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on December 24, 2013
First off I want to state that Amazon has really gone the extra mile. I ordered my PS4 with free shipping (8-11 days I believe) on 12/20 and received it 12/23. Very fast and efficient service!

As for the PS4, I set it up and it started right away. I was afraid I would get a lemon but so far I am having no problems. The console itself is tiny! I have it next to my 80GB PS3 and it is less then half the size. Sony has their work cutout for them if they decide to make a slim version in a few years. I got an extra controller and the Playstation Camera along with it and am having fun using the Playroom but it seems like it would get boring very fast. I'm hoping they come out with more games that use the camera but since its only been out for over a month I get it is limited. The controller feels amazing! No joke, this controller feels like it was custom made for my hands. A huge upgrade from the PS3 controller that felt like it could break in my hands at any moment. I'm spending time now playing Resogun and Blacklight Retribution and waiting for games like Infamous Second Son and Watch Dogs to come out.

The only negative I found on this console (and the reason why I'm rating it 4 stars instead of 5) is because I can't play my PS3 games. If and when Sony releases a fix to this through that Gaikai streaming service and I see that it works sufficiently I will change my rating to 5 stars.
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on April 6, 2014
The PS4 I purchased has operated perfectly so far.. The system is far superior to the previous ps3 system. it is a lot faster, and so much easier to use.. i also like how you can use multiple things at once and easily access them via the center PS button on the controller- i like being able to play music unlimited as I am playing games or doing other things.. I'm just waiting until they sell enough systems so there is financial incentive for game developers to put all their talents into PS4/xbox1 games..right now there are 100 million ps3/xbox systems and maybe 10 percent of that # of the new systems.. so they obviously won't sell as many games on the new systems. maybe in a year or 2 we will start seeing amazing games. only new game i want to see is watchdogs, which, to be honest, looks like grand theft auto with hacking
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on November 16, 2013
First I want to state that my initial launch edition was doa out of the box with the pulsing blue light and no video defect. In less than a week amazon had a brand new one to me and this one worked perfect. Props to amazon for quick turnaround, they always seem to make things right.

After finally getting a chance to play this new console I can easily see what all the hype is about. Not only does the system look very hansom sitting next to it's older brother (ps3), it's very quiet even with a disc in the drive. The UI is simple and easy to navigate, I had no problems figuring out where to go or what to do. The controller really feels like a quality item. If feels really sturdy and comfortable in my hands. The new touch pad and little speaker is a nice addition. Sony didn't skimp on this thing.

The first game I downloaded was of course Resogun and while it seems like a simple arcade type shooter, it still finds a way to show off what the system can do. Very fun and addictive. After that I popped in Assassin's Creed 4 and was in awe of how the game plays and looks. It truly feels next gen. I'm very excited for what the future holds in the PlayStation 4! Also, I'd like to add that the share options are very cool and make it so simple to show people what you're playing. It really impressed me.

I would highly recommend getting this system if you're thinking next gen.
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on January 3, 2014
with its sleek new look, super fast and responsive controls, and not to mention the best graphics card on any console, the ps4 is my system of choice. load time are fast and smooth (including downloading time). The online multiplayer is a HUGE improvement from the ps3 and the graphics are crisp and amazing. So far out of all the games I played for the ps4, Battlefield 4 is the only one that really looks like a next gen title. despite all the bad media the game is getting, I have had very few problems with it. as of the latest patches I haven't had any problems with it, def worth it a play through though. As for the PS4, I can't wait to see what this powerful mat chine is going to be capable of.
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on November 19, 2013
Review in Progress

This is my first time buying a launch Sony system since the PS2. System is working fine and I'm enjoying my time with the system. There were some weird glitches on the UI on the first two days, but it appears that it was due to the PSN connection issues during launch. I would hold back on purchasing if you are afraid that you may get a faulty system (Please see all of the 1 star reviews). If you don't mind taking the risk of having to send the system back to Sony I would fully recommend getting one for yourself. It'll be interesting to compare the PS4 launch to the Xbox One to see which has the smoothest launch.

This review is ongoing, it may change.. Hopefully my system won't brick anytime soon.

3 Stars during 11/15/13
4 1/2 Starts on 11/19/13


Great Graphics; I'm finding the detail in AC4 to be truly immersive and it's adding a lot to my overall experience.
Social: The social aspect of the system is quite fun. It's interesting to watch live streams of other players around the world..It should be better in the future with more a better variety of games and when the system is out in Japan.


