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on August 22, 2013
I had a previous model (Avic-D3, I think) years ago and remembered really liking it. What I forgot is that since I now have Google Maps and Navigation on my phone, It's not the same. Don't misunderstand, it's great having the in-dash map and GPS always on, so you don't have to wait for a signal on your phone and you ALWAYS know where you are when travelling, but the map is so very basic and it's hard to get to the right vantage point when you are following directions and want a better sense for where you are going and relative distance. There is no Satellite view, which I'm spoiled about with Google. I also use the Bluetooth for my phone and music to stream from Amazon Cloud player. The phone syncs very easily, the music is a hassle if the Bluetooth was turned on when the Nav unit boots. Bottom line, great to have for map and GPS, but don't pay too much because the Directions aren't so hot. It's not really better than the unit I owned years ago, which means Pioneer needs to up their game. Oh, also, if you buy a used unit, it is password protected and if you don't have the password, you have to ship it to Pioneer and pay $80 to have it reset, plus shipping. :(
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on January 11, 2012
I purchased this unit 8 or so months ago and was not that impressed. It was rather slow and had a heck of time keeping up... The user interface was pretty good I thought. I now have the new z140 which has gotten very mixed reviews so far. I think it's great and is a major improvement and step up from the x series. I am saying this because if i could start over, I would have spent the extra $150 or $200 to get the flagstaff z model. The z140 comes standard with the traffic tuner, which is a really great feature If you live in a heavily populated area since it will inform you of all traffic jams and road construction. Always seems to be accurate to me also comes standard with hd radio, which I am not at all impressed with but if it's your thing, you will now have it too. Not to mention the screen is just under a whole inch bigger! The screen flips down to eject rather then having a slot and not motorized like this model is..... Bottom line, spend a little extra now to get the model you deserve and you won't regret it!!!
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on August 22, 2014
Pioneer will not offer support or update the GPS after a few years. Keep the radio for the life of your vehicle and maps quickly get outdated with all the road changes and construction around the country. Do not like the toggle channel changer. Knobs have worked for years so why did they put this on this radio. Newer model is not much better. So be aware Pioneer will quickly quit supporting the GPS if this is your main reason for this purchase. Other features work just fine but buttons are hard to learn and operate. Just try changing the clock when day light savings time comes.
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on July 31, 2016
I could talk all day about how great this system worked, loved it, wish i would have taken it out when I sold my truck!
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on June 25, 2012
I recently purchased my Pioneer AVIC-X930BT from Amazon and chose Discount Central Online as the seller of the radio. When I got the radio, it was a refurb, I plugged it in and there was a password to use the radio. I called Pioneer and the only option I had was to try and find the person that owned it before me and get the password from him or send them the radio and pay $60 for them to wipe it clean of the password. At this point I was not to happy about this. I am currently deployed and purchased a new truck and wanted to hear my new radio in it while home on leave. I called Discount Central Online and explained the situation to them. The next day, in my email, I had a tracking number and confirmation number sent by Discount Central Online to take to UPS, free of charge on my part, and have it sent to Pioneer. I got updates from Discount Central Online when it got to Pioneer and when it was being shipped back. They emailed me to make sure it was the same address to ship to as well. Got the radio today, plugged it in and works and sounds great. Even though it took some time for the radio to get shipped back and then it come to the door, I still give Discount Central Online a 10 out of 10. Great customer service! Great response time when sending email and needing information as well! Very easy and pleasant to work with!
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on February 4, 2015
this seller was very helpful. contacted him before purchase and he was very honest and nice.
product was exactly what it said it was. installed it and it works like brand new. so far so good.
very happy.
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on November 20, 2011
I read a lot of reviews before deciding to purchase thr Pioneer Avic X930BT. At first the GPS was terrible showing my location a good 50 yards plus off so I called Car Toys and they recommended do a full reset.That did the trick,,,, spot on ever since. I have a Zumo 660 that is a hands down amazing GPS unit but I bought it for my motorcycles and didn't like having it in my window. The Pioneer could be better in the GPS department but then again I am still getting used to it. It speaks main Highway names but does not speak surface city street names... WHY???? That is pretty lame but hopefully there will be an update to add this feature.So overall it will get you there but it has been my experience that it will not be the shortest route,,, again,,, WHY???? Maybe I don't have something setup right??? It has only been a couple of days so I will keep playing with it and hope it's a setting I am missing so far. I do wish it would voice commands that would be REALLY NICE.So at least the GPS will get you there and if I wasn't spoiled by a rock solid Zumo I would likely be more impressed with it. I Love the Pandora feature using my i-phone but would hope they come up with some Android support. I have an i-phone 4 and a Samsung Galaxy 2 Epic 4g and I LOVE my Android much more than I do the i-phone and fact is there are much more Android users than i-phone so come on Pioneer listen up!!!!The steroe side of the unit is really nice,,, a super nice upgrade to my previous Kenwood unit (non nav model)The screen looks really good and the touch screen works fantastically. I like the menus and Movies look super. Overall I would recommend this unit ( I paid 430 from Car Toys in Tukwilla WA,,, GREAT SHOP)I do think I should have gone with the upgraded model that has voice commands and traffic but for the price I am happy with my purchase,,, very nice product,,,, now let's get some Android support and make it a GREAT PRODUCT :-)
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on November 28, 2011
I installed this into my 2003 Sierra pickup. All the newer cars have bluetooth, gps, mp3 playback and I wanted those features in my older truck.

