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Pioneer TSG4644R 2-Way Speaker
Style: 4"X6" Speakers|Change
Price:$35.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on March 20, 2013
I have seen reviews saying that these speakers have no bass, and for some applications, that may be true. The one thing that can make car door speakers sound good or bad is the car door. thin doors on smaller cars will have a higher resonate frequency, resulting in poor bass response. While thicker doors like in pickups or s.u.vs have a lower resonate frequency, resulting in deeper bass. I have these speakers mounted in a custom made tuned port boombox with a small 20 watt per channel amp powered by a sealed lead acid battery and it has a great lower mid bass punch that can be felt from about 20 ft away, but not sub bass. However, I have played some subwoofer tests on it and these speakers will respond down to about 30 hz but they hit hard at about 55-60hz with a smooth roll off. The highs are crisp and clear, mids are decent, could be better, nothing an eq can't fix. If you are thinking about buying some cheap off brand speaker instead, think again, I bought these for 29.99 from 3 Kings Audio and they are a great value at that price.
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on April 16, 2015
No grill like in the picture, but not an issue. Most people will not be using these in an exposed area anyway. I put these in a 1994 Toyota Pickup, and the difference is huge. It's not night and day better, but these speakers with the BOSS Audio 612UA head unit, and Metra 70-1761 wiring kit made the truck sound MUCH MUCH better. The stock speakers are literally garbage, and should be replaced as soon as possible.

I know the major complaint here is that there is a huge lack of bass from these speakers. A 4" speaker is not able to achieve those frequencies, and it should be well known by now that if you wanted more bass, you should upgrade to 5.25" speakers, or 6.5" speakers. They do sell adapter plates for this, and you could make a bracket if you'd like. The passenger side would be a tighter fit for a big speaker than the driver side.

A little tip if you are using a Toyota Pickup Truck, don't cut any wires. Just unscrew the stock speakers, unclip the speaker wires from the speaker, and unclip the plug from back of the speaker. Then use the 2 wire clips, and the plug on these Pioneer speakers. It will save you a ton of time.
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on October 2, 2013
The only reason this doesn't have higher marks is because a good portion of the customers here don't seem to be able to read. Yes I'll admit the picture with the speaker grille should be changed, but the description states these do not come with grilles. People leaving one star reviews because they didn't bother to read aren't leaving relevant reviews. Also there seems to be a few people who are giving it low reviews for sound quality because it's not audiophile grade. Yeah you're spending 30 some bucks with shipping on speakers, what did you expect?

That said, these speakers perform very well for the price. They're definitely not going to blow you away, but they were a great replacement for the worn out speakers in my old 89 Mitsubishi truck and the 30w RMS means they work just fine with the factory head unit. Simple drop fit, just had to bust one of the tabs off like was done on the stock speakers, they pop right off with some wiggling without deforming the metal frame.

So to end, if you're capable of reading, and understand you get what you pay for, these speakers will suit you just fine.
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on February 16, 2014
I was mildly disappointed in this speaker set for two reasons:
1) Because it's Pioneer and I've come to expect better from this company
2) It was a teeny more pricey than I usually spend for this kind of speaker

Both of those facts caused me to eagerly await prime sound from this speaker set. Unfortunately that expectation was not fulfilled. These are "okay" speakers, but the lows are not exceptionally low and the midrange and highs not particularly crisp. I don't often compare products, but I've found the Boss speaker line to be of consistent quality throughout their offerings, and less expensive than this speaker set.

* It comes with everything needed
* Features a full-coverage protective speaker grille
* It is a full range speaker

