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on November 5, 2010
I'll start off by saying I never write reviews for any products I purchase, but I feel compelled to write a review for my fellow gamers out there seeing as there are hardly any reviews for the PS3 Black Ops PrecisionAim Controller.

The controller looks and feels great. The design and graphics are really top notch. I'll even go as far as saying it feels better than a stock PS3 Dualshock controller in your hands. The L2/R2 triggers are way better than Sony's triggers and they should take a page from MadCatz book in terms of the trigger design. The red glow illuminating the analog sticks gives the controller a nice touch.

Now on to the most important aspect of the controller. How does it handle during gameplay? The analog sticks actually perform very well when they want to work. Due to the included 'lag free' (lol) usb dongle this isn't the case. The analog sticks themselves don't really have any dead zones, but it's the connection between the controller and dongle wherein lies the problem. The connection isn't always consistent therefore causing a jagged flow to the movement you're trying to accomplish on the screen. If the connection would have been wired like its Xbox360 counterpart perhaps the translation from analog sticks to screen would've been smoother. Another missed opportunity was the placement of the (2) combat buttons on the back of the controller. The buttons work great if you have really small hands. I almost have to bend my fingers on the back of the controller in a crab shape in order to even get near the buttons. They should have been placed lower so as to provide a more comfortable, ergonomic position for the way you grasp the controller.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend this controller as the key features didn't really come together as I hoped. We all know if you're looking at this controller it's because you want an edge in most probably a FPS game. This isn't the controller for that added edge. Unfortunately, it was a missed opportunity and not by that much. Take it from me, as I look for every edge I can take as I have Tritton AX720 Digital Gaming Headset and Gunnar Optiks S6126/2-C004 Catalyst Shredder Digital Performance Eyewear with i-AMP Lens Technology (Crimson) for long gaming sessions and hearing all the small audio details that escape regular TV speakers.

Hope the review helps anyone that's on the fence right now. FYI: Don't bother trying the Pro EX Controller for PS3 it's worse than the Black Ops controller (really big dead zones).
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on November 23, 2012
I have to tell you, from looking at the controller, I was impressed. The design and feel of it is great, especially the red LED light up under each analog stick. I was excited to see it arrive, and to plug it in and give it a try.

So I did just that. I hopped on to Black Ops 2 and joined a match with my clan. The first five minutes was me dying because this controller just absolutely fails to perform. It doesn't seem to like to communicate your actions properly. When trying to turn, it would either shoot around and turn too much, or not at all. When moving through the menu via both d-pad and analog stick, it would always enter the function twice.

This would be a great controller, but honestly the 'lag free' usb seems to make it outright lag and ruins any potential for usefulness. Additionally, if your controller isn't pointed directly at the usb, it won't seem to work. I finally got fed up and unplugged it and switched back over to my stock dual shock controller, which by the way I can be across the room OR have held under my table and it will still work perfectly.

Needless to say, I'll be returning this for a refund, and do not recommend buying it unless you just want it as a collector's item.
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on October 23, 2014
I love this remote. Literally. It is perfect for my boyfriend. I wish I could have given it 5 stars, but I can't. Though I know malfunctions and defects happen it was my luck that I got a controller where the 'X' button sticks, a lot. PSXPro were very understanding. I sent the controller back and they gave me a full refund including the money I had to pay to ship it back.

If we had gotten a fully functioning controller I would have 5 starred it and sang praises. It is still a great controller. The grips were nice, the lights cool and the other buttons worked splendidly.
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on July 24, 2012
Lets start by saying I was only looking for a controller as mine was malfunctioning after several years. Price wise $53 bux is way too high and the cheaper models look like knock offs. So where does that leave us.

The Good
1. Price -only $20 bux is a steal
2. worked without any special syncing
3. Awesome grippage
4. love the black ops prints on the controller
5. glow in the dark light under toggles.
6. Internal Rechargable battery (not accessible)
7. Controller is made by Mad Catz, feels like it was made for your palms.

The Bad
1. No built in blue tooth
2. Controller has to be fully turned on with Toggle lights to pair up with usb blue tooth receiver.

I wont beable to comment on the two buttons on the back side of the remote meant for sniping until the November release of Black ops. Yet, in the end if you just need a controller and dont mind losing a USB slot then this works beyond great.
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on June 29, 2011
This is the first review I've written. As many products that I try through Amazon I should leave more reviews but I procrastinate to much.
I have tried several diferent controllers in an attempt to increase my skills in COD Black Ops. I tried the Pro Elite wireless controller, and now this one and they both have their defects. The pro elite has a very bad lag so you have to move the stick quite a bit before there is any response on the game.
This controller which is supposed to specific to Black Ops is overly exaggerated in its verticle of up and down movements. When trying to aim higher are lower the sensitivity is way to touchy. Just a fraction of pressure on the stick will have you either aiming at the spy planes or at your toes. Anyone who has played Black Ops can tell you that the key to doing well is precision. This controller is not it. So far the best controller I've used has been the stock PS3 controllers.

Hope this helps for any potential buyers.
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on October 13, 2011
I purchased this controller....simply because of its name "Black Ops PrecisionAIM Controller". I consider myself to be very very good in the game and in order to play the game good, you need a controller that responds to your finger fast. This controller has the worst LAG I have every seen. I read tons of reviews that also mentioned this lag, but dumb me...I went ahead and purchased it anyway! Within the last year, I've purchased over 4 different controllers looking for that "perfect" one. This is the only controller that is absolutely horrible. Do yourself a favor, don't buy this controller.
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on June 18, 2014
When my husband on our anniversary ( as this was one of his presents) he found that in order to keep the controller from freezing up he has to keep it pointing directly at the receiver plugged into the PlayStation. As you can imagine this is frustrating when your being overrun by zombies. It is a great collectors item however for the average player I suggest blue tooth.
Respectfully Erin Inman
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on December 28, 2010
I ordered this controller for my boyfriend for Christmas. He is a major Call of Duty fan and this was the only thing he asked for Christmas. The product arrived quickly, but as soon as he began using it he noticed the diagonal action button would not work at all times when pressed in the up position. I requested to return the item for a second new controller. Amazon was great about sending the new product quickly, but soon after my boyfriend began playing with the new controller he noticed the right joy stick would not always perform while playing the game. We are now frustrated and I just requested a full refund from Amazon. I believe the makers of this product have a defective item. One of the makers is Mad Catz and my boyfriend said that he has had other devices from them turn to junk very shortly after using them. I do not recommend this brand or this product.
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on February 22, 2013
I gave this to my grandson as a christmas present, and a couple of weeks later, I saw him, he said it had broken. I asked if someone had dropped it or whatever, but he assured me that it never left his playstation area and never dropped, got sat on or anything like that. I'm giving this 3 stars just allowing for the possiblity that he didn't want to tell me how it really broke, but he seemed sincere. I'm sure I could have fought with the company to replace it, but I bought it way before the holidays and couldn't even find the receipt. If you buy this, make sure you hold onto it and know how to file for warranty coverage.
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on January 12, 2011
The Playstation 3 Call of Duty: Black Ops PrecisionAIM Controller is a great looking product. However, when hooking it up to the actual PS3, it does contain it's share of flaws. Playstation has manufactured it's wireless controllers so no other company can copy them, meaning this one. When playing with this controller, some of the buttons wouldn't work properly (the upper right ones). I would advise anyone looking for a controller for the PS3 to not only look for something that "looks cool", but also purchase something that is made from Playstation. Overall this is a good product, you will just not be able to perform some of the most important functions in the game.
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