Customer Reviews: Pirates of the Caribbean: Four-Movie Collection [Blu-ray]
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on October 18, 2011
I just received this product, the chest is ok... but by the picture of the item listing I was thinking you get a round plastic holder replica of the skull coin, you don't, it's just a a paper skull coin wrapper holding the numerous discs in place. Honestly if I'd known that I would have just bought them separately and saved a little money. The little scroll map is also quite cheap as well... looking at the chest up close, it too is quite cheaply made with sloppy painting, they didn't even paint consistently over the metal pins holding the chest together.

More on the "coin" holder... it's basically paper with velcro snaps holding it shut. I'll post pictures later, not in the mood since this turns out to be a bit of a downer. It is a fan style index card type holder and it's kind of hard to find where to slide the discs back into...

I'll review the movies later, as for quality etc. Mainly I've rated this 3 stars for the "special limited edition" packaging which for me, turns out to be a bit on the unworthy side despite the price drop. It seems the main worth is the plastic treasure chest and the digital copies which are actually standard in most deluxe Blu-ray/dvd combos. So, I'd only suggest buying this if you want a cheaply painted plastic treasure chest.

Printing RETURN labels, I got to At Worlds End and got an error 3 times trying to download the digital copy, I handled the disc with kid gloves, but it was already scratched, i finally noticed a tiny straight scratch... that does it for me, have to return it.

In the end it's far too troubling to replace just one disc, you have to return the entire product and it's just not worth the trouble.
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on October 28, 2011
This review is about this specific product, not the movies...

The packaging is the absolute worst I've ever seen for a DVD or a Bluray. They're all thrown together in a little cardboard bangle that's never going to hold up with any handling. It's impossible to get them out without touching the playing surface, usually of several of the discs at once.

Then there's the annoyance factor of the Bluray/DVD "features". You have to chapter skip through 8 previews and commercials to get to a menu, you can't just press menu. The menu you get to has two options, "Main Menu" or "Play". Press "Main Menu" and you get a talking skull that talks at you for a couple of minutes before actually getting to the Main Menu - why not just always go to the main menu? Then there's the usual 30 seconds of logos, warnings, and disclaimers.

And if that wasn't all bad enough, there's no way to bookmark the Bluray's, and they don't automatically resume from where you shut them down at. So be prepared to watch the whole movie or search for where you left off - after spending four minutes skipping the junk, navigating the menus, and sitting through the disclaimers again before you can even get to a point where you can search for where you were.

The studios just keep proving that Bluray is great for video and audio, but they are a huge step backward in usability and convenience, especially when they're designed like these are.
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on November 29, 2014
Three of the discs are compatible for the A/B/C regions; except "Pirates of the Caribean: At World's End" - it is only for A/B regions. I wasn't interested in getting additional discs with extras; I wanted only the movies. The quality of the image was great and all the discs came in perfect condition. The bonus disc contains some deleted/extended scenes from "Dead's Man Chest" and "At World's End" and "Tales of the Code: Wedlocked".
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on October 18, 2011
I was really looking forward to getting this box set and would have given it a 5 star review had it not come with a cheap paper cardboard case to hold the discs. By looking at the picture, I thought it would at least be a hard case made of plastic! I wouldn't mind so much but a case like that will surely deteriorate over time. The chest on the other hand is quite durable and made from heavy plastic.
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on November 1, 2011
The movies of course are great! The collectors set was not all it's cracked up to be. I wish I had just ordered the movies separately. The paper 'coin' that the movies go in won't last too long with normal wear and tear... They should be ashamed of themselves for passing this off as a great set for $120 at Walmart or $95ish here at amazon.
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on October 31, 2011
Hi all, bottom line, if you havn't bought ANY of the films yet, then this is a good deal. You get all 4 movies (including, digtal copies and the 3D version of the 4th film) for $92 (or $23 a movie). So that is a fair price. Alas the Collector's Treasure Chest is a big disappointment. Poor detail & art work; they don't use the space inside the chest to spead the disc out for easy viewing. The copy of the World Map is flimsy & requires very good eye sight or a magnifying glass to read.
So for someone like me who already owned the first 3 films on Blu-ray, this turned out to be a bad purchase, especially considering the fourth film was not up to par with the previous trilogy.
To recap >>> don't own any yet, go ahead & buy the set. Do have the previous movies >> just by the remaining films individually.
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on January 7, 2014
I'm not going to review the movies as so many others have done so before me. I will review the boxed set. Each of the movies came in its own Blu-Ray case. There were no cheap gimmicky coins or treasure chests, just a solid box with the movies in it. Exactly what I expected.
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on February 9, 2013
It seems most reviews for movie box sets don't review the movies themselves, but how they're presented in the actual set. This will be another one of those reviews, however I will quickly say what I think about the movies: Curse of the Black Pearl, 4 stars. Dead Mans Chest, 3 stars. At Worlds End, 4 stars. On Stranger Tides, 4 stars. They're all fun movies, and even slightly confusing the first time you watch them, but that still doesn't mean the music and visuals are any less awesome.

As for the box set itself (the Quadrilogy, not the chest), it's given me another reason to be annoyed with Disney. When I buy a box set, especially when it's in Blu-ray, I don't expect there to be ridiculous "previews" telling me what was in theaters 3 years ago. I want to be able to put the movie in, push play, wait for the Blu-ray loading to pass, and get to watching the movie. For some reason, these discs take longer than most to load.

The first two and fourth movies had at last 4 previews I had to skip, while the third had literally 5 minutes of loading, then a talking skull, then some other Disney stuff that wasted even more time, and then finally the film. The third was the most difficult to actually start.

The set itself is presented pretty well and doesn't feel completely thrown together, but it's still annoying knowing that 10 or 20 years from now when I show my kids the antique movies I had to watch when I was younger is going to these old previews. Of all the box sets I've bought (the Batman trilogy and Lord of the Rings trilogy are some better examples), none of them have previews; they get straight to the movie and off you go. I wish Disney would figure this out, and I wish they would stop showing off Peter Pan in their "Now on Blu-Ray" garbage that everybody has seen a million times.
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on October 18, 2011
The content is great. The collectors box is quite nice. The actual holder for the disc is cardboard crap. It holds 15 discs, but doesn't even open far enough for you to see which discs are in which sleeves. I realize it's a collectible, but if you actually want to...I don't know...WATCH THE MOVIES, then you're going to find it about ten times more difficult than if they'd provided jewelcases.

Oh, and Disney? Stop devoting a disc to the digital copies! It's a environmental waste. I use these discs exactly once, then keep them in a collectible case forever? Get with the program and just let us download the same way I do with a lot of other films now.
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on May 21, 2012
Movie set is great, contains a lot of goodies and its cheaper than buying them each apart, box is nice size so it doesn't take up a lot of space.
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