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on October 30, 2015
I wore out a pair of these Planet Bike gloves I bought 4 years ago. The originals had a suede underside and a thin liner that stuck to my fingers and pulled out after riding. XXL was big enough for my long fingers and they were comfortable. They were great for 38-45 degree days. After wearing out the first pair, I purchased 3 different far more expense gloves thinking I could find something better. None of them were as good as these. This new pair is even better than the originals. The palm materials are synthetic now and work great. Because of a removable liner in the new pair, these gloves are now good for a wide range of temperatures. I get great results from 32 degrees (with the liner) to 45 degrees (without the liner). The built-in liner seems to be sewn in better - it doesn't put out even when fingers are sweaty. The long gauntlet keeps air out.

The price is unbelievable - I would pay three times as much for gloves this good. They are my favorite winter gloves!
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on December 30, 2015
Update 4/22/16: Following the separation of the outer glove from the cuff I contacted Planet Bike. They asked for pictures, through a few emails they finally agreed to send a brand new pair of gloves. Pretty good customer service.
Update: All of the below information still holds true. The glove performance is great, however, my gloves are now becoming separated where the glove meets the wrist cuff. In other words, it's tearing apart. What's worse is that I purchased this during the so-called holiday shopping season and can now no longer return them, as of January 31st.

I purchased these gloves as a solution to cold weather riding. I ride in temperatures as low as 35 degrees for up to 2 hour rides at average speeds between 15 and 19 mph. The gloves that I had been using are Dakine Scout gloves that I usually use for hikes in freezing and snowy weather. Those gloves (Dakine) are a bit big and awkward when trying to shift STI levers and do make my hands too warm to ride in 40+ degree weather. The PB Borealis seem like they'll do a good job, I like that they have an inner glove that is removable. Also, the palms of the glove have a nice non-slip grippy texture that is helpful when riding on the hoods or out of the saddle.


I've ridden twice while wearing them. The first ride was for 70 minutes at an average of 16 mph in 37 degree weather. These gloves kept my hands warm enough that I would have been fine for another hour, or longer. I would not say that my hands were toasty warm, but they were warm enough and only got chilled on a descent where I reached top speed of 28 mph. I suppose that much longer and my hands would have been cold, but easily bearable. I don't expect any glove to keep my hands toasty for 2 or 3 hours in 37 degree weather.

My second ride was for an hour at an average of 17 mph in 41 degree weather. The ride was relatively flat. During this ride my hands actually got a bit warm during a slight 1 mile incline. My hands were pretty warm by the end of the ride.

Third ride: 36 miles over 2.5 hours. Temperature began at 35 degrees and rose to 41 degrees, however, the windchill for the first part of the ride was significant. These gloves kept my hands warm the entire time!

I will update this portion of the review when the weather dips to near freezing. However, I imagine that they will perform just fine in temperatures as low as 30 degrees.

Fit: I purchased the extra large size. I believe my hands are between a large and extra large. My left hand measured around my palm (not including thumb) are about 22 cm. From the crotch of my index and middle finger, my middle finger is about 8.7 cm long; my index finger is about 7 cm in length. My ring finger is 8 cm, and my pinky is 5.8 cm. The ring finger on this glove fits perfectly, however, there is a flaw in the index finger. They have made it the same length as the ring finger which means the index finger glove is about 2 cm too long which means there is a bit of extra material when trying to shift. The combined ring/pinky finger fits just about right. Except for the odd index finger length of the glove, it fits about as I had expected.

Most other lobster claw gloves have the combined pairs of fingers. I like to have my index and ring finger free for shifting and grip adjustments while riding. For that reason these gloves are worth it and I would consider them a good value/performance piece of kit.
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on December 19, 2011
I read the review about them being too warm for a lot of situations and also the review that the inner glove can get easily turned inside out.

