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on April 10, 2013
I was really excited to play this game, and, the moment I got it, I played it nearly non-stop. However... now that there's been a lot of time, I do not really know if I still enjoy it as much as I did. Each character was a fun challenge to learn, and the short campaign was a fun way to learn the nuances of the game. After all of that is said and done... only two options really remain- LAN play, or online play. LAN is fun, but, because the game is a little more complex than most button mashers, most friends feel that the game is a simple rip-off of other famous examples of this game type, but more difficult and less fun for new players. The AI sits between too easy and too hard in most cases; on an easier mode, the computer will simply stand still after attacks, while on a harder mode, the computer will read your button presses and counter most actions immediately. Online, the 'Quick Match' option plays a match type with anyone, which is fine, but the skill levels vary greatly. The 'Ranked' option is very annoying: people are either extremely good and win quickly, or they leave the match when they realize that they will lose and go down in rank.
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It has a thoughtful roster. (Sadly, it feels rushed.) The gameplay is fun, and I would say it feels different than "SSB's". I have played it for months. My favorite characters are Dante, Evil Cole, Jak, and Sly. I ended up mastering the first (3) with practice. The gameplay was made, to have players create their own combos. (I'm serious!) I would recommend this, instead of the suggested combos, from the character tutorials. Characters could roll, and block. Some of the roster has characters, that could parry, or Sly, who turns invisible, instead of blocking. There are also cheap grab moves! The game itself, focuses of one-shot KO's. All players need to build their "Super" meter, and use it for a cool KO move. Supers are separated into (3) levels. All are best for certain situations. Players must build "AP" by attacking their opponents, so they could use a super. I would go and say, all characters have CHEAP abilities. That's just how it is. It might be frustrating at times, but its a game that will be fun, if you practice. Learn even by watching your teammates, or opponents. The stages are from many other (PlayStation) games. I find it a bit strange. This is how a stage works. You're in one place and all of a sudden, there are hazards, and the backgrounds change. It's another game setting intersecting the one in place. One of my favorites, is "Alden's Tower" from inFAMOUS, which goes to Sly's rooftops. (Clearly, its a Sucker Punch reference.) It's a strange, but fun feature. (Hey, even Patapon made it...) All of the backgrounds are animated well.

There are 4 DLC characters, which are fine. I loved them, despite a couple feeling odd. If you of course purchase the PS3 version, you will get the digital VITA version for free! This is a great deal that can't be ignored, unless you don't own a PS3. One of the coolest features is the cross-play. PS3 and VITA players, could play matches with each other! So, grab your friends, and have some fun!

Replay value: There's an arcade mode with a story, and each character rivals another. You have tons of multiplayer hours here. (I actually felt bored from the arcade mode. It's too easy, and slow.) I don't recommend this game, unless you love these characters, but also expect to spend lots of time in multiplayer. (That's local, or online! Yes, bots are included!) Aside from the gameplay, there are a great set of trophies here.
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on February 23, 2014
I purchased this thinking it was going to be like Super Smash Brothers. It is not. The way to kill your enemies is kind of dumb and takes a lot of effort to build-up a power and then is easy to miss with... making it so that not every small hit counts (unlike super-smash brothers where every hit brings you closer to death)... therefore it is less about tactics and winning through domination and more about single-hit timing/setup and winning through dumb-luck.

Also, I've owned the PlayStation since it first came out. I owned the PS1, PS2, and now PS3 (I don't see a point in getting the PS4 yet)... and other than Kratos and Big Daddy I had not played any games with any of the other characters (until recently I also Nathan Drake)... the older version of Dante I knew... I just did not have the same feeling playing this game as I did playing Super Smash Brothers for the first time. I grew up on Zelda, Mario, Donkey-Kong, Star Fox, and Pokemon games on various nintendo platforms... and yet the games I grew up with on Playstation (resident evil, Final Fantasy 7-10, Dead or Alive, Tenchu, Metal Gear Solid, Grandia, Lunar, Tony Hawk, Parasite Eve, Onimusha, Tales of Destiny, etc...) weren't on this. I know PlayStation doesn't have name-brand characters the way that Nintendo does... but I feel like they chose games that didn't give any sort of nostalgia for the type of gamer that I am... in fact, I don't like the God of War series at all so pretty much the only character I knew was from a game I didn't like.

