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on April 30, 2013
I read all the reviews good and bad.Originally I had the pioneer avic z1 the 2006 model.It was definitely time for an upgrade.So of course my choices were this model or the AVIC Z150! For the price I chose the AVIC Z140..At 600$$ you get mapping bluetooth (voice calls and audio stream) A better sound deck with sub controls and a decent EQ to tune your sounds. The screen is very responsive to touch compared to my older Pioneer Deck. I like the fact that it has SD CARD SLOT for music pics and movies. However I'm very sad that Pioneer has not updated the software and created a Cable that will ALLOW IPHONE 5 TO STREAM VIDEO. USE IPHONE APPS. AND HAVE PANDORA CONTROLS WITH ALBUM ARE DISPLAYED ON THE SCREEN. OVERALL I gave the deck a 4 STAR because the IPHONE 5 COMPATIBILITY. At the price I paid you still couldnt go wrong with a purchase on the avic z140!! Go for it! Buy it or pay another 3 4 hundred dollars for the avic z150 that will be outdated by next year lol..AFTER ALL its very hard to keep up with cost wise with the electronic world since new products and upgrades come out every year!

p.s one thing that irritates me is the fact that you can't voice control destinations when mapping! Come on Pioneer why you would take that feature away from your newer models..
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on May 11, 2013
This is my second pioneer AVIC radio I bought the Z-130BT 2 yes ago and installed it in my 06 ford explorer works, I just upgraded it to the Z-140BH from a seller on Ebay for $25 worked like a charm after the seller sent me a 2nd set of cards the 1st set failed to work he shipped another pair they worked great.
After the upgrade radio works great no issues it only took 40 mins to upgrade.
So the only way you tell the difference between the radio's is the model number on the chassis which you would have to pull the radio's to see it.
Okay now to the good stuff.
My new Z-140BH is the bomb my wife loves it especially how you can talk on the Phone via Bluetooth while driving. It was installed in my 05 ford escape hybrid the car Crutchfield said it wouldn't fit it did just fine. but I can't do that yet in my explorer the mike don't work gotta replace it I called pioneer they said it's more than likely the mike they have Alto of issues with the mike. It's only $25 to replace it so not a big deal but you would think pioneer would would address the issue and fix it so it's hit or miss on the mike working or not the new radio's mike works fine.

This radio is easy to use even while driving as soon as you get used to where everything is.
I learned 1 thing after calling pioneer I have a Nokia Lumia red 920 and installed the Pandora app and tried to connect it to the Pandora app on the pioneer but it won't the only way I can use it is with Bluetooth audio on the pioneer the tech told me it's because it requires a tethered Bluetooth connection which only the iPhone has it used to connect to anything but only a tethered connection and that's Pandora doing that not pioneer so Pandora wake up there's a new phone in town and it's called Windows Phone 8 here to stay thanks to Nokia.
It funny my factory radio has had nav with nevteq maps in it and this radio has newer and better navteq maps works great.
I had 2 TomToms with Navteq maps my TomTom go live 2535 worked awesome it told me if my destination was on the right or left this one don't but that's okay I see which side it's on the nav doesn't need to tell me my TomTom one3rd edition didn't either no big deal.
As far as the hd radio is concerned I wondered why it was showing no Info like my Sirius tuner does here is why and the manual doesn't explain this.
It's because the station has to be broadcasting in full HD not just broadcasting data.
So don't be disappointed if you don't see any song, artists,caller I'd at all your radio is working fine.
For a list of HD Sations in your state go to" [...] " for a full list of stations broadcasting in hd .
I have a country station that on my old factory radio showed Info on the screen wouldn't show anything on my pioneers both of them but I found a station called fun 107 not my kinda music but is in full HD so I confirmed it works and I did find an AM station in Boston 60 miles away from comes in full HD the sound is amazing on AM sounds as good a as standard FM so the AM/FM works great no issues.

Dvd works great I hooked it up so the DVD will play while vehicle is in motion as well as Nav too. If I'm on the highway and need to change my destination I have no way to stop and change my destination on the keypad to "Nov 5th1955" LOL!
I love having Sirius built in to my dash I had a mirge radio that was stolen right out of my car in my driveway so I finally decided to see if I could fit this radio in my and I was happy it fit so don't believe Crutchfield they lie. But now I bought the Sirius tuner with this radio. So now it's built into my dash so there's nothing for a crook to see I love my lifetime subscriptions on both my radio's I still have a mirge radio I use in my house between my house and camper. I have 5 lifetime scripts but I found out your only allowed 3 radio swaps on a lifetime script the 1st complete tuner kit I bought from here was used and junk I paid $75 to activate a junk radio so I bought a new tuner and bus both new and working fine I tried the 1st time to get them to wave the fee I paid on the 1st tuner but they said no then they talked to higher supervisor and still said no so I said I'll have to call next week on Friday to activate it they said ok.
I called the following Friday I asked the rep if he could wave the fee and told him my situation he said hold on while I check he come back and said you radio be activated so it was cool he was able to get an authorization for it funny that different rep different answer .
So all and all I love both radio's. don't believe all the negative reviews you read.
After the $100 pioneer mail in rebate which by the way I already got I only paid $636.95 - $100 I paid $536.95 what a great deal the rebate was over march 31st 2013 I got the same deal with my 1st radio as well.
Now pioneer needs add WP8 support and not just Droid and icrap my Nokia Lumia 920 has the best camera on the market you will not find a better lens than one of the oldest camera lens company in the world Carl Zeiss which made the very fist microscope lens back in the mid 1850's you can't get any better than it has a floating lens with image stable optimization.

