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on March 26, 2014
The PS4 is a well-built machine that gives you a lot of horsepower at a relatively low cost, especially when you consider the fact that its predecessor, the PS3, launched at $200 more for the primary SKU. While it doesn't have many exclusive games at the moment, you're buying into the PS4 for its potential. As Sony demonstrated with the PS3, they know how to create great games with characters you care about, not just soulless experiences that are, sadly, flooding the market on mobile devices. If you want high quality gaming experiences with cutting edge visuals, well-realized worlds and characters, Sony's developers have mastered that craft.

As for the hardware itself, I've had no issues with it. There have been some complaints about the blue light of death error, disc read error, and some HDMI issues, but these issues seem to be within the acceptable failure rate for a new game console. Sony's competitors have also had issues reported with their consoles on the internet, so no matter which piece of hardware you buy, there's always the possibility that it could be a lemon, though it's not likely. With my experience, however, the PS4 was easy to set up and get going. The hardware does get a bit warm when running a disc, but if you turn it off in standby mode the fans will continue to run until it has cooled down, then the fans will turn off, so that's nice.

As for the controller, it fits well in my rather large hands and feels comfortable during long play sessions. With that said, it's not without issues. I have noticed that the analog stick covers are a bit cheaply made and can often start to wear off if you're rough with the controller. It's a bit of a shame that the controller can have some issues because otherwise it's a very nice controller overall.

And as for the games, there aren't a ton of exclusives, but there's enough to satisfy you. My game recommendations are as follows:

Infamous: Second Son - One of the best looking games out there, if not the best. Absolutely stunning open world environment.

Killzone: Shadow Fall - Not my favorite Killzone game, but definitely still worth playing. It also boasts some impressive graphics.

Warframe - It's free to play and it's great fun.

Thief - Criminally underrated. Not perfect but I love it. Great atmospheric stealth action.

There are more games that you may or may not like, but those are some that I've enjoyed the most.

Overall, in my opinion, the PS4 is a very nice system that I can recommend to any gamer looking for a new console.
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on June 17, 2014
As a big baseball fan, I wanted the the next-gen version of MLB 14 The Show which prompted me to buy a PS4. Now I can't wait for Sony to continue the tradition of bringing a slew of great exclusive titles to this thing, just like they did with the PS3 & PS2.

To go along with my PS4, I purchased a 1.5 TB hard drive to swap with the 500 GB hard drive that is included with the console. The console and larger hard drive arrived on the same day, so before even turning the console on, I swapped hard drives, and I would like to give kudos to Sony for making this incredibly easy. Now that I have a much larger hard drive in my PS4, it will be my main console for the generation, and will be the console I purchase most, if not all multi-platform titles on.

After having the console for a month and a half so far, I really enjoy it. The UI is great and easy to use, and the speed in switching from one game to another is a breeze.

I find myself gaming on my PS4 much more than I do my Xbox One or my Wii U.
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on August 20, 2016
Great system for gamers with a good amount of upcoming console exclusives. It can play games of all sorts, ranging from adult/mature games to family friendly games to games that everybody can enjoy. With programs like Netflix, Youtube among others, there are multiple uses for the PS4 besides it just being a video game console. The ability to share achievements/accomplishments on twitter, facebook etc is an added bonus and streaming isn't all that hard if you choose to do that. I got the system about 2 months ago and still have not gotten around to every single detail of the PS4, there is just plenty to do.
The PS4 also has great app support for your typical TV-watching type of apps (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon). I have a smart TV and used to use the apps built in to that to watch TV, but the experience is not only much faster on the PS4, it has some cool features that my TV doesn't like auto-play and adjustable subtitles. I use the apps more than I play games.
I am very pleased with my purchase of a PS4 and got a very good deal with this. Me personally, I would say this is the best buy of the "Big 3" systems if you are choosing to get one. Sony has consistently provided good console exclusive after good console exclusive and given this is still a relatively new system for the most part, it is a good investment.
Getting one of the best games in my opinion bundled with this system is like the cherry on top. The Last of Us is a brutal, violent, heart throbbing game that takes you on an adventure that you don't ever want to get off of. The game is not for everybody but survival horror fans and people who enjoy a compelling story will fall in love with this game. It comes inside as a free digital download so don't miss out on playing what is, you know, absolutely free.
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on March 7, 2017
I'm only giving the PS4 a 3 star rank because the system is lacking lot of stuff made the older PS systems worth getting more the PS4. Lets start with you can't play PS3 games the system without paying more. So in other words to play PS3 games you need PS Now to play them on the PS4 which is costing you more to play them so best keeping your PS3 system and games. Another thing is online play which you need a PS Plus membership that costs about $10 a month or $60 for a year. Plus you can't play any PS1 or PS2 game on it so need the old systems to play them again.