All in all I rate this game fair. For someone who has played competitively super smash brothers melee, they will probably not enjoy this game at all. And it seems only people who have splurged on recent-releases of PlayStation games will feel nostalgia for these characters. One thing I enjoy about PlayStation is the quantity of games to choose from... but when it comes to a game like this quantity makes it hard to choose games with Recognizable characters. This game is probably fun for those who aren't competitive and don't mind losing because they miss with a single move.
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on January 7, 2014
First of all, I loved Super-Smash Bros and I really enjoy this one. It seems like a total rip off at first, but the more you play it, the more you realize that it is a completely different game with different mechanics. I think, as a fighting game, it is the superior game as well.
The characters are fairly iconic, but could have been better. The arenas are fun and interactive for the most part, and I really like the fact that it feels more like a fighting game rather than a 2-button mashup like SSB. The graphics are great and the characters moves all do a good job reflecting traits from their respective games. The reason I gave it 3 stars instead of 4, however, is the fact that they charge 5 dollars to add more characters as they are released. As I write, there are 4 new characters. If I bought them, they would cost almost as much as the game itself. So, I love that they are expanding the game, but the price in which to do so is not worth it. As with most games nowadays, the promise of DLCs is nulled by the huge price you will end up paying in the long run. Is the game good? Yes! Is the game worth the current $35? Sure. Is the game with the $55 dollars after buying the game + new characters? Probably not.

Currently, I am not bored of the fighter selection yet (there are about 20, if memory serves). It would have been really nice to be able to get new characters as the need arose, but unless there is a 50% off sale, I do not plan on throwing 5 dollars on a single new character.
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on December 29, 2016
This is like Smash Brothers except for the PlayStation. I've only played Smash Bros at friend's houses as a kid because they had Nintendo, but I've always had a PlayStation console all the way from generation one to now. I was excited to play this, and it is really fun. I completed Sly's story first and it went really smoothly but after that I have been unable to complete any other character's story because it freezes between loading screens. That is really frustrating because I really wanted to play more of this game. The special items seem very limited because I've only seen 5, I hope there are more than five. Other than that it's a fun game and I can't wait to try multiplayer.
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on January 7, 2013
I played the demo for this game and wasn't impressed. Was to hard getting a feel for the game when everyone online kept owning me. I decided to pick it up because my friends kept talking highly of the game.

Once you understand the battle mechanics the game is really enjoyable. It's entertaining when you use a level 1 super and take out 3 opponents with it. I think the game really shines with the 2 vs 2 mode. Very fun teaming up on your opponents by distracting one and having your friend come along and use their Super on them.

Cross play works very well, my roommate will be signed into the PS3 while I'm logged into the Vita, this way we both can level up and receive trophies. My only complaint is that there are two seperate trophy sets for the Ps3 and Vita. Just seems cheap being able to receive two plantinums from the same game.

I was really disappointed with the shipping. My game case was busted on the bottom and the disc was moving around. Was debating to even open it incase the disc was scratched or cracked. Luckily there were no scratches.
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on June 29, 2014
I tried to get into this game, not literally, I didn't attempt to teleport into the game and fight the characters, although, after playing this game, my desire to destroy everything Sly Cooper related grows because for some reason I can't stand that game character.... maybe it's his face... but I digress...

I ordered this game knowing that it would not be like SSB, and by no means, did I have any intention of comparing it to SSB in regards to wether or not I would like this game.

This game is barely a 3/5. If I could, I would give it a 2.5, because I can not give a half star, I have decided to be a nice guy and round the decimial up.


In order to KO someone, you have to use a Super Move, this is determined by building up your super bar and and there is some timing needed to hit target. In concept, this is a great idea, the execution of the idea wasn't grand.

Gameplay is so slow, the gameplay is fluid, but, my goodness, the soundtrack is very upbeat, and the soundtrack is great, but why is the gameplay so slow, gameplay/speed is not cohesive with the music, and why is this fighting game so slow? if you like slow fighting games, maybe this is for you, and if you like slow fighting games, maybe your also an incredibly boring person, maybe you also like collecting stamps and doing whatever it is that boring people like to do.

A large amount of game content has to be bought from the online store, which would be acceptable if it was going to add to the game, but the content is already on the disc. Buying the content allows the data, that is already on this disc. to be accessed.

Are you serious Playstation? that is some grimey cheap S***. If you are reading this review and can't see the logic in how that is ethically uncool, then maybe your game designer who worked on this game, in the DLC department, and if you are one of those people, who helped achieve such A** F***ery, then your a d*ck/d*ldo... pun intended

I could go on about the cons.


The concept of this game is so cool, it really is, and I hope the make another. It could have been so much better, and Playstation is awesome. Please try again.
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on May 27, 2014
A lot of die-hard Smash Brothers Mele fans are likely thinking this is just a cheap clone, and perhaps this is a correct assumption. Although character selection is a bit limited, the game offers a lot of fun for the price. There aren't a lot of games out there that can be considered just entertaining, and finding a PS3 title for multiple players that doesn't involve gun running or mature themes isn't the easiest feat in the world. This does have comic violence but not too concerning. A few of the stages have background themes that may be considered pg-rated however. Though the character inclusions for this title are a little strange, having more fun with favorite characters has been a source of several hours of amusement in this household.

