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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 3, 2016
First, let me state that I have 5 cats. About 10 years ago my cats got sick due to their water bowl; all five and that wasn't fun. My vet told me to use a pet fountain and since then I have. I have two running in different areas of the house to make sure the cats have adequate water. I am sure to fill the water fountains with filtered water, etc. I have had no issues since with my cats getting sick due to their water bowl.

Now, comes into play what is the right pet fountain to use. Well, to be honest I have probably tried them all. I just donated six to Goodwill last week in fact. Throughout these past ten years I have tried 12 different ones. They varied in sound, size, shape, spout, water flow, etc...

What brought me to this pet fountain was the fact that I had one pet water fountain that kept leaking. You walked by and for no reason whatsoever the carpet is wet. It happened so often it eventually stained the carpet, etc. Not to mention I hate being woken up in the middle of the night because you can hear the motor overworking when the water level is, I became determined to find a replacement.

What I like about this pet fountain is it is ceramic and not plastic. So, that part was a no brainer. My cats only eat from stainless steel bowls as well. However, I did wonder if the cats would drink out of it as they tend to drink from where the water flows out of fountain spout than the actual basin and this pet fountain is structured completely different.

The second selling point for me was the ease of cleaning. I clean the pet water fountains once a week, that is 104 cleanings a year times 10 years...Every single pet fountain I have used in the past is a pain to clean...there are so many crevices that you simply cannot reach to clean and if you put plastic in the dishwasher you are technically poisoning your pets, so hand washing is the only option. It is a chore until TODAY! Wow, this is so easy to clean, no crevices I mean it is really easy to clean. I actually don't dread cleaning the pet fountain anymore. I wish I would have tried this a lot sooner. Though it gets better. With five cats you can imagine that cat hair that will get caught in the motor and yes it does. I have long hair cats. With all previous pet fountains you have to do a thorough cleaning weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) because the pet hair gets caught up in the motor and affects the operation of the pet fountain...well, you can imagine my surprise to find out that is really not the case with this pet fountain. Barely any hair gets in, nothing at all like before. The clam shaped housing for the motor for all intent and purposes protects the motor and prevents hair from clogging it. That equates to you don't have to clean it that often. YES! Cleaning is even easier.

I do have to admit I read the reviews beforehand and people had stated to buy the white ceramic drinking fountain model over the other as you have more visibility in monitoring the fountain, etc. Let me tell you, white was the last color I wanted to buy, but it made sense as you can see if the water is dirty, the water level, etc. so I purchased the white model and I do not regret it. It is beyond easy to see the water level and if any dry food crumbs or anything else that should not be in the bowl is there it is 100% visible and you know when to change it out if need be.

Of course, I am more than elated to report the fact that this pet fountain does not leak, in fact it is physically impossible for it to leak which was another no brainer for me.

Now, for sound. Initially I thought it was louder than all the others I have ever had. Normally, you don't really hear the pet fountains and if you do it is a faint drip nothing overbearing, but this one was louder than normal. You knew it was there. However, there is a switch on the motor that you can adjust the flow. Also, I discovered that if you fill the pet fountain up (close to the brim) it is quieter. So, now since doing both those things the pet fountain is quiet like the others I have had. Otherwise, it does have sound... though I have not once heard the motor overwork which is really nice. The water flow will get slightly louder when the water level is lower, but it is not disrupting or annoying like with the other water fountains where you hear the motor being overworked.

As for the cats, thank God they actual use it. I am not the only one that likes it LOL! I do have to admit at first the cats were like, what is this...but then again they do that with anything new. Oddly enough, each cat actually drinks from it differently. I have included a video of the sound with the water level low, the visibility of seeing what is in the pet fountain at all times and its water level, and the lack of sound with the water level high and the flow switch used. Needless to say, I will be replacing my other pet water fountain as well with this same model.

The only downside for me would be the filters. Can I easily get the filters at Pet Smart or Petco??? didn't see them and those stores tend to all push the Drinkwell fountains, etc. however, for what you get which is a healthy, non messy, easy to clean, less hassle pet fountain this is a minor issue for me if I have to buy the filters online from here on out. Plus, you can buy a year worth of filters (10 pack) for $11 which is what I did. Usually, the other filters I had to use were four for $10 so I am saving money in the long run ordering the filters on Amazon for this pet water fountain.

It is tricky to open the clam shape housing but it gets easier each time you do it.

Overall the pet fountain kind of reminds me of a toilet bowl and I refuse to let my cats drink out of the toilet bowl so it is a win win scenario for us both.

