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on May 19, 2016

I just recently made a purchase for one of these, terrible experience. The system is not backwards compatible like it states, and not all the systems come with everything it says in the description!!! Check the seller description before making it final, I did not get a controller or the proper power cord with mine and to top it off the blue ray player is shot!!! Thankfully I'm able to do the necessary repairs for it to be able to read discs but that also requires more money. In the end I paid $100 roughly, but with the additional costs of ; controller, power cord, and new blue ray driver that's an easy extra $100. So, with that being said, your better off buying one brand new for over $200 and not have to go through the same head ache as I did, not saying that everyone's experience will be the same, just a fellow gamer looking out for my fellow enthusiasts. Best luck everyone game on.
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on October 12, 2013
When I saw this I was thinking "Wow, what a steal." I bought this for $150 bucks, but the thing is that once I got it I knew why. The first few days it worked fine. I played Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and The Last of Us. But the thing is this system now lags like crazy on The Last of Us and it freezes on the menu screen sometimes. Plus this thing is loud as crap and it takes forever to shut off. If your in a hurry to get a console, just wait and save up for a slim or a newer version, because this one is outdated and it dosent work well with the newer games. Plus the seller did not respond to my return request. I am going to Gamestop tomorrow to see what I can get for it.
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on September 29, 2016
If I could give it zero stars I would it was played once a week tops and didn't even last 3 months before shutting off in the middle of games and then won't turn back on unless you leave it unplugged for a day
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on July 16, 2013
Where do I start with this review... I bought a ps3 from budget goods for 180 but it came with 7 games and even a blue ray movie! All great games and all the discs had little to no scratches on them. When I got the ps3 it was titled that it was only 80g but I later received a email from budget goods stating they upgraded it to 180 and they included a HDMI cord free! Not only that but the shipping was suppose to cost them more than what they charged me but the covered it! I was in shock when I read that email and today when I tried the ps3 it's working flawlessly! I'm more than happy with this purchase as the ps3 so far is working great! If your buying something from budget goods just know that the customer service seems top notch, and any issues you have with them if you email them i'm sure they would help you out.
EDIT -----------------
After playing the play station for a day it froze on me and stated when I booted it back up it needed to restore the hard drive because it was corrupted. While it attempted to restore it freezes up and gives my tv a blank screen. When I tried to turn it back on the process repeats. I emailed budget goods and asked if he had any idea why this would be happening. He said when he upgraded my hard drive from 80g to 180g ( for free ) the new hard drive was most likely bad. So now he is sending me a new 500g hard drive free to fix the issue! Keep in mind this is all out of pocket for him
but i'm writing this to show that he really seems to care for his customer support. If you buy a product from budget goods i'm sure you'll get some great customer service like I have been getting!
EDIT ------------
New hard drive came in ( 500g ) and works great !
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on June 1, 2012
I searched Amazon for a backwards compatible PS3 console. I clicked on the product, and looked under the sellers for the best deal on a used PS3 console I could get. I found EZCorp, read the description, and thought I had found just what I was looking for. I receive the package on time, I open it, and there are two empty juice pouches in my package. I'm shocked and appalled already, and all I've done is open the package. I take a second to compose myself and read the outside of the box. It is a GameStop box, and it says REFURBISHED on the outside. I had bought a USED console, not a refurbished one. There was no disclosure of this in the description. Now, I finally get to open the box, I take the PS3 console out and I plug everything in and set it up, and it turns on, I load a PS2 game disc, and it says that my console is not backwards compatible. Wow. This is another thing that should have been disclosed in the description. I e-mail them to find out what went wrong. I get prompt customer service all the way, yes, and I commend them for it. But the need for customer service would not have been necessary if they would take a minute and write an accurate description, disclosing everything about the product they are selling, not leaving it up to me to open a box and find two empty juice boxes and a PS3 console which was sent to me that did not deliver as advertised. They sent me my return shipping labels (the e-mail they sent me also informed me that they don't set up a FedEx pick-up date like all other sellers I have dealt with in the past, I had to set one up myself) and I dropped it off at my local FedEx Office location and awaited for it to arrive with the seller. The tracking number did not work for the first four days, and when it did work, I was informed my delivery was delayed because of Memorial Day. it was the perfect storm for EZCorp. They have great customer service, I just wish I didn't have to find that out the hard way...
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on June 19, 2015
This PS3 is great. Came in a "like new" condition. Unfortunately I was hoping for the backwards compatibility to be from PS3 to PS2 games. I bought the wrong model and the backwards compatibility is PS3 and PS1 games.

