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on April 15, 2013
Anyone who travels a lot (I meant ALOT, at least once a month) will know this is a steal for $450. There is absolutely no need for this card unless you plan to fly a lot.

First off this card is actually $250, not $450. Every year I buy $200 worth of airline gift cards (or gift registries) to my airline to use for travel and Amex will will credit the $200 right back to your account. Then you also get unlimited visits to Airport lounges. So basically I'm paying $250 a year for unlimited lounges which anyone who travels knows it's typically $400 - $500 a year for airline lounge memberships. I only use these features, and there are tons more benefits and perks for the affluent that I don't even touch, yet I still have this card mainly for the lounges and $200 credit back.
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on November 8, 2016
I was closing my Platinum Card because I was informed last week over the phone when wondering where are the 100K point I thought I was receiving, that I was not going to receive them because I have received a similar offer in February 2015. I requested a full refund for the Platinum card, I made the argument that this is not the product I thought I was buying. I did not get the full refund of the annual Fee and I did not receive 100K points. The representative was completely uncooperative. He would not even try to meet in the middle.
I was trying to come up with solutions myself while he was not suggesting anything. I reminded him of customer satisfaction, explain that this is not the product I was paying for and it is not any different than returning a product you bought and hought it had different features that it had. I explained that should I have know I would not get the bonus I would not have applied for it. I explained that i could have put all the charges on my Everyday Card. I explained that there is something called customer satisfaction and AMEX pride itself with it, however, he did zero effort to help. I asked him to meet me in the middle and issue 50K points. he said he cannot issue any "Goodwill" points. I explained that "goodwill means friendly and cooperative and helpful and upon asking him if he is saying that he cannot be friendly, helpful or cooperative, I mysteriously got disconnected. I told him he can proceed with closing the card but I am not satisfied. he couldn't have cared less.
Absolutely the worst experience I have even had with AMEX since I was with AMEX for 10 Years. It's not like the points are as worth as they used to be before either and you have much less transfer partners than ever. This is absolutely horrific experience.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon July 24, 2014
I had this card for a few years. I am giving it 3 stars because there are great pros, but also some big cons.

First, the good...
As a general rule, you can get this card for the first year with no fee, and with bonuses going as high as 50-75k points for spending X amount by Y date, which will get you a nice new toy from their rewards network. The points system is not bad at all. I'm not an expert on the topic given I have not had every card in the world, but even in 2006-2009 they already had a well-developed online system for both account usage and redeeming rewards points. There were a lot of options to accumulate more points, some convenient travel options, and I especially liked some of the concert tickets I got that were technically "sold out" on public websites (saw Jimmy Buffet live actually, which was awesome! [don't laugh]).

Customer service for me was always excellent. Any times I had an issue with a charge, service was prompt and they consistently worked to make sure I did not incur any financial loss due to poor financial practices of vendors, or unethical use of the internet to more or less steal money from people. Talking to a person was an easy, at least when I had the card.

The Downsides...
Well, the most obvious is $450 a year. If you have the card for a decade, that's 5 grand on administrative member fees. So will you use this card enough to offset the $450 and exceed the rewards of a card with lower or no fees? In most cases, I don't think you will (I didn't). If you spend a small fortune a month (like maybe a solid $5-10 grand) you should get nice rewards, but who really wants to spend that much money on a credit card?!

Also, AMEX is not accepted where other cards are all of the time...and sometimes at the places where you want to use this card the most given the high-dollar purchases would mean big rewards. I wanted to charge most of a bedroom remodeling I did but couldn't as the guys I went with did not take AMEX (and I can't blame them given the fees are higher and they are a small business with a slim profit margin).

While I noted the customer service was excellent, was it $450 a year excellent more excellent from some other highly-rated cards? I personally don't think it is. Also, 99% of the usage of the card does not involve their CS but your own actions.

Finally, the payments on this type of card are not nearly as flexible as most others, and from my experience this card has a less significant impact on credit (at least for me it did).

How does it compare?...
My personal opinion is that the Chase Sapphire Preferred is a better card, or at least for me. The customer service is excellent without a $450 fee every single year, and the rewards are as good or better. I think your spending habits (and quantity) will play a huge role with this card. If you spend a lot, you can accumulate a ton more in rewards over their Gold Card. If not, you may actually get less with this card. And many review sites show that there are many well-rated cards without fees, with excellent service and rewards program.

So my end-thought that is that it is worth to shop around a bit, and perhaps try a few other cards with good reviews without the fees. Perhaps even make an Excel spreadsheet to see if you can calculate how the rewards will pan out with the Amex Plat versus another card once the fee is factored in for both short and long-term (5 grand over a decade isn't chump change...well least for me it isn't!)
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on December 25, 2017
Best card for travel and its the only card I use
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on May 11, 2014
I received my card and I jumped with joy, Also I'm super credit conscious so with that being said. I was happy at first using my card an trying to use my card as much as possible for points as well as to raise my qualifications for higher memberships. Soooo I attempted to get a card on my acct for my oldest daughter who was going away to college an my account was suddenly closed. To my anger an disappointment I called customer service an never recieved an explanation that made any sense. So my advice to anyone considering an AE account go with a visa card instead.
Also you will find that many merchants will want to charge you more to use AE because of the higher fees they charge merchants :((( STAAAAY AWAAAAY!
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on November 10, 2013
When I was travelling in Europe, all of a sudden AMEX froze the credit line, spent $56.00 for international calls, the freeze was
never explained. Having paid a heavy fees for the card, did not even spend $2000.00 abroad and became useless the so called
TRAVELLERS MUST. When I returned from Europe, talked to a lawyer who advised me to CUT UP THE CARD, he would settle
the account without paying a penny to AMEX.
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on April 14, 2013
AMEX pushes their Platinum Card as the ultimate financial passport. It wasn't for me.

While traveling during a family emergency, AMEX arbitrarily decided to freeze the account because I hadn't advised them in advance that I would be using it outside of a given geographic area and a predicted spending algorithm. Fortunately, I simply used another card from another financial institution.

When I called to enquire after I returned home, I wasn't offered the exemplary service that they advertise, in fact, I was treated rather indifferently. For a $450 annual fee, one has the expectation of prompt and courteous service. Based on this, I decided to cancel the card and close the account, informing them of the reasons. No one apologized, no one asked me to reconsider, no one cared beyond getting on to the next customer on the telephone.

Don't expect great service and you'll be adequately content.
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on April 17, 2013
I have received this platinum card this year. Yes, if you travel a lot, it is worth it....I thought. Well, ......I called customer service (2 times) regarding my future travel. Both time said, "all customer service agents are currently busy. Please call back TOMORROW." This is PLATINUM card tel line, right??? $200 travel credit is good, but since I am already Diamond member, I have no extra baggage fee, no upgrade fee. I tried to use this $200 credit for wi-fi inside airplain...first AMex said "I can use this $200 credit for wifi fee." but after I received this card, then said "can not use because this charge not from airline." Please do not give me wrong info. Another reason I got this card, because they have up front borrow mileages program. Unfortunately I have to wait 6 months to use this option. I did not know that.(They did not say). I expect good customer service, but not good than I thought. not yet to receive special invitation events. Depends on how good the event I decide to keep this card or not.
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on January 6, 2013
if you travel, this is the card for you. Many no cost upgrades and amazing concierge card. We get room upgrades and cash back which more than pays for the card each year. Excellent rewards program too.
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on February 15, 2014
I can't explain the frustration I have had with american express platinum customer service... Very disappointing in many ways... They were really attentive and helpful only when you are signing up with the card, but once you have signed up... absolutely poor service...
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