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on May 8, 2017
First one bought July 1 2011 and it still works like new. Not a fan of rechargeable bike lights, Rather carry extra batteries, to be able to place them in when needed to keep seeing the road and be seen by drivers on the road. Own four fast road bikes and when I by a new bike the first thing I do is by this light for it, along with a red back light and reflector tape for the rims. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002KYFWQ6/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Best reflectors I have used for spokes, a little tricky to get on spokes but clean the spokes with dawn dish liquid and water on a wrag then rinse the soap off with only water on a wrag, then let the spokes dry and then peel and edge of sticker and place on spoke and then roll off the rest of the reflector to let the sticker roll around the spoke until it is completely off the wax paper that it cam on. Add a front spoke light to let cars see you from the side and you should never be hit by a car from the side. I do NOT use the clamp it comes with, I remove that and then tap and die holes into the handle bar stem by using greenlee drill tap which drills and put threads into the material, then use a bolts to hold the light release plastic onto handle bar stem / gooseneck and then I hold the release switch when needed to remove to the light from bike. A small plastic block ma be used between light and gooseneck may be used just drill two holes through it to enable bolt to go through the release plastic piece into metal of gooseneck and you have your light secured to not fall off. One screw holds release plastic onto clamp which is round, and a square indentation is where you drill through plastic to enable second bolt to be used to hold the release plastic to the gooseneck. Plastic block can be from plastic deck material or plastic molding piece from a hardware store. Like a little rectangle brick but of plastic the size of an adults thumb. If needed to have light a little higher then sitting right on top of metal. Plus you can make one side lower by sanding it down to angle your light to point downward to ground or up higher to shine light farther down the road. I angle mine to shine about 25 feet ahead to the ground, see the road and still be sen by drivers. ANYWAY Bought FOUR and they all still work great, oldest one is now almost six years old.
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on December 16, 2012
I've been in enough close calls on my bike that I don't mind investing in a good, bright bike light. This light delivers on the lumens! The two different lighting levels are good, with the bright being plenty sufficient to navigate dark streets and gravel paths. I've used this both on pavement and offtrail and I've never felt like I needed more light.

And Planet Bike customer service is the best. The whole company, in fact, is great. It advocates for bikers. It also offers a wide range of replacement parts for nearly every product it offers. After a crash, I had cracked the rear part of the housing that mounted the light to the handlebar adapter. I checked the Planet Bike website, but couldn't find this piece. I gave them a call just to be sure and the rep managed to turn one up for me. And he only charged me for shipping! Honestly, a great company.

The product is great and the company is great. Planet Bike is at the top of my list whenever I need to buy bicycle components for these reasons.
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VINE VOICEon November 29, 2013
This powerful headlight is surprisingly easy to install on most any bicycle. I'd ordered 4, and was amazed to have them all properly installed within 15 minutes, without even reading the small sheet of instructions. Planet Bike has done an amazing job here of making it easy to attach a light to handlebars of varying size.

I'm a big fan of "brighter is better", and run headlights even in daytime when around cars. The flashing mode of this light is very visible to cars in daytime. I also like that its first "on" mode is normal brightness, with a second "brighter" mode available after one more button push.

Update: The on/off switch on one of our four Planet Bike Blaze 2Watt headlights just failed after 2 months of occasional use. Now the only way to turn the light off once on is to screw off the front part of the light and then screw it back on. Knocking a star off, even though it's still under warranty, as returning it for repair is an unwanted hassle.
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on September 26, 2012
This light is great. I looked at several different manufacturers online before purchasing the "Planet Bike Blaze 2Watt LED Headlight" based on its high reviews. The mount was very easy to install and its band is ajustable so that it should fit most any size handlebars. It can be installed and left in place because the light unit detaches from the mount, so that you can take it with you when away from your bike. It should easily fit into your pocket, pocketbook, etc. At two watts and powered by two AA batteries, the bulb is bright and casts a beam wide enough to light up the area in front of you and in your peripheral vision area. There are three beams, high, low and a flicker mode, all selected by a water resistant pushbutton on the top of the unit. The battery chamber has a rubber o-ring installed to prevent moisture from entering. This is a solid built light for a reasonable price.

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on July 12, 2014
Keep in mind any light is a compromise between price and performance. If you want to spend $400.00 you can get a light that will allow you to go at high speed down a narrow mountain trail in the dead of night (assuming you have the skill to do that in daylight). That being said, this light does not give a lot of bang for the buck. It is only slightly (if any) brighter than some cheaper one watt lights and it has a fairly narrow beam. After using this light for some time, I recently purchased a Cygolight 360 which generally costs only a little more than this light (I actually got it for less on sale) and it is a far, far better light. With the Planet Bike light I felt I could safely go only about 12 miles an hour. With the Cygolight I felt quite comfortable going 17-18. Amazon carries both lights, so if you're looking at this light, take a look at the Cygolight also. It's definitely worth the extra money (currently $11.00). The only drawback for some people with the Cygolight is that it is rechargable, so you can't carry extra batteries.
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on March 3, 2016
Great light. Extremely bright wide beam to see everything. It has 3 modes: low, bright, and flashing. It comes with 2 alkaline AA batteries. At $30, for this light, it didn't make sense to pay a few dollars less for a significantly less bright light. I've bought the blinky lights from the same company in the past and their lights are the greatest. I have them 4 years and still on same batteries although it might be time to change them now.

