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on May 25, 2016
This review is for the Blu-Ray version (Colorized) of 'Plan 9 From Outer Space' by Legend Films

There is not a whole lot that I can say about this movie that hasn't been said before but nevertheless I will give my review of the movie itself and of the Blu-Ray DVD.

BLU-RAY DVD: The picture quality is quite good and enjoyable to watch. The color is at times good but has problems. There are several times throughout the movie that you will see colors that are way off what they should be. Especially noticeable is the skin tone in several scenes that for moments will appear nothing like skin tone. But overall I am quite happy with the results.

EXTRA'S : You also get the Black & White version of the movie which I did not watch. There is also a commentary track by Mike Nelson of Mystery Science Theater 3000 fame. I did not listen to this either. What I did watch was the Pop-up trivia which gave quite a bit of information. I actually enjoy watching the movie this way as opposed to commentary tracks. With a commentary track you usually cannot hear the dialogue but with the trivia notes flashing this is never a problem.
There are some old commercials that are filmed by Ed Wood.
Finally you get a couple of minutes of home movies of Ed Wood including a rather bizarre one of him dressed as a woman.

PLOT/SUMMARY: The movie opens with Bela Lugosi mourning his dead wife at home and at a cemetery. His dead wife is played by Vampira. Shortly thereafter she rises from the dead and spooks the two gravediggers (who helped finance this movie!). Meanwhile pilot Jeff Trent (Gregory Walcott) sees a flying saucer. This will be the first of many times we see up to 3 flying saucers being held obviously by a string. The old man wanders off screen and we hear a ridiculous yell and we are told that he has been killed by a truck. Inspector Clay (Tor Johnson) along with a few other officers go to the cemetery to investigate the reports of dead people or vampires wandering around. Inspector Clay is killed while off by himself. When Lieutenant Harper finds the body and says the infamous line "Inspector Clay is dead, murdered, and somebodies responsible!" We see a battle using stock footage of the military. They are firing at the flying saucers that are hanging by strings. The military is being led by Col. Tom Edwards. We have scenes of the aliens, Eros, Tanna and the Ruler discussing conquering earth. Apparently they want to stop earthlings from destroying the universe. They claim any more advancement on our part will lead to the destruction of the solar system. Their plan is to raise the dead just so that we will believe in them if that makes any sense. Of course everything in this movie is ridiculous so there is no point in elaborating on the stupidity or logic of the plot. It's up to our heroes to stop the aliens from destroying us.

PRODUCTION: If you are reading this, you obviously know about the production values of this movie. Of course it is the reason this movie is famous and still watched repeatedly.
The scenes of Bela Lugosi (billed as Old Man) along with a few scenes later in the movie of Bela rushing into and out of the woods in a vampire costume are the only scenes with him in it. These scenes were shot for another movie in 1956 called 'The Vampire's Tomb.' This movie was never completed as Lugosi died in his sleep before most of the movie was made. Ed Wood, not one to waste film footage incorporated these scenes into 'Plan 9.'
Vampira had her show cancelled prior to the making of 'Plan 9' and Ed Wood used this as an opportunity to get her in his movie.
The flying saucers, subject of much speculation, were models bought in a toy store by Ed Wood.
The term 'Plan 9" apparently is derived from the fact that the aliens had made 8 other attempts to conquer the earth.
The sets were among the cheapest ever devised for a movie. We have a grass carpet that moves around and has an actor trip over a fold. We have cardboard tombstones that are kicked and knocked over. There is a tiny crypt in which too many people come out of. An alien spaceship....well the less said the better.... An airplane cockpit with a shower curtain, etc. etc.
The vampire covering his face just looks stupendously stupid. He can't even see when he's chasing the girl around, who incidentally runs from a bed that has changing pictures above it! Ed Wood didn't even bother shooting a second take when the vampire's cloak fell off and he had to reposition it.
Years later Vampira would go on to sue Elvira for stealing her look.

THOUGHTS: I don't think this movie is as 'laugh out loud' funny as many others do. For sure there are a few moments that are funny. But mostly it's just poorly directed with poor writing and poor production values. I have found ;that what really makes bad movies funny is the acting. Bad acting can ruin any film even those with good production values. Plan 9 actually has a few decent actors in it. People that appeared in many films over the years such as (obviously) Bela Lugosi, Gregory Walcott the pilot,Tom Keene as Tom Edwards (his last movie) and John Breckinridge (The Ruler).
'Plan 9' was originally supposed to be called "Grave Robbers from Outer Space" which would have made more sense but then again it might have made the movie a bit less 'legendary' with that title.
Interestingly enough, Ed Wood does let some of his political views slip through in the dialogue.