But now for good things to say about it. The system has no region lock so if you want to play Japanese PS4 game a US PS4 system now you can play import games. With the lack of playing PS3 games there is Capcom remastered games that was made from the PS3 then imported to PS4 disc format.
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on April 8, 2014
Things to keep in mind with this review. I have both a ps3, a ps4, and an xbox. Along with a Nintendo 3dsxl, and a PS vita, iphone, iphone, droid, all of which are great gaming machines in their own right.
*Graphics are absolutely fantastic. I have the ps3 and the ps4 sitting side by side and by far the ps4 has the better graphics.
*Ease of use - This thing is fast, like super fast. There is a marked difference between loading games for the ps3 and the ps4. and also that sweet little home button on the remote means that mutli tasking is a reality! You can play a game, hit the home button and do other cool stuff without losing progress on the current game. You cant have two games running at once which while not fun makes sense.
*Fast- did I mention how fast this thing is?
*The controller is much more comfortable in hand than the old one.
*This goes along with fast but it deserves a separate mention; getting into and out of the PSN store takes just a few seconds! On the PS3 it can take several minutes to log in and start looking at things, and it takes way to long to just get back out to the homescreen.
*backwards compatibility - I have lots of games for the ps3 that I really wish would work with the ps4. I don't like having both plugged in and having to switch between machines for my 5 year old who has 6 lego games on the ps3.
*The controller battery does not last long enough. Not even almost really. I have to plug it in almost every other day if not daily. The ps3 controller is good for 3-4 days.
*not enough games yet. Backwards compatibility would really help on this front.
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on March 22, 2014
I waited a few months before purchasing the PS4, hoping the price would come down a bit. Then, I found one on Amazon from a 3rd party seller that had a "Used, like new" one for $440. So, I decided to take the plunge.

I had read the new dualshock4 controllers were larger, and I completely understand why - for my smaller female hands, the dualshock3 was a perfect fit, but I watched that controller disappear in the hands of some guys. So, I was a bit apprehensive that these new 4 controllers would be too large for me. Not so. In fact - I find them quite comfortable. I love the new touchpad as well. Just takes a little getting used to. Especially since I still play the PS3 games more often.

The 4 boots up, connects to internet, PSN, Netflix and games load nearly instantly. Love the WiFi feature as well!

The only drawback that I can see thus far is there currently aren't a large # of titles available just yet for the PS4, but since I'm using it for movies, internet browsing as well as games, I still use it quite frequently. I notice new games coming out frequently for the PS4, so I'm sure the library of titles will grow soon enough.

My TV only supports 2 HDMI devices, so I had to decide which device to unhook - my cable box or my PS3, so I unhooked the cable box connection by just taking out that HDMI cable from the back of the TV. Since I can watch movies on Netflix, and I still use my PS3 more than the PS4, it makes more sense at this stage. I know many others are faced with this same dilemma - not enough HDMI ports on their TV's. It's easy enough for me to reach behind the TV and change the HDMI cables out, but for those who don't have such easy access to the back of their TV's, it will be a harder decision. I thought of moving my PS3 (or 4) to another room, but decided that having all the gaming in 1 room made more sense, for me anyway.

Some may still want to wait until there are more titles available, or the price comes down a bit. I don't think the PS3 is going anywhere anytime soon, so there is still plenty of time to make that decision.

I'm very pleased with the PS4. I like it's slim/sleek design, the "standby" feature - which allows you to charge your controllers but not have the unit "on" completely. There is a software power control feature - which I think is nice as well. As soon as you insert a disc - it powers on, then (from the menu) you can remove/eject a disc and either put it in stand-by mode or power the unit off completely.

There are many new features I haven't even gotten into yet - facial recognition software, PS4 camera, bluetooth, etc. But I look forward to utilizing all that the PS4 has to offer!
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on March 2, 2017
So I ordered this the other day with the impression I was buying the full sized PS4. well. I received the slim. There's not much of a difference between the two so I'm keeping it.
If I wanted a slim I would have saved myself a few bucks and ordered the bundle.
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on March 30, 2017
I purchased the launch edition when the PS4 came out. I always try to get all my consoles from Amazon as I don't need to worry about waiting in lines at retail stores. I love basketball so my favorite game to play is NBK 2K series.

This came perfectly in box with no damage whatsoever. No complaints here!
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on August 1, 2016
Went with sony back in 2014.. and i have had a great 2 years so far.

It did get loud after a year or so of use. At which i opened the console and there was a ton of dusk clogging the fan.

I use my ps4 for everything lol. Netflix ,youtube friends , video capture, streaming, .

I cannot play movies off a usb drive and i cannot play music off a usb drive.

So i dock a star , overall she is a BEAST
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on January 25, 2014
The only downside is the download time.... But other Han that and the lack of battery life on the controller it's quiet a fine specimen
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