Customer Reviews: Plantronics .Audio 326 Stereo PC Headset
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on September 5, 2010
I have never worn such a perfectly fitting headset in three decades. It is snug without being tight. The earphones are convex (rounded out) so that the pressure is distributed more gently over the rims of the ears while at the same time focusing the sound right into your ears and getting the best filtration of outside ambient noise (without shutting it out entirely, which is important to me, as I do need to hear what is going on in airports and at home, though I want it pushed into the background).

The sound coming through the earphones and through the microphone are both superb -- clear, deep and resonant speech, reception and recording. It's hard to believe how good it is, considering this is, technically speaking, a "low-end", light-weight, computer headset. If only it were collapsible/foldable, too! (There are other versions that are.)

The cable is super-long, about 7' all let out, and a bit thicker than most, with solid seals at every connection, including the in-line controls, so it doesn't look like they will pull apart or be damaged very easily, which is usually what goes wrong first with many headsets.

As for the packaging, it's one of those super-tough, vandal-proof, hard-plastic enclosures, BUT this one has a hinge-seam at the bottom that is easy to cut, unlike most such packages.

All told, I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of this headset and extreeeemely pleased with my purchase at a ridiculous bargain price the day I found it.
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on December 31, 2010
It took me several HOURS of searching online to finally find a headset (with good reviews) that would allow me to talk on the phone while on the treadmill! Who would have thought it would be that difficult to find a) a **BINAURAL** headset (wherein BOTH of my ears are covered, thereby cancelling out the very loud noises of my fan and treadmill); and b) a **noise-reducing** microphone (again, reducing the fan and treadmill noises for my listener). I received it with great anticipation, and after playing with the adjustments a bit (found that earphone volume all the way up, but microphone volume at "medium" allows me AND the listener to have optimal reception), I can now talk on the phone and walk or run on the treadmill without any problems. It was worth the search - especially for the price. But DON'T FORGET everyone (if you plan to use these for your telephone) to get the "Headset Buddy Adapter: PC Headset to Phone Adapter PC35-PH25" - which converts the *dual* 3.5mm male ends of these headphones to a *single* 2.5mm male end (to fit into your phone's single female connector). Also, don't forget, that if you plug everything in and you can't hear your phone's dialtone, you probably have the right male jack plugged into the left female connector of the Adapter and vice versa (which I may or may not have done ;0)
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on September 30, 2010
When I bought a new PC several years ago, I signed on to Skype service to communicate with my children who live overseas. With the PC microphone and speakers, the sound quality was marginally adequate. And moving around in my chair affected the sound from my microphone heard by the other party. I decided try the Plantronics stereo headset based on information gleaned from various sources. During my first use of the headset, the other party commented on how clear my voice sounded. The result was the same at my end. And the long cord provided with the headset gave me ample room to move about during the conversation. For my purposes, it has worked out perfectly.
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on October 12, 2009
This Plantronics headphone and microphone is not only comfortable to wear, but the sound quality from the headphones are amazing! I was also told that the microphone is so clear that I sound as if I am right in the room.
Can't beat that type of quality!
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on January 16, 2010
Another FINE Plantronics product. The 326 headset is excellent quality and very comfortable to wear. I have worked in a call center enviornment for more than 15 years and Plantronics products are without a doubt the best products for home or office use. I currently own 2 Plantronics headsets (the 326 and the M214C) and both are outstanding headsets.

Does come with 1 year limited warranty.

For the person that bought the "dead headset"...I'm sure you could have exchanged/returned the "defective" headset to where you made the purchase. Or, perhaps you could have contacted Plantronics directly. Their number is right on the on the original packaging of your purchased product which is: (800) 544-4660. Since the item would have been considered still under warranty, I'm sure they would have been happy to help resolve your issue.
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on August 24, 2011
This Plantronics headset's packaging is nearly impossible to open without slashing open an artery or destroying the headset. I condemn this frustrating and dangerous packaging and urge Plantronics to improve it. The plastic is way too thick to cut with a scissors, so I had to use a Bowie knife, which is where the slashed artery comes in. Then, while trying to "deliver" the headset from its injection-molded plastic "womb", I destroyed the microphone boom. Note to Plantronics: the packaging should safely and conveniently get the product to the consumer. This headset is packaged as if were an Egyptian mummy meant to be sealed shut for five thousand years! By the way, the headset itself is a great product & I would have given it 5 stars if not for the packaging.
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on August 31, 2012
I needed a headset to skype with to talk to my brother. We skyped the other day before I had a headset and it was pretty difficult. I called him yesterday with this headset and he said it was clear and I could also hear him clearly. I have a smaller head and it fits good - and snug. If you have a big head (literally), you should probably avoid it. If you have a big head (figuratively) then you'll enjoy hearing yourself clearly through the microphone and speakers. If you need something for all day, every day use, then I would also look at a more comfortable set. But, if you just need something for every now and then this is a great deal.
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on December 18, 2013
The sound and recording quality are good, but the headphones squeeze your head like they were made at ACME Tractor Spring Inc. I wear glasses, so my ears and head get smashed into my glasses as the headphones try to crush my head. I mean, I don't have the head of a supermodel, but it isn't fat by any means. It seems like the first purpose of these headphone is to burrow to your cerebellum, second is to record and playback sound.
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on April 27, 2011
My last headset, a clunky, back-slung heavy-duty Logitech gamer headset finally gave up the ghost about a month ago. I'd been having problems for years regarding the sound, but it finally gave out entirely on one side. I was strapped for funds, trying to look for a new headset that would be good for gaming, listening to a lot of music, and talking on voice with my boyfriend and other friends, without being too expensive. A lot of these are very pricy, like my Logitech one. I ordered this Plantronics set, as it fell within my price-range and seemed to have the features that I wanted. In Amazon fashion, it arrived promptly. The packaging was a battle in itself to get into, but it made actually taking out and finally plugging in the headset more satisfying. If you have a box-cutter and plenty of patience, you'll get into it.

I have to say, I'm altogether WAY more pleased with this headset than I was with my Logitech gaming headset. It looks and feels light and somewhat fragile (compared to my other one) but as long as you're not too brutal on your things, you should be okay. My head is pretty tiny and it fits perfectly on the tightest setting, and is easily adjusted. The cushioned earpieces are pretty comfortable, although my ears get a bit sore after about 2-3 hours of wearing them nonstop, but that's to be expected. The cord is long and reaches my computer no problem. The sound on this is clear, and music and game sounds are great, and the stereo effect is nice--well-balanced. You can hear moderate music/sounds outside of the headset pretty easily, not a lot of noise cancellation, but this is fine.

My significant other (long distance relationship) said that my voice on the microphone sounds better/clearer on this headset than the other one I had. We've done plenty of gaming together, voice + game, and this has been ideal.

The only slight complaint I might have is the microphone mute button. When using it, it switches off the microphone easily, but then after a few minutes I try switching the mic back ON and it takes several switching of back on and forth to actually get my voice to sound through the mic again. Usually takes several seconds of 'hello, can you hear me?' at the other person until the mic registers again. That's the only problem I have with the headset in general, and it's not enough to deduct a star from the overall score as I'm VERY happy with the other features.

I definitely recommend this headset. It's cheap, but of high value regarding its price for the way it's working for me.
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on July 26, 2011
If you want a pair of headphones that will never fall off, this is your product! These things clamp so tight you'll have a headache in 10 minutes. I did.

Can't even comment on how well they worked because they were so uncomfortable I really didn't use them.

I've used previous Plantronics products and they were great so this was a bit of a surprise.
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