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on December 2, 2013
I jumped into the "next-gen" with some hesitation. I preordered the PS4 within the first hour of availability and held onto it, despite some back and forth, until it was released. Needless to say, I'm mostly happy with the purchase - though I know it will only be more valuable to me over time.

Let's start with the drawbacks...

Multimedia (lack thereof). The PS4 is a gamer's system in a day and age where the newest tech gadgets try to cater to everyone's cravings. If you are used to the Xbox 360 and having rather robust multimedia offerings at your fingertips, the relatively bland front-end of the PS4 and it's slim offerings of apps/software (carried over from the PS3) will feel a bit underwhelming.

You are going to run out of space soon. The 500 GB drive will be under heavy demand as you amass your PS4 library. Even physical copies of games will need massive installs (NBA 2K14 took a healthy 45 GB worth of space after a long install). Even swapping out a HD won't help you all that much in the long run. If you plan on gaming with this rig for the next 5-10 years, you will likely threaten to go over 1 TB worth of DLC, updates and games. This is a problem that both next-gen consoles face going forward.

The next-gen leap isn't all that spectacular...yet. Take a look at NBA 2K14 and FIFA 14. Nice and smooth, a quality "upgrade" to the current-gen offering, but hardly what you would expect from a generation leap - however, those two games represent the largest graphical leap of any of the launch games. Truth be told, it will get a lot better, faster, but for now, the offerings are mostly glossed-over ports. It will be interesting to see how much this "leap" evolves in the next couple years.

With that out of the way, I'm very happy with my PS4 "upgrade". A few months ago I sold my PS3 in anticipation while holding onto the Xbox 360. The PS4 feels like the perfect gaming machine. It's a sleek design, from the console itself right down to the awesome Dual Shock 4 - which could easily be the best gaming controller ever created. After all the installs/etc (hey, next-gen is just going to have that kinda stuff, we'll have to deal with it) it's generally very easy to get right into a game. PS Plus is a very nice deal going forward and provides a steady diet of great "free" games for the nominal yearly fee. Out of the gate there are plenty of very solid games at launch (despite not being all that much better than the current-gen counterparts as mentioned before) with a community that is growing at a rapid rate - there is no worry that people won't be buying into the next-gen at least.

The real key is this. For $100 less than the competition you still get a very powerful gaming machine that lacks some multimedia aspects and the motion/voice recognition abilities (which you can still gain with the PS4 Eye if you want that stuff). Other than that, both the PS4 and Xbox One generally will offer the same types of experience at a raw gaming level. You certainly can't go wrong with the PS4 if you are just choosing one console going forward - it's already gained a strong share of the market at this early stage and seems to be a very safe investment for the long term (as it essentially won the "public opinion" war in the lead-up to launch).
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on May 29, 2014
The user interface takes a little bit of getting used to, but seems to be relatively simple and ad-free compared to that of the Xbox One. The ability to put apps (i.e. Netflix or Amazon Prime) on hold to open another app or navigate through the menus is great.

The controller is great, though I do miss the "start" button. The touch pad works well in game play and doesn't feel gimmicky. The recent system update allowing users to dim the light bar on the controller has helped extend the decent battery life.

I highly recommend purchasing with a PlaysStation Plus subscription, as the free games every month are a nice addition. The free games for the PlayStation 4 are nowhere near as good as the options that have been coming out for the PlayStation 3, however.
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on January 21, 2014
I'll not discuss the console here- this is my experience with
First of all: I live in Brazil, and due to our outrageous taxing system, it costs half the price to buy the ps4 abroad and pay transport and import duties rather than just buying it over the counter on any store (Brazilian price: ~2000usd)
I ordered this console on the night of December the 20th, it was a Friday night. I would love to have this as a Christmas gift, but I thought it would not make in time... Well, I was happily wrong! Amazon top-notch shipment got my parcel by my front door the 24th at 9am! It took 84 hours from the time I hit the confirm button to the time I saw the ps logo on my tv; and it travelled from Seattle to São Paulo: check the map- it is really far away!
So- you can't go wrong with
1- ships internationally
2- ships really fast! And deliveries fast too!
3- troubleshooting is magnificent! Attentive people, and you can easily be refunded if it comes to it.
So; that is a 5/5 stars because amazon is great.
As I said: I'll not review the console. If you are looking for a serious evaluation. Of sony's console, you have reached the wrong place. Go and search blogs and forums and you may surely find useful info.
Best regards!
Happy gaming!
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on March 31, 2014
This is my first foray into anything PlayStation. Having played on Xbox and Xbox 360, I was a little afraid to try something new. Overall I am very impressed with the new console. One of the big differences is that the battery is built into the console and there's no huge power brick taking up space. The graphics are spectacular and I can't wait to see programmers reach its full potential. The standby mode is great when you are gone for a while because it will download all the updates while you are away. The big fault is that sometimes it's hard to tell if the updates are downloading and/or updating or possibly stuck. If you are into games and graphics, this console is a perfect fit. Xbox One spent so much time trying to be everything that I feel they have dropped the ball on games and graphics.
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on May 30, 2014
As I waited the arrival of my PS4. For hours and hours, a UPS man comes to the door and rings the doorbell. Only for me to open the door and find a huge box. Unboxed it and man, is this a sexy looking console. The Controller is the most comfortable controller I have used. The console is so easy to use and is mean't for one thing. VIDEO GAMING. The menu is so easily accessed. I can pause my game and do whatever I need to do at the menu. Yes I know, It is too early to tell if it is the best console ever. But I can tell you one thing, you will not regret getting one of these consoles. 5/5
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on June 8, 2014
Great console which really shows how PlayStation has matured in time. While it's specifications are endlessly debated as in all console generations; they are first class and covered by other raters. What is notable is how well the PlayStation OS and online network has evolved from the PS3 days. Very well designed OS and GUI, with quick transitions and a high degree of social media and video/image sharing built in that really separates this from the competition.