THE DECISION!: Is 'Plan 9 from Outer Space' the worst sci-fi movie ever made or the worst of any genre? Well in my view, it's close but no cigar. I still rank "The Beast of Yucca Flats" as worse. Also, Manos: The Hands of Fate is definitely worse but I consider that horror and not sci-fi. But that is just one man's opinion.

Recommended obviously for 'Plan 9' fans and 50's sci-fi fans. You get color and some interesting extra's and a nice print.
Only bad movie afficionado's should be watching this to begin with.
If you are new to classic sci-fi and picking this to be your first 50's sci-fi movie to watch then you are making a big mistake. Watch something else.
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on February 2, 2015
I waited decades to see this famous film and was lucky enough to get it on Blu-ray. Plan 9 From Outer Space is everything everyone has decried and more. It's sheer genius, the perfect example of something being so bad it's good. In this case, it's great. It was well worth the long wait. I've slogged through some bad films in my life but nothing of this magnitude. Wow.

Plan 9 primarily deals with a couple of conspiracies. On one hand, the government is hiding alien existence from us while the aliens, loathed to be ignored, plot to destroy this upstart world because we're ignoring them and their dire warnings to stop making bombs (I don't think they were referring to this film in that regard). To that end, they resurrect three dead bodies, Bela Lugosi (in part) as the `old man,' his dead wife (Maila Nurmi), and Inspector Clay (Tor Johnson). These animated corpses wander around a cemetery set (at times you can see their shadows on the `walls' of the night). What little of Lugosi is featured is repeated several times and was shot for another proposed movie. The rest of his scenes are done with a stand-in. Neither has any dialog. All the sets looked to be made of cardboard with a lot of curtains covering everything. There's an unfortunate time element at play throughout the movie (it's day and night in some scenes!). For all that, it breezes along at a snappy pace. The dialog is hilarious. (When the inspector is killed, they all agree he was murdered "and someone is responsible!") How can you argue with logic like that? I especially loved the final denouncement in the saucer, when the alien Eros (Dudley Manlove) berates his guests, you have juvenile minds, and you're stupid! And then he tells them how to make a solarbonite bomb the aliens don't want the Earth dummies to know about.

Being this incompetent is a gift. Ed Wood's was a genius. I absolutely love this crappy movie. It's stellar.
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on March 10, 2015
A decent enough reworking of Mike Nelson's original "solo" commentary track from the Legend Films DVD, the RiffTrax "three-riffer" edition suffers from a few setbacks that keep it from being really great.

First, there is the fact that it is a reworking. Most of the jokes are the same ones used by Mike alone and if you've heard that riff, they will fall somewhat flat.

Second, there is a lot of dead space and the interaction between the guys seems somewhat awkward. While this may be due to the origins of the riff, I think it is just because they hadn't really found their "groove" again yet.

Third, the audio is based on the original .mp3 downloadable version, so the "synch" lines from DisembAudio are still intact. This means every once in a while, his voice is heard over the soundtrack. Since this is strictly functional, he adds no "value", as he does on occasion in other riffs.

They would trot out many of these same jokes one more time for the "RiffTrax Live" version of "Plan 9", but that had the advantage of being a full show, with intros, songs, even a short.

For the movie itself, I'd get the Legend DVD. For all three guys, get the Live DVD. But if you want to stream through Amazon Prime, this is still solid entertainment.
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on December 25, 2015
First buy THIS, then, buy a GREAT bio-pic: "ED WOOD". After seeing THat double Academy Award winner,
you'll forget that it really ISN'T Bela Lugosi, but Martin Landau playing an aging, forgotten "Dracula" that did
not even live long enough to finish HIS part in the so terrible it is great---finally restored [B & W, and colorized]---
PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE fiasco that is so horrible it's just funny as hell! I bought the, restored Blu-ray of
PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, and put it along-side ED WOOD. Now, t-h-a-t is a double feature that CANNOT
be beat with a schtick stick!
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on June 9, 2015
This was a rather small purchase because my boyfriend loves Vampira, and this is one of her only features as that character. The movie was pretty funny and campy in the beginning, toward the end it seemed to drag and repeat footage. Overall seems like a fun group watching, maybe one to make a drinking game out of, but nothing really serious to sit through or else it might be a little torturous.

Vampira however looks fantastic in it and is found in many of her trademark moves/poses she is famous for. She said once in a documentary she thought the movie was stupid and was essentially beneath her talents, and so, she spoke no lines. Neither does Bela Lugosi for that matter, but it adds some continuity to their characters thankfully. Its all in good fun and should be viewed as such as this was a very early film for Ed Wood.
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on September 17, 2016
I just finished watching " plan 9 from outer space " again. I don't know how many times I have seen it. I have read some of the comments on it both good and bad. I am a huge fan of Bela Lugosi, and I am so happy to be able to watch him in his last movie. I can put up with the other actor playing Bela Lugosi's part since I know I will still see Bela throughout the movie.