No tools are needed to install tis light. It has a mechanism that allows the loop to be made smaller or larger and then a clamp with a lever to tighten it like a clamp to adjust a seat post to the desired height.

Note: Replace the batteries with Duracell because they stand up better to hot weather and Duracell warrantees the product in addition to the batteries in case they leak which tend stop happen in high heat or humidity locations.

I would have given it 5 stars if they supplied a small piece of rubber to provide a better grip so it doesn't move on the handle bars. I would buy it again.
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on October 3, 2012
I buy this light with the Planet Bike Beamer 3 LED Bicycle Light with Quick Cam Bracket Mount.
both produce about the same lightning, this one is marginally more powerful.
The Beamer 3 is more folding type when the Blaze 2w is more focus.
But for more than twice the price ($50 vs $20) you do not get twice the punch.
I found the flashing mode of the Blaze 2W better than the Beamer 3, more powerful.
The Beamer 3 get a 100h of runtime vs only 5h or 12h for the Blaze 2W.

Both light are good for safety lightning, but when the path is really dark they do not produce enough light.

I move now to the MagicShine MJ-872 1600 lumen LED Cycling Bike Light 2011 version with improved MJ-828 LCD battery pack at $130. It's 2.5 more expensive, but you get 10 times more light.
The difference is really like "day and night" compare to the 2 Planet Bike.
The only side bike I found for the moment is the 2h of runtime on max output (but 50% output appear more than enough). You basically need to recharge the battery after every trip.

My conclusion is the Beamer 3 is perfect (power/price) for a safety light (especially with 200h of runtime).
If you really need more light, skip the Blaze 2W and move directly to the MagicShine MJ-872.
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on June 11, 2014
I wanted a bright, quick disconnect light that operated on 2 AA batteries and this fits the bill nicely. I have a Diamondback Insight flat handlebar bike and the light just fits as I mounted it on the fattest part of the handlebars next to the stem. Once the mount is installed the light can be removed/slid back on in a second. As for performance, it puts plenty of light on the road in the low position and even more in the high position. Good for night riding up to 15 MPH plus and puts out pure white light. The strobe works nice in bright daylight up to a quarter mile away. Do not use strobe at night as you will blind oncoming drivers! That's how bright it is. All around a nice looking and functional bike light that is reasonably priced and I hope to get several years of use from. I have to remember to take out the batteries next winter as I suspect they will leak in sub freezing temperatures if I leave it in my unheated barn.
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on November 26, 2012
I was looking for a light that would allow me to safely manage my 4mi commute in the winter. My concerns are being seen but also having enough candle power to avoid hazards in front of me in dark places (walkers, etc) and on the road (ice, potholes, sticks). This light successfully bridges the gap between "be seen" lights ($20-30) and light systems ($100+) that allow you to crank it out in full night. I bought the Blaze 2W light along with the Princeton Tec EoS LED and the Planet Bike Beamer 5. Planet Bike has a great comparison of their lights here. [...]
I was a little disappointed with the Beamer 5. It's a great "be seen" light. Long life, well constructed, bright, and with side illumination. It just didn't put out enough candle power to help with safe navigation really.

The Princeton Tec EoS LED puts out more 2x the light of the Beamer 5 (70 Lumens vs. 35) and has a great wide field of throw which makes it a good light for mountain biking or a second light in companion with a distance spot. That said, it gets drowned out at around 25-30' and becomes pretty weak; it's not going to be great for avoiding hazards at speed but it puts out a lot of near field light.

I found the Blaze 2W to be the best. It produced a much longer throw and is brighter still at 146 lumens. It has a high, low, and flash setting, and side illumination. Even when tilted downward to 20-30' in front it will still light up a stop sign at the end of the block 100'+ away. It's well constructed and economical in size (though larger than the Beamer 5). I feel confident with this one riding through the really dark patches or taking my bike for an evening spin in the park at 15-20mph. The downside is battery life which clocks at 5 hrs high, 12 low, 18 flashing. I'm using rechargeable batteries so I'm not too concerned about this. Also, the 2W is a no-brainer over the Blaze 1W. It's ~$5 more and while battery time is shorter by 2 hours you get 2x the light. Good trade-off.

Hope this helps.
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on November 28, 2012
The Planet Bike Blaze is a BIG little light. I ride mostly at night with some pretty dark spots on my urban commute and this light fits my needs. I use mostly the low beam and it's pretty powerful to see pot holes and debris, put it on high mode and it's like a Mag light for your bike. The blinking mode is ridiculously bright and WILL get the attention of oncoming cars and pedestrians, it's like a police light. I use this light in conjunction with the Bell Dawn Patrol light, I use the Bell in the blinking mode and the Blaze when I need to light up the road. I'm sure I have pissed off some drivers with this setup, but they can see me that's for sure LOL. If you're debating getting this light I would say buy it, and if I had to buy it again I would. It's a great light and it's a great price. I'll try and post a little video of both lights in action. Thank you for reading.
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