Controller battery lasts only 4-6 game play hours; depending on how much a game uses the rumble feature.
Current Game library: I know this is typical of a new game system launch.
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on March 12, 2014
I just got my ps4 and it came a day early for me which made me happy. All was sealed and brand new with no problems. I followed directions and hooked everything up and everything is working just fine. I have no problems with this machine, so far, but I've been a big fan of Sony since the beginning. The graphics are outstanding. The controller works with my hands and fits perfect. I didn't research the controller very well so when it spoke it startled me, lol. Very cool. I got the one year subscription and I like getting one free game a month. I'm so happy amazon restocked the ps4 because for a long time I couldn't find it in my area in any store.
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on January 12, 2017
Great Console. Reliable although it does not play PS3 games. This is not the 4k compatible playstation. Can download and play games directly from the playstation store and can use Playstation Vue if you subscribe to watch television programs. VUE also works like a DVR and will record programs even if your playstation is offline.
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on October 12, 2015
I barely have reason to touch this out side of the sparse game releases. I own all next gen systems and a gaming PC so I have no particular allegiance. What games that do come out are great it's when they come out is the problem, expect a lot of re-releases to keep you busy. The Xbox One has a marginally better selection at the moment but they are both in a dry spell as far as games go making them redundant. Hopefully 2016 gives me a reason to boot this thing up other than filtering the air in my room.
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on December 2, 2013
The system is very nice! The UI is intuitive and incredibly easy to use. Its fluid and very fast. Its a MAJOR improvement on the XMB on the PS3. The game loads instantly and the mandatory download for a disc takes just a minute to install so you will be playing the game before you know it. I still notice some responsive delay on the store though but this could be fixed with an update. The video apps works really well although the keyboard on the apps (such as Amazon Instant) can be difficult to use. The system does make some noise upon start up but within 1 minute, quiets down and you won't hear a thing. The standby mode is well done as the controllers can be charged even though the system isn't on.
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on March 22, 2014
I waited a few months before purchasing the PS4, hoping the price would come down a bit. Then, I found one on Amazon from a 3rd party seller that had a "Used, like new" one for $440. So, I decided to take the plunge.

I had read the new dualshock4 controllers were larger, and I completely understand why - for my smaller female hands, the dualshock3 was a perfect fit, but I watched that controller disappear in the hands of some guys. So, I was a bit apprehensive that these new 4 controllers would be too large for me. Not so. In fact - I find them quite comfortable. I love the new touchpad as well. Just takes a little getting used to. Especially since I still play the PS3 games more often.

The 4 boots up, connects to internet, PSN, Netflix and games load nearly instantly. Love the WiFi feature as well!

The only drawback that I can see thus far is there currently aren't a large # of titles available just yet for the PS4, but since I'm using it for movies, internet browsing as well as games, I still use it quite frequently. I notice new games coming out frequently for the PS4, so I'm sure the library of titles will grow soon enough.

My TV only supports 2 HDMI devices, so I had to decide which device to unhook - my cable box or my PS3, so I unhooked the cable box connection by just taking out that HDMI cable from the back of the TV. Since I can watch movies on Netflix, and I still use my PS3 more than the PS4, it makes more sense at this stage. I know many others are faced with this same dilemma - not enough HDMI ports on their TV's. It's easy enough for me to reach behind the TV and change the HDMI cables out, but for those who don't have such easy access to the back of their TV's, it will be a harder decision. I thought of moving my PS3 (or 4) to another room, but decided that having all the gaming in 1 room made more sense, for me anyway.

Some may still want to wait until there are more titles available, or the price comes down a bit. I don't think the PS3 is going anywhere anytime soon, so there is still plenty of time to make that decision.

I'm very pleased with the PS4. I like it's slim/sleek design, the "standby" feature - which allows you to charge your controllers but not have the unit "on" completely. There is a software power control feature - which I think is nice as well. As soon as you insert a disc - it powers on, then (from the menu) you can remove/eject a disc and either put it in stand-by mode or power the unit off completely.

There are many new features I haven't even gotten into yet - facial recognition software, PS4 camera, bluetooth, etc. But I look forward to utilizing all that the PS4 has to offer!
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