So don't hesitate to buy this radio you won't be disappointed. The price sent up from$ 636.95 to $678.95 still a great deal.
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on April 13, 2012
After a week of researching the best GPS/DVD combo drives I bought this unit. I had a DVD/GPS system in my car before this unit and it was garbage.
First of the picture is very clear even on sunny days the screen still looks good WVGA display. I had mine bypassed so i can played music dvds while i drive. The gps fuctions well. I most use my iphone on it. Sound quality is amazing. It has truly delivered crisp clean sound and has a built in digital equalizer. I was going to purchase the Kenwood version of this but i found that this unit has a fast interface, meaning you hit a button on a screen and stuf happens immediatley like an iphone theres virtually no lag. Boot time is reasonable id say 15 sec for the screen but if you had music playing id say the musci on in 10 sec or so... You can also choose what color the LEDs are for the system. my car has orange leds on the odometer and main dash so this unit matches like its a factory install. theres more apps like pandora some few others that can be used on this unit. has call feature. very clear phone calls through my iphone. This thing has all the features of the popular appRadio but more. but the sheer speed of the interface and picture quality is what really sold me.. the unit is not pixelated at all. looks even better at dusk without all that sunlight glare. please note you must buy that iphone dock cord to get the full use of this unit if you have an iphone/ipod etc its like $30 on amazon
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on April 8, 2013
It takes a little while to get accustomed to navigating menus, changing and saving stations...etc., but once you become more familiar with the will fully enjoy all of the great features. Nav works fantastic, XM is firing off great tunes, seamless blue tooth connection with my Iphone 5 and the head unit is getting better sound from my Bose speakers and amp, then with the original head unit in my 2005 987. It's not completely needed, but loving having it display the back up camera as well. Now the squirrels and stray cats don't have to worry when I'm backing up
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on January 29, 2017
love it
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on April 2, 2013
You can't beat the cost. This radio was $1,200 at bestbuy. I would have went to bestbuy to get a price adjustment but they removed the item very quickly. So far, so good! The only disappointment is it doesn't play the ipod videos (even with parking bypass). Also, it doesn't come with the ipod to usb/auxiliary cable (available on amazon for a few bucks). I bought a cheap one and it worked well. It also has an SD card slot, which is great. I was tempted to by an ipod to leave in the car. But a 16 SD card is a lot cheaper!
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on November 8, 2012
This thing got so many features I don't even know how to use them... Imo it seems like if you have a iphone than this is for you.. I have a galaxy s and on my shortcut list everything is dim and unable to function.. For instance avic feeds, I see online I can even browse the internet on this but how.. $1000 gps and hooking up auxiliary cord ain't as simple as plug and play?! How do I play music from my phone or ipod through earphone (auxiliary cord) like every other headunit in the world can..
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on July 25, 2015
Product arrived in excellent condition & working perfectly for me
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on March 23, 2013
I bought this radio after having 5 smart radios that just just didn't seems ready. I'll admit that the maps aren't as cool as google maps, but the the pop up for the turns up coming and lane guidance is much better than google's. it's sound quality is very good with the 4v outputs. i am pretty happy with this unit for its price, i have no real complaints.
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on May 2, 2013
This Navigation unit does it all. It has so many features that it would take forever to go over each and every single one, but I will summarize the ones that are most appealing to me.

1. Bluetooth and seamless connection to phone - I have an Iphone 5 and the unit is perfectly capable of syncing to my phone to make/receive calls, stream content, etc. In fact, if you are using the Bluetooth feature, the phone does not need to be wired into the unit for your basic calling and streaming features.

2. Wired phone connection to phone - If you prefer to use the included cable instead (be advised that Pioneer only supplies the open ended cable, you will need to purchase the end of the cable that goes to your phone separately), the unit takes full control over your phone and does everything I mentioned through the bluetooth method and then some.

3. Navigation - At a first glance, the GPS appears to be do the job. Then again, I have not used it long enough to be able to point out any real weaknesses on it.

4. App Integration - There are an ample amount of apps that seamlessly integrate from your phone to the head unit.

5. So many ways to store and play your media including usb, microSD, phone, HD Radio, CD, etc.

6. The additional RCA output works perfectly on my PS3 which is hidden under the passengers seat.

I installed this unit on my 2004 Nissan Pathfinder. A word of advice when installing this unit - be sure to purchase the harnesses, antenna converters, and all of the goodies that go along with converting the base head unit of your car into this beast. Do some research on-line to determine exactly what you will need, otherwise you will find yourself waiting forever to correctly install the unit.

The general consensus on negative features:

1. The face is not detachable. (Would have been nice to have for when parking in the hood)

2. The interface is difficult to navigate. (I disagree on that one)

3. It takes forever to boot. (Mine takes on average 5 seconds which isnt too bad)

4. It is only capable of handling one disc at a time. (Honestly with all of the media options available nowadays, who lugs around cd's anyway?)

All-in-all, this is one of the more pricier options on the market as far as the Pioneer head units are concerned, but what you pay for is what you get in this case.
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