Long story short, I LOVE IT.
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on January 30, 2012
This is my 3rd Raindrop Fountain - not because they haven't worked, but because I couldn't settle on the style I/my kittens liked best. I started with the black ceramic, but it made finding bits of kibble difficult so I gave it away when the stainless steel version arrived. That version was light weight, but the hard water in Dallas left white deposits that I couldn't get to come off - for me, it needed to look shiny and new - for my little boy kitten, it needed to withstand his putting his metal springs in it... the top portion turned out to be too light and I woke up one morning to a water incident that left the fountain almost out of water, the top part akimbo, and a nice lagoon under the fountain and food bowl. Thankfully I had just switched the may to one that absorbed, so the drama was minimized. I decided I needed to go back to the weight of the ceramic... and stumbled across the white version. SUCCESS! It stays clean looking - I can quickly spot swimming kibble - and spring play does not result in a floor soaking. It is considerably heavier than the stainless version - but if you need a sturdy fountain this could be the one for you!
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on April 3, 2012
I'll keep the review part of this short to make room for the modification... Basically this works great. My cats both drank out of it right away although the older one was a little timid for a few days. Now they both drink quite a bit more water which was the goal. We always feed dry food, canned only comes out once a month or less unless they're sick and need coaxing to eat. With a dry diet they need to have access to lots of water and be encouraged to drink, this product does that.
The Cons: Some water noise and a very small amount of splash over the edge. Enough that I'd put it on a plastic tray if I didn't do the below modification.
The Mod: This mod will cost about $3 and fix both the noise and the splashing. Order this fountain and then go out and buy some Sabra hummus, eat and enjoy, retain lid. (google image search Sabra Hummus) Once you're done take some scissors and cut the lid along the "wave" in the label, discarding the part of the lid with the label. Now trim off about 2/3 of the red rim on the remaining section of lid leaving a tab or hook in the middle. Slip this between the "waterfall" part and the bowl and you're done! For me this solved both the noise and the splash with about two minutes work. (PS, try the Buffalo Wing hummus!)

Four stars because they could have included a part like this in the design and I don't think it should need modification in order to not splash water. Maybe they should include a coupon for hummus?
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on October 25, 2015
I bought the ceramic version of Pioneer Raindrop Drink Fountain 1.5 years ago. I liked it but it developed a leak that we couldn’t find and I would expect a product of this type to last longer than that. I did like it well enough to buy the stainless steel version. The stainless steel version is designed differently which I don’t know if it is because it is newer or just the difference between the two fountains.

Pros of both ceramic and stainless versions:
• Quiet

Pros of ceramic:
• Very classy looking

Pros of stainless over ceramic:
• Hole where power cord through is separated from water unlike the ceramic version. I believe that may be the point of our leak. (See photos)
• Channel into fountain from top is cut deeper in stainless. On the ceramic version, the top had to be positioned exactly right in order for it not to overflow the side which was a pain. (See photos)
• Stainless is much lighter to lift and easier to carry when full of water for taking to the sink to clean.
review imagereview imagereview image
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on May 6, 2013
 I have an 18-year old "granny" cat who has a bit of ADHD and is very persnickety. So, getting her to drink healthy amounts of water is a challenge. When she was younger and more spry, she would jump on the bathroom counter and drink from a faucet that I left trickling. That kept her well-hydrated, but increased our water bills.

When she stopped jumping up, I would lift her up for awhile, but that was too hit-and-miss.

After a broad search, I found the "Raindrop Drinking Fountain." Spendy, but made of ceramic, not plastic or stainless steel, and some pretty decent reviews.

After two months of use, both my cat and I LOVE it!

She drinks frequently and deeply and is maintaining her hydration really well.

Now for some details and "tips".

It's hard to tell from the product photos how this thing works. I've posted a video, which should help. A submerged pump under the roundish bowl on the top piece moves water up to the bowl. TIP: Set the pump to its lowest setting. It's quieter and works better.

The water then runs down the curved trough of the top piece and falls through a slight, curved notch between the top piece and the bottom piece. The water falls into the "pool" that's in the bottom piece and recirculates. TIP: The level of water in the "pool" will affect how much visible and audible flow is created. If you fill it too full, the water will circulate, but with no "tinkling" noise and not much apparent current on the surface. My cat is drawn by the sound of running water and likes to drink from flowing water, so it took me a while to realize what the "trick" is to getting the "raindrop" effect.

Even on the lowest setting, the motor is not silent. In fact it produces a quite audible, although not loud, hum. Using the lowest pump setting minimizes the hum, but on a hard surface there's a transfer/amplification effect. So, I put a layer of bubble-pack under it (on top of a tile bathroom floor), and it was much quieter. I would suggest the manufacturer provide an optional, thin, cut-to-size pad for use on hard surfaces.

When I first placed the fountain where my cat had her water bowl, she wouldn't go near it because of the motor hum. So, for about ten days, I just placed the bottom bowl (without the motor) in the spot and used it like a regular bowl. My cat quickly adjusted to that change. Then I added the top piece, still without motor, for another ten days, and my cat never missed a beat. Then I added the motor, and she was a little hesitant at first, but within a few days, she was headed straight for the fountain after she eats.

