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on January 30, 2016
First of all, this walker is just okay as a walker. It can't turn (basically you'd have to help the child) and it might tip over (though my child never tipped with it, but he didn't use it that much).

But the blocks are awesome! If it were just a walker, I would have returned it, but my child loves the blocks so much that we decided to keep it. Btw, these are unit blocks with 1-inch cubes that can't be found in other unit blocks sets. So that's pretty cool.

The toy can become even better after the child learns how to walk. I took off the handles and converted it into a little pull wagon. You can either tie a string at the turning knob screw at the end or at the front, through the generous gap below the two "eyes". I tied it in the front and it's so cute! See the pictures.

This is a great toy, because of versatility, but if it were a better walker, I'd give it 5 instead of 4 stars.
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on June 12, 2012
We bought the Plan Toys wagon and returned it and bought the Haba Walker Wagon. The Haba Walker Wagon was a MUCH better choice. The Plan Toys walker was not too hard to assemble, but it was more assembly than the Haba. It's maybe five screws vs. two. It's a cute toy and appears well made. But it is in my opinion ill-conceived. Here is why we made the switch.
1. The Plan Toys wagon tips when the baby tries to pull up on it. She's 10 months old and 15 pounds. In the 25th percentile for her weight. She pulled it over on herself several times, spilling all the blocks each time. It made a ton of noise on the hardwood floor. She doesn't scare easily but it freaked me out.
2. The Plan Toys walker is too lightweight overall. It has to have the blocks in it to give it the proper weight or it tips even more.
3. The baby enjoys the blocks, which is great, but the last thing I need is her traveling with the blocks all over the house and scattering them everywhere never to be found again. Some of the blocks are round and roll under couches. Given that the walker is so lightweight when the blocks are not in it, this is hugely problematic. Also, only an adult or much older child can make the blocks fit uniformly into the wagon. A 10-month-old can't do it. So there's a lot of parent involvement involved, including massive cleanup multiple times per day.
Now for the Haba Walker Wagon:
1. It's heavier, but still easy for the baby to push.
2. It does not tip. The handle is positioned better so the baby can pull herself up no problem.
3. It's an adorable wagon she can use to push her toys around in, but this is a secondary and optional function and doesn't detract from its main purpose which for now is as a walker.
4. No blocks!
5. No clacking alligators or other annoying noises.
6. Very durable and well made. Non toxic.
I love everything about the Haba wagon. True, it doesn't turn easily, but I'm okay with that since she's unsteady on her feet and that's why she needs a walker. It's nicely designed, a good height, great for imaginative play down the road. It's a two-minute assembly. Costs more, but worth it.
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on January 4, 2017
I bought this to help my 7 month old work up the courage to walk, but it seemed to have the opposite effect. There is an adjustable wooden screw/knob on the rear of the cart that allows for tightening or loosening the wheels. We set it for moderately tight as my son was just getting the courage to walk, however, it squeaked so loud and horribly (think nails no the chalkboard) that my son associated the cart with that sound. Now my son is 17 months, has been walking just fine since 11 months, and he has never used this cart (other than by us to store the blocks it comes with). When he started walking at 11 months, we loosened the screw to its loosest setting, but that was still to tight for him to walk at a decent pace.

I bought this as an alternative to the Radio Flyer cart that clicks, but is much more expensive, however, I wish I had just spent the extra money. We just put the cart away in storage and I really wish I hadn't wasted my money.
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on January 13, 2014
I bought this for my first child. I liked it a lot because it is made out of wood and because it also has blocks with it to play with.

Mainly I bought this push car because I thought he was able to hold on to it and could use it as a tool to start walking. To give him some balance
This is not the case. As soon as a child tries to pull himself up on the handle the car flips backward (toward him/her).
This car is too light, the weight that a child puts on the handlebar is too much.

My second child started walking a few weeks ago and she was also not able to use it as supposed to.
The same happened again. She would fall with the car in her hands. Even if the screws are really thigh and the car needs to be pushed harder to ride.

