Customer Reviews: PlayStation 2 Dualshock Controller Black
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on August 11, 2001
The fact is, although the shape was not modified from the original DualShock (Sony figured, "Why change a popular, perfect design?"), most of the innards are completely different. Also, 'Analog' for the DualShock2 not only describes the controller sticks, but also applies to all of the buttons. This means the buttons are pressure sensitive and actually have an effect on game play. This will especially show for games like GT3, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and Final Fantasy X. (Example: The amount of pressure you use to press a button dictates the speed of you drawing your gun in MGS2.)You will NOT get the same effect by using a PSOne DualShock.
I have not had any bad luck with this controller, and I've owned as many as 3. This controller is far better than the controllers for Dreamcast or Nintendo 64. It is also VERY durable. I've slammed my personal controler into the ground (carpet lined cement) MANY times after frustrating licence tests in GT3, and the controller remains in perfect shape. This controller is far better than any third party fodder.
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on December 27, 2001
The way I see it, the best controllers are the NES, SNES, and Playstation controllers. All three of these have one thing in common: ridiculously simple button lay-out. Play with any of these three and you'll notice that you NEVER have to take your eyes off the screen to find the right button.
I see a lot of people complaining about the price on this controller, but let's look at what you're getting. First of all, this controller has the vibration function, which makes the controller literally shake around. This is especially fun when you're shooting guns in games like Metal Gear Solid 2. Then there's the two analog controllers. However, just because they're there, doesn't mean that you are forced to use them--like with that dumb N64 controller. Every Playstation 2 game I've played so far still lets you use the D-pad--which an old-school gamer like me prefers. But if you want to use the analog controller, go right ahead, it's just a thumb-flick away.
Everything I've mentioned up to here is pretty much common knowledge, but there are a few features on this controller that you weren't aware of: 1) This controller has AN EXTRA FOOT OF CORD when you compare it to the generic Playstation One controller. Now I can relax on the COUCH instead of the FLOOR. 2) The R2 and L2 shoulder buttons are LARGER, making it sooooo much easier to find them in the heat of battle. And 3) I recently saw a magazine advertising a product that lets you use the Playstation 2 controller on the Gamecube because "the Gamecube controller won't be ideal for all games." See, I told you the Playstation 2 controller was the best.
So far I haven't had any problems with buttons sticking, and quite frankly, the only way I can see that happening is if you make a habit of dripping pancake syrup onto your controller, or throwing your controller at the wall. Controll yourself!
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on December 24, 2001
I've had my PS2 for over a year now and have played with several different brands and varieties of gamepads for it, figuring that Sony probably didn't have a monopoly on good style and solid construction. Seeing the other pads available for a considerably lower price than the Sony, I bought a few and played with them.
After months of heavy gaming with SSX, though, they broke, wore down, buttons stopped working, and the controls became rather unresponsive. Disappointed, I went and grabbed two fresh Sony pads and the difference is amazing. The quality is really far superior to any of the other pads out there in terms of strength, comfortability, feel, and durability.
The only complaint I have is that the edges to the directional pad and button pad are the tiniest bit too sharp -- several hours of sliding your fingers across them quickly will give you some serious blisters -- I actually built up callouses during my most intense periods of gameplay! I haven't seen a gamepad that's more comfortable, however.
The short of it: get the Sony controllers. Don't bother with the others; you'll just get frustrated.
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on December 14, 2000
There are a lot of PlayStation 2 controllers out there, and because the PS2 is backwards compatible with PlayStation, there are even more. However, none can even come close to this controller. With its analog buttons that can tell how hard you are pressing, to it's dual shock emitters, nothing can top it. The analog buttons come in especially handy for sports and fighting games, and the shocks are very fun to play with. Even though there are controllers with other features on them, such as wireless and different shapes, they are not as good as this one! Plus, they are not guaranteed to work perfectly, unlike this one, because they are not made by Sony, and some aren't even endorsed by Sony. Only buy this controller! It's the best!
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on October 28, 2000
When magazines described the Dual Shock 2 as having all analog buttons I sort of expected a mushy button feel so you knew how far you were pressing, etc... Instead, the buttons feel like normal PS1 Dual Shock buttons but depending on how hard you push them it can give a different reaction in the game.
