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on October 18, 2010
Let me start by saying i've owned a lot of high end BT headsets, Plantronics Voyager Pro, Plantronics 975, Blueant T1, Parrot B250XT, Parrot Xpressway, and some cheaper Chinese Brands like the Gblue and Bluedio.

I was ISO the perfect headset that balances look, fit, sound, and also has A2DP. I find no matter how much technology, or how fancy the name of the technology, there's substitution for a mic that gets closer to the mouth. The best phone only headset i've ever owned is the Parrot B250XT, but the thing looks like I'm taking drive thru orders at McD's (but it works as well as the ones you see coaches wear at football games).

This headset seems to be the best balance of everything.

Call me a geek but here's my LAB TEST. I used a 2nd phone using a wired sound isolation headset, put it on mute, and called my HTC EVO Bluetoothed to the Plantronics Voyager Pro Plus.

I started with complete silence. The headset works great. I can actually WHISPER and it picks up. This is great because I'm fairly soft spoken so at my lower than normal conversation voice it picks up great, sounds like i was talking right into the phone.

Then I added noise. I turned on the TV on an average volume and stood in front of it. I can definitely hear every word of the TV. But if I talked at a normal voice, my voice totally overpowered the TV sound and I was completely audible. If i walked about 6 feet away from the TV, the TV sound started to get warbled and much more quiet. I think this is more typical as I normally sit about 6 feet from the TV. I can now talk at low to normal and the I can hear myself great. I turned the TV to very high volume to simulate being outside. It UNFORTUNATELY picks up everything on the TV, but if I spoke, my voice was much louder than the TV.

Now I try Wind. You can put all the shiny foil you want on it, it's not going to work as well as foam like on a boom mic. I put my small vornado fan on low. The wind noise was VERY noticeable. I started to NOT hear any noise after I was about 6 feet away. I tried turning my head to change the angle of the wind, didn't seem to make a difference. That wind was about equivalent to a light breeze. However, it's a consistent breeze, probably unrealistic. But even if I talked at normal volume, my voice would still overpower the wind noise, it was just annoying.

Okay, here's my REAL WORLD TEST. I have to thank my girlfriend as I must have asked her 100 times "can you hear that?" I walked from my quiet street down a busy street, bought a few things at the supermarket, and walked back. Basically, I spoke at a normal volume the whole time, I didn't have to talk loud at all, she heard me the whole time no problem. She could hear all the stuff around me as well, but my voice overpowered everything. She could NOT hear the LOW ambient noises around me, like far away trucks and low flying planes. She can clearly hear the high sounds, sirens, horns, shopping carts, and PA system in the supermarket.

I noticed this same phenomenon with the many of the advanced dual microphone headsets (other Plantronics and BlueAnt). When I was at home, you could annoying hear me crumple up a piece of paper or walking around my creeky hardwood floors.

A2DP is the reason why I bought this headset. I wanted to listen to Audio Books and Podcasts. Yes, when you get a call, it pauses the music so you can answer the call. With my other Headsets, I can hit the Multifunction Button and it pauses the sound. This headset does not. It also does not have any FF or REW buttons. However, the Sound is VERY GOOD. You can hear the deeps. I've tried headset sized A2DP before, if the Chinese brands have high tiny sound, the Blueant T1 sounds very good, this headset has excellent sound quality. Well, as excellent as outside the ear headsets can sound anyways. Btw, when I dial, I can hear the tones in the headset. I guess that's an A2DP thing.

The volume control is interesting. It does NOT control the phones volume, it's independent. This is a good thing actually. If you want it really high, you can manually pump up the phone's volume, then manually pump up the headsets volume, it makes it REALLY loud. Often, when i'm outside on the city streets, no matter how high I put the volume, it's not enough. This is MORE than loud enough at the highest setting.

As far as fit, I've been wearing this thing for 4h straight now. It went from noticeable to barely noticeable. Looks wise it's bulky and totally obnoxious as far as today's headsets go. But in today's world, even the smallest headset if you wear it or use it in a public place is annoying. At least this one, you can talk QUIETLY and still be heard.

I do not have an iphone, so i cannot comment on those wahzoo tech features. Personally, I think they are pointless because with A2DP you can use apps to do the same thing (read text messages, warnings, and so on).

As far a quick comparison, the Plantronics Voyager Pro is a great device, without A2DP, the Plantronics 975 is a little echoee, the blueant T1 is small and sounds good, but I still have to talk louder than normal for the other person to hear me, and doesn't sound nearly as good. The Parrot's are both great, no a2dp, but they are HUGE. The Chinese brands are tiny, great for A2DP only, useless for a phone conversation.

