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on November 8, 2010
UPDATE: Aug. 16, 2011

Only wanted to note that the PS3 keeps adding value to itself. Granted, the competition are not sitting on their hands either. The latest system update added Hulu Plus, MLB.TV and Vudu HD Movies to Netflix as 'video' services and Qriocity for 'music'.

As for its versatility, I recently paired a Bluetooth keyboard that Logitech claims it's for iPad only with our PS3. It took about 10 seconds.

And, yes, I am probably going to get the next generation when it's released but, until then I am very happy with our 2 PS3s. One of which is the original 60GB console, still as good as new.



Ever since the launch of Slim, the PS3 has been undertaking a quiet revolution or... could it be the console's midlife rebound? :) Here's what happened recently - and I will only note the more important developments going 12 months back (writing this in Oct., 2010):

- NetFLIX streaming, now disc-less, 1080p, 5.1 surround sound
- Much larger disk (this one is triple the size of the original Slim)
- Move
- 3D gaming
- Blu-ray 3D

This is a lot of new 'stuff' for a 4 year old console. I am not going to go into bean-counting mode and compare the PS3 improvements with what we see at the other guys but, clearly there is a lot of life in the PS3 and, with the 320GB models, the PS3 continues to maintain the largest disk advantage over the competition, is the only Blu-ray console and, when you consider the services and the array of Sony-made and third party peripherals built around it, the PS3 is a well built, well rounded entertainment hub.


Over the past year or so, Sony added to the original 120GB 'Slim' model, itself a greatly optimized and streamlined PS3, several submodels sporting larger disks: 160GB, 250GB and, with the Move launch, the 360GB version. You can view this model as the original Slim with a three times larger disk or, if you want to take a more recent point of reference, the PS3 Move bundle without the Move.


I happen to own the PlayStation 3 320GB System with PlayStation Move Bundle model myself in addition to an upgraded 60GB 'classic' model - our current Blu-ray/DVD player and overall media center - and the Move bundle. We also owned the original 120GB Slim at one time and, before each purchase the main decision wasn't whether to buy a PS3 but rather which model was best suited to our needs.

At the time I'm writing this (November 2010) there are 4 basic models to choose from but, since the 250GB sells for the same price as the 320GB, it's safe not to discuss it so the 3 basic options are:

A - 160GB model: the original Slim with a slightly larger disk, lowest price, same as the original launch Slim
B - 320GB model: sells for $50 more than the 160GB, offers double the storage (this model)
C - 320GB Move bundle: for an extra $50 it adds the basic Move peripherals, plus a Move game, same large disk

Depending on what your needs are, one of the 3 should make more sense than the other.


If 'price' is an issue go for this one. The good thing about the PS3 is that it's possible to upgrade the initial disk to a larger one later. I'm not going to go into detailed accounting but, if you can reuse or maybe sell the original 160GB disk, upgrading this model to 500GB can be done at very little cost. Some basic technical skills will be needed.

This is the choice for anyone who absolutely NEEDS 500GB (rather than 320GB).


Those who can use the extra storage - intense gamers or anyone planning to keep thousands of songs and photos on their PS3, are okay with 320GB and therefore don't want to go through the disk upgrade process should go with THIS MODEL. $50 for double the disk capacity is a fair deal in my view.

This model makes a lot of sense if you don't care about the Move.


This is the model I picked because we wanted to have the Move option. It's the best way to enter the Move world at this time. The extra $50 will buy you:

* Move motion controller, of course
* PlayStation Eye camera (must have one for the Move to work)
* Sports Champions (Ping Pong is simply awesome, some of the games play much better with a second controller)
* A demo disc so you can see what Move can do for you (most of the demos can be downloaded from the PSN)

Given that the price difference over the 'plain vanilla' 320GB model is the price you pay for the Move controller, you basically get the PS3 Eye camera and the Sports Champions game for free - and you can sell the camera if you already have one and the shrink-wrapped game if you have no use for it.

