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on September 11, 2017
This Pioneer Single DIN Radio was put into a 1988 Lincoln Town Car to replace the old, broken radio the car originally had. Please ignore the reviews saying that it doesn't work or that it sounds bad, im sure 99% of those reviewers were people who wired this radio up with wire caps and didn't bother to solder wires at all or even worse, had a car audio shop do it for them. Car audio is something that you cannot take shortcuts on, do it right the first time so that you don't have to go back in and fix it.
I wired this deck up using an adapter harness made for my car and then also installed it using a single din mounting bracket for my particular year of car. It definitely looks, performs, and overall beats that crappy stock radio by miles. There is aux input and also a CD drive, no USB or Bluetooth. I don't like Bluetooth so its not a huge deal, the best quality audio you can get will be USB, then AUX, CD, and finally Bluetooth in last place. Id say that I would not go ANY lower than this radio, as I looked at a lot of the radios under 50 dollars and they were mostly crappy, cheaply made, and sometimes even came dead on arrival. Keep in mind that this radio model has a detachable faceplate, great for anti theft. Do your self a favor and buy this radio, you will not be disappointed.

Oh and also, I saw this same radio at Walmart and car audio stores. Its like 20 bucks cheaper on here, thanks amazon.
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on March 21, 2016
high quality very satisfied with this product

Fits my Toyota Camry 1999 .No additional frame was needed.
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on February 11, 2017
I needed a quick fix for the antique aftermarket CD player in my '95 S10. This fit the bill perfectly. Has an aux input for my phone and installed with the previous mounting kit. Can't ask for much more. The truck is NOT Fancy to say the least, so I wasn't going to drop huge money on a nice stereo for it. It's just a spare vehicle, anyway. So, this radio is good stuff.
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on January 29, 2018
The first time that I purchased this stereo set was in December. I installed it, and it the did not turn on. I did not know if that was the result of an incorrect installation or a bad product, but I was able to return it and received a full refund for the product. The second one that I consequently purchased worked great and is not successfully installed in my 2004 Pontiac Grand Am and looks great because the red is close to the red on the instrument cluster. That was the main reason that I purchased this. IT IS REQUIRED TO PURCHASE ADAPTORS FOR THIS TO WORK IN YOUR VEHICLE. It was difficult to find that adapors that I needed for this product, but I eventually found them on EBay after purchasing a few that did not work.

-A wiring harness specific to your car, preferably with a chime extension (chimes when lights are on, door open, key in ingition, etc)
-An antenna adaptor
-electrical tape
-wire butt connectors (recommended, not required)
-An additional 1 foot ground wire
-Vehicle-specific single-din sleve for radio to rest in.

disclaimer - if you damage anything or hurt yourself or something of value while installing this product, I am not responsible for your mistake.

1. Pop your hood and disconnect the positive battery cable, secure in a position with electrical tape so that it does not touch anything, including the hood.
2. Remove the trim around your infotainment system. (flathead screwdriver generally works) Be careful to pry carefully to not damage anything.
3. Once the trim is off, remove screws holding the old infotaiment system in and pull out carefully. (be careful, it still is connected with wires to the vehicle).
4. Disconnect the wiring harness and secure in a safe place.
5. Disconnect the radio antenna and secure in a safe place.
6. Take your vehicle-specific wiring harness adaptor and work on splcing wires using the butt-end connectors with the wires on the adaptor that comes with the Pioneer radio. (THEY ARE COLOR CODED AND STRIPPED, COLORS AND STRIPS NEED TO MATCH)
7. Once all wires are connected that have connections (if some do not, wrap the end of them with electrical tape), zip-tie the wires together, leaving the ground wire out.
8. Look at your sleeve and make sure that it will fit, if not adapt it in the recommended way in the directions
9. slip the Pioneer into the sleeve and use a screw-driver to pry the tabs up to secure it
10. Find a good spot behind the radio to insert a screw into the metal of the vehicle.
11. Pre-drill a hole, and insert a screw.
12. Hook up the grounding wire to the screw (may need an extension).
13. Connect the two wiring harness' together and connect the radio antenna adaptor to the radio.
14. Slide the sleeve-encased Pioneer DEH-150MP into the single-din slot, and secure with the necessary screws.
15. Reconnect your battery and start your engine to test the radio, if it does not turn on, double check all connections (after re-unattaching battery)
16. If successful, put your trim back in place the way that it is supposed to be.

-The installation takes time and there are many steps
-The directions are not as clear as they could be
-This does not retain the chimes (when you open door, leave lights on, etc), a chime extension is recommended, but not required
- Bluetooth functionality would be nice
- A USB connection would be nice
- When you want to pause a song, there is a TINY button on the far right, that really is a number, it would make more sence to make the volume knob the pause/play like most cars.
- If you get into settings accidentially when trying to pause it (by pushing the volume knob), it can be annoying because it is hard to get out of it.
-Only 1 CD at a time, It is not a multiple CD changer.

