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on March 12, 2015
Anyone considering plastic surgery should read this book first.

Not. In all honesty, makeup looks as good as the structure in which it's placed.

This book gives excellent advice on how to use makeup to hide facial flaws and maximize your appearance. The models are true-to-life, not paid for from an agency. How-to instructions are clear and understandable, and the before and after photos delight and inspire.

I really liked this book. Yet, for every technique presented, I could not make the dark hollows under my sleepy eyes disappear.
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VINE VOICEon April 14, 2006
This book starts with the premise that everyone has unique qualities that are beautiful. Rather than expend large sums of money, suffer the pain and risks and possible dissatisfaction of permanent surgical options, the author suggests using makeup. Sharing techniques she honed as a professional make-up artist, the author takes regular people, wrinkles and all, and transforms them. Each step is photographed and described in the text and the make-overs are impressive. The models include the author, her family and friends and she addresses everything from covering tattoos and age spots to enhancing the eyes, straigthening the nose and enhancing the bust line.

Scattered throughout the book are the author's "pearls of wisdom", essentially cheap and easy beauty tips. There is a section on make-up tools and how to buy makeup.

I enjoyed this book for its upbeat tone and simple and clear instructions. It is basic but the results can't be beat. I applaud the author for advocating a healthy approach to beauty. People should learn to feel good about themselves and accept that age and beauty are not incompatible. The models in the book represent a good cross section of the population including minorities, young girls, and seniors. All are refreshingly individual--no botoxed Barbie dolls here. This book is more than a manual, it is a mood lifter too!!
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on May 10, 2015
I did enjoy the book but not the condition it arrived in. The cover had what appeared to be coffee and food stains on it. I wiped it clean with an alcohol wipe and it was fine. I was a bit surprised that it was sent to me in that condition.
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on April 2, 2012
I wasnt really expecting to have such an important and sensitive information from the author, by reading it you can say she really cares for you to look great without spending a lot :) best make up and beauty tips book I have read untill now

Realmente no esperaba tener informacion tan importante y sensible del autor, leyendo este libro puedes darte cuenta que a la autora realmente le importa que nos veamos geniales sin gastar una fortuna :) El mejor libro que he leido hasta ahora de maquillaje y consejos de belleza.
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on December 30, 2010
Hi folks, I just bought and read Pearl's Plastic Surgery Without the Surgery and Robert Jones' Looking Younger and wanted to share with potential buyers how I felt about the two. I definitely found Jones' book to be easier to read and understand. His descriptions and techniques were more approachable and easy to follow. Pearl's book was a distant second in my mind. I have watched her videos on YouTube and found that all the same models and makeovers are in the book (so you may as well watch the web videos). With the advice in Jones' book I have been able to improve my appearance without heavy make-up which is what Eve Pearl seems to inevitably direct women toward. Beware, the images in Jones' book are clearly touched up which feels a bit like he and his publishers are cheating. Here's a tip you may find useful: I am a fan of Eve Pearl's salmon concealer for under eye circles. Apply it sparingly on very moist skin (or blend it on your fingertips with moisturizer before you apply it); you'll be pleased with the results!
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on October 20, 2004
This book is great for begginers and i guess also for experienced people.

They've exaggerated with the title, but even so i think you can get incredible results in your makeup after having this book. It is true that you won't achieve with normal amount of make up the results that you see in the photos and trying to get the flawless faces that shows the book would look too unreal in person, but probably it would work for a photo session.

I like the fact that anyone can follow all the advices in the book without spending too much money, also the chapter of the tools (brushes,etc) was great, i learned a lot. I must say that this book gives you the general techniques and tools needed to get the effect you want, the rest is practice.

The book has a good presentation and nice paper, but i expected a bigger size, fortunately the content was worthy.

I don't regret that i bought this book, it's a good beggining.
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on January 2, 2016
Very good and informative book on makeup as well as tips for younger and older skin. I am 43 and I have found many useful ideas for minimizing flaws as well as enhancing my best features.
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on July 23, 2015
I Love this book . It has great tips on dealing with all kinds of skin issues like droopy eyes and deep set wrinkles . This is a must if you want to learn how to do anyones make up
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on February 6, 2012
This makeup book give the power of illusion, but I rather see these makeup techniques in person without any possible of Photo shop or special lightening that enhances the appearance of the makeup technique. I don't trust how the YouTube`s makeup gurus because they use special lightening to make their scars or under eye bags less noticeable. Don't sale me a fantasy, but sale what's realistic and what I will expect on my makeup and its appearance. I want a realistic lightening and see visuals or photos are realistic representations of the makeup look. Most of the time I don't trust makeup books because the possibility that Photo-shop had taken place and special lightening. This book gives a very in depth on why you need to use a moisturizer, find the right color in your concealer, what are good inexpensive brands, home remedies, and description on different types of makeup (foundations, powders, lip balms, lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, concealers, highlighters, and blush). The women in the book skin looked way too perfect. Their faces looked natural and I never met a woman who makeup looks completely natural even it's the "No makeup look". Women who had Arcus Deformity (puffy under eyes) and the women who had tear Trough Deformity (sunken in under eye bags with a lack of fat underneath); bags are completely gone without any puffiness or the crease underneath the eye in this book. I have Tear Trough Deformity; no amount of makeup could cover up my creases. I saw women who covered their Arcus Deformity with makeup but I still seen the puffiness despite their attempts to cover it up. This is one of the reasons; I asked the possibility of photo shop. I didn't like how the dark lip lined look on the women at all in this book.

Makeups Techniques are believable to me

*Define Your Cheekbones
*Create Contour & Add Dimensions to Your Face
*Softening the Reds Caused by Blotches, Acne, or Rashes
*Freckles Begone
*When Freckles Are Reddish
*The Subtle Arch
*To Pluck Above the Brows or Not?
*Get Rid of Dark Circles and Lift the Eyes
*Larger, More Defined Eyes
*A More Defined Eyelid Crease
*Accentuate the Eyes to Downplay Other Features
*Remove Dark Circles Above & Below the Eyes
*Breast Enlargement
*Emphasize Cleavage
*Cover Up Tattoos, Bruises, or Hickeys
*Cover Up 2 (which is covering a medium sized tattoo)
*Good-Bye Age and Sun Spots

Makeup Techniques that is questionable to me

*Hide That Double Chin
*Deemphasize Hollow Eyes
*Bye-Bye Crow's Feet & Laugh Lines
*Instant Face-Lift
*Make Older Eyes Look Young Again
*Luscious-but Smaller-Lips
*A Plumper Upper Lip
*Reshaping the Lips

Makeup Techniques that I Did Not Notice a Difference (in this book)

*Straightening the Nose
*A Thinner, Smaller Nose (her nose looked the same as well in the before picture)

I have no problem with this book at all and I think the advice was helpful, but I wanted a little more realistic makeup representation.
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on July 22, 2014
I have the Kindle version of this book and would not recommend it. The information is somewhat generic and the pictures are difficult to discern.
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