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on March 7, 2014
As an avid music listener and professional performer for many years, I've heard lots of speakers, and have owned more than a few of them. My principal stereo speakers for several years have been B&W 801Ns (with Mark Levinson electronics), while I've used assorted PSBs, DefTechs, Altecs, Spicas and others for my theater systems. Most of them I've enjoyed well enough. And I think the B&Ws are great - I like them better than the current "D" version. But never have I encountered such bang for the buck as is afforded by the Pioneers. Actually, there's not much bang to be heard, unless it's in the music. The Pioneers are small, of course, and must perform within the limits imposed by physical laws on volume and and bass extension. But what is feasible (e.g., musical quality, piano that sounds like piano, smoothness, lack of tweeter scream) is all there to an astonishing degree, considering price. Fundamentals into the 50s, with a satisfactory simulacrum of lower notes, all reasonably tight, fool the ear as to speaker size. I don't often listen to loud pop music, and suspect that headbangers might sometimes want louder noise; yet I've found the Pioneers will sustain without undue distortion sound levels that are uncomfortable. Small speakers have improved enormously of late; the Pioneers are not the best available, but to make an improvement in performance that makes a real difference, in my experience one would have to consider the Dynaudio Excite 1200, or, better yet, the new KEF LS50, @$1499/pr. (my brother's current favorite). Of course I haven't heard every small speaker, but I've heard a number of them. Currently I'm using these Pioneers in a 2.1 TV system (small DefTech subwoofer). I'm also using another huge value, a pair of Jones's smaller Pioneers with an old McIntosh tubed receiver in my office, with lovely results.
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on February 27, 2014
Okay, I have been an audiophile for about 35 years. I confess that I have spent as much on speakers in the past as some people spent on a decent used car. These little Pioneer speakers are amazing, and every bit as good as the (rave) reviews here indicate. In fact, for the price & size they are certainly the best speakers I have ever heard -- maybe for two or three times the price. The highs are very natural, clear, and "box-less". The bass is strong and tight. I am using these in my 10 x12 office. I expected I would want to add a sub-woofer. Nope. Don't need it. At low volumes or high these speakers are just wonderful. I give them a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. I am thinking these would be excellent as the basis for a great home theater system as well. I was going to pony up the $$ for KEF, B&W, or similar "high end" speakers. I am so glad I did not. These are a super bargain that don't sound like a bargain. Highly recommend you buy a pair. Amazing job, Mr. Jones.
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on April 22, 2013
After reading the review on the SP-BS41-LR speakers in Stereophile magazine, which praised them, I set out to find a pair. It wasn't that easy since Pioneer stopped making them before I discovered their existence. After hunting around, and with the right timing, I found a new pair on Amazon. I concur with those who rave about these speakers. I cannot believe the sound, no, the music, that comes out of them. Whether its classical, sixties British invasion, or later rock- these excel at making music. Close your eyes, listen, and you will not believe you paid less than $200 bucks for these gems. I recommend that, if you can find them, you buy a pair. You will be pleased. If your system is lo-fidelity it will sound much better. And if your system is upscale, as mine is, you will be even more taken with the fine sound you hear. I was planning on using these speakers for the short term and then buying some more expensive ones. I think I will wait and just listen to these Pioneers for a while. Recommended.
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on January 10, 2015
In recent years, I have been removing the suround sound from my home audio/ home theater setups and moving toward hi-fi 2-channel audio. These bookshelf speakers were so inexpensive, but I get compliments on my sound all the time. When I upgrade a system, I do it step-by-step, based on necessity. My plan was to do (1. ) speakers (these Pioneer 41s), (2. ) Pioneer Elite A20, and then a (3. ) subwoofer for 2.1 sound. Right now, I have the speakers & the amp, and I am set. These small speakers hit the bass so nicely that I don't need a subwoofer. Whether I'm watching Lord of the Rings or Fast & Furious, or listening to Vivaldi or Pantera, I can close my eyes and place every sound. These speakers are a perfect example of why I turn to Pioneer for all of my home audio, home theater, car audio, and DJing needs. I guess I'll just be sitting around waiting until Pioneer comes out with a guitar amp.
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on July 2, 2013
The Pioneer SP-BS41-LR speaker generated stunning reviews on and back in 2011.

Sadly this speaker is no longer manufactured or so I thought. Having just bought a second pair (December 2013) I note that the manufacturing date on the back of this current pair of speakers is June 2013.