It is a nice made car and the blocks are colorful and can handle a lot (from the kids this age and the way the use them). But the car is not the best buy for a baby to start walking with.
However if your child is already walking well, this is a nice push car and the blocks are nice to play with. My son of almost 3 yrs still sometimes plays with them.
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on July 26, 2017
Love it, and love that it's non toxic for my babies. My only complaint is that it could be weighted down better. Would work fine for a more advanced walker. I wrapped a very heavy book in a pillow case and this worked well to weight the cart for my 9/10 month olds. It's super cute to watch them push it! And one twin likes to ride in the cart while his brother pushes him :)
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on April 7, 2015
We actually had to put a gallon water jug on the walker to give it more weight. This could be really cool, but it just doesn't work as an aid for walking or standing. The front/bottom is so light that the child, and the walker, easily tip back. Yes, all babies and toddlers learning to stand and walk will fall, but this makes it more likely that that will happen. It's kind of dangerous. A cheap, plastic walker we bought from a used clothing and toy store works better than this. What's more, my son is not even big or heavy. He was a micro preemie and in the .3 percentile for weight. Only about 16 pounds at 15 months. So it's NOT that he's too big for it.

The blocks are the best part. So if you see it on clearance for $25 somewhere, buy it. Otherwise, don't waste your money.
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on February 20, 2017
This baby walker is awesome. I love the blocks that come with it and the platform is close to the ground unlike some others that look more like a seat. The ones that are up higher off the ground get little legs stuck at times if they sit forward facing and someone is pushing them. This is a little scary. This one also has an adjustable handle and a knob to turn to adjust the speed. I couldn't be happier with it. The wheels have a rubber liner so should be okay on hardwood too.
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on February 28, 2014
Walking at 8 months: good for grandmother bragging rights, not so easy on baby. He is still more wobbly than is the typical 10-14 month-old new walker, and has intoeing (pigeon-toed). Pediatrician says all will be well, but regardless he is a typical toddler who wants to push stuff around, the bigger the better. The Plan Toy Baby Walker is an excellent toddler vehicle. It has a simple governor that controls speed so one can adjust for baby's steadiness and type of floor surface. The wood blocks are a big plus and are good quality, clear hardwood with smooth edges and surfaces. The angle of the handle also easily raises or lowers according to baby’s height, and the wagon, although shallow still holds plenty of toys. His three-year-old sister likes it too, and does not consider it a "baby toy."
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on March 14, 2010
Bought this just before my son was 8 months. He started crawling, and loved to "walk" around holding on to our fingers, so I quickly assembled the walker (super easy, just 2 screws to put in place to attach handle). He soon started pulling up, and loved (still loves) this walker. Occasionally he tried to get to it from the front and it falls over, but he is learning to only pull up using the back handle. My boy is not too heavy, so he doesn't have any problems with it being too light and falling over, although babies who are just learning to pull up may need a parent to hold down the front so it doesn't topple over. My son learned quickly, and now rarely has it fall over. I love that you can adjust the tension on the wheels so it doesn't fly across the room. I would certainly recommend this to a friend, and would buy it again in a heartbeat. It is very sturdy construction, and all the wooden block to play with are just a great added bonus in my my son hasn't even really been interested in them yet.
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on January 19, 2011
This is a great walker. My son has been walking for several months and could use this right from the beginning. When he was really unstable we did have to hold the front to keep it from flopping back though. You can lock the wheels to help prevent mishaps when you are not helping.

My only real issue is the blocks. I like them overall, but it gives you 12 cylinder shaped blocks and only 6 rectangle blocks. Unless you are building a Colosseum, this ratio seems off to me. You can do a lot more with rectangle blocks and they are easier for young ones to stack. Also the pant can mark floors and walls - also the "natural" blocks have colored marks all over them. I find this happens with safer paint though and am okay with it.

Overall I love and would buy again. Just wish the block ratio was updated.
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