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on August 31, 2010
Before deciding on this model of headphones, I had debated between the Creative Fatality's, Sennheiser 350's, and Audio Technica ATH-AD700's. I almost went with the AD700's but wanted a headset with an integrated mic, I wouldn't feel bad about loosing or throwing into a bag for travel, sounded decent, and didn't cost an arm and a leg (ruling out the Sennheiser's, as well). It was a difficult debate, to be sure. As you can guess, in the end, I went with the Gamecom's. Having now owned them for about a week, I now wish to offer my review.


Overall quality of this headset is very good. As others have noted, the majority of the headset consists of a sturdy, durable plastic that feels as though it will last for years. The ear pads are covered in a black velour that, while very soft and comfortable, will attract dust and hair very easily. Also, I don't know if any of the pads are replaceable. If not, they should be.

The mic folding up into the headset is a very nice touch. However, it does rub up against the headphone itself so that it never stays tucked in all the way. Further, when rotating the mic down to mouth level, it tends to scrape along the raised edge of the headphone. This will eventually begin to show signs of wear.

The cable is a very nice, thick gauge. The volume dial feels very solid and is constructed of the same plastic as the headset itself. It is a few inches further from the headset than I prefer, but that is easily solved with the on-cable clip. The y-split at the end of the cable is set with a rubber cover and the cables after the split are pretty short, thus limiting its functionality. This could be a problem for some.

Finally, the extension pieces (the part that the headphones slides on, at the top) are much thinner and flimsier than the plastic used elsewhere on the headset. I could see this easily breaking in the not too distant future, unfortunately.


As headsets go, these are among the most comfortable I've used. As I said, the plush velour pads on the ears and band are very soft. They will keep your ears quite warm, unfortunately. I had read reviews stating that the headset gave people headaches from the pressure. On the contrary, I found them to be about average in the amount of pressure they exert, and I have a larger than average head size. Also, I absolutely love how the ear cups themselves pivot allowing the headset to better adjust to the contours of your noggin.


On its own, this headset is OK when it comes to sound quality, not great but not terrible. Highs are decent (a tad trimmed, actually), mids are decent, and lows are generally heard but not felt. I would describe the sound as airy and subdued as if there's unrealized potential. (I feel it fair to mention that this headset should be burned/broken in for at least three hours but preferably longer. The sound signature changes dramatically within that time.) The soundstage (how well you can tell where individual sounds are coming from), on the other hand, is absolutely phenomenal. For the twenty-five dollars you pay, I can't think of another headset with this good of a soundstage. This makes them an excellent recommendation for gaming, obviously. For general listening (movies and music), this headset is generally good. I would say it's above average for it's class/price range.

When amped and equalized, however, this headset comes to life. Hooking the Gamecom's up through my cmoybb headphone amp (with bass boost on, of course) and tweaking the equalizer in iTunes dramatically changes how these headphones act. Highs are amazing, mids are great, and lows are heard AND felt (seriously, this headset goes surprisingly low). For the price-point, the sound quality, when amped, is amazing.

The only other point I would like to mention here before concluding is that the headphones, despite being labeled as "closed-ear," will NOT block out external noise. Keep this in mind when considering these headphones.


I would HIGHLY recommend this headset to any budget conscious gamer looking for a very reasonably priced headset that offers good sound quality, comfort, and durability. On the same token, I would very strongly suggest that you purchase a good headphone amp to accompany this headset, in order to realize their full potential. It will make a night and day difference.

Sturdy Construction
Great sound quality, when amped
Overall very comfortable
Does not block out all external noise (good for use at the office)

Need an amp to realize full potential
Design issues with mic
Can be quite warm after long periods
Does not block out all external noise (bad for noisy environments)
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I use this headphone for playing starcraft with my friends online. The sound isn't amazing. The comfort isn't amazing. But it works well enough and reliably and it was cheap. I wouldn't use it for listening to music...I have better headphones for that.

The only annoyance is that the volume control on the cable gets turned very easily (by my 2-year old). Also the mute button on the cable gets engaged really easily, which means I often find myself trying to figure out why people aren't hearing me and having to dive for the volume. Maybe if the volume control was closer up on the cable or something it would be better.

======= Edit some time later ===========

I only used this periodically but it actually broke in a non-repairable way after a smallish number of uses. The volume control and mute are in a little plastic box in line with the cord. Well, the cord isn't very securely attached to that box, so if the cord gets yanked, it pulls directly on the internal soldering. With a pretty moderate yank (I think I tripped over it while it was plugged into my computer) one of the solders detached. I tried bypassing or fixing it but it's not easily repaired even if you have a moderate amount of skill repairing this kind of thing.

Taking off two stars from the original 4 star review because it's not very durable. These headphones work ok but be sure not to let the cord get pulled.
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on August 18, 2015
I purchased these headphones to use skype and play video games. I really like the closed-ear design, as many other on-ear headphones hurt my ears after extended use. These I can use for hours without major discomfort. I've never had issues with the microphone not working and the quick access to volume and mic mute on the cord are very handy.

