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on March 23, 2015
[3/23/2015, 3 days of ownership]
Whilst I am unable to comment on the durability of these speakers, I would like to review the rest of them, as I have had them installed for 3 days now, and have had a decent level of experience with them and different ranges of audio to test how they perform. I will update this review in 3 months time, and then again in a years time to give updates on the quality, durability and to see if anything has changed over the time.
These speakers are phenomenal and are available here on amazon for a bargain of a price. They can be found at for $79.99 instead of the $43.50 that I picked them up here on Amazon, which is a significant difference, however I do believe that when bought here on Amazon, these do not come with any warranty or support from Pioneer, as Amazon is not a certified retailer of their products, so that, coupled with the glorious customer support and free mounting brackets if needed, from Crutchfield, may be worth it in your situation. You must decide what's best for you. For me, however, it was price mostly.

Firstly, I installed these in my 2003 Honda Civic EX Coupe, in the front doors. They fit without any brackets or modifications, however a small bracket wouldn't go unnoticed I'm sure. But they fit pretty well without anything extra. Coupled with some Metra Speaker Connector Harnesses, the installation for these was a total breeze.

The cones are made of a nice durable-feeling foam-like material that feels like it would last for a long time and provide a very crisp "oomph" to audio. The speaker surround is made of a nice rubbery material (polymer I believe), that is firmly adhered to the speaker frame and the cone. The magnet had a some nice weight to it, and the spider feels as if it is made from a very solid woven fabric-y material. The tweeter placed in the center is very simple, yet effective and seems to be mounted solidly. The grill included with the speaker is nice, but in my particular case, without modifying the door panel for my vehicle, it's useless, as you cannot leave it on, and regardless, you wouldn't be able to see it anyway, but it does look nice, however it doesn't cover the entire cone of the speaker, just a strip across the tweeter in the center. It's open on the top and the bottom.

For specifications, I purchased the 6 1/2" speakers, which are 3-way speakers. They have a 50W RMS power, with a maximum nominal value of 300W.
Frequency Response: 35Hz to 31kHz.
Sensitivity: 90dB
Impedence: 4 Ohms
They have a mounting depth of 1 3/4" and a cut-out dimension of 5".

As far as audio quality, these things are amazing. They aren't quite at enthusiast level, but I would wager that they hold their own in the mid-tier or so of car audio speakers. I have them connected to a Pioneer DEH-X3500UI head unit that has a built-in MOSFET 50W RMS amplifier, which really brings these speakers to life. I installed these speakers in the front door panels of my vehicle, and installed Rockford Fosgate 6x9" Primes in the rear deck, so when I speak of the audio quality, keep into consideration, that these aren't the only speakers I'm hearing. I also have two factory tweeters installed in the door pillars of my vehicle that I was able to keep wired up with the help of some Metra Speaker Connector Harnesses.

These speakers give a satisfying and crisp "punch" to your audio, regardless of taste in genre. The 3-way channels in them really brings out a bunch of different ranges of sound. They don't have the most amazing bass in the world, but they do have just a little bit of a kick to them, but not much, and as such, I would not recommend these for a rear installation, where you'll be needing some real ass to the sound. The tweeters do a great job of bringing out the highs and the mid of the music and the woofers do their job of keeping everything connected. There really isn't much I can complain about with these speakers, as they operate exactly as I had expected. They aren't for any record-breakers, but they will deliver a very nice audio quality, for a very affordable price. I would highly recommend these to anyone looking to replace those pesky factory speakers.
[8/24/2015, 5 months after ownership]

Alright, after having had these bad boys in my car for 5 months (and a day to be exact), I think I can safely say that I am certainly happy with my decision. These are absolutely perfect for the front doors of a car such as mine (2003 2-door Honda Civic). They provide the right amount of low-end, while giving the mids their due and bringing out the highs with the little center-mounted tweeter.

They still perform as well as they did when I installed them and everything operates just fine. I still have no amp connected to any of my speakers, although I will be purchasing a subwoofer to install into the trunk soon. These are perfect for some "punch" to your car audio experience. By no means would I consider them audiophile quality, but they are lightyears ahead of the stock speakers you'll find in your factory car. They do, however, cause my windows, or something inside of the door panels to rattle a bit when they're putting out bass, which is a bit frustrating, but that has nothing to do with the speakers and everything to do with the poor sound dampening of the doors in my car instead.