Prices are all over the place now and one seller has doubled the retail price as I write this review (July of 2013). Very few of these speakers now come to market. I was able to purchase them for about $180.00/ per pair (including shipping) for new speakers (July 2013) but the seller only had a single pair. I've seen these speakers sell for over $300.00 a pair and as low as a $100.00 per pair. Prices now appear to change weekly if not daily.

Keep in mind this speaker has a REAR bass port which means they should be at least a foot or two from any wall or other "boundary" surface.

I just purchased a second pair at about $144.00 per pair with shipping (December 2013) Remember in most cases you'll want stands that you fill with lead or sand. Add an additional $100 for stands
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on June 29, 2015
it's an interesting and strange sound. the tweeter is very subdued, i'd say too much. the highs are there, though. the midrange is all there: brass, woodwinds and voices sound like no other spkr i've owned. the bass is boomy but i think i fixed that by raising the sub's filter to the max, 160 hz. that way the 5.25 in woofers don't have to play notes below 160, the bloated bass is gone and the midrange comes out much clearer. of course, this only works if the spkrs are hooked up to the sub or by managing the spkr-sub settings in a ht receiver. so a sub is necessary for music unless the bass isn't boomy in your setup.
the excellent midrange makes these spkrs a very good choice for home theater.
btw, the crossover has only four elements as far as i can see. the marketing claims it was designed as a six-element x-over.
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on May 14, 2015
I really like these speakers! They sound amazingly good hooked up to my Denon stereo receiver with only 40 watts per channel.
I did a direct A/B comparison to my Infinity speakers I use for rear channel in my Onkyo surround system. These Pioneer speakers sounded
better than the Infinitys that I paid more than twice the price for, and that was 10 years ago. There was more bass that was smooth
and tight, and the mid and high range was warm and pleasant on the ears.
I am so surprised they sound this good, for this price! I like them so much that I just bought a second pair to replace the Infinitys
for my rear channel surrounds!
I'm using the first pair in my computer/ ham shack, and they can blow me out the room if I feel like cranking them up! I have them hooked
up to my computer through the Denon receiver amplifier for my Software Defined Radio for listening to shortwave radio/AM/FM/Ham Radio.
Using the tone controls I can tame the white noise/static you get on shortwave and now I really enjoy listening to the radio.
When I watch a movie on the computer I can turn the subwoofer off and still get plenty of Bass!

For this much speaker at this low price, you can't beat it with a stick!!
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on August 16, 2016
Andrew Jones is a genius! I am running 180 watts per channel of tube amp power through them and they sound terrific! Clear, articulate sound with an honest to goodness actual deep bass foundation supporting the music! You won't get the whole kick-drum (you will get the mallet and drum head, just not the body of the drum), but remember the price! The entire 4-srtring bass seems to be present. When I hook them up in my system bi-amped and crossed over at 80 hertz to my custom 15" subs, I get concert-level sound pressures, way higher than I've ever experienced in a speaker this inexpensive! They image as well as my Maggie 1.6's (just as wide, just as deep, just as specific), however the Maggie sound seems seem to offer more top-end "air". If you know anything about high-end sound, please by these. The better source and amp you connect them to, the better they will sound. Unbelievable!
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on January 2, 2013
I'm an audiophile and in the A/V business part time as well, so I've heard quite a few speakers in the past 15 years. I have read several reviews on these as well as other Andrew Jones designs for Pioneerl; they are everything the enthusiastic reviewers say they are and more. They would be very impressive even at the suggested full retail price, but for $116 INCLUDING SHIPPING they simply can't be beat! I've heard bookshelf speakers that cost five times this price that don't deliver what these little guys do, and from what I read the new ones that replaced these are even better! Get them before they're gone!
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on January 28, 2015
Your mind will have a hard time wrapping around the incredible sound that comes out of these speakers. They don't look like much, but looks are very deceiving in this case. If I were blindfolded and I listened to these speakers I would guess they were in the thousand dollar range (and much larger than they actually are). They project a very live sound. Ride cymbals are crystal clear, strings sound like they are in front of you. The low end is fantastic - I have read some reviews that say you need a subwoofer, but I disagree there is plenty of full bass. If you are looking for incredible sound you do not need to spend a lot - buy these speakers quick before they are no longer available.
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