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on July 21, 2017
I will never in my life purchase another PS4 controller from you, I have been having problems with it ever since getting it and always had to constantly sync it to my PS4 after using it and on top of that the controller stayed disconnecting every time I was in the middle of gameplay so I just stopped using it and when I tried to use it again, I plugged it into a USB cable on my PS4 to fully charge it and re-sync it but apparently it won't even sync my PS4 anymore, I even pushed the reset button on the back of the controller. When I tried to register my controller or file a return claim it had asked for my serial number on the back of the controller and wouldn't let me file a return claim because it showed the serial number was invalid. I think I was sold a defective item, even though I have 3 other PS4 controllers that work perfectly fine and has never given me any problems, this was the first one.
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on March 11, 2016
I had purchased my husband a red controller 2 years ago for Christmas, and after 2 years of being thrown around and dropped it was time for a new one.

We love the fact that we can get this online and not have to worry about driving to get it and have the possibility of the store not having them.

The only difference is when we first got the one 2 years ago, it worked with any headphones be it ps4 compatible or not, but the newer versions require the headsets to be ps4 compatible.

The joysticks last a lot longer then the original black controller that comes with the ps4, and we haven't had any sticking issues.
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on September 21, 2015
This a pretty nice controller. I played Xbox for years and switched over to playstation after the xbone controversies and so I had to learn a new controller. The touch pad is more of a gimmick than anything unforuntately. A couple games use it for little things, but it's always something stupid. The light bar though is actually pretty cool. Many games do an excellent job of setting the mood with the light bar. The battery life is pretty good. You can get about four or five hours of playing straight through without the need to recharge. The controller feels much smaller in the hand than an xbox controller and personally that's a bit of a con for me but I remedy that with joystick extenders so I don't have to bend my thumbs completely inward to use the controller. I like the suspended triggers rather than the sealed ones on the xbox. It gives you a little more range of control. Having the D pad on the left is pretty useful as well so if im playing battlefield, I can keep aiming while I change my sight or pull out an RPG. The only con I've seen is that the rubber on the joysticks will start to peel after about a year of heavy use, which isn't really that bad and you can just buy covers to fix it.

Overall, it has some gimmicky parts to it, but the overall controller is great for both shooters, RPGs and racing games. And you can save some money by buying this on amazon. Worth grabbing if you need another one.
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on July 8, 2016
I purchased this Controller for use with my Star Wars Edition PS4, and it fits the theme perfectly. When I saw Sony was releasing a new set of colors for their DualShock line I knew I had to get one. The feel and texture of this controller really reminds me how worn my old one was. It has precise stick movement, and a nice textured touchpad as I have come to expect from my Sony products. The best thing about it though, is that connection with the Sith inside me as I use it to mow down that rebel scum in Battlefront, also, it's easy to find when lost in my couch cushions.
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on May 24, 2015
There's something about this controller that feels better in my hands than my other ones. I imagine it's the finish that gives it more grip. I wish the whites were whiter and the blacks blacker, but it still looks good. Works great, retains the same 6-or-so hour charge, and charges with my PowerA Dual charger. All in all, it's my new controller of choice, and it's nice to have one that only I can use.
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on December 23, 2015
Sony's new controller design is a huge step in comfort and quality over the PS3's controller. It rests nicely in my smaller-than-average hands, all of the buttons depress smoothly, and it feels solid. The battery life is decent for an average gamer, though it helps to have a back-up controller on the charger if you play games for 6+ hours in one sitting.

My only suggestions for improvement are:
1. USE HIGHER QUALITY MATERIALS FOR THE JOYSTICK GRIP!! I bought the PS4 on release day, and all grips on my original controllers have worn down to the point of peeling off. They aren't uncomfortable or very noticeable, but now my thumbs slip when I'm sweaty. (gross, but games are intense and sweat provoking these days)

2. This has nothing to do with the quality of the controller, just the use of its technology. Please ask development companies to use the Six-Axis technology more often in their games. A fantastic missed opportunity is in Star Wars: Battlefront, specifically with aerial combat. When an enemy locks on to your ship, you have to press the D-pad left, right, or up to evade. Why not simply be able to jerk your controller in that direction? It's a more natural response, and saves a few milliseconds over the current set up.
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on February 27, 2017
My controller failed, in the same way that they have for many others. The left and up on the D-pad failed at the same time as the Square and Triangle buttons failed.

Sony did not bother to replace an obviously failed design version of the early controller, even though it was never dropped, had been exposed to liquid or temperature extremes, and offered no ability to pay for a way to swap it out with a new version.

I highly recommend being wary of this product, if it's an earlier generation model.
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Appears to be a genuine controller, as advertised. I bought this for my little daughter to play against her brothers. Then customized it with purple buttons and controls. It's a wickedly cool controller now (see image), and the neighborhood kids all covet it. Definite recommendation, especially if you plan to mod it.
review image
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on May 21, 2016
Controllers have always been a sore spot for this gamer. On the one hand, I find only the brand-name controllers work and "handle" smoothly compared to third party options, but the prices have steadily increased with each new generation.

I recently purchased the Ortz PS4 Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan - Controller Charging Station with Dual Charger and figured I'd get a second back-up controller for my PS4 to have stationed in the dock to charge while using the other (and because I'm OCD and it has a spot for two units). The PS4 controllers have pretty solid battery life all things considered, but I found myself having to charge the one the system game with each night after playing, which got to be a real pain - plugging in the Micro-USB charger to the PS4 and hunting for the USB on the system. Plus, wires are the enemy.

It never hurts having a back-up controller, even if you're a solo gamer. The PS4 controller is definitely far advanced to the outgoing model: it's got an awesome jack for headphones (great if you want to play a game loudly without waking other housemates), and a trackpad in the center. I had a hard time justifying paying MSRP at nearly every other retailer, so I was very happy to see Amazon (as usual) offering a significantly better price on an expensive piece of gaming equipment.

I'm sure third party controllers work, but they often look cheap to me and the button action feels off - I'm content having paid a little bit more, knowing I saved quite a bit off of what this controller normally retails for.
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VINE VOICEon August 27, 2015
First of all I love the layout, weight and feel of this controller. I was very excited to have a white controller and loved it right out of the box. Now that I have been using it for a month, I can say that it does have enough issues to prevent it from being a 4-5 start purchase.

The charge - I play maybe 5 hours a week on a good week, so I'm a casual gamer. I fully charge this through the week and when I plan on gaming, the charge is down within 6 hours or less of active use. I used to be able to use my PS3 controllers for over a week or more without having to plug them in. I can't play two full nights in a row for 2-3 hours without swapping controllers.

The L3 button sticks, or doesn't register at times. My left thumb hurts for days after playing from having to hold the button down so hard in order for the button to register.

An occasional delay has started popping up from between when I push a button to when the character reacts. I don't mind much but a serious gamer might be very upset at this.

For me it works, though a longer charge and sturdier buttons would be what it would take to make this a 5 star product.
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