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on September 9, 2015
This is a great looking box. It looks like something that would be made by Pelican. It's got 4 latches and is a manageable size. Once mine arrived I was immediately surprised at how light weight it was. Too light. The plastic is so thin that it almost makes it unusable for anything more than a few very light weight things. When you open the lid it flops open. Literally. It's like a wet noodle. The sides flex if you touch them. I had purchased this to put all my chainsaw gear in. It worked, size wise, but as soon as it was left in the back of my truck it stared warping in the sun (something I've seen other reviewers complain about). The wheels are basically useless because there is no handle, so in order to use the wheels you have to just hold one end of the trunk (which means someone of average height will be stooped over). If you are only 4 feet tall, or have very long arms, the wheel feature will probably work for you.
There are many other options for trunks this size that are much higher quality. After trying to use it for a while I gave up. It's just too weak. I ended up going with a Husky 25 gallon from Home depot (also available here on Amazon--although significantly more expensive than buying at the Home Depot store). If it had only been 20 bucks I wouldn't have been so disappointed. As it stands a cardboard box would have been more sturdy and a lot less money.
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on September 6, 2015
I'm very disappointed in this box. It looks fairly sturdy, but isn't strong enough to hold a pair of jackstands without bowing in (around 10lbs, total). It's nowhere near sturdy enough for a typical person to sit on (I weigh 165lbs and the one time I tried, I nearly ended up inside it). There is no lid stop, so the lid flops completely open and the design of the plastic piano hinge means that the lid falls/breaks off if it opens completely. The latches don't align correctly, and one of the two cheap plastic wheels broke during its first (empty) wheel across the driveway. In short, this case doesn't have a single redeeming characteristic to it. I'm astonished that I actually paid money for this.
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on January 11, 2015
Purchased to use on deployment. Traveled to training in Florida en route and was cracked all the way from the wheel area to the back hinge. I owned this box for less than a week before it was completely useless. A box like this should at least be able to hold up to a single transit inside the United States if not a trip around the world. If you plan on buying this for a deployment or any airline travel, look elsewhere.
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on November 11, 2009
I was disappointed when this trunk arrived. When I ordered it, I was hoping it was a larger version of a Contico trunk I have that is much sturdier and can airline checked as needed. Unfortunately, it is molded of somewhat flimsy plastic, plus the top attaches with plastic hinges which come off easily. It is a pain to have to reattach the top each time you put something in or take something out. It doesn't seem sturdy enough for airline travel, which was another use I had in mind. Instead, I decided to use it for long term storage. If this is what you're looking for, it is a workable solution.
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on December 22, 2013
*UPDATE* After finally getting around to trying to load some emergency preparedness items I say pass at any price. For it's over-all size this container stores much less than it should. There are insets on the left and right hand side to make a lift point which waste lots of space but the inset in the front is far worse and wastes allot of space and serves no purpose. The sides are over tapered which wastes even more potential storage space.
The plastic is flimsy and much thinner than I expected especially given the $50 price tag. The lid hinges separate very easily if you're not careful when opening it. I purchased 1 of these when they were on sale for $20 and I wish I had tried storing my gear sooner cause I would have returned it immediately.
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on June 26, 2011
I normally do not write reviews, but I believe that this one deserves one -
I probably compared about 10 different foot lockers before I went ahead and bought this one. I kind of figured, that the newer foot lockers were not nearly as stable as the older versions - but I didn't have any time to search for a used one, so had to go with this..
The foot locker was intended for my son's summer camp in Florida, which he had to fly to. When I received the locker the top was half torn off and it probably took a good 10 minutes to get it all lined up and snapped back in again... while doing that I couldn't believe how flimsy this thing was.. It states, that it is airline approved, which is true - but since this locker does not come with a handle - they were not able to wrap around the destination sticker anywhere but the luggage straps, that I put on due to a review about the locker popping open in transit.. I put 2 straps on - but since the foot locker is rather slick and hardly has any grooves for the luggage straps to hold on to, I am not sure if they won't just slide off at some point.. (including the destination sticker, the airport puts on them).. so far so good, but this is the 1st and probably only time we will be able to use it while flying, since I cannot imagine it holding up longer than that!