Still a solid purchase.
[5/10/2016, 1 year, 2 months after ownership]

Still working great, no issues whatsoever. I would still recommend these.
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on April 15, 2015
I was in the market for some newer speakers that would provide better sound than my stock ones. I decided on Pioneer due to the reviews on here and many other audio websites. Boy did I make a great choice.

These babies weigh a lot more than the stock speakers and it shows in the audio. There is plenty of bass and very clear mids and highs. I've purchased aftermarket speakers in the past that were not name brand and left a lot to be desired in the bass department. However, these Pioneers provide plenty of thump. I've been able to crank up the volume and they've held up very well. Installation was very simple and painless. I installed these on my front doors with the Honda/Acura Speaker Adapter Harness Connector by Metra and the Xscorpion HSA-6554 5-1/4"-6-1/2" Speaker Adapter for 2003-up Honda Accord.

Keep in mind if you are installing on the same car as mine, you'll want to leave off the speaker cover as the door panel will not clip shut near the speaker. You can leave it that way and it's not noticeable but you'll always know. Also, when you pull off the old stock speaker, you'll need something to pry it with and you'll have to use a little force but it will come off. Other than that I can't complain. I'll be purchasing the 6x9's for the back and a 10" subwoofer by Pioneer in the near future.
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on April 9, 2015
After a lot of research, I decided on these as the replacement pair for the front door panel speakers.
Installation: Because the 3-way speaker is too deep/tall, a custom speaker bracket for Mercedes E-Class Front Door install (my install shop happened to have one) is required.
Setup: Paired with stock Becker head unit. Required much tuning to the Bass / Treble to sound 'correct'
Price / Value is excellent as I paid less than half the list price.

Additional details:
I took the speakers into a car audio shop and paid for the installation. They were professionals and it took them a little over an hour to do it. I would not recommend you to do this yourself without setting aside a good 2 hours and are fairly confident in messing with removing and reinstalling a Mercedes door panel.
Their initial installation method was to hollow out the stock speaker / bracket assembly (not that was hard as the woofer material was mostly rotted). Turns out speakers were slightly too 'deep' and required a custom bracket in order to mount on door and have door panel fit back in place correctly.
Something may be wrong with one of the speakers / head unit as the HIGHs don't sound quite right when i adjust balance all the way to one side. It's hard to hear when i have the sound more evenly balanced between L and R and it's not worth the labor to troubleshoot, perhaps warranty and then replace, I'll live with this as is.
My total cost - one benjamin (with install) / 90 minutes
5 Stars because I'd do it all over again
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on February 6, 2016
I googled top 10 speakers and this came up in a lot of sites. I also read a lot of reviews and was dosapointed by the few percent that complained, why?? There is to many people that know nothing about car stereo systems. The biggest complaint was no bass, lol these speakers are meant when you have a subwoofer or 2. I bought these,other top notch pioneer speakers, 12" Ts-w3003d4 champion pioneer sub which Im debating if I want 2, pioneer 4700 BS double din unit, pioneer GM D Mono Amp, Pioneer GM-A6604 4 channel amp, steering wheel controls, noise isolator, rear camera ...ect for a great sound. I have $700 in all this. To me that is cheap for all this. I was a Orion & Rockford Fosgate fan in the late 90s and early 2000s. I never liked pioneer I thought they where garbage and like todays BOSS Brand. I always bought the Fosgate punch series because any size amp just blew you away, not anymore and not for awhile. My last Rockford Fosgate purchase in 2011 of amps and subs where garbage. Both amps cut out and I wasnt even running the gain controls half way...I sent these amps in twice and both times Fosgate sent them back saying nothing is wrong. Brand new amps I threw in the garbage pist off so I bought MTX amps. Now I just want a good sound like Bose without bumping the whole neighborhood or spending a arm and leg. I used to spend thousands of $s, with pioneer I got a lot more than I expected, I did my research online for everything in the top 10, compared prices, and how to match everything up for sound, for me this worked for my car
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on August 7, 2015
I bought these speakers for my husband. His 2007 GMC Sierra's stereo would only work part of the time. We had a new one installed with 2 speakers, but his truck had 4. We just couldn't see paying another $110 for 2 more speakers so I decided to look on Amazon and found these at a reasonable price. He installed them with ease and they work GREAT! Very happy with them. I did purchase the speaker harness too since that's what seem to be the problem with the GMC stereo's so we are told. They hooked right up.
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on June 25, 2015
Great sound. In best buy I saw the same speakers for $75 each... don't believe me. Go look. Use them for my daughter's power wheel. I will get more to put in my car
review image
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on December 13, 2015
4 star review. Here's why.

