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on May 18, 2010
I'm amazed that such a small amp can pack the punch this thing does. Speaking of size, this thing is MUCH smaller than I was expecting. Its small and lightweight so you can put it almost anywhere you want. I installed mine under the driver's seat of my 2001 Ford Escape and it worked out perfectly.

As far as quality goes, I don't think its possible to find an amplifier in this price range or even double the price that can give you the increase in power and sound quality that the GM-D9500F does. The extra power allows my Polk db571 speakers to hit crisper highs and cleaner lows than I ever thought they could.

Hooking it up to my Pioneer DEH-P600UB head unit was a breeze (running new speaker wires was a different issue altogether) and tuning it was just as easy. I had one small issue with one of the RCA cables not making solid contact, but I believe that is more of an issue with the cable than the amp.

If you're looking for an amp to power your after market speakers, or even your stock ones, then this is the one for you. Paired with other quality components this amplifier will rock your world, and your car.
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on December 14, 2010
I use this amp under the front passenger seat where space was limited. If you have a larger installation area, it might not be worth the higher price of this amp - you are paying for the small size. However, if space is tight, this amp can't be beat. I power my front components with 2 channels and have the other 2 channels bridged for the subwoofer. This amp never heats up. It turns on automatically when it detects a signal, thus simplifying install because you don't need to run a turn-on lead. I have even had a pile of snow fall on the amp under my seat when I accidentally opened the passenger door without sweeping 6+" on snow off the top of my car. No issues. I am trading my car in and will be moving this amp to the next car.

The only con for me is the crossover dial doesn't have good indicators to let you know the frequecy its is at. I had to use test tones to setup the sub crossover at the proper frequency.
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on November 18, 2011
I'll make this short and sweet, just like this amp. i recently replaced my Dual amps with the kickers. Dual was pretty good and the kickers of course were better. Then i had the chance to hear this one, so for the price i thought i would try it. Bad ass, way better than my kicker amps-I was shocked. So i have donated the kicker amps. And also purchased the gm-d7500 pioneer. These little amps stay cool, not even warm. Man can they pound, and are so clear. Makes you wonder how some of the other guys can justify their outrages prices. Also my son is running the JL audio amps, and now is trying to sell his so he can get theese new pioneers, they rock hard. TRY THEM AND YOU WONT BE DISAPOINTED-NO BETTER AMPS OUT THERE FOR THE MONEY AND QUALITY. power is what they state if not far more. and this is truely a 0 distortion amp. UPDATE- Thought i should give some more detail so you can realy apreciate just how good this amp is. I am running it in 4 channel mode from my clarion head unit. Channel A is driving 1pr 6x9 kickers (300 watts each) and 1pr 4x6 (250 watts each) so pulling 2ohm load on channel A. Channel B is driving 1pr kicker 6x9"s (300 watts each). On both channels i have the gain just barely turned up from its lowest position, thats how awesome it is. And it still drives all the speakers with pounding capabilities. Hits great highs, mids and lows. After returning from a 3hr trip today, reached down to feel the amp, and i couldnt belive it. cold like it wasnt even on. This thing is just awesome. and we puonded it hard, my ears were ringing for the next hr when i got home. Well done to pioneer. couldnt beat the price, got it when it was $160 I wanted to update you just how great theese amps are, i now have 2 of the gmd-8500's added.( for 2 kicker cvr 12 inch subs) Main thing is no stress to the trucks electrical system or battery, and my lights never dim. So i had to speak with pioneers tech dept to see what the deal was (all my other amps, kicker, alpine and jL always dimmed lights and strained the system) well pioneer has some realy sweet new technoligie in the gmd series where you dont need to run a capacitor. Its amazing other companies have not figured this out. been doing systems now for 30 plus yrs and theese are by far the best and underated amps out there today. ( hate to boast to much or they will start raising the prices) Anyway never been a big pioneer fan but on theese amps they hit a home run. Unless you are spending over $1000 bucks you cant beat theese. Have now purchased atotal of 14 of theese amps for family and friens. And not one complaint, everyone just loves them. I love pulling up next to the young'ns who think they have a competiton system, then over powering them with volume and sound quality. funny to see the thousands and thousands they spent and to be envious of mine. Anyway keep on rock'n,rapp'n, whatever your flavor is. ( i love all kinds of music if its good) Remember music is food for the soul, and theese hard times we all deserve quality without having to take out a loan. lol P.S. sorry this is not showing up in paragraph form. when i typed it, it does. but not when it post's
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on April 9, 2010
Ok, what a great amp. Small, and it runs really, really cool. I have mine under the rear cargo area floorboard, with very little air flow. I plan to put a 2d mono amp in the same area, add a plexiglass window and dual fans. At this point I think the fans will be more for looks than anything else, as I said it runs so cool I could not believe it. But it is a FD class amp, so it will definitely give your components all you need. I added a pic of the tray under the cargo area on my '06 Kia Sorrento. The only thing I'd change on this amp is the speaker/power/ground connections all need ring lugs. I prefer the straight-in cable attachments the higher end Pioneer amps have. But I could not pass up the price on this amp and I'm glad I got it - the thing rocks my stereo!
review imagereview image
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on August 15, 2012
I'll start by saying nice compact amp. Very little heat and was the perfect addition to my system. I have a Clarion head unit that boasts 53w per channel. It just wasnt loud or punchy enough I need just a little more. I bought this and added to my my 4 alpine speakers up front and WOW this thing rocks. Great clean sound easy install and low power draw. I highly recommend this compact amplifier. I am actually thinking of swapping out my Sony Explode 750w sub amp for another Pioneer Class D Sub Amp.
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on May 10, 2010
This Amp kicks butt. I hooked this up in a mazda 3. All speakers are Pioneer 50 watt rms stage 2. The Pros: small size , light weight, cool temp., current miser, crisp sound. Cons: connectors are unprotected by a shield, connectors look cheap I still think Pioneer should do a Alpine PDX-5 killer for those who value stock look and trunk space.
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on May 18, 2010
This small yet clean and powerful amp fits perfect under the passenger seat of my 2002 Ford Escape.
No problems, works perfect with my Pioneer speakers. The connectors aren't an issue since you can't
see them under the seat.

If size matters, small size that is, then this is the amp for you!
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on September 11, 2012
The first amp i received was defective- would turn off at high volume. Returned it and got a new one. Now let me tell you this amp is amazing, Small and compact and it delivers the power. Never over heats and my system be thumping, sounding like i got Godzilla and King Kong in my trunk. And i only have one Infinity 10. No regrets.
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on November 8, 2011
Powerful amp that i use to power two 6x9's and one 12 inch sub. It sounds great and never gets hot. Lots of settings as well that are a plus. two inputs and one output for daisy chainging another amp makes your system scalable.
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on February 26, 2015
great product great quality! 5 stars
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