Overall, I'm convinced this is the best overall balance of fit and sound quality headset you can buy today.

UPDATES: The unit has no AUTO-0FF, so even if nothing is connected, it stays on 24/7, since there is no blinking light, you'll never know you left it on unless you push the on/off switch for a sec to get a battery feedback pulse.
Also, I initially wrote the sound was really loud, I still thinks it's pretty loud with some podcasts, but talking to people, I sometimes find even at loudest setting on both the phone and headset, it's not loud enough.

SIRI update: I recently bought an iphone 4s. The bluetooth battery indicator DOES come on on the iphone top icon row with this model, it didn't with my sony MW-600. I just have to hold down the multi function for a half second for SIRI to activate while the phone is sitting on my waisteband. The iphone software actually waits a few seconds to establish the A2DP connection before I get the SIRI double beep prompt telling me to start talking as to prevent me from cutting off to the voice recognition system. It "holds" the connection for about 60s in case you want to continue using SIRI. While A2DP is "held" open, the next SIRI double beep prompt is MUCH shorter, maybe a half second or so, the same as if talking into the phone directly. After that 60s, the iphone will drop the A2DP prompting the Voyager to give me the customary message as to how much battery life I have left. While the Voyager is connected, even activating SIRI from the phone directly will force it to use the bluetooth.
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on November 7, 2016
One of the best headsets available. I have been on the other end of this headset and I hear very little if any background noise. Nice and crisp, clear audio with no distortions. Very easy to use, even by someone who is technologically challenged.
For the user, the audio is loud and clear. Pairing is no big deal, and battery life is very good. Plugging in the charger takes only a second. When charged, the light on it stops flashing.
Very comfortable to wear. The part that goes over the ear is flexible and conforms to any ear shape. They supply three sizes of ear pieces.
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on January 5, 2012
This is a replacement for the Jabra Cruiser Bluetooth Car Kit, Speakerphone [Bulk Packaged] that I purchased in March of 2011 and wouldn't turn on anymore by August of 2011. I was using this for business and leisure trips to California.

I bought two of the Plantronics Voyager PRO+ Bluetooth Headset at the last minute once our state changed their traffic laws to include the use of handsfree only mobile devices while operating a vehicle on 1/1/12.

The earbud was easy to use right out of the box. Essentially, we turned on the bluetooth feature on our iPhone and then turned on the headset. The phone and headset synced almost immediately. I ended up changing out the rubber ear bud piece that the headset shipped with for a smaller one. (Plantronics provides 4 additional buds in the box so that you can choose which one is most comfortable) The battery on the device was also charged so that we could use it right away. (The iPhone displays the current battery power for the earbud right next to the phone battery power meter without the need for another app!)

Voice clarity is good and others tell me that they can hear me better now than they could without the headset. I can wear the headset for several hours without any irritation. I do wear glasses and it took me awhile to get used to wearing the headset over the frame of the glasses, but now it doesn't bother me.

I am also trying out the free one year subscription to Plantronics Vocalyst product that came with the purchase of the headset. This product allows you to many things, but I am really excited to try the handsfree texting. The setup for the Vocalyst product had more steps but all in all the process is pretty easy if you are computer literate. My husband isn't sure if he'll use that product or not because he talks more than he texts.

I've used Plantronics products before in the office and for gaming headsets and I always find their products to be superior to their competition.
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on March 21, 2014
I bought this a few years ago, and I have had to repurchase once but am looking to do it YET AGAIN. Why? I LOVE Bluetooth headsets. I listen to music, watch Netflix, play games, and talk to people on my phone all of the time. I work in a place where I am not supposed to be seen holding my phone up to my ear and had to conform to company rules about 6 years back.

This was the 3rd headset I purchased, and I have never looked back. Someone else posted something similar, but I have to say this: I have been at work, left work, gone through the checkout line at the grocery store, and made it home without my friend on the other end EVEN NOTICING!! That is just amazing to me, considering I HATE WHEN SOMEONE HAS BACKGROUND NOISE! It has got to be one of my biggest pet peeves. If someone calls me and their music is playing in the background or there is an echo, I cut the call short A.S.A.P. I don't want to hear that crap!

My friend went through several headsets, with me cutting conversations short each time, until he caved and bought the same one I have. He hates the way it makes him look, and refuses to wear it out to a bar, but he loves the call quality (and talking to me, of course). :)

Anyway, I had to repurchase because I had the other one for about 2 years and the charging portal started loosening and would no longer charge. I figured that was from normal wear and tear. I bought the second one used, and it has served me well. I have had the current one for about a year 1/2, and it is still going strong. The reason I am looking to purchase another one is that I listen to too many things and run my battery down by the end of the work day (I get an average of 6-7 hours listening/talk time). When it's time to go home, I start getting the "beeps" and the message that the battery is running low.

