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on June 26, 2014
This game is a brightly colored class based (online only) third person shooter. While there is cartoon violence, it's done as tastefully as one can create cartoon zombies with guns, plants with guns, zombie eating plants, and the rest of the cast of this game.

The game is an addictive and fun game! The game gives "bonuses" in a point structure to encourage players to use their points to unlock "cards" which have special abilities, player outfits, and more. During the game, the player is given leveling goals to which they must do certain objectives in order to level up. These goals are things like "Score 25 hits with your main weapon", "Destroy three Peashooters from a higher position", and many more. These goals encourage a simple reward system to unlock special abilities and skills to further game play and keep the player involved.

While the majority of the game is "third person" or the perspective of a camera following the player, there is also a "Boss Mode" which allows one player on each team to be the strategic support lead for the team. If you choose this, you will see the map in an overhead 2D view and be able to provide supply and airstrikes on your chosen locations at key times in the game. A good boss can turn the tide of the game, but this option is not for everyone and the gameplay feels very different than the "shoot 'em up" this game is at heart.
If you're an adult/teen and have played Team Fortress 2, Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, and other games like these you will love this.

Lots of young kids are playing this game too...

FOR PARENTS: It's important to realize that the microphone current defaults to "ON" when you play online, and ALL games are online. With this, not all players are children! Depending on their interactions I've already heard both adults and kids use expletives and vulgar language...that being said, you CAN mute online players each time you start a game, and I recommend doing so! HOWEVER, if a new player joins in they will NOT be muted.
PROBLEM: Sadly, the developers did NOT put in a "no voice communication" type of switch in the options or have the "MUTE ALL" option remain active when a new player joins. For this major flaw, they lose one big star in my review! Some players may not want to hear a new player join a game in which they had previously muted everyone it, just to suddenly hear a new player join and start using profanity. It's just not "safe" for kids.

I think any casual gamer will enjoy this game. It can provide some in depth tactics and team play if desired. This game will receive a lot of negative reviews from parents who preordered the game based only on the PvZ name, and did not pay attention to any screenshots or in game footage. It does rightfully deserve a lower score for not being kid friendly though!

I highly recommend that you look at some clips on Youtube or something to see how the game appears and looks while you are playing it since it's very different from the other Plants VS Zombies games.
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Surprisingly great game. My kids play more than me, but it reminded me more of Team Fortress 2 (one of the best arena style team shooters ever) but took some getting used to in 3rd person.

Much cheaper to buy on Amazon than from Origin directly so hopefully you figured that out if you are reading this.

Speaking of, remember you are getting an online code to download from Origin when you buy, not an actual box/disc.

If your kids are pressuring you to play a shooter and you are smartly saying no to the Teen and Mature shooters they are probably asking to play (like Titanfall, Battlefied and CoD), this is a good alternative for tween or young teens. Also, there is no typing chatting and you can turn off the in-game voice chat so you don't have to worry about that sort of thing even though this is a multiplayer internet game.
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on July 29, 2014
I bough it for my boys who are 7 and 11, it is so amazing I don't feel that they are in the house when they play with it. they are so engaged that they don't hear me when I call them. Kids can play with it online with their friends. You can buy coins for the stickers and other stuff but my advice to any one who thinks of buying the coin from "origin" not to do so because when I bought coins my card was hacked. find another website to buy the coins. According to my boys they say that they can win characters and collect coins (not much though) they can customize their characters. One more thing, this game freezes and glitches often and the kids restart it again to continue the game this is the main drawback of the game that is why my boys gave it 4 stars.
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on July 10, 2014
We waited for the PC game to come out and I was worried after reading the comments for the XBOX version. I am happy to say once we made our account that was free we are able to play for free no XBOX monthly fee. I did have to buy more then 1 copy one for each kid. For us each kid had their own computer and are able to play online together. Well there are still glitches with that but most of the time it works. For sure they can play off on their own. But this game is all online. And the kids have asked to buy sticker books from the game with real money! Be aware of this! I guess they can earn stickers but if they want more they can buy them with real money.
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on July 27, 2014
If you have been playing this game on Xbox 360 or Xbox One you will have to start over at level 1 with the basic plants and zombies. You cannot transfer your gameplay from a console to your pc. I am at level 88 on my Xbox One and have to start over. Also, for anyone who is wondering, this game code is tied to the player, not the pc. The same player can download the game to multiple computers and play on any of them (as long as it is not at the same time). If you have more than one person wanting to play you must either share the game or purchase another game code for each player. I can also confirm that the Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows works fine on this. This makes playing this pc game exactly the same as playing on the Xbox One or the Xbox 360. This being said, we love the game. It is very addicting. I will confirm bandwidth usage within the next week or so and update this review. Thank you, Mindy
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on September 1, 2014
The game is great, the engine works amazingly (mantle), the interface for changing settings, navigating main menu, etc. works in a snap without any delays or hints of animation. However there are occasions where the game will freeze, stutter for half a minute, and even worse everytime I join a match theres always some guy screaming into the mic or using an open mic with a terrible mic; I cant change the settings to mute everyone by default which really sucks. Overall though the game is fun and pretty awesome as well.
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on April 24, 2015
A seriously fun shooter that doesn't take itself too seriously, only really marred by it's strange F2P like powerups, but nothing is pay walled, you can easily earn everything in game, and the match making support is nothing short of great. Playing matches in a foreign country, I am surprised that I cannot find a match of Battlefield3 or 4 without horrible ping and find a decent match in this game.
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on November 4, 2015
Family friendly first person shooter. It's tons of fun and you're not playing in a toxic community like a lot of games these days. Very enjoyable and a well made game.
The only con I have for the game is there are quite a few kids playing it and you can tell when you have teammates that are borderline useless. Small frustration every now and then but if you're just playing for fun, it's nothing that would make you want to quit playing.
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on July 24, 2014
My 10 year old son wanted to pre-order this and was so excited on the day it was supposed to be available. I kinda thought we'd get some sort of reminder, but we didn't. I got so busy, it wasn't until a couple weeks later we started to dig in and realize that we needed to be proactive about registering, downloading, etc. We had to go to, our email, and the origin site to accomplish this. But we got it done. Guess I'll know better next time as this was our first time doing a pre-order.
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on December 31, 2017
ASUS CPU not enough RAM to handle multi player usage so game usage isn’t fully used.
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