I consider it a classic and I am so glad to be able to watch it on Amazon prime. Thank you so much, Amazon prime.

If you have not seen it give it a try, it's good clean fun and it has vampira and Tor Johnson in it
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on November 1, 2016
One of the most incredible examples of a directorial train wreck to ever come out of Hollywood....or anywhere for that matter. If you don't know who Ed Wood was, stop....Go no further. Take some time, do a little homework and read up on Mr. Wood. Plan 9 is one of the wildest examples of taking a story, figuring that the audience knows most of it and the director skimming over the rest. Bella Lagosi died during the filming so, for the most part, you'll see his double walking around with his cape up to his face, ala Dracula. Tor Johnson does what he did best, hulk around, being huge and not saying much. Vampira, well, I'll let you figure out her part as she really just walks through the brush.....a lot. Overall the plot....there was a plot? I don't remember it. There's narration in the beginning and end. Everything else in between is the sauce...bechemel, A-1, McDonalds special sauce ? That's the point. This movie is a cinematic mess, a nightmare, a hallucination from the mind of Ed Wood. Don't take it seriously, just relax and critique the heck out of it. Why? Because it's there, that's why and if you remember the storyline after you've watched it please post it. I've completely forgotten what it was which means only one thing.....I'll have to watch it again.
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on August 1, 2016
Plan 9 from Outer space is considered to be the worst movie ever made by the worst director in history, Edward D Wood. Now this movie is so bad that it's actually good. As a matter of fact, I would consider to be great. Now at the time, Edward T would consider this movie to be a masterpiece and thought the audience would love it. They did not. But if you want to watch a science fiction movie that is so bad that it is good by a director that was probably delusional, but certainly well-meaning, then this is the movie for you. So grab some popcorn and sit back and watch movie history. You will not be disappointed. I gave this movie five stars because there is simply no other movie like it. It's ineptness is almost beyond comprehension. The dialogue, not meant to be funny, is beyond hilarious. So if you're occasionally into really bad movies, this is a must-see. The worst movie ever made. There is nothing in it that children cannot see as there is no sex and only implied violence. So get together with the ones that you love and watch moviemaking history. I personally recommend not eating while watching this movie, or putting it on pause while chewing your food. Then restart the movie. Why, because this movie will make you laugh when you least expect it. It was not meant to make you laugh, but you will. And you will never be the same after watching it. During an episode of the X-Files, Fox Mulder confided to Dana Scully that he has watched plan 9 from Outer space 62 times. Of course this is a fictional television show, but I did find that cute and funny.
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on October 5, 2016
I bought a Blu ray for myself that I'm over the moon about. I love the entire story around this film, it's director, it's actors, and just why it's been around for this long. Perhaps because Ed Wood loved directing and making movies. Loved it. Most of you know it as the worst movie ever made. That said, why do we love the kind of horrible this movie is? Why do we love seeing Tor Johnson kick the cardboard headstones? Why do we want to spot the moment the replacement actor steps in? Why? It's honest. It's an honest attempt to make an honest science fiction/horror film by a dude that wanted nothing more than to make movies. Can you imagine the love you must have for something to hand paint all the hubcaps and back drops and props you must have for this? That love transfers directly into the fiber of Plan 9 From Outer Space. I adore this movie and even though it's known as the worst movie ever made, it's one of my all time favorite movies. I've actually never seen it in color, and this version has the colorized version and the restored version. Officially Bela Legosi's last movie as he died whilst making the film, there's a somber underlying tone away from the rest of the movie, especially if you know about his morphine addiction. I give you, Plan 9 From Outer Space (Grave Robbers From Outer Space)
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on July 16, 2016
Often cited as "the worst movie ever", I find Plan 9, and all Ed Wood's movies, to be less awful than most fact, once one gets acclimated to the rather "organic" film making process Wood deployed (a wing and a prayer in popular vernacular) they are rather enjoyable...Wood not only asks, he expects his audience to suspend their disbelief for the duration of the film, ignore the obvious sets, and just watch him tell a what if the cockpit of an airplane is just two guys sitting with some yoke-like apparatus in their hands in front of a know it's supposed to be an airplane cockpit, so why get bogged down in the details? Really worth another look, especially when one knows something of the backstory of this movie. If nothing else it serves as a cautionary tale to our children...ambition without talent, and talent without a plan gets you results like Plan 9 From Outer Space...Edward D Wood Jr had ambition in spades, but little else. I wonder if he realizes that he has made it big finally, and if he relishes his success...
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