The installation was the biggest pain in the butt. Here's some tips.

If you're using the included mounting brackets, you'll want to use something like scotch tape to hold them in place while you're putting the screws in. Also you'll need to do a quick test fit with one of the speakers before you go any further. Have someone hold the speaker in place while you operate the window on that door to make sure the window can go all the way down without hitting the back of the speaker. If it does, you'll need washers on the screws to hold the speaker out further from the door so it doesn't interfere with the window operation. Use plastic washers. I made the mistake of using metal ones, and quickly found out they liked to jump off the screws and attach themselves to the speaker magnet before I could get them in.

Also, as for the polarity of the terminals, they aren't labeled so I had to use Google to find out. The large terminal is positive, the small terminal is negative.

Sound quality wise, however, these things are awesome for a $100 set of speakers ((I replaced the entire set in my vehicle)). I'm all about that bass here. With these speakers you'll get deep bass tones with a good amount of highs too. They have really good range. Put on some dubstep and your entire car will shake with every bass drop.
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on April 26, 2013
I own a 2000 Honda Accord that has, or rather had, the six speaker factory sound system: a CD player/stereo, a pair of rear deck mounted full range 6 X 9 speakers, a pair of door mounted full range 6 1/2 speakers and a pair of tweeters mounted way up on the dash near the windshield. (These tweeters are part of the front speakers and are wired in parallel with them, by the way.)

Audio-wise, I updated pretty much everything, including the car stereo with a brand new KENWOOD head unit, the rear speakers with a pair of SOUND ORDNANCE 6 X 9 speakers, and the front speakers with a pair of these Pioneer full range 6 1/2 three-way speakers.

As for the tweeters up near the windshield, I left them alone, and both still sound just fine even with these new speakers and KENWOOD stereo.

(I also bought a pair of Metra Honda/Acura Speaker Adapter Harness Connectors, so I didn't have to cut the Accord's factory wire harnesses. Check them out here at AMAZON.)

Installing these speakers in the front doors of my Accord was a breeze. They fit perfectly. The bolt pattern lines up perfectly with the factory mounting bracket. And you don't have to modify or cut anything. The Accord has a mounting bracket made of plastic that surrounds the back of the speaker and acts as a noise suppressor; and these Pioneer speakers are shallow enough (just like the factory ones) where you don't have to modify the bracket by cutting out space for the magnet. KUDOS!!!

As for the sound:

They sound pretty good. I just started listening to them, so I should probably not comment too much as they have not been broken in just yet. But so far, they really compliment the sound coming from the two rear 6 X 9s. The rear speakers pump out some good bass and create some great highs, where these pioneers fill in the mids beautifully. Together, they all create quite a pleasing full sound that's balanced out very well. I couldn't be happier. Highly Recommended!!!
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on May 19, 2013
Bought a used truck for my son, and the OEM speakers were completely shot. So instead of buying OEM replacements, I thought I would try a bit of an upgrade.

All the foam was missing on the old speakers, put in these speakers can't describe how much of a difference there was from the old speakers. Sounds like it is supposed to now.

The Pioneer speakers seem to be a very high quality. The Pioneer speakers also each have very nice cosmetic grills which I was unable to use for the OEM indoor placement. Kid seemed to be happy to have sound again. From what little I heard of them they were very clear and clean sounding. Not too much bass, though a lot of people seem to like having a lot of bass. I did crank up the bass, mid, and treble, separately to see how the speakers sounded with different levels of input. No distortions with the OEM GM stock radio. I set the stereo back to neutral and very happy with the way they sound.

The price was right too. A lot less than what I would have expected to pay for a quality 4 way speaker.

I read several reviews on different speakers and these Pioneer speakers got some of the best ratings and I have to agree with them. At $53 a pair they are a bargain.
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on February 4, 2016
Amazon helped me select the correct replacement front door speakers for my Chevy Express van (6.5"), without having to remove the panels and measure, then reinstall the panels while waiting for the shipment. The first set arrived with a pencil-sized hole in one speaker cone, but Amazon shipped the replacements immediately. They fit perfectly and sound much better than the factory speakers that I blew out with a new Pioneer, 50 watt X 4 channels CD/MP3 disc/MP3 Aux in-dash unit. Easy selection, fast shipment, good price for a top quality brand name, and better sound all add up to a 5 star rating. I bought the inexpensive GM wiring harness/connector adapters. but could have easily removed the originals from the old speakers and soldered them to these new Pioneers.
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