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on December 6, 2009
It's hard to watch this stunning series quietly. I find myself exclaiming every few minutes over one astounding image after another. The colors! The details! The footage they got! The charming, cute, and spooky animals! Even the "topic areas" that I thought would be of less interest to me, say, the fresh water one made me retrospectively feel silly for even trying to choose an area I thought would be the coolest. The BBC team really captured some unique moments and I love the combination of aerial, underwater, and ground level shots. The variety of animals they managed to film is truly incredible. I agree with the reviewers who say that this is the kind of treasure that children should all get to watch- it really inspires a sense of wonder about the world that I'd love to share with someone younger than me. That said, I've watched it with family of all ages on my brother-in-law's amazingly large TV and it was, dare I say, better than being in an iMax theater. On my own more modest HDTV I am still enchanted and could watch this repeatedly- hence buying a copy. I think the most enchanted of all of us was the oldest- my father in law, who marveled over what technology can do now.

The current price makes it a great Christmas present buy, and I'm recommending it as such to everyone I know with a Blu-Ray player (I can't imagine it being as cool in just DVD, though I am tempted to snag a copy for my father and find out.)

Some highlights- the astounding waterfalls, the white birds against the blue and green earth as seen from the sky, bears swimming underwater, a panda munching bamboo, the tropical birds dancing, huddling penguins, baby polar bear cubs etc etc.
Can't say enough good things, really. They spared no expense and gave me an experience of the world that is utterly different from what I know. I'm so glad that someone captured this world, as I fear it is vanishing rapidly, and at the least it's always changing.
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on June 26, 2017
This series is amazing. I have the region 2 dvd and watching it was like one of the best 11 hours of my life. The picture, the sound and most importantly the animals, places, and everything else it shows is fantastic. If you are a fan of wildlife documentaries you must own the dvd set, or if you prefer the blu ray or the hd dvd version; only that those two don't have special features, but still the series is great. And of course the final touch that also makes this series as great as it is, a narration by David Attenborough. You really need to watch this!!!
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on August 5, 2016
I absolutely love this collection. The cinematography and narration are outstanding! I cannot imagine how much time, energy, efforts, and resources were put into production. I bought two sets, one for myself to keep, and one as a birthday present for my little nephew. The series is educational and reaches to a wide range of audience. There are some scenes that capture the cruel (honest but not gruesome) side of the animal kingdom, such as hunting and struggling polar bears, so some parents might not want to show to very young children. However, at the same time, those could also be the moments for parents to teach/explain animal behaviors and the impacts of global warming. I look forward to watching this with our son when he's old enough to understand.
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Enthusiast: Gardeningon April 30, 2017
I normally don't watch things like this, but this series was so well made, and so fascinating, we watched it within a few weeks. Highly, highly recommend it. The narration, the visuals, the facts about our planet were all incredible features of this show.
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on October 19, 2017
I read the reviews before purchasing. True to reviews, this is an incredible collection to own. The price makes me feel guilty. I cannot believe I only paid $20something for this treasure. Seriously. Beautiful, educational, a must have.
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on July 25, 2015
the best wild life series ever made. between blue planet and planet earth there is no other program that can come close. I very rarely give anything 5 stars and shows like this are the reason. This series has the best shots, accurate information, and is narrated by Sir David Attenborough. As stated earlier if you haven't seen the sister series to Planet Earth called Blue Planet I highly recommend it as well.
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on May 2, 2017
Nature is the absolute perfect thing for showing off the glory and splendor of HD, and no-one makes better nature documentaries than David Attenborough. I've only seen this on regular tv so far and i was blown away, can't wait for this. Oh, and a hint for people buying here in the UK, Customs' charges are free up to a certain amount if you are buying it as a present for someone else, then I think it's still cheaper after that amount too. Combine that with the fact that you can mark your packages on Amazon to be labelled as gifts...
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on May 26, 2014
As a display of the qualities of Blu-ray this has faded somewhat over time, although given the difficulties they surely faced in filming much of the contents, I can hardly quibble about this.

Where this wins is in the sheer wonder this inspires. After years and years of watching nature documentaries, you'd think the world has little to surprise you with, but this will constantly make your jaw drop.

Of course, one cannot praise enough the narration by Sir David Attenborough, with his voice that has defined nature documentaries for many decades, and at times his commentary is almost poetic.

And finally, I got to see various locations I've seen with my own two eyes from vastly different viewpoints, which never fails to send a shiver down my spine!

One of THE defining natural world documentaries ever made.
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on April 23, 2007
What a great work of love, of craftsmanship.This is spellbinding, in the truest sense of the word. Once you have started viewing this fascinating work of art, time, all sense of time, is frozen.It is a transcendent experience, as you are drawn into the looking glass in front of you for a peek at our world. what a marvel, how so much fits conceptually into the little screen in front of you. it is as breath taking on a small screen as it is on a large screen .it is all just a peephole allowing you to gaze upon our earth. Every shot is beautifully framed. Reverence abounds,and craftsmanship guides you as one marvel after another is revealed .This is an 11 part series each featuring a different aspect of planet earth ."from pole to pole" "caves" "desert" "forests""jungles" great plains""shallow seas" "ocean deep""ice worlds""seasonal forests""fresh water".This is not just point and shoot pretty pictures. It shows the beauty for sure, but also the synchronicity. Those fine lines of interdependency as well as the many obvious interconnections and interdependencies.We all should know what a powerful medium film is, and at it's very best I feel it can stand with the bestof the "arts" in Music as well as paint and sculpture .I do think this work has proved that point .I was as elevated watching this film as I have been listening to a Beethoven symphony, or a Bach fugue, or viewing the paintings of the masters.

I cannot even begin to guess how they captured so much on high resolution film. The time exposures, the vistas , the rituals , and some of natures best kept secrets, , the many forms of unusual life occurring in every corner, nook and cranny, of this beautiful planet so full of life .I cannot wait to view this with my grandchildren, nieces, and nephews,I am sure it will create memories for them, I am sure of this .There is so much wonderful and wondrous information presented here in this set. knowledge, and the most glorious visuals, capturing our amazing planet earth .This is a most enjoyable experience. share it ,create around it, teachers, families, friends this should be an event not just a film .My wife and I are seriously thinking that we will for one night a week throughout the summer show this on our front lawn. prepare a few simple snacks have the grandchildren and family over and open this up to the neighborhood some lawn chairs, popcorn, blankets, and you have a wonderful summer event .I am sure the children as well as the adults will look forward each week .Yes it is that good.Even if you have never really enjoyed a nature documentary this may well be the exception .If only for the stunning visuals .But I find that the new, odd, often exciting and amazing facts that seem to fill every minute of this great work thrilling .Again I wish to state that the vision of those who put this masterpiece together must be on par with the works of the masters of ages past. this is an achievement in film that boggles the mind in scope and succeeds !It would seem that in our age we also have those who future generations will likely look upon as Masters of their crafts as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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on August 29, 2015
My five year old loves this so much I had to buy the entire set! Then our 14 year old gets caught up into to. The film is breathtaking, packed with information and the narrator doesn't blast or bore you. One person puts this on and then by the end the entire family is captivated each time its played again! This has helped to really get our little one interested in science and opened the door to explore more into seasons, weather and life. This is not only a great documentary but an excellent teaching tool too!
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