- comfortable
- mic tucks away so it won't get caught on things or break off, as long as you remember to hide it when you're done using
- good sound, acceptable by me anyway. I have a pair of beats which sound the same to me, but I'm not an audiophile

- Pretty much all plastic design. My only concern with this is accidentally dropping them
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Enthusiast: Cookingon February 18, 2012
For the price you can't go wrong and after reading the connection problems and how much batteries the wireless headsets go through I wanted a wired one and bought this. I bought the Syba SD-CM-UAUD USB Stereo Audio Adapter, C-Media Chipset, RoHS that hooked into the USB port on PS3 and Cables To Go 40408 3.5 mm Male/Female Stereo Audio Extension Cable - Black (12 Feet/3.65 Meters) 12 ft extension cables so I could sit on the couch. It works awesome! This setup I would higly reccomend if you want to sit play online and chat for hours. What I really like is the mute switch and the inline volume control. And my game of choice with this set up is Warhawk (No Headset).

Once you get the adapter, plug it into a USB port on the PS3, and make sure to go into the system settings on the PS3 and change the chat input setting to this device.

NOTE: Since the PS3 4.00 update only the chat sounds come through the headset which is what I wanted.
If you want to get full sound you will have to plug the headphones output to the back of your TV or receiver or you will have the buy the official Sony PS3 headset Wireless Stereo Headset to get full sound through a headset.
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on September 16, 2011
There are a lot of good reviews already posted so I'm mainly here to say that this headset works with PS3. I found a few reviews saying after buying the syba stereo audio adapter associated with the product post that the headset can only output audio for the voice chat which is true. In order to make the headset work you need to purchase this,

6in. Stereo Splitter (3.5mm) Audio Adapter
Qty: 2
Sold by: BlueMall
Payment Method:
Items: $5.98
Shipping & Handling: $5.96

which is a male RCA adapter (those red and white plugs used to input output audio) with a female 3.5mm headphone jack. I'm using a HDMI cable so to get the audio to output to an RCA you will need to plug in the PS3 analog cable that outputs to 3 RCAs: red, white, and yellow. The audio adapter will let you plug the headset right into this cable and will let you hear in game audio along side game chat. Because I have audio outputing to HDMI and the analog cable, I had to set the audio settings to multi to out put to both cables at once. The syba adapter is straight forward and most people posted they were able to get it to work, so I'm not explainig it.

I specificly bought this set up to play Black Ops. This is my first headset and I didn't want to dump a bunch of money into something that may not work for me. I must say you get more than you pay for absolutly. As far as the mic is concerned I believe people can hear me because I don't have to repeat what I say. The audio is loud and vivid. When it is all quiet and a sniper rifle goes off it can be startling. While sitting still I do get the notion that people are walking from left to right but can not determine if the steps are infront or back of my current position. The lack of 3D is a price point compromise having only 1 speaker per ear that I do realize. I have noticed that sitting in one spot and slowly scaning my view left to right changes the angle my character recieves the audio giving me a simulated 3D effect to locate players. While moving quickly and spining the character's line of sight the audio is changing distance and angle of the sound at the same time which can cause some choppiness of the rapidly changing audio all around me. The audio from the headset is at the will of what is processing it, so I can not leave out the fact that it does what it's told by the game and the PS3, so if the game or the unit does not put that detail into the audio content then it would hinder my experience with the audio coming thru the speakers. In short, I can not be sure if it's "crap in crap out" because I have no other headset for comparison.

The Game Com 367 was a great investment being able to do all that it does at that price point. The headset is really big and makes you look like airport runway personnel. The cable is more than long enough however the wire splits into a y where the cabling goes thin, so I reccomend anchoring it down from being yanked out. I don't know how to clean the ear pads on the headset so I try to wipe grease around my ears to prevent build up before putting them on. I have also kept the blister pack the headset came in because it is great for storage. Any one deciding to buy one of these will not be dissaponted.
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on May 2, 2016
I tried these and the (mute button) does not work, so I had to send them back. I had bought a Plantronics GameCom 777 Open-Ear Gaming Headset years ago after dealing with bad headsets that kept breaking like Logitech. I fell in love with the 777, but eventually after years, it wore out. I WANT IT BACK! The 777 is no longer being made, plantronics is making some crappy headset that everyone is complaining about the quality and falling apart, they all say the same thing, so I have to find a new headset manufacturer to buy from. Plantronics, if you read this review, please bring back the 777. Your customers are seeing that you have gone cheap, and you are losing us.
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on November 30, 2015
Piling onto the long list of positive reviews here. Purchased this headset a little under 4 years ago. I've treated the headset with dignity and care, and in return it has performed well for these past few years. The headset shows no signs of deterioration or wear, aside from a few scratches where I've dropped it.

