Customer Reviews: PlayStation 3 Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller (Black)
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on January 7, 2015
I purchased this from the seller GP&Associates. It is not an official Sony controller. It looks almost identical to the real thing, but the product sticker on the back is not the correct label, and the model number is not correct either. I've taken apart both this controller and a genuine Dualshock 3 controller, and the innards are vastly different as well. I've been severely dissapointed, so please be careful which company you purchase this controller from. The model number should be CECHZC2U, whereas this one is CECHZC2H
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on December 26, 2014
I hope Amazon can work with me on this one. I've only used this controller twice. First time was to make sure it would sync up and all the controls worked. Second time was December 24th when the Playstation Network was down for the PS4 due to the attacks it was receiving. I knew right away that something was wrong with this controller and only used it for 10 minutes before switching to my worn out original.

The controller (CECHZC2H) I received on September 15, 2014 is a fake. I purchased on Amazon and sold by Purchases Direct. After looking at several videos comparing the original with a knock off and comparing my originals with the one purchased through Amazon it is clear that I received a fake. The analog sticks are absolutely horrible they're stiff with no fine movement capability to them and they click loud. The PS button logo is grey instead of white. When I unplug the charge cord it automatically turns on the PS3 (none of the videos showed this). My half way broke down original controllers work better than this thing. Also mine came in red white and clear packaging and from what I've seen the originals come in blue packaging.

The photo I took shows a quick way from what I've heard to show a real one from a fake. The one on the left Is the original and on the right is the one bought on Amazon sold by Purchases Direct. You can see that the font is larger and color slightly off on the knock off.

Most of the reviews are 5 stars for this controller which is why I purchased on Amazon. If your controller was sold by Purchases Direct I encourage you to inspect it and adjust your review accordingly.

UPDATE April 17th 2015:
In addition to it turning on the PS3 when unplugged from charge cord.
The controller automatically shuts off due to inactivity after 10 minutes even though I have it set for 30 minutes.
I can not use the controller while it is plugged in charging.
It will charge all day long meaning it will overcharge the battery if you're not paying attention.
Battery low warning comes on giving you only 5 or 10 minutes to plug in and that means game over because it doesn't work while charging.
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on December 22, 2011
Beware for those who wants to purchase PS3 controllerthat is below $40, especially from ThinkCheapGeeks.
I too became a victim of cheap knockoff controller.

First off, the delivery took way too long, nearly a MONTH. I ordered the controller on Nov. 27th and the darn thing arrived around Dec. 20th! Nearly a month? For a controller? Really?

The product came all the way from China and I became skeptical due to the story of fake products China makes (they even made iPhone 5G which is obviously fake). The moment I opened the package, I immediately recognized the controller being cheap knockoff. The right analog stick is elevated compared to left analog stick. Both analog sticks makes a very loud clicking noise when pushed. The analog stick doesn't feel smooth at all. When I hold the controller in my hand the plastic edges are sharp and I feel like it's digging through my skin. The triggers and bumpers are very springy and feels uncomfortable to push. The X button feels like it's stuck. Also when I shake my controller I hear a rattling noises.

I requested for a return but ThinkCheapGeeks closed my request. So not only I got a cheap knockoff controller, I can't get my money back!
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VINE VOICEon April 20, 2008
Well folks, now that the dust has settled from the Sony vs. Immersion lawsuit, Playstation 3 owners are finally able to feel the vibe again!

I purchased this controller today and I knew the only way to properly road-test it was on the game that made the Dualshock famous, Metal Gear Solid. After booting up the game, I walked down the hallway and got spotted by a guard. As he shouted, "WHO'S THAT?" the controller jumped in my hand - and I knew this was a smart purchase. As the guards shot at me, I felt the feedback of the bullets, just as I had 10 years ago on my Sony Playstation.

I picked out another old school Playstation game, Tenchu: Stealth Assassins. From Ayame's blades to Rikimaru's sword, each sword swipe and jump had excellent feedback.

Okay, so my Playstation games worked out. But what about my Playstation 2 library?

I popped in God of War, knowing I had to feel the swing of the Blades of Chaos. The controller vibrations felt a little lighter here, but the vibrations still occurred at the appropriate times.

Then I chose Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction. Who better to test a vibration controller than the Sultan of Smash? All the power jumps and smashes had the vibrations intact, but they still felt a little on the light side.

All right, so far I was two for two with my Playstation and Playstation 2 test subjects. But what about my Playstation 3 games? Could I possibly hit a trifecta?

I put in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and I decided to jump right into a heated firefight. The controller gave me feedback while shooting weapons and getting hit by enemy fire, but I knew my purchase was justified when Drake was near death: I FELT THE DUALSHOCK 3 PULSING IN SYNCH WITH DRAKE'S HEARTBEAT. It's one thing to hear that noise and know he's near death, it's quite another to feel the pulse in my own hands.

Okay, so the feedback on the older games was there, but a little lighter than I remember. The reason? Well, when I decided to go wireless on my Playstation 2 system, I bought a Logitec Dualshock controller. It turns out, that controller takes two "AA" batteries, and the vibration motors inside the controller handles are slightly larger than the ones in the Dualshock 3. That's where I felt the difference.