In fairness and based on my own experience, you will almost certainly end up buying a second Move motion controller. You may also want a separate charger so keep these in mind when budgeting. But, regardless, this is still the best Move starter.


Probably not as much as it used to. In my view, 320GB is probably enough storage to last till the PS4 comes around - and I'm one who did upgrade his original PS3 to 500GB.

You can store an enormous amount of photos, songs, demo games, home videos and game installations on 320GB. Two years ago I thought that 500GB were making a lot of sense because movies needed so much space but, since then, the pressure to having huge disks installed on a PS3 lessened a little due to the advent of technologies such as NAS (network attached storage) and Home Servers that allow you to have thousands of GB worth of 'media' stored safely off your PS3 and streamed in when needed. And, of course, Netflix streaming eliminates the need to save many thousands of movies if the somewhat lesser quality is not a big issue. Not everyone may agree but I have no plans to replace the 320GB disk with a larger one at this time.


Depending on how you are planning to use the PS3, this is what you don't get but may end up buying eventually:

- HDMI cable for HD output (a component cable should work too but you can get a decent HDMI for $3-5 or so)
- One or more extra USB wires same as above, don't pay more than $2-3 for one
- One more Move Controller if you buy the Move bundle (some games will either require two controllers or will play better with two)
- One or two Navigation Controllers (no big pressure because you can use the DualShock in your left hand but it feels weird)
- Dedicated charger, especially if you have more than one Move controller or you also have a Navigation controller
- PS3 TV remote controller to use when watching movies


I just love the PS3. I've been a PS3 owner ever since the 60GB classic became available and I've been impressed with the PS3's reliability, versatility and its sheer power - and I've owned both 'classic' and 'slim' models, upgraded most, gave away a couple. In the end it's a matter of personal taste but the PS3 is increasingly the most popular 'gaming' or 'entertainment' implement in our household. And we DO own an Xbox too.

I will not go through the long list of PS3's features. It would be an exaggeration to say that it does 'everything' but it does a lot and it's doing it increasingly well. Agreed, features and capabilities do not come for free and sometimes they don't even come cheap (see my list of possible add-ons above) but I can't say that I have the feeling of being constantly nickeled and dimed when I upgrade my PS3 or I buy a Sony-made or a third-party add-on. I have no choice at this time but to order the extra Move and Motion controller from Sony but the charger, the larger disks I used to upgrade my old classic, all of the cables, the headset and so on came or will come from third party vendors and even for the old SixAxis and the remote controller there were alternatives at the time I decided to buy the Sony-made ones. In addition, the 'basic' PS3 console can take you pretty far as it is and you can have a lot of fun without having to spend one extra penny.

To conclude, any of the 3 options get 5 stars because the PS3 continues to be being the most feature-rich, well-balanced console you can get these days

>> Brush your teeth, it's the law! <<
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on December 28, 2010
A lot of people like to use the excuse of getting a Blu-ray player to justify their purchase of PlayStation3, it's a very good justification.
Like advertised, it does everything a modern entertainment center would. High Definition movies and gaming, online surfing capability, movie streaming from Netflix for the subscribers, and plays music pretty well as well. Now with the bumped-up hard-disk drive, you could store most of your games data, downloaded movies, or music files without having to worry for a few more years. Especially games that requires 4GB of space like Heavy Rain, my brother-in-law simply had to get a new 500GB Hard Disk Drive for $80 to replace his old 40GB system, that was just about 3 years ago. So with the 320GB, you probably won't need to worry about anything until they come out with PlayStation4.
I bought it for Christmas for our new apartment, and it came in much earlier than I thought. Amazon did an amazing job with the packaging as always, no complaints at all and yes I ALWAYS shop at Amazon before I shop elsewhere. I don't think I need to be recommending this to anyone since they probably already know that it would be a great buy. For those who don't download movies as much, the 160GB version would be a cheaper and more practical alternative.
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on January 14, 2015
Lots of good exclusives, but the console itself and especially its controllers feel as though they could have been made/designed better. When you pick up the console, it feels hollow because there's nothing supporting the arched plastic top. If you're going to play a PS3, I would recommend buying a Dualshock 4 controller to use with it.

