept the input the same as if you where plugging in your movie camera. MAC users: Just throw set aside the software and the manual. YOU JUST PLUG IT IN AND USE IT!
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on March 5, 2009
I have need for this once each year. Almost every year something changes like a service pac update to the OS, so that it becomes necessary to SPEND another $50 to $100 to keep current.
This year I can't use the software due to the arrival of SP3 and the decision by Pinnacle to no longer support V10.7 and fix the subsequent problems created by SP3 on XP.
I refuse to pour another offering into the software. I started with V9 several years ago. thinking I was investing in a good time proven and durable system. It is still installed on the same computer and now no longer works without another "offering".
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on June 10, 2010
First time I tried to buy a device to edit my home videos was a Pinnacle, it did not work called support they give me a discount to upgrade the software and still did not work!, called back then they told me to upgrade my computer, second time I tried with a Dazzle, again get into some trouble and guess what Pinnacle buyed Dazzle, again they offer a new software to fix the problem I said no thanks.

My Brother in Law just buy this product Moviebox USB, does not work on Vista or Windows 7 even with the new drivers and guess what I just send email to the support and they just say:
"We are sorry, but there is no support by phone, chat or email support for these products.Avid Customer Success"

So do no buy this product stay away from Pinnacle.
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