Apparently the model I was searching for was supposed to be the 1st gen 60GB or lower to have the backwards compatibility feature I wanted. It's too bad, I still have many PS2 games still left over.
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on September 6, 2016
It was misleading it came with no controller or video cord and I paid a hundred dollars for it I could have gotten one cheaper at game stop that came with a controller and video cord
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on November 30, 2012
I've had a 360 for a few years now and have thoroughly enjoyed it. So I'm not only going to review the PS3 but also compare it to the 360. First off the main reason I bought this is because my bluray player broke on me and I needed something to watch my blurays on so I decided to go ahead and get the PS3 for the added functionality of the games. The bluray on this is absolutely amazing, it even looks better than my previous player.

To go ahead and get the 360 comparison out of the way let's start with the online. You have to pay to get on xbox live and there's really no benefit to the paid for 360 over the free PS3 other than being able to chat with your friends even if your playing a different game, well I must say that there are many various different ways to chat with a friend without using a gaming console at all so that's really a moot point. And this being just pure preference, I must say that I prefer the trophy system over the gamerscore system, it gives you percentages for how many trophies you have from each game, you have actual levels you gain and you can also see how many of each trophy level you have each one being a different difficulty to obtain.

Next you have the bluray feature over the DVD only on 360, though I must say that the 360 does bring out the absolute best in DVDs, then again so does the PS3, and the PS3 using bluray technology allows for more data to go on a single disc providing the ability for Sony to create much more expansive and even better looking games although I haven't seen this used to it's fullest potential as of yet.

Last comparison between the two is the netflix, I don't know the technical details on this one or if it's just my imagination but the PS3 seems to run at full HD capacity more often and more consistently than with the 360. I don't know if this is due to the way it streams, the process it runs through or what but I've only once been kicked down in quality since starting to use my PS3 where is it happened quite often on the 360.

Now one thing I absolutely love about the PS3 is the multitude of PSOne classics and PS2 full game downloads, I have more games this way than I do on actual PS3 discs, it's a great way to play games that you might have missed out on when they first came out. Another great thing are the various combo packs and collections such as the sly, jak, and ratchet series which gives you all 3 games from the PS2 era in full HD all on one disc for each series for about $20. I must say I absolutely love this system and it was well worth the buy the only thing I don't particularly like is the lack of being able to play PS2 discs on this version, though there are those that do and I thought this was the one, but if you want the PS2 backwards compatibility then you need to look for the version with 4 usb ports in the front and the 80GB hardrive though the 20 and 40 both work as well they just aren't as foolproof as the 80GB.
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on October 14, 2014
I have finally upgraded from the 6th generation Console to the 7th but I will always go back too. I could care less about the 8th, at least for now. Now that this has been out for a while, you can find the games really cheap, at least most of the older used ones.

The system is great. It's like a big PSP but with obviously better hardware. I hate how it's really fat though. I already felt that the PS3 would of been a better choice than the 360. Don't get me wrong, the 360 is great, but this one was cheaper and I already had a Sony account. I payed about $136.23 for this. Everything works fine and I'm happy with my purchase but I do feel it should have been a little cheaper, at least $20 cheaper. This was the lowest offer listed too. I expect many years of use out of it.
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on July 23, 2016
Did not include everything that was listed. Specifically the controller.
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