The console itself does not have a 3.5mm headphone port, nor can you use USB headphones with it. If you wish to hook the PS3 up to your computer monitor, you can do so by purchasing an HDMI to DVI cable for video output (unless you have an HDMI-compatible monitor, in which case just get an HDMI cable) and an RCA Audio to 3.5mm cable. Plug the HDMI side of the HDMI to DVI cable into the PS3, and the DVI side into your monitor, then plug the PS3 A/V cable into the PS3 itself, and the red/white RCA leads into the red/white RCA plugs on the RCA Audio to 3.5mm cable. Then plug the 3.5mm audio jack into the line-in port on your motherboard at the back of your computer.
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on January 25, 2014
This thing arrived in perfect condition. The great thing about a PS3 is the ability to use it as a media platform, which helps in justifying the purchase with a significant other who may not be as excited about the ability to play awesome games. Not only does it play Blu-Ray, but you can use it with Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Amazon Instant Video. The only disappointing thing is that there's no Pandora App and I was not impressed by the built-in music app. Another cool thing is that you can download most PS1 and PS2 games if you're feeling particularly nostalgic.
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on January 8, 2014
The box that the PS3 was in (actual box, not outer shipping box) had a dent and it looked as if they opened it to make sure there was no damage to the product (no damage). With that said, I'm glad that they took the time to check. This is the new version, which is smaller and quieter. This was a gift, and he was ecstatic about it!
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on March 3, 2014
As much as I love the PS4 and XBOX 360, the PS3 is still the ideal home entertainment system for me by far. Far less restrictions and extremely flexible. If you have already bout a PS3 there is no need to really invest in another one even if it is for an upgrade. But if you are looking for a cheap console, the PS3 slim is the smartest way to go. You can plug in external hard drives (That is a Fat32) and watch movies, listen to music and look at pictures. The PS3 has Netflix and Amazon that you don't have to pay extra for whatsoever, unlike the XBOX One or XBOX 360. It runs incredibly smooth and I have yet to experience the PS3 crashing on me or giving me any kind of headache outside of videogames being . There is no real reason to purchase any of the new current gen (Ps4, Wii U, XB1) consoles now unless you are like me and you suffer from the idiotic "gotta have it now" mentality when it comes to videogames. You will get way more bang for your buck purchasing the PS3 than any other console out right now.
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on August 30, 2017
Great Condition, Quiet, Controller is in great shape too. Get this version of the PS3 while it still lasts.
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on June 4, 2013
I owned a 60 GB launch model, and although the slim model works, i think the hardware has been simplified; don't get me wrong, the slim model is a good buy, the Blu Ray drive was fixed and some minor upgrades were included; i have some doubts about the hard disk drive quality, specially in the slim and the super slim models but you can always upgrade (HDD); Sony is a company with high quality standards but the PS3 is way cheaper to produce now.
So if you are a gamer and you are looking forward to buy a PS3, you wouldn't go wrong with this one and i also recommend to install the games in the hard disk drive, the PS3 is an excellent game system and still has plenty of great games coming, and although the PS4 launch is getting closer (2013 holiday season), the PS3 still has plenty of life ahead, so expect the system to be around 4 more years or until PS5 arrives.
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on May 24, 2016
It was not the one i expected. (The playstation that is pictured) It did not come with a controller, and the cord had a shortage in it. I emailed them about thw cord but I didnt have the money to send it back so now its just sitting there carching dust. But their service was great!
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on May 23, 2014
Bought this system two years ago and we've haven't had a single problem with it. Can't say the same for our Wii which has been repaired twice. Blu-ray playback is a plus. Massive improvement in graphics compared to the PS2 we had. Games look great on a 55 inch LCD. I'm in no rush to switch to the PS4 until PS3 games are no longer being released. For the most part I prefer the PS3 games choices over the X-box 360. I also prefer the controller configuration but that's probably because I'm used to the PS2 controllers.
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