* Just not the sound quality I was expecting from Pioneer

Mind you, I believe someone purchasing these will be "satisfied" with the purchase. They're a quality speaker and produce "acceptable" sound. But sorry to say: I've heard better. It could be just personal preference as the Pioneer certainly has enough 5-star reviews. But I test my speakers in identical enclosures and make my judgment based on their performance in identical environments... and I just didn't find as good a performance in these as I have other speakers. On the other hand they're not cheap nor junk speakers, so perhaps buyers will lean more toward the 5 star reviews rather than this 3 star one. But I couldn't build actual enthusiasm about this model.
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on January 7, 2014
I've had a set of Pioneer speakers in my car practically since my car was new, when I personally replaced the factory speaker and stereo back in 2001. I loved those Pioneer speakers, and recently I also installed a brand new Pioneer stereo which made the speakers sound even richer and better! But then I discovered that the front speakers developed some tears in their rubber surrounds. Rather than spend a lot of time that I don't have replacing the rubber surrounds, I thought I'd buy these TS-G1644R speakers as replacements for those front speakers. And after reading the specs for their frequency response, I thought these would have even more bass response than my old speakers. But, I was wrong about that! These didn't compare, and they sounded very flat, which is good in certain settings I guess, but I wanted more bass response. They just had no depth in the bottom end like my old ones did. I was very disappointed! I can't believe that these speakers have a bass freq. response down to the 31Hz like it claims to have! My old ones claim to go down to just 35Hz and they blow these out of the water in both bass response, and stereo image and clarity! So, I ended up lightly caulking and repairing my old ones, and they still sound great!! So, I returned the new ones. I am disappointed in Pioneer though for putting out these speakers with what seems to be false freq. response claims.
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on August 29, 2013
Installed two pairs of TS-G1644R speakers in a 2010 Chevrolet Equinox LT1 w/o the upgraded Pioneer sound system. They are a much higher quality speaker than stock in terms of materials. My initial evaluation is that the highs and mids are crisp and clear, a definite improvement. The lows are nearly nonexistent. I would say I’m disappointed in the lows, however, I believe the blame there is in the stock factory radio. You also have to have an understanding that 6-1/2” speakers are meant to highlight the highs and mids, certainly not the lows. If you’re looking to improve your lows, start looking for an amp or small sub.

For us, we were looking to resolve a problem. That being one of our factory speakers had an annoying buzz to it. Rather than paying a dealership to fix the factory speaker, we decided to upgrade to aftermarket speakers for what I would assume is a comparable cost after installation. These Pioneer’s have resolved that for us.

If total sound system upgrade is your goal, look elsewhere. If factory replacement is your goal, the TS-G1644R is an excellent choice at an excellent price.
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on March 24, 2014
I took my speaker cover off the doors and saw foam fall out and noticed my stock speakers were so blown there was no foam left. I wanted a speaker to fit my doors without ANY modifications and these did the trick. I had to bend a few metal tabs forward and that was it. I bought a metra wire harness 72-7800 which made my install complete plug and play and in only 10 minutes I had new speakers installed. My car audio system is entirely stock except for these. These sound so good that I can now tell my tweeters and rear speakers must be blown too. Now its time to buy more speakers.
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on August 22, 2014
Got 2 pair of these to replace factory paper speakers with completely disintegrated surrounds. Replaced the rear pair only to find that these new "Full Range" polycarp cone speakers produced less bass than the front factory paper speakers with completely disintegrated surrounds......nothing left to say, returned the pair I did not open and take the $30 hit.
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on January 5, 2014
I recently replaced all the speakers in my 2001 Ford Taurus SES. What you need to know about the Taurus is that there are two stereo options from the factory, the standard stereo is 12 watts total power, the Mach stereo option is 80 watts total power. I have the Mach stereo. I mention this because when I installed these new speakers; there was an obvious improvement.

If you have the standard 12 watt factory stereo, you might not notice as much of a difference between these and the factory speakers.

But with my setup there is significantly more bass and a fuller sound. These won't be a substitute for a dedicated subwoofer, but for factory replacement speakers, these are great.
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on May 20, 2014
This size of speaker was commonly used by some car makers and so having the ability to purchase a pair that fits right into the hole is nice. There isn't anything particularly fancy about these speakers, but the sound quality is just fine and I know that the Pioneer brand is a big step up from some of the cheaper stuff out there, and these were still quite affordable. They come with adapter plates for various screw locations, but they do not come with grills. I didn't need grills because they were direct replacements for factory speakers, but if you need grills, you need a different choice. They also come with short lengths of small gauge wire with the push-on tabs that match the speaker connectors.
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