Nothing about this headset screams "expensive". The headset itself is reasonably light, and somewhat hollow feeling. The volume control and mute button are clean, but not smooth / crisp compared to other headsets. Pulling the microphone in and out of it's cubby in the headband is not a one handed job, either. This is not a $300 Astro headset. Instead, this headset sits comfortably and undistractingly while serving it's intended purpose. The felt ear cups surround the ear and prevent sweating. The sound is (to my non-audiophile ears) balanced and does not strive to be overly base heavy. When base is called for, the headset delivers the appropriate amount of boom. The microphone does not require precise positioning in order for people on the other end of the line to hear you. The volume control and mic mute are welcome additions to the headset.

The headset is a joy to use. It is fairly rugged, practical, and seemingly durable. If they're still making these in 4 more years, I'll report back as to how mine is fairing.
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Enthusiast: Archeryon August 20, 2011
Bought this headset/mic unit quite awhile ago, and just now reviewing it. Im rough on it, alot rougher than I should be. I get the cord tangled up in my legs, or the legs of my chair; Ive yanked its jacks out of the computer that way several times, dropped the whole unit on the floor more times than I can remember, Ive really put this thing through the wringer. It still works great though. Its a bit heavy, but I think the extra material makes it more durable. Being heavy is the only thing I find a little uncomfortable about it. I love the cushions around the ears, and in the part that settles down on my head. I can wear it for hours and never have a sore spot from where it rests on my head. The mic tucks away completely into the head band part of the head set, and that is also very convenient. When the mic is tucked away, its like youre wearing just a head set--no mic boom at all hovering in front of your face. Im sure this is not a headset all the "sound purists" would flock to, but for an audio mutt like me, it does the trick just fine :P
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on December 23, 2011
I'll admit, it isn't the same quality as a $200 headset, but it is pretty darn good for $25! The mic is really good quality, and is sensitive, so it is suggested to turn down the sensitivity when playing games in open mic, otherwise players might be thinking you are trying to talk the whole time. Had some trouble at first getting it to work, but that was my fault because I didn't plug the wires in all the way. The felt is very comfortable, although it can get dirty very easily, so watch out if you have longer hair. After about an hour or so of having them on, however, I need to take them off for a few minutes because the pressure makes it start getting uncomfortable, but that is with almost any headset. The wire is really long, which is both good and bad in that you have more freedom to move, but it can snag really easy. I haven't had that problem yet. The microphone looks like it can break pretty easily, but I have been careful with it and have not yet broken it. The volume wheel works pretty good, and these headphones can get loud. The first thing I did with these was play Left 4 Dead, and I had the volume on max, and as soon as the Valve intro came on, I nearly had a heart-attack. Another reason it is not recommended to have it on full volume is because sometimes the sound will leak out of the ear pieces and go into the microphone, which can get very annoying for people in other parties. Some people have claimed you cannot "feel" the bass, but I ran a bass test from youtube on these headphones, and I could definitely "feel" the bass, but that was at a VERY low frequency.
Pros: Cheap, comfortable padding, good mic, good sound quality, can get loud
Cons: Some parts look like they are easy to break, uncomfortable after long periods of use, felt gets dirty
Recommended for: Semi-hardcore Gamers or Hardcore Gamers on a budget
Ease of initial set up: 5/5
Durability: 3/5
Mic Quality: 4/5
Sound Quality: 4/5
Comfort ability: 4/5
Appearance: 4/5
Overall: 4/5 A great item for the price!!
Edit (1/2/2012): A minor inconvenience I have ran into is that the plugs are both black, and not color coded, sometimes making it hard to tell what plug goes into the microphone input, and what plug goes into the headphone input. A minor inconvenience, since the solution is simply turning on the light. Not enough to edit the rating.
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on January 23, 2014
I have purchased this headset before but not from amazon so i don't have a review. I truly love this headset, I used it with my mac and pc for gaming and work and it never failed to do it job effectively. So i figure since i bought this again and this headset truly is awesome i would go ahead and wright a review. I bought this headset the first time a LONG time ago. I believe it was about 5 years ago. Finally after good amount of time of having it the headset stopped working. Considering how long it lasted i was not at all upset. In-fact i went to the store to get another one. Sadly i had to go to several stores to find another one because i guess this one has gotten old and no longer is sold everywhere. I ended up finding it at a small electronic store in my town. I used it for about a month before it stopped working and was pretty upset considering the store offered a 30 day warranty and it had been about 40 days. So i went on amazon to find a headset from Plantronics and found my old tried and true and bought without hesitation. Working pretty great so far.
My Problem:
It works on my mac but in Skype and Teamspeak and Ventrilo it randomly makes high pitched noises and i have to unplug and restart the program i was using just to make it stop the noises. On both the other headsets i had of the exact same type it did not do this. But i still give this headset 5 stars because Plantronics posted in the description that it worked on PC only. I let my previous knowledge of the headset distract me from the fact that they specifically put that in the description. Sadly i can't afford to buy a headset that does work on the mac right now so im hoping Plantronics will contact me with some help on this. Ill post back here again with a stronger review if i can get it working with the mac or they contact me with some help.
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