This is a kind of nice feature since the buttons feel the same as the old PS1 controller but it has an extra level of sensitivity. The only time it is a pain though is if you just tap it sometimes it won't register.
All in all, I would say buy the Sony controller and skip out on the 3rd parties. All the people I know who have bought 3rd party controllers sold them and bought Sony within the next day.
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on November 5, 2000
Although almost exactly the same as that of the PSX/PS1, it still is excellent. Its design makes it fit perfectly in many people's hands. A Dual Shock feature adds "shock" features in games that support them, by rumbling in your hands. Two analog sticks are great for accurate gaming, and Sony even stiffened the sticks to increase precise movements. Finally, Sony has added analog type features to ALL buttons. In games such as Ridge Racer V, you can push harder or lighter on buttons to specify your movements. For Ridge Racer V, the harder you pres on the accelerate button, the fater you go, etc.
All in all, a VERY good and VERY worthwhile buy.
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on October 22, 2000
People may look and say why does Playstation2 use the same controller.Well believe it or not its the same design but the Dual Shock2 has 256 sensors Built in.Which means if you are Playing a Racing game the Harder you Press the more accleration you get.Also the Dual Shock 2 has more Grip and it is Very Light.
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on August 23, 2001
I only have one DualShock 2 controller (the one that came with my Playstation2 that I got when it came out.) The controller works great; I can especially feel the each buttons' analog capability in Gran Turismo 3. The harder I push "X" to accelerate, the faster I accelerate. The built in rumble works great, and you don't hear it vibrate, you can only feel it, unlike with the 3rd party DualShock 2's. Also, I was a hardcore PSX gamer before PS2 came out, so I am already well adjusted to the layout of the DualShock 2, as it is identical to the original DualShock. However, the one problem I have had is a slight (but annoying) problem in the joystick hardware. I have have had my controller for about 10 months, and I don't play very often (about 2-5 hours per week on average.) However, the left joystick feels loose. I mean, the actual plastic piece that you put your thumb on can rotate 360 degrees. You may not understand what I mean, but don't worry, it doesn't affect gameplay performance. In fact, it only bothers me because when I pay ... to get the top-of-the-line product, I don't want a simple little ... thing going wrong. Oh doesn't keep the product from earning a 5-star rating from me, and I can easily reccomend this controller over any 3rd party product, no matter what the price.
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on November 24, 2000
ok i know that this contrller is almost the same controller as the psx dual shock but it does have some differeces. well the one i am going to mension is that when you push the buttons it measures to see how hard or soft you are pushing them. I think that if you have a ps2 you should buy this controller. on my regular playstation i had six controllers, the only one still working is the sony brand dual shock, so i will never buy another third party controller for anything. dont live by my mistakes and do yourself a favor and buy this one.
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on December 13, 2001
Controllers have widely evolved from the old days of bulkiness and ackwardness. The most memorable of controllers is the SNES one, which has benchmarked 'the system' and has set standards and innovative ideas for controllers to come.
The early PSX controller was decent, and a first shot with the 'Analog Controller' resulted in a hefty and larger controller, lacking vibration and overally feeling ackward.
However, the controller was reinvented (rather quickly if you ask me, probably to cover-up for the mistake of the Analog Controller), and the result was the DualShock. Incorporating the joysticks now with a textured convex rubber, an added joystick-tap functionality for the new buttons L3/R3, and marvelous inside vibration... this was by far the best controller ever. As small as the original controller with the exception of the added joystick slots, and somewhat heavier.. yet this is more of it's appeal; too light and too heavy is bad, the DualShock just -feels- right.
Now, in a way the DualShock 2 was used in the PS2 to let people feel familiar with the already set controller, namely because, with the backward compatibility, it's hard to play games on a controller which wasn't meant for them. And even if it lacked this backward compatibility with the PSX, i'm pretty darned sure everyone would've wanted to see this controller again. It is by far the best, and will always be. You've got more than enough buttons for all your new games, and now with the 'pressure sensitive' factor, it's just a whole new thing. An added bonus as well, is the fact the cord is way longer than it's predecessor's.
There's no real reason to go for a third party developed controller, because in my humble opinion... there is none that can get close enough to the DualShock's greatness.
The only noticeable changes are the pressure-sensitive buttons, so if you've ever held a PSX DualShock, you know what you're getting with this. The best.
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