When I first put these on I thought they were like gloves I had before, i.e. the inner glove was partially sewn into the outer glove, so inseparable. Took my hand out and tried to put them back on. No way that was going to happen, the inner liner was completely inside out and totally resistant to being put back in its proper place!

Then I realized the inner glove and the outer glove are two separate pieces. Problem solved. When pulling off the glove, first pull of the outer section. Then pull off the inner glove. No problemo, they are simply two separable pieces.

The weather a bit too warm for both sections? Then just put on the outer glove. On a very cold day, put them both on.

Problems solved and for the money, I am a happy camper.
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on October 27, 2016
I think these gloves deserve a 3.5 rating. I suspect these are factory seconds, however at $15 ea the price is right. I've worn them for only 26 bike miles so far so these are just my initial impressions. I'll update my comments later this winter after I've had to the opportunity to use them in much colder weather conditions.


- Factory seconds. Several cosmetic issues (right index finger longer than the left, etc), but I don't see these issues as reducing the utility or longevity of the gloves.

- Palm width is too narrow for finger length. The chart (online at Planet Bike) says I'm a medium. The finger length is spot on (that is, just a hair long), but the palm width is a good bit too narrow -- it should be slightly loose but is overly snug. A tight glove impedes blood flow and compacts insulation, reducing the effectiveness of the glove in cold weather. I'm going to try to trade up to a large size, but I suspect the fingers will then be too long and impede dexterity.

- For a winter glove, the wrist cuff is too short in my opinion. I'm concerned there will be excessive air infiltration at speed on the bike in very cold weather. Time will tell.

- The glove system has no handlebar specific padding in the outers, relying on the natural cushioning of the liners. This reduces flexibility. Running fingerless bike gloves instead of the liners works and is an option.


- $15 for a winter glove? Excellent! Time will tell if they live up to their winter pedigree. I'm hoping these will work as well as or better than my winter ski gloves.

- Excellent dexterity for biking. No problems at all shifting gears or running the V-brakes. Having the two smallest fingers together is a complete non-issue. Better dexterity than my heavy ski gloves.

- Grip is solid and predictable. Even with a sweaty hand inside the glove, I had no grip issues.

- Gloves promise to be warm enough for winter. Without liners at 38 degrees and before sunrise the gloves were much too warm for me. No sense of unwanted air movement through the gloves, or bad seams. I'm expecting them to be good down to below 20 F.

- Love that the insulation layer is a removable liner glove. This is the best for winter gloves. You can wash the liners, and replace them with thicker or thinner liners as weather conditions demand. An excellent feature that I don't see as often in cheaper gloves.

- The liner glove dries very fast. They came out of the washing machine almost completely dry to the touch. For their thickness, they seem pretty warm. To date the weather has been too warm to test them.
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on November 22, 2014
I have Raynaud's phenomenon (hands and feet get extremely cold/poor circulation in the winter) and commute to work by bicycle. My other full finger gloves weren't doing the job; my fingers were completely numb. These ones will keep my hands usable in all but the coldest conditions. They're not perfect. If it's 30 F out and windy, I will get cold fingertips. But for normal cool and chilly weather, they work.

I'm docking one star because they can be annoying to put on sometimes: the glove has two layers that are only loosely fused together, and sometimes the inner layer will bunch up and not allow your fingers to get to the end. It takes some fiddling with.
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on January 18, 2016
I have come to realize that I have cold-sensitive hands. I can get by with a jacket and leg warmers down in the low 30's, but I feel like I have to wear 4 pairs of gloves just to stop them from stinging... My riding partners are usually good with basic gloves but I'm not so lucky. It sucks but it's reality. I have tried several pairs of gloves (neoprene, Gortex, Thinsulate) and none have worked as well as I'd like.

I tried these out because of the 20 degree reviews I read and figured they would be the golden goose... Well honestly, they weren't but they were better than anything else I've tried. The dual layer design is nice, especially when I discovered that my normal 40 degree gloves will fit inside if I remove the fleece liner so that will be my next test when the cold comes back (it's TX; one day it's a 32 degree ride, the next it's 52...). They are comfortable; a little stiff at first but they loosened up a bit just after one ride.

