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on April 1, 2014
This is indeed the winning system and its a fact. Sold more then xbox.
This system runs great and ill tell you why.
Speed 10/10 this system is very fast and every runs so smooth
Graphics 10/10 This system's graphics are just jaw dropping and runs at 60 frames per second. If you want the power of this system play infamous second son,NBA 2K14, and BF4.
Controller 8.5/10 This is a real upgrade from the DS3, DUALSHOCK 4 is just a beautiful controller to look at and its new features are great. Great grip too. Only complaints are the horrible Battery life and some plastic problems
Remote play 10/10 This system unlock the PS VITA's full potential with R.P. Graphics looks amazing on the vita
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on December 1, 2016
I like this console a lot because it is cool and well just well rounded with its good graphics and good download speed and a pretty decent 500gb hard drive and an expandable hard. Just a heads up I ordered the the original one but I got the slim instead but it's fine because it has a bit better CPU and is obviously smaller and better. If you want a console then consider before you buy that Xbox (if you were planning on Xbox)
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on July 3, 2017
Going on 7 months of nearly 24/7 use and still running strong!
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on May 30, 2014
Performs without any trouble, only downside at the moment are lack of games and lack of many features that existed in the previous generation, local audio\video playback, DLNA support, All of which might be fixed in the future with software updates.

Getting PS Plus annually is highly recommended as starting from July 2014 it'll be two free games every month Guaranteed. SO you get 2 games for ~$5 a month.

If you want to sweeten the deal throw in the new Vita bundle for $200, then you have PS4 remote play plus another 2 free games from plus.

All in all a fantastic entertainment package. Very much satisfied
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on November 18, 2013
Alright, so I know all of the negative reviews on here are based on "bricked" or "DOA" consoles; which is unfortunate for the person that received one but I'm sure Sony will fix any problems because there is a one year warranty on the console. It sucks I get it and I would be pissed as well, but in all honesty it was expected and unlucky if you did get a console that didn't work.

Now for the review, what can I say? Sony did an excellent job with the PS4. The UI is much faster than the PS3's UI and it's simple and streamlined not that the PS3's XMB wasn't simple, it was just slow (imo the xbox360 UI is cluttered but responsive). Quitting a game and going to the UI is super quick. I've tried remote play and it works! If you decide to use Sony's Music Unlimited service you can stream music in the background while playing a game; or download the app for your phone and you can listen to music on the go. The dualshock 4 is a great controller, I had some problems with it at first only because the analog sticks weren't "broken in yet" but I love it now. The launch titles aren't the best Sony has to offer but it will get me through till the games I am really looking forward to come out in the next few months and years to come. I can't wait to see what all of Sony's first party developers has in store for us gamers. If you are on the fence about getting one, I say get one, don't let the bad reviews sway you away from purchasing a great console. Now, if you are on the fence about getting a PS4 vs an XboxOne; that's a matter of choice and preference; for myself I like all the variety of exclusives Sony has compared to MS. Last gen I felt like Sony had way more exclusives I liked compared to MS. Any way, Yes! The PS4 is GREATNESS!!!
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on November 18, 2013
Despite a number of reviews saying Amazon's packaging was subpar for the PS4 launch, I received my console on launch day adequately packaged with no visible damage. After opening my package, I inspected both the HDMI port and included HDMI cable to make sure there was no visible metal pieces in the wrong spot. I then booted up the system and have had no issues since!

The system is great, it boots up incredibly fast and there have been so many improvements since the PS3 that I would be here all day talking about them. While the launch lineup is a little lackluster, the number of games coming out in the next few months has made me extremely excited for the potential of this console. Killzone looks marvelous on this console and some of the cinematics just had me in awe as I played. I also purchased FIFA which also played without a hitch! The improvement in the fluidity of gameplay between the PS3 and PS4 on crossplatform games is so visible its not even funny.

For those people who are complaining that there are features missing from the PS4, please keep in mind that when the PS3 launched it too was missing a lot of the features it eventually added to the console, and that console was $200 more at launch! I am 100% satisfied with the purchase and despite all the negative reviews, I don't think people should be concerned with the quality of the console. Every console launch has its hiccups and at one point the 360 had a 36% failure rate, so compared to that the PS4s problems are minuscule. Take my word for it, you won't regret picking up this console! It was built for the future of gaming unlike the Xbone which is focused mostly on multimedia.
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on June 11, 2017
PS-4 was as presented and I am satisfied with the price. Arrived without the needed cables BUT upon contact the seller apologized and sent the cables by priority mail I am quite happy with both the product and the seller.
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on July 31, 2016
I like pretty much everything about it.

Just a couple gripes: loud fan, especially in graphically tolling games like Uncharted 4. The XMB (main menu) is sloppy and disorganized. I hate scrolling through a million pictures to get to the one game or demo I want to play.

The controller fells good. Works well. It dies pretty quickly, though.

I feel like it was an unnecessary platform, honestly, with few games seeming like large graphical improvements upon the PS3. I only bought it to play Uncharted 4, and I'll pick up a few more gems on the way until I get a gaming PC.
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on February 10, 2014
I purchased my PS4 on December 22nd. 2013, after waiting for a couple batches to be produced as well as the unavailability of the console due to high demand since its' release on September 15th. 2013, keeping my fingers crossed that I didn't receive a faulty unit. My wishes came true as the unit performs well straight out of the box. You need to update it before you can play any games and I had no issues with it up to this day. The graphics are cleaner and crisper, the user interface is much better and the performance of the unit is better than the PS3. I have owned a PS1, PS2, PS3 and now a PS4, so I have enjoyed the overall technological advance in gaming from Sony Entertainment & I will encourage anyone to buy the PlayStation platform console. It has proven its' worth time and time again as it's a hub for your games, movies, internet, music, etc. As with all new technology, the first couple batches will always have glitches but Sony seems to have straightened this out, I am looking forward for new & more games to come on this PS4 console.
I still have kept my PS3, as PS3 games cannot play on the PS4 and there are still games being produced like Castlevania Lord of Shadows 2 that will not go across to the PS4 platform, yet it is a must buy game.
All in all, the PS4 is as good as it gets for today gamers !!!!
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on December 24, 2013
First off I want to state that Amazon has really gone the extra mile. I ordered my PS4 with free shipping (8-11 days I believe) on 12/20 and received it 12/23. Very fast and efficient service!

As for the PS4, I set it up and it started right away. I was afraid I would get a lemon but so far I am having no problems. The console itself is tiny! I have it next to my 80GB PS3 and it is less then half the size. Sony has their work cutout for them if they decide to make a slim version in a few years. I got an extra controller and the Playstation Camera along with it and am having fun using the Playroom but it seems like it would get boring very fast. I'm hoping they come out with more games that use the camera but since its only been out for over a month I get it is limited. The controller feels amazing! No joke, this controller feels like it was custom made for my hands. A huge upgrade from the PS3 controller that felt like it could break in my hands at any moment. I'm spending time now playing Resogun and Blacklight Retribution and waiting for games like Infamous Second Son and Watch Dogs to come out.

The only negative I found on this console (and the reason why I'm rating it 4 stars instead of 5) is because I can't play my PS3 games. If and when Sony releases a fix to this through that Gaikai streaming service and I see that it works sufficiently I will change my rating to 5 stars.
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