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Born to the rigid caste system of Fairy Land, Zarina is seemingly fated to live her days stuffing fairy dust into bags in a dehumanizing assembly line. When she rebels and dares to question the system she is exiled. One year later she returns launching a shocking bio-terror attack, she drugs the population and steals Fairy Land's vital supply of blue fairy dust. Tinkerbell and her essentially interchangeable collection of fairy friends must battle both Zarina and her pirate horde led by a young Captain Hook (or as he was then known, Cabin Boy Hand).

OK, I'm being a bit snarky (though Tinkerbell's Pixie Hollow really seems like a terrible place to live) but that's essentially the plot.

This was a big hit with our 3 year olds. They especially liked the pirates' song and dance number. A lot of the plot is a bit too insular, based on the magical system of Pixie Hollow and it's intricate color-coded caste system for fairies. But the girls don't seem to mind.

More music and more dance and fewer discussion of fairy dust colors would be welcome, but this is a cute story for kids.
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on October 31, 2015
This is a hilarious animated film that was all too short. A new character, Zarina, has the scientist's fascination and intense curiosity to see how things work, especially fairy dust. She does experiments, alters the dust, gets fired as a dust fairy, leaves Pixie hollow and becomes a pirate. Has a great costume. A year later she comes back , puts everyone asleep, except the usual gang from all the Tinkerbell movies, and manages to switch around all their talents. Tinkerbell becomes a water fairy, and so forth. This switching of powers is very funny. But whole movie is very funny throughout. At first Zarina is thought to be the captain of the pirates, but this turns out not to be the case. How the fairies defeat these human pirates is very funny and clever. The film is funnier than previous Tinkerbell releases and is more of an ensemble piece where Tinkerbell does not in fact have the most lines or scenes. All a group effort this time. Included two very funny vignettes of the fairies on the beach as bonus features.
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Disney: The Pirate Fairy caught my attention due to my previous enjoyment of watching the Secret Of The Wings last summer. Additionally, I admit that I was also curious to watch it after finding out that Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) is one of the actresses who contributed her voice to this film (for the character of Zarina). Tom Hiddleston (James Hook character) and Angelica Houston (Queen Clarion character) are also among the multiple actors/actresses that give their voices to this animated movie. This movie involves the character of Zarina eventually uses her pixie dust gifts to help out a group of pirate men after being forbidden from working with pixie dust. Zarina succeeds into putting many of the Pixie Hollow residents to sleep at the Four Seasons festival. She then carefully chooses this event to harness the magical blue pixie dust. Tinkerbell and a few of her friends manage to be among the few who are shielded from this energy and follow Zarina to see the plan she is brewing.
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on January 24, 2017
As a stay at home mom of two small children, I have seen more children's shows than I would like. And although the pre-mom version of me would have disliked the Tinkerbell movies because of my self-perceived superb taste in films, the current me appreciates them. There is so much garbage in the children's tv world, that this movie actually manages to outshine much of it. The movie is colorful and pretty to look at, it genuinely makes me laugh at times, the music is cute, and it is fun to see some backstory to Captain Hook and the crocodile. Right now it is a favorite in our house and is preferred by my 4 year old daughter, and I don't mind that one bit. Yay!
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on April 23, 2014
When my 3 year-old daughter requested we watch a tinkerbell movie on Netflix, I was less than ecstatic. I thought, Tinkerbell??? You don't want to watch ANYTHING else? Nope, she wanted tinkerbell, so we watched the first movie in the series. I was pleasantly surprised that it was not bad at all. Sure, it's not Harry Potter or Star Wars, but it was a good little story and my daughter was happy (and that's all that matters, right?).

Well, when this one came out, we pre-ordered it and dropped $20 bucks on it for her since she loves Tinkerbell so much. I've seen 3 of the tinkerbell movies with her, and this one was by far the best! The colors and scenery are beautiful (I especially loved the little festival at the beginning of the movie). The story was fantastic as well. My favorite part is seeing a younger Hook and baby Tick-Tock from Peter Pan... loved how the story tied into Peter pan!