I'm still wanting to find something better but these will work for now. Honestly I would have given them a 4.5 stars just because of my poor luck, but for the majority of cyclists these will work perfect for their cold rides.
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on October 23, 2016
Very good at keeping out the cold. I had tried a number of cheaper 'wind resistant' gloves, and layered them with other thinner gloves, and no matter what, my hands would go numb while biking. I am biking in Michigan winters where it gets well below zero, and so far, these have done me well, though this past winter was much milder than previous ones. All in all, very happy with these. They were bigger than I expected, a little bulky, but that's largely to accommodate the removable liner gloves. One complaint, the pinky/ring finger portion could certainly be smaller, that is kinda overly bulky. Also, the first left hand I got had some stitching issues and were a little tight between my middle and ring, so I sent some pics of the stitching and quickly got a replacement. Didn't even have to send it other back.
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on January 30, 2014
As with most Planet Bike products these are well made. They work for me down to the low 20's with the liner, but below that my fingers go numb in about 30 minutes without additional protection. If you want to ride 365 in the northern US I'd recommend something warmer or adding pogies. The liners are cheap polypropylene, but do add some warmth. I replaced them with wool liners which really didn't help much. Removing the liners allows you to use the gloves if it warms up, which is nice. The fit is probably a bit large for a cycling glove. I have size small and there's a bunch of extra material. Size small gloves are usually only a tiny bit loose on me; these fit almost like a medium. Grabbing the brakes and shifting with brifters is no problem, though sometimes the extra material at the finger ends gets in the way when shifting. I wish more of the fingers were covered in the plastic wind stopping material, particularly the fingertips and backs of the fingers. Wind works it's way through.
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on January 26, 2016
This is a terrible pair of gloves in every possible way. I ordered these gloves one size large so I could wear them over leather gloves, but they are still so loose and the fingers so long that shifting and breaking are difficult at best and dangerous at worst. The first time I tried them on, I heard stitching tear as I pulled them over my hands. On my first (and decidedly only) ride wearing them -- even over leather gloves with heat packet inserts -- by the end of my five mile bike commute in 21 degrees I felt certain I would lose a digit from the unbearable cold. Next time I'll definitely buy gloves from a brick-and-mortar retailer.
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on November 19, 2014
Great gloves, love the versatility BUT they don't like to keep my hands warm if it is windy!?

I really am lost on this, they are really nice gloves and the 2 piece option is really good, but on windy days when the temp is below freezing (so windchill is lower) my finger tips start getting cold followed by my whole hand within 20 minutes. I have worn them on non-windy but very cold days without an issue, but throw the wind in and I sometimes wonder if they are even on.

The benefit is you have a liner, which I am going to replace with military wool and see if that helps on the cold and windy days, but the liner sheds sweat and water really well keeping my hands dry. The outer shell works well by itself, albeit slightly bulky without the liner filling it up, but it has served me on longer group rides in cold weather. The piping is reflective, however slightly lacking. I wish there was more reflective material on these, especially the palms, so when signaling at night cars behind me are able to see where I am turning (or stopping).

The terry thumb is money, especially when your boogers freeze! It helps to keep your face from looking like you've grown tusks from your nose. The grip is OK, I wish it was better but I don't worry about slipping off. The only thing other than the gloves not really being wind proof is they are bulky. I have to put the liners on last otherwise I can't buckle my helmet or my backpack chest and waist straps, or unbuckle them when done riding. I'll continue on through the season with them experimenting with different liners to see if that helps out on the windy days, but overall they are a decent buy just wish there was more to them for the money paid.

As for sizing, I could have gone one size smaller when looking at Planet Bikes chart online, however the gloves may have been too short then, but they feel too loose on my hands but not by much.
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