I also work in the corporate world and see a lot of vendors, organizational leaders, political figures, and executives coming in for meetings. I have run into several with the same ear piece who give you that look, when they see you have the same one, then they commence with the raving about how good they are. I must say I tried the Voyager Legend and did not like it. It had some good qualities, but I wouldn't purchase that one again. Some of the corporate people have agreed they prefer this one over the newer versions. I hope they don't stop making these. I don't know what I'd do!!
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on August 23, 2014
I absolutely love this headset. I've had about 5 of these over the past 8 or 9 years (I use them every day and they break or get lost), and in my opinion they can't be beat. I first started using Plantronics headsets back in the mid 80's in an office setting, and I thought they were a quality tool back then. Naturally, when I needed a headset for my cell phone, I looked to Plantronics, and I never looked back. I drive trucks for a living; I'm constantly exposed to extremely loud equipment and job sites, and this thing works and works great. In most situations, people don't know if I'm on my headset or phone when I'm talking to them. I've turned others onto this device and they have all been pleasantly surprised at how good the call quality is whether it be in their trucks, cars, office, or outside. It fits comfortably even when worn for long hours. It's super easy to use once you learn how the controls work. As for the battery life, well, this thing is small and as such has a small battery. I have to charge my headset in the middle of the day, but, I'm on my phone all day. I don't know how long a charge last, but I get about 5 or more hours of straight talk out of one charge. If you need a headset, I don't think you can go wrong buying this headset.
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on June 22, 2014
I've tried multiple bluetooth headsets w/ my iPhone and this one works the best! It cuts out wind noise well, doesn't cause any funny echo'ing, gets plenty loud enough, and has a micro-usb charger. Other Plantronics models & many other brands seem to use a proprietary charging port which frustrates me to no end. I have a bunch of the micro-usb cables laying around and they are easy to come by when traveling or at a friends house. This is my second one of these as my last one finally gave up after 8 years! Yes 8 years! I purchased a Plantronics Discovery 640 in March of 2006 and it just recently stopped working.
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on September 7, 2012
I bought the Voyager PRO+ primarily because of the A2DP function. It's great to listen, through my cell phone, to music as I walk or my GPS app as I drive or walk. This function has worked beautifully for me. I've never used Vocalyst although you get a one-year free subscription when you buy the Pro. I just simply had no need for Vocalyst; so I can't comment on that function. This headset pairs easily with my phone, the microphone is adjustable, its range is good, and I hear phone conversations clearly through it. Another feature I've really liked is the announcement of remaining time on the battery when you turn on the headset. Overall, I have no complaints about the Pro and would buy it again if I lost or damaged the one I have.
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on September 22, 2014
I have been through at least 30 headsets. I have not reviewed any of the others. This one is the best that i have used. The others ranged from poor connection or sound quality to ok. But I have bought at least 4 of these over the last few years. I misplaced it twice and 2 times the charging seemed to have shorter cycles....but I use them 12 hours daily for a year each. They seem to sound the clearest to people that I speak to as well. They are not so good in the wind, but I primarily use mine inside.
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on October 18, 2014
Replaced previous version that stopped taking charge. Had for a number of years and had to used on a daily basis for work and very happy with that version.

So when it needed to be retired, didn't think twice to replace with another Plantronics product. Since work environment usually has me in areas with different kinds of noises and such, and it allows me to hear and also those to hear me.

What I really like that Plantronics did with this newer version is the voice message of how many hours of battery time is left after each call and or can push button to hear during calls. Helps keep on top of keeping charged if used throughout day.

Also the option to have two phones can sink with unit. Normally this would not be needed, but working at a location that prefers to not have personal calls going to work supplied phone, this is handy. So work phone is setup as main phone, and personal as secondary.

The one con would be headset starting music to headset from phone, and not requesting for it to do this. Great when you do want to listen, but not all of the time. Minor issue, so not a big deal.
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on December 31, 2013
I purchased this to replace the exact same headset I lost somewhere while shopping. The device is fantastic. No noticeable difference between this and the regular PRO device (except cosmetic). I purchased this one because no other headset would do. This one has superior noise cancellation, battery life (I talk a lot on the phone), is ambi-aurous (both ears), and the in-ear gell buds come in three sizes to fit most ears.

Note: Don't purchase the plantronics case for this device. It's cheaply made and will break after a while. Instead, for something better, get the inexpensive Reiko nylon case (Plus size) ASIN: B006WU7KN2 (~$5 around the time of this review).

Keep making great products, plantronics.
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