The game library is still a bit thin, as most early days for a generation are; but with the ease of development, the upcoming library is very exciting. Sort of has a PlayStation2-esque feel to it.

Recommended for any console buyers. It's time to jump in.
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on April 6, 2014
I skipped the entre PS3 era, not a fanboy I just got an Xbox 360 for Xmas back then so that's what I rocked with. Got the Xbox one on launch and waited for a PS4 to become available for MONTHS.. Finally got lucky and saw amazon and not some independent seller sellin for 200+ over retail, and couldn't be happier. I love the UI of the PS4 Surprisingly more than my XB1, wish I could make custom themes though like on PS3 but no biggie, I haven't had any problems. I find myself using it more than my XB1 and I have TitanFall Lls, seriously tho it's great for everything. Games, movies, and Internet.

Edit: I actually like the PS4 yi better but the Xbox one apps better. Internet is waay better on XBOX one. Better flash player so less restrictions on websites (for movie steamers) ;)
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on February 9, 2014
I was really skeptical about purchasing the PS4 in November, and I'm guess I'm glad I waited until February. It looks like a decent amount of people had issues with their PS4's, and that's a shame. But, I guess time and lessons learned has paid off for Sony. The one that was shipped out to me has worked FLAWLESSLY. Here's a quick breakdown:

- The new XMB OS is amazing and lightyears beyond the PS3 XMB.
- Online play is more stable and faster than PS3. Looks like Sony can afford better servers now with PS+ :)
- Graphics are out of this world. On par with PC graphics at this time.
- Dualshock 4 is comfortable, easy to use, and the best the PlayStation has ever had. It's still not as good as the Xbox 360 controller, but it's only off by a hair. The speaker on the controller is a welcome addition, as is the touchpad.

- Not a lot of games out right now.
- Was promised controller charging on off mode, but it's only when the PS4 is on standby mode. A small letdown.

All in all I recommend getting one now that is seems Sony has worked out the kinks of the launch day ones.
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on March 18, 2014
While waiting for my PlayStation 4, I read into research of the many hardware failures that occurred around launch. So, I did go in with a little bit of panic, but after being told by Sony that they released a second generation of PS4s, I felt more at ease with the system, and come delivery day, I hooked up the console, did the mandatory updates, got my profile set up, and it works like a charm.

The only major complaint I have is that there aren't many games out for it, which is normal for a standard console launch, but it's nothing I take points off for. I have my system out in the open and well ventilated, and if you have to ask if I'm a fanboy, the answer is no. I go with the console that suits my needs as a gamer, which I think the PS4 can do. The 1080p/60fps is a bonus incentive to have a PS4.

If you're going to get a new console, not speaking as a fanboy, but as a gamer, go with Sony, because I can assure you from my experience that I've had no problems at all with the system, and it's worth the money, even if you wait until the holidays to get one.
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on February 15, 2014
We reserved this back when they announced a release date. My husband did have some issues with the disc loading after a couple months, but the console was fixed or replaced (unsure which) very quickly and it works fine now. Buying the video camera is worth it- there's some mini games on it that my 2 yr old LOVES and the camera allows you to use the voice feature (my 2 yr old stands in front of it yelling "ON!" "OFF!" because he sees my husband doing that a lot). The voice feature is hit and miss... it tends to work, but you may occasionally have times where you're yelling at it and it's not listening. Fortunately, my 2 yr old doesn't speak well enough to turn it off on my husband yet while he's playing.

The graphics on the games are beautiful. The mini games are really cute... there's these little guys and you can download an app for your phone to draw them a "ball" to toss around. My 2 yr old runs around with my husband's phone drawing "circles" (not really, they're mostly blurbs) and gets a kick out of the little guys tossing the stuff he draws around.
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