One of the wheels popped off while walking into to airport, so my husband took off the other one as well.. and the wheels were the selling point! So what can I say? We were a bit ticked off when that happened...

So.. if you are looking at buying one for air travel? I WOULD NOT recommend buying this cheap built thing. If you are using it for storage only? Sure.. it will probably last a couple of years, unless you open and close it often.. if you are going on car trips/camping trips and want to use one.. well.. as long as it does not include having to wheel it.. it will probably be ok..

My son will be at camp for 5 weeks.. lets see how the locker looks when he comes back.. haha! I will let ya know once he returns..
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on February 26, 2014
This product is a great choice for it's size, features, and price. Buyers should be aware, however, that the plastic this product is made of is malleable and pretty flexible. Those looking for rigid, hard plastic sides that have little-to-no give will be disappointed. I use it to store my fire gear, and it holds everything, but just barely. The sides of the box bulge outward and I have push in the sides to close the lid and the clips. From the advertised pictures, I was expecting a hard-plastic container with no give.

In addition, the hinges on the back of the box are simply a series of plastic clips that clip onto a plastic cylinder. This creates a situation where sections of the hinges frequently come off the spindle, requiring re-seating. Typically, this will happen if you open the box "all the way" and the hinge becomes hyper-extended.

The wheels, however, are excellent as long as you remain on cement/asphalt.

For the price, I found this product acceptable. At $45-ish dollars (this price includes shipping charges) - I am content, but only because the price was so low. When these boxes wear out, I will likely spring for the hard-plastic, roomier boxes that are available at about three times the price, but should last for decades. For those who want a quick, portable storage solution with materials that are not overly heavy or bulky, this box will be perfect.
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on April 26, 2015
It is okay for what I need it for. I use it to store my mtm ammo can cases. They go in snug, but I can fit four of them. These are sealed just like a ammo can. Be better if you have allot of ammunition to just use the small individual mtm cases. Could fit allot more into them. Other than that good case, glade I got it. Plastic is flimsy and could be better made, but it is totally worth the price. Bought two more just to store some more ammo cans.
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on December 31, 2013
He wanted this for our truck. It has now been a week since he just had to have this. It is still sitting in my den and will be until I put in the truck. Anyway, it is nice. I do love the fact it has wheels. It will make it easier for me to haul around...especially since I'll be one putting in the truck and taking it out.

The weight of the storage box isn't too heavy. Also, I do like the fact it's weatherproof. I can now throw all his crap he has under the back seat of the truck in the storage box and clean up the inside! YEAH ME!
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on May 23, 2014
I bought a number of these (I think eight total) to use moving internationally. I had read the reviews and just pulled the trigger on them-and I'm glad that I did. I have no problem recommending these footlockers for international travel-and I mean all the way around the world travel in small developing nation airports, because that's where we've gone and we've never had a problem with them.

That being said, of the original six or so that we took over (I just ordered two more for another return overseas), one shattered at the wheel and developed a small hole where loose puzzle pieces (bad packing) got out. However, another two or three we have taken back and forth overseas with no problems whatsoever.

Listen, you get what you pay for. You shouldn't be packing 80lbs of gear in these. Half that and you're fine. Just follow common sense packing and you'll do fine; these footlockers will do their job. Actually, I would say that for the price, you're getting a better product than what you're paying for. A piece of luggage could be twice the price, and not have containing walls. Some stuff is just better shipped in a locked down footlocker than something from American Tourist.

With regards to "flimsy plastic", "warped hinges" or whatever, I've never felt that it was something that was a problem. I trust these footlockers to get half-way around the world with my stuff intact. I've never had a problem with them being rejected by either an airline or an airport. The plastic is strong enough to get belongings packed-again, as long as you're not filling it full of books or heavy military gear. I use the loop locks from Master Lock and they've been great.

Very satisfied!
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