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on October 27, 2016
I lost one of my PS3 controller cables, and kept holding off on getting another one. And then I lost the other cable. Ooops.

This charger works perfectly for both my PS3 branded controller, and my non-branded controller, so I’m not sure why some people were experiencing issues with it not working for theirs. I’m guessing that’s a quality control issue from individual sellers.

At any rate, this is a great buy and at under $5 including S&H, it’s not a bad price. The 6’ cable to also nice, since it can reach my bed if I need it to. But typically, I’ll just charge one and use the other until it’s dead, then switch them out.

I’ve been using it for 3 months now, and haven’t experienced any issues.
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on July 1, 2016
Overall a great charger cable. The end that goes into the ps3 is a little thick so it takes a second to connect it to the controller. it charges the controller fine, I am using it now and I have not seen any issues. It connects right away once plugged into the controller.I have the 6 ft cable which is providing me with lots of room and length to play with so I don't have to be all close on the tv when I want to play the game while charging my controller. I recommend this to anyone, it is cheaply priced, but it succeeds in being a great charging cable.I love it and plan to buy more of these.
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on December 19, 2013
Ever since I was given a "hand-me-down" PS3, I bought myself those duo stand chargers that worked perfectly. So why did I buy this if I already have a charger? Well, I just moved and everything is still packed away in boxes but when I found my PS3 my controllers had hardly any power in them and I had no charging cable. My guess is that they got lost from the person who gave me the PS3 years back so I decided 'why not?' and bought this cable since I am mostly a solo player.

The 6 ft length on the cord is mighty helpful and it charges the controller without an issue. And the price? Seemed decent to me! i will most likely buy another one very soon since i decided to hook it up to my PC rather than a computer so why have a charging dock? This is a must-have for anyone who's lost their own cable or just wants to deal without the hassle of having a controller being on low battery while in the middle of gameplay.
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on September 8, 2012
Others have mentioned in their reviews that the charging cable is a little short, and I agree. Six feet sounds like it would be long enough, but if you're buying this with the intention of plugging in your PS3 remote to charge it while still using it to play a game, you'll find it's a bit too short. When using this cord while the PS3 is hooked up to my smaller 32 inch TC it's not so bad, since it's a smaller TV to sit nearer to. But when using this cable while my PS3 is hooked up to our larger 42 inch TV, I end up sitting far too close to the large screen to view it comfortably. So if you're using this to charge with a PS3 hooked up to a smaller TV, or just for charging alone (not to use for charging and playing at the same time), it works fine. But if you're trying to use the controller and the TV is large, you'll find you'll have to sit too close to the screen and it makes it hard to view. I had no problems with using this cable with my Sony PS3 remotes that came with the system. They charged just the same way as they do when using any other PS3 remote charger.
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on March 29, 2012
My PS3's controller charge cable crapped out and stopped working properly (it stopped charging my controller, save for a few rare instances... Meaning my controller would die and the PS3 would not work for days if not weeks on end before the cable would spring to life for about 10-15 minutes and provide a brief charge. I had to resort to borrowing other people's charge cords and whatnot)

I finally had enough and decided to give this cord a shot because it is extremely cheap (got mine for literally one cent plus shipping), and it works perfectly! I was worried it would be some cheap-o, crummy cable that'd feel like it would come apart, but it's just as high a quality as the one that came with the PS3, only longer at 6'. (and therefore easier to use because if you want to play while the controller charges, you don't have to be right in front of the PS3, you can sit back a little bit) It charges fairly quickly and works great.

I'm thinking of ordering a backup cable or two in case friends want to come over and play, so they can just bring their controllers.

Great, cheap alternative, and it works perfect!
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on May 10, 2013
I ordered this charger thinking that my used ps3 that I ordered would not come with a charging cable. Although my ps3 did have a cable it was very very short and I certainly could not play while charging if I used the charger that came with it. This 6ft charger definitely fixes this problem. I can sit very far away and charge my controller. Sometimes however I can't tell if its charging or not. I didn't know until now that you could check your battery life by holding down the Ps button on the controller so I was never really sure if it was charging or not. How ever I'm fairly certain it was because at one point the LEDs on the controller were flashing when I plugged it in, but most of the time the LED is not flashing. This either means it is charging or it isn't. My controller has not died since I got it 3 days ago, so this supports my hypothesis. My order came in fast and in great condition. I highly recommend this product and buying from this seller. Great buy for a great price.
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on January 25, 2014
When I bought my PS3, it only came with one controller. When I bought a second controller, I realized it did not come with it's own charge cable, which peeved me somewhat. I couldn't find a charge cable sold separately at any store - I'd either have to buy a package that came with other accessories I didn't want, or choose an off-brand one. My fiance is suspicious of certain off-brand items (he would know - we have pretty much every gaming system except the Xbox), and I found this cable on Amazon - SOLD BY ITSELF for a reasonable amount. Needless to say, we can now charge two controllers at the same time. What a concept!
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on March 25, 2012
The unusually short PS3 Console Stock charger cable is 3ft long. This is 6ft long. You can try and use that as a reference to how much more length you'll get. It's still short enough that you'll be sitting no further than 5ft from you TV if playing while charging.

Even though I bought this so I could play more easily when having to charge my favorite controller, now that I have two charging cable, (console stock & this one), my controllers stay charged and I don't need to use the cables while playing for most part. When I do, sitting roughly 5ft is a good improvement but 9ft would have been better.

Material: is identical to the Material the stock PS3 charging cable is.
Packaging: It comes in a clear, basic plastic bag shipped in an amazon box with the usual amazon bubble-wrap.
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on September 25, 2013
So far I've not been able to get this to charge either the black Sony PS3 controller that came with the console or the 2nd Sony controller I bought along with this cable on the order as part of the suggestions from Amazon. Also tried it in other USB devices to see if my Slim's ports weren't working. Bought it so I could play and charge from the couch but now it seems like I'll just have to make do with the charger stand I also got and keep the controllers charged up. Disappointed. I'll try re-syncing the controllers and see if it was a one-off fluke but be wary. I think I'll look for a 10ft. cord instead. At least it was only $3.
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on June 13, 2016
They are very high quality cables. While playing I was using the cables (I was on my PC hadn't hooked up blue tooth yet), and I kept accidentally pulling on the cable every time I shifted or moved while playing. The connections held up and the overall cable quality was idiot proof, I have went wireless since but I use the cord for charging my controller and it works great.
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