I should note that even after the tenth re-watch of "Tinkerbell Arrrrrrr!" (this is what my daughter calls it), I still find that I'm enjoying myself while watching it.
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on June 30, 2014
I have loved all the Tinkerbell movies until this one and have watched them over and over again with my granddaughter. So I was excited to preorder this one as a surprise for her so she could watch it with Grandma FIRST - before she saw it with Mom! What a disappointment!

While Tink did save the day and turn things around at the end of the movie, this movie was dark. The featured character (Zarina) was flat out mean and was (in fact) working for the enemy. OK. She was being duped. She thought she was in charge while she was actually being tricked. But even so - it was NOT the usual fun, happy, friendly story one expects of Tinkerbell.

In retrospect, I wish I had not bought this movie. It is the only one I own, and the only one I wish I did NOT own! So much for trying to be the Good Granny! {I also tried to buy Frozen. Ordered TWO copies of it which were to be delivered before we took Lexy home (per my Prime membership). They arrived LATE so hubby had to go to Walmart and buy one for her. Now I am stuck with an extra one. Good Granny burned twice: Frozen & The Pirate Fairy. No more shopping for DVDs on Amazon for me! Thanks for nothing, Zarina!}

Let's just sum it up this way - my daughter would not let me send it home with my granddaughter!
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on May 25, 2014
This movie has less of Tinkerbell using her tinker talents to solve problem even fairy magic can't solve (which is what I really loved about this series). I try and teach my daughter to solve problems with her mind and hands. I am a very mechanically inclined person and between the first few Tinkerbell movies and my actions around the house it really made my daughter love to fix things and mess with tools.

Pirate Fairy is not like that thought, however, it is still a very good movie. They introduce a new form of Fairy, the dust keepers, which is really cool and expands the large scale view of a living, working, and functioning society within Pixie Hollow. They also introduce a young certain pirate captain and a cute certain reptile that is a wink at another movie.

The moral of the story is a very good one of people taking advantage of others and doing what you know is right. The "fighting" if you can call it that is beautifully illustrated. It is a great film, if a little different from the other Pixie Hollow films.
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on May 9, 2014
We and our 4-year-old really liked this movie. The Zarina character is interesting, and encourages curiosity and exploration. As a parent of daughters, all of these Tinker Bell movies are valuable because of the primary roles of females. This movie is funny at times and has plenty of action, with a running theme of forgiveness.

A bit of caution, however. We love the other four Tinker Bell movies because of the almost total lack of violence. This movie breaks from that a bit. Throughout the second half of the movie, there are several scenes where pirates are trying to catch fairies using swords and knives. No character is a real victim of violence, per se, but if there were degrees within the G rating, this one would be closer to PG than the first four films. Still, it was not an issue for my 4-year-old. She loved it.
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on July 21, 2014
The Pirate Fairy:
Could have been called the mad scientist fairy, if they were going for accurately describing personalities. But the pirate outfit was very cute.
The Pirate Fairy is the first Disney Fairy movie to be a musical. I had liked the other fairy movies without the singing, so I was less than thrilled at this change. However, it was not overdone, and the song on the pirate ship was quite entertaining.
All in all, I enjoyed this movie as much as the earlier installments in the franchise.

Bake Off - the mini-shorts in this free extra DVD were ok. Generally fun to watch. But Mini-Short was right. The entire dvd is around 17 minutes long. The title short is 5 minutes, the rest are between 1 minute and a minute and a half each. Not bad. But I would have been happier if the product description had included that fact.
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on April 8, 2014
Another great animated film in the Tinkerbell series. What a contrast to Disney's animated film "Frozen", which IMHO was terrible.

How can Disney make an excellent series of Tinkerbell films and then make a rotten film like "Frozen?

My wife and I love this Tinkerbell franchise. It's a delight for adults as well as children.

Many thanks to John Lasseter and to all connected with this wonderful series of animated films.

Cheers Disney!

But please Disney, no more movies like "Frozen" where the plot, characterization, and humour took a back seat to way too many bad/inappropriate songs sung by people with poor singing voices. So much more could have been done to make Frozen a quality film like this one. I can't believe all the people who paid for all the movie "hype" (including me sad to say.)

Cheers for Tinkerbell!!
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