Some may consider gameplay somewhat repetitive after a while, so players may just want to keep this title for parties or to blow off steam. It's not top par for Sony, but it still offers a fun afternoon diversion.
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on November 24, 2012
Coming from an avid Super Smash Brothers fan, I have to admit that this game gives me SSB nostalgia to a certain degree. Despite what I've seen a lot of people say, the game really does remind me of the Nintendo equivalent in the respect that, artistically and stylishly, there is a vast amount of similarities. This does NOT mean, however, that the games are identical or that All Stars is a "rip off" or an example of Sony's lack of creativity.

For the fans of classic Playstation games- like Spyro or Banjo Kazooie- I'm afraid you'll only find disappointment in AS's character roster. Granted the game does feature such favorites as Jak and Daxter, Sly Cooper, Dante and Kratos I find myself looking for that 'classic gamer' aesthetic that SSB was actually able to bring to the table. (Yes, I know, comparisons are bad, but bare with me here.) I've not done my research- so I couldn't say for certain why Sony chose to leave out select favorites from their character list- but I do suspect it has something to do with money and character ownership. With any luck we'll be able to see some beloved favorites landing themselves on some DLCs in the future!

The game itself plays like your typical free-form 2-dimensional fighter, with each character bringing something unique to the table as far as maneuvers, techniques and 'super' moves go. I consider myself impressed by the amount of effort that went into the design of each character in regards to their fighting moves, and I do imagine that anyone who's had the time to 'test the waters' with their character assortment in-game could vouch for that. Don't let negative comments about there "only being three buttons" you use when fighting. Granted the fighting revolves around your square, circle and triangle controls there's a LOT more involved than simply clicking three buttons. Like in SSB (sorry, more comparing) you utilize your analog sticks to trigger attack move variation. This makes for a more dynamic fighting experience as a whole, at last in my opinion.

Ya' know the thing I love the most about it? The fact that it's multi-player. I cannot express how long I've been waiting for a Playstation-based multiplayer that wasn't racing or a shooter. This is certainly more of 'my thing' when it comes to multi-players!

I have a couple, though they are relatively gnit-picky and perhaps even a bit childish.
The biggest thing that irks me is that Sly Cooper feels like he's a bit overpowered. From his super moves to his normal controls (one which enables him to turn invisible for what feels like the entirety of the game depending on the user) he's a nuisance to deal with when playing online- simply because, as I've found, those who use Sly normally have a tendency to run around as a 'shadow' the entire time. His recovery time for the maneuver is practically nothing, which is what creates the irritant in the first place.
My second complaint would have to be that there seems to be no way to fight using a health bar. Yeah, that right- for those reading this who've yet to invest in the game, say bye-bye to that HP counter you surely know and love (Or hate. Whatever floats your boat). It's all "kill"-based, and you can only obtain 'kills' by using your character's respective super maneuvers. To be honest I've taken to this style more than I thought I would- it's an interesting twist on the normal hit-point based fighting- but I still wish there were an option available that you could actually turn on hit-point counters.

But, as you can tell my the amount of stars I gave, the pros far out-weight the cons as far as I'm concerned.
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on February 4, 2013
If your like me been a Playstation fan sine the PS1 day's you will love this game.I grew up with games like Crash Bardicoot" Spyro the Dragon" Twisted Metal.The PS2 years has big games like God of War" Ratchet & Clank" Jak & Daxter".The PS3 has big hit's like Uncharted" LittleBigPlanet" inFamous".This game is a lot of fun the fun'st thing to do is bring some friend's over you will have alot of fun that way and you can play online the mix players is up to 4.It also has a campaine in the game when you play the campaine you will get alot better with the characters you playing as the ending could be better hopefuly part 2 will have better endings.the way to play this game is just go on a full on attack to fuel your meterbar up it can go up to 3 bars the first bar is good but you have to be good with it the second bar is better you can get like 2 kills with it the third bar is Great you can get 4 or 5 kills with it.

The characters are:

1.Kratos from (God of War)
2.Nathan Drake from (Uncharted)
3.Sir Daniel from (Medievil)
4.Ratchet & Clank
5.Jax & Daxter
6.Sackboy from (LittleBigPlanet)
7.Sweet tooth from (Twisted Metal)
8.Parappa the Rapper
9.Sly Cooper
10.Radec from(KILLZONE)
11.Heihachi Mishima from (Tekken)
12.Raiden from (Metal Gear Risiing)
13.Fat Princess
14.Cole from(inFamous)
15.Evil Cole from (inFamous)
16.Nariko from (Heaveniy Sword)
17.Dante from(Devil May Cry)
19.Big Daddy from (Bioshock)
20.Spike from(Ape Escape)

Also DLC characters Kat from(Gravity Rush)and Emmett from (Starhawk)and more on the way.I wish Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bardicoot was on the game but maybe they will be DLC characters or on part 2.
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