This unit gets the job done. I'm disappointed in the bluetooth for hands free calling. Everyone says they can not hear me. I am going to try placing the mic in other locations. Some people have said after market mics work better. I may need to get one, but don't feel I should after paying the price for this unit.

It works good with my Droid X phone. I play mp3, youtube and even google maps through the bluetooth. The pairing can be somewhat difficult. Many times the unit will say its paired but I do not hear anything. I have to tell my phone to disconnect and then reconnect. It would be nice as soon as I enter the car it paired automatically without any issues.

GPS is alright. It has dated maps. It supposely has 2010 maps yet it does not have my house which was built several years ago. One reason I got this unit is so I can still have navigation while speaking on the phone. So sometimes I have to find the place I want on google maps and enter in the location the on unit. You can not enter in a address or POI with moving. I did the parking break bypass so I can have this function. I do not want to pull over every time I want to find a gas station.

Video playback is smooth. I have not used a DVD yet. I played a file from the sd card and it was ok. I have noticed sometimes there is a skip in the video, same with usb. I found out the unit natively only supports playing from diso video format. Seems as long as you are using a higher class sd card you will be ok. I also found the unit is picky on the converting values. It took me several times to find the right settings. It says it supports MP4 but when I converted it, several files would not play. Find a converter that has IPOD settings and you will be in the clear.

I actually installed a WDTV box into the car. I can play any type of video and mp3 off a 120 gb portable usb drive through the box. I did not want to convert my movie files to MP4 everytime I wanted a new movie. I'm still working on the final install of the WDTV box.

I plan on using some old dvd monitors to install in the back for the kids.

Installing the unit took some time. I had to modify the opening in the back to fit the unit. Thats just my truck. Wiring was straight forward with the wiring hard I got. I soilder the wires. One note is illumination wire. My truck had the old green digital stock face, so it never dimmed with lights or time. Even though the wireing harness had a illumination wire it does not work. I found out I need to find a hot positive wire that only comes on when the headlights come on. I plan on find a wiring in the headlight switch and running it to the unit. If this is not connected properly then the gps never goes into night mode and there is no manual overide to make it night mode.

It would have been nice for the option to switch between daytime\nighttime or have the unit go by time.

With some of the shortcommings I am still happy with the unit. I like the options to insall other modules down the road. I still need to get steering wheel controls. I have not gotten an ipod yet but may in the future. I wish they had a android app. 15% of the smartphone market is Apple whereas android has over 50% of the market.

Price was decent. It was 556.00 and there was a 100 rebate from Pioneer. I also got some cashback from discover and was able to use my already saved up rewards on this purchase.

I was looking at getting the 3300BT without nav, but only 100 bucks difference I dicided to get this unit.
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on January 14, 2012
I went from from my stock 6 disc Mazda Sirius radio to a Kenwood ddx418 which I returned right away because it was slow and the connector cord on the front only was awkward.

Overall I'm extremely happy with the x930bt.

- Speed - menu/touch response is instant, start-up speed is very good, GPS very fast and microSD card access is instant
- GPS - Very accurate and interface is easy and on screen directions and voice are very clear. GPS uses gps signal, vehicle speed, direction(reverse/forward), accelerometer and compass. Installation is very important and if you don't connect the VSS and backup wires you'll be crying about inaccurate GPS on the internet :)
- Screen quality - picture is excellent very clear and good coloring. In comparison I found the ddx418 less clear and badly over colored even with it turn to lowest level.
- Touch - Good response and easy to use. I'd rate it below my iphone (expected as it's not capacitive multi-touch) but quite a bit better than my wifes Garmin nuvi 760.
- MicroSD - I've got a 32gb micro SDHC and access to the card is instant and I've filled it with a music and video. No Ipod like browser so your satisfaction with the interface will depend on your ability to organize the card. 2500 file limit comes into play with a 32gig card
- Iphone integration - cable connector, app mode, bluetooth audio all excellent
- BlueTooth - very good and much better sound quality than the ddx418 this replaces

- 2500 file limit on microSD
- I can pull an address and navigate to a picture I took on my iphone but can't pull a contact address from Iphone address book (odd)?
- No sort/search in memory card makes your organization ability important
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on April 5, 2014
This has a great screen and is ridiculously user friendly. The GPS is accurate down to the foot on where you turn. It only has a seven band equalizer, but it's still gives off a decent adjustment.
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