The fountain is ingeniously shaped so if you position it right, there's room for the cat's head and mouth to face the stream. That's the way my cat always drinks. In the video, she's approaching it from the side because I was in her way to capture her drinking.

BTW, there's a filter in the pump, which you can remove or maintain and replace on a regular basis. I keep it in so it filters out the occasional debris she has on her whiskers.

Hope this long story helps some of your own little critters enjoy their own in-home "stream."
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on April 8, 2017
The fountain itself is lovely (easy to clean and soothing sound) -- mine has worked for well over a year. But, be aware that the pump and filter fit into what is a cheaply made plastic housing -- and the manufacturer does not offer a replacement when it wears out, which it will. After just over a year of constant use, I now have a lovely fountain, a good pump, but no housing in which to put the pump and filter. Pioneer sells brushes to clean the fountain, and you can buy a replacement pump (which you won't need if you take it apart and clean it properly) but there is no housing replacement. When it goes bad, you may be out of luck. Shame on the manufacturer. And shame on Pioneer for only offering to sell me a new fountain for a small discount. What help is that???
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on July 9, 2010
I recently ordered one of these ceramic water fountains and really like it. It is easy to assemble, its quiet, my two cats immediately went for it. It definitely stays cleaner than Drinkwell.

The only drawbacks to this fountain is that it does have to be refilled almost daily and you really have to watch that the top portion is placed correctly on the bowl otherwise, the water will go all over the floor. My cats are bad about putting their paw in the bowl and moving the top piece thus draining the bowl on the floor. So, I would not keep this connected if I were going out of town overnight and not able to check the bowl.

I really love the ceramic though. Its great, and not as harsh as the plastic fountains. This is a major step in the right direction, but could use a few improvements in design to keep that top piece from moving just slightly to where the water spills all over the floor.

This is an addendum to my original review of this product. I've had it a while now and the only drawback to this fountain is the top portion. I have had more water spills all over the floor and the bowl empty because my two cats put their paws in the bowl and move the top piece. When moved every so slightly, it allows the water to go everywhere.
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on January 21, 2018
I had high hopes for this fountain. One of our cats (now gone) was obsessed with drinking from the sink, and I was determined to break him of this habit since he would actually wake me up at night with the express purpose of leading me to the sink so he could have a drink. He showed zero interest in this product. The water doesn't trickle down like a faucet, but simply moves like a running toilet. More than one friend has actually commented "Wow, your cats have their own tiny toilet to drink out of!". I eventually stopped using this for a while. When adopted 2 kittens, I thought I'd bring this back out. They also show little interest in it, despite the fact that one of them loves water. Mostly, they play in it, looking at their reflection, chasing air bubbles, and splashing. I would not mind, if this wasn't such a pain to clean. It's heavy as heck, especially when full. It's very hard for me to pick it up without spilling water everywhere. But if not cleaned every few days, it starts to get hard water stains that turn black with charcoal filter residue. The pump is hard to clean, and sometimes after cleaning, I've turned the fountain back on only to see chunks of black algae-like mold be pushed out of the filter and I must start over again. The top part is very hard to align over the pump, and is easily pushed out of place when the cats play in it. Worst of all, there is a very fine line between the fountain being so full that it starts leaking everywhere and not full enough and is overly noisy. Our cats prefer to drink out of an ice cream sundae dish with a wide opening - it's a nice height, and prevents whisker fatigue. They pretty much ignore this fountain. After two years, I've decided to give up on the hassle of using it.
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on November 10, 2016
The motor burned out on me the first week; partially my own fault. It's winter here in AK, so the air is very dry and water evaporates quickly. We are just using it without the motor and cover now.
And the furballs protest it being empty by laying in it.
review image
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on April 11, 2016
I've had this for my cat for just about a year, and he loves it. He drinks from the top where the water comes out, but having thed bowl there is nice in case of a power outage. It looks very nice, and is easy to keep clean. I just hand wash it every 2-3 weeks or as needed, and it's simple to take apart and put back together. I spent a lot of time shopping around before making this purchase, and I'm still happy with my choice. It does make a bit of noise, but it's a mostly pleasant water tinkling sound. You can also minimize this noise by keeping a bit more water in the fountain. If you listen carefully you can hear the pump, but it's a very soft noise that you have to be actively listening for to hear. I live in an 850 square foot apartment and have no qualms with the noise level of this fountain.

The pump I received with this fountain did break about 6 months into use, but there are new pumps available on Amazon for $10-15. Unfortunately almost exactly 6 months after replacing the first pump, the second pump broke as well. I clean the pumps regularly with water, and use only filtered water in the fountain. If you purchase a Pioneer Pet fountain, be prepared to replace the pumps about twice a year. It's not a huge expense, but still something you should be aware of. I'm starting to consider keeping a backup pump at home so my cat doesn't have to go a week without a fountain (he seriously loves the thing) whenever it quits working.

Did this review help you? Please click yes below! Feel free to comment with any additional questions about this product.
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