-The value for the product is pretty good
-The return service is great
-It looks great with the red color, especially in Pontiac Grand Am
-CD and Aux both work great
-It has a lot of volume and is still clear at high volume
-It has great sound quality
-Build quality is great, nice tight fit.
-Auto shut off at ~7 minutes is a nice feature
If you need a relatively affordable radio that works well and has great sound quality, this is the one to get. However, if you like to use bluetooth, or a USB player, you are out of luck, with only Aux in and a single CD player. However, I recommend this product if you do not need those two things. If I have been informative or helpful in your purchasing decision, please give me a "thumbs up" so that I can continue to produce quality reviews. Thank you and have a great day!
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on October 6, 2013
I bought this stereo for my 1998 Toyota Corolla.

Worked out of the box. Came with all the connectors I needed EXCEPT for the wiring harness needed for Toyota cars. It puts out great sound and has a sturdy build quality. The screen is crisp and bright, and I love the menu - lots of options. MP3 jack is the main reason I bought this, and it's a sturdy jack. Works flawlessly. The built-in EQs [Super Bass, Powerful, Natural, Flat, etc.] work well and switch fast. Buttons feel strong and I think they'll last a long time.

The instructions were pretty bad. The diagram for the back wires was very vague and didn't include all the wires that came with it. The bass management seems to be off, but this could just be my speakers. My specific problem is that at lower volumes [below 30], I have to have it on 'Super Bass' to hear any decent bass. Then, at mid volumes [30-40], I have it on 'Powerful' for decent bass without distortion. Anything above 40 volume requires the EQ to be on flat, or I get distortion. I'm not bass crazy or running an EQ on my phone, but my stock stereo seemed to do better with low-volume bass. Volume goes 0-60, and I have my phone all the way up. It has the same problem on CDs or radio. Since it's so easy to swap EQs, this really isn't a big con, hence the 5/5 rating. :)

For the price I paid, this is fantastic stereo for my '98 Corolla. Great screen, buttons, sound, and menu. 5/5 - would buy again. Took me some time to get all the wires neat in my dash, and it is SLIGHTLY too big but you can't notice it.
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on February 16, 2017
I bought it because it has an aux. it has different eq's for heavier bass or mids or vocals and what not. I just keep it on the "powerful" eq. I have been using it for a few months and i have no complaints. I do like the red lighting. Goes well with my red car with the black interior. Only complaint i can think of is that its sometimes a little hard to read when its bright outside.
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on November 16, 2017
Fits 1997 Tacoma! Got this to replace the "premium audio" stock tape deck that was in there previously. A few screws and a Metra stereo adaptor later and it was installed! So far I like the sound coming out of it. It is definitely an improvement over the tape deck just by listening to it for a few days. The equalizer and presets on this thing are pretty nice, and both the radio and the aux cord sound clear as crystal. Pretty easy to program, but still getting used to the buttons. The designated sub output and blue "remote" wire is a handy feature for if I ever need to use it, which I plan to!

I have had this unit for several weeks now and have listened to several hours of audio combined. This unit seems to be in the range of 30% or so louder than the old head unit before the amp will start to clip. This thing will clip, but the volume has to be pretty loud before it does, unless you have a bass heavy eq set on it, in which it'll start to clip earlier. Any head unit will do that though. If you're a basshead, don't necessarily expect a massive increase in output, because 15 watts max going to each speaker is probably more than what your stock head unit has, but 15 watts each is not a whole lot if you think about it. Don't get me wrong, this thing will crank plenty loud, but if you want a ton of bass, you might want to consider adding a sub.

I am very happy with the output of this unit. It also adds a touch of modern to my old school pickup. The red lighting on the display looks dang good, and matches the red bulbs I put in the dash well. Get this unit if you want an increase in functionality, output and sound clarity.
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on February 22, 2017
So far so good. My old radio pooped out. With a Metra install kit I was able to do the install in about two hours. There are a lot of bells and whistles on the radio that I have not figured out yet. But, what I have determined is that it produces a nice sound on FM radio when paired with some JVC speakers
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on April 30, 2016
Bought to install in a friends car. Perfect fit!!
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on March 7, 2018
I started out as a custom installer for car audio,alarms etc.I have just installed the Pioneer,but so far no complaints. It was everything as advertised and installation was like any other in dash player. The menu is best accessed with the remote,and not always the most smooth but it can be navigated effectively. Wire gauges are slim but not fragile,and solder well. Tonal quality is descent,while its no beast, power is reasonably matched to its rating. This only powers an after market pair of- 5.25's, and seperate tweeters in a pickup. There is limited installation options without major mods,the stock speakers and ancient tuner/cd in this were sad. This DEH150 was the bump up this truck needed. I have had multi amp,actively crossed,big systems in cars. Considered this DEH150 as just the easy way out stop gap, but now that its in use I'm enjoying my music again. When I pop in a multi channel bridgeable amp,sub and A pillar mids,I might keep this rather than upgrade it like first planned, just wish it had more RCA amp outputs,but for once I may just use some of the high level speaker outs to amp when I upgrade,and stick with it.
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