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on January 12, 2018
These discs wouldn't play on my bluray player. The description said they were for all regions, but in fact they are not, and if you look elsewhere on the page, you'll see that only certain players are compatible. I had to send them back and order a different set.
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on December 10, 2017
If you have a collection or are starting a collection of nature documentaries, Add this product to your list... David Attenborough does a great job narrating this BBC production..
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Top Contributor: Petson December 30, 2016
This was a gift but you can't go wrong with Sir David Attenborough's films.
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on November 23, 2017
Awesome to watch on the new LG 2017 television using a blue ray player. Well filmed and very enjoyable to watch. Highly recommend to own this.
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on January 26, 2013
The Blu-ray edition of this series is still the standard for high-definition home theaters. The quality of the video is simply profound.

The content is amazing, of course. Many have heralded it as the greatest documentary series of all time. I don't feel qualified enough to make that determination, but the breadth of information contained on these discs brought the natural world more to life than the entirety of my education ever did.

I prefer the Richard Attenborough edition, since his voice is appropriately professorial and filled with gravitas. By all accounts, the Sigourney Weaver edition is quite good, as well.

Anyway, you should have a copy of either.
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on August 25, 2013
if you're looking at this title, you are no doubt experienced with this, somewhat, and wonder if it's THAT much better on Blu-ray (given you have a nice-sized LCD/LED screen,) and to that, I can tell you it's immensely beautiful.

However, a caution:

If you have a PS3, you will experience lock-ups on the disc, and you will find little solutions and support online.

If you haven't formatted it in a while, many programs, save files, and such can affect certain Blu-ray playing. Clearing caches, and individual files may or may not work, but a full format WILL.

Please consider the trouble and willingness to do so, if you have a PS3 and such problems. There are dozens on 'non-formatting' solutions, and most will not work in your case.

So, be prepared. Save your files, prepare for the good possibility of having to re-format.

Is it worth it?

Yes. it absolutely is.
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on October 20, 2009
We saw one episode of this BBC produced series on the Discovery channel several months ago and we were sold. This series is a beautifully depicted narration on the wonderful planet we call home. The documentary is filmed almost exclusively in High Definition and the cinematography is simply stunning in Blu-ray.
We are using a 1080p 120Hz Toshiba Regza as our reference and the picture quality is at times breathtaking. The producers went to great lengths to capture amazing images of the entire planet and just watching the scenery alone is worth the price of this set. There is one shot taken as they flew over Victoria falls that almost makes you feel like you are soaring over the falls on your own personal set of wings.
While the Discovery Channel series is narrated by Sigourney Weaver and the Disney edited version is done by James Earl Jones; this original series is narrated by David Attenborough with the BBC and he is by far the best of the three. The only issues I had with the physical Blu-ray discs is that Mr. Attenborough's voice is slightly hard to hear over the higher volume musical scores and scenery sounds.
This set comes in a nice box for display and has 4 discs inside. The length is approximately 550 minutes and is divided into 50 minute themed segments.
I should also note that there are a few references (maybe 4 or 5) to evolution and global warming for those of you who may have issues with these types of views. However, the focus is not on politics or religion, rather the main focus is on our amazing planet and I do not believe the commentaries would be offensive to anyone who is solid in their own beliefs. In my opinion the stunning imagery reinforces the ideas of creation by design and the entire series would be an excellent educational resource for any type of school or home.
The wonder and awesomeness of this planet really shines in this series and I highly recommend it.
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on April 4, 2015
This documentary is one of my favorites. I find myself unable to stray away into new documentaries for very long.

David Attenborough' s narration is a personal favorite of mine to listen to, and this series provided no exception. His melody voice often harmonized well with the beautiful music, which always seems to match perfectly with the energy of the current environment.

The cinematography is just breathtakingly gorgeous, always a sight to behold. I always find myself wishing I could see it with my own eyes. The facts are also interesting. Not too pushy, but not fluffy either.

All in all, a wonderful series to watch.
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on May 30, 2015
The beauty and awe of nature will make your jaw drop. We had this on our 4K Sony 850 and one of our visitors walked in and said " I never knew you had an aquarium. It's huge. How is it built- in to the wall?" I told them it was a TV and they had to go up and see for themselves to be convinced. This is that good plus, come on, it's David Attenborough. The doyen of wildlife documentaries. His voice should be on every wildlife clip.
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on March 5, 2017
The item arrived just as promised. Great quality. Definitely recommending this seller.
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