The Dualshock 3 vibrations may be slightly less than the Logitec controller, but it doesn't require the purchase of batteries.
The Dualshock 3 may be slightly heavier than the SixAxis, but it doesn't take up any extra space at all.

Sure, the price is about $15 more than the SixAxis, but it's a worthy upgrade for the Playstation 3 gamer who kicks it old school as well as new school. The only other drawback is the lack of an additional USB cable - but we can use the one that came with the system itself.

So what's the final verdict?

Order it, plug it in, charge it up, and get ready for the inevitable downloads from the Playstation Store to make the older PS3 games Dualshock 3 compatible.

I wouldn't recommend a feedback peripheral without providing my own feedback...

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on March 4, 2015
This is not the product I received, instead I received some generic thing that cost 11 bucks. I feel ripped off. I payed a price for a official Sony Controller, so no, I don't like being played with. Be careful of what you see on the picture and advertisement. I though the price was a bit low at $33, but though It was on discount or something, I checked and it was advertised as a Sony controller.
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on December 30, 2012
Overall, this controller is one of the best ever made; in a personal tie with the Wii Classic Pro and Gamecube Controllers. The MSRP, at $55, is ridiculously overpriced, though.

The major problem I have with this controller are the L2/R2 analog trigger buttons - they are worthless. They are not concave and the angle at which they move makes it difficult to maintain finger placement. Imagine a gun trigger that, instead of being concave to the finger, was the opposite. It literally hurts to use these buttons because of the way they move and the way they are molded. Also, they do not register until they are depressed half way. The buttons are not sensitive at all. Sony may as well have designed them to be digital I/O.

Another problem I noticed is that the dual analog sticks have worn around their shafts. The sharp edge of the controller's casing has whittled away at the buttons within only a few weeks of use. At this rate, it seems that the analog buttons will eventually break off their mounts and the controller will become entirely useless.

Until Sony redesigned the L2/R2 buttons and smooths out the sharp edge of the casing that holds the analog sticks in place, this controller only earns 3 of 5 stars from me.

Even though I have not used any third-party Dualshock controllers, I would recommend trying one of those first. Look for good reviews and make an informed decision. Because of the lack of quality in the Sony brand controller (and the sticker shock they induce) going with an off-brand may be worth a shot.
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I was already extremely happy with the Sixaxis controller, but I could not resist getting the DualShock 3. Not only do you get the rumble, but also, it feels much better in your hands, even for those games that do not use this feature. The rumble function is fun, but on top of that, it helps with gameplay, because "feeling" what is happening provides a lot more feedback than just watching how your character or car reacts to the environment.

The biggest surprise of all was that the rumble works with PS 2 games in the PS 3 system. I am currently playing through "God of War", a game which had the rumble capability in PS 2. I thought that it was unlikely that I was going to get this feature with this new controller in the PS 3, but it worked perfectly.

I know that having to buy a new controller and basically discard the one that came with the system is not the ideal situation, but I have to say this product is really worth shedding the extra bucks.
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on April 13, 2008
The Playstation 2's highly regarded DualShock 2 controller was considered by many to be the best videogame controller of all time. So when you've got a winning design there's no need to change anything. However, because of a legal battle with Immersion over rumble technology, Sony was forced to offer their Sixaxis controller without rumble. The Sixaxis had the same Dualshock design but it felt too lightweight and cheap. Thankfully the lawsuit has been settled and rumble has come back to the Playstation.

For the most part, the DualShock 3 is almost identical to its PS2 precessor. But it has all the features of the original Sixaxis controller in addition to rumble. The controller is still wireless, can be charged by plugging it into your PS3 (or PC), rumble is compatible with all PS1 and PS2 games, and the PS3 supports up to 7 controllers at the same time via bluetooth. Rumble in the DualShock 3 seems more responsive in regards to the location of its vibration depending on which side you get hit on during the games. I don't know if this is something in the design or if it's the developers doing it for the games but I welcome it.

All in all this is currently the best designed controller on the market right now. The PS2's DS2 was incredible so "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" applies here. I'll be enjoying rumble in my PS3 games from now on.
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on December 20, 2015
Thoroughly pissed. See pics. Considered 3rd party controllers, but figured that I'd spend extra for the real deal- ha! BS!! Came in a Spanish box, with an odd model number (cechzc2m), and just for yucks tried in and it doesn't work!!! Send the piece of sh*t back.
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on January 15, 2016
The reviews here seemed pretty back and forth about whether or not it is real, and I've came to the conclusion that most of these sold are fake. It really is impressive how well they hid it though, since they look genuine from the logo to the overall quality of the controller. The only big thing that stuck out was that they were using the Japanese packaging when the dualshock 3 first launched, instead of the newer 2013+ packaging that looks fairly similar to the Dualshock 4's packaging. That, and the label on the back is not the same kind of sticker material the genuine controllers use, they also contain different info. Other than that it looks almost identical (with some very minor things different).

Final verdict is that if you're looking for a dualshock 3, your best bet is probably going through an actual store, since all the ones here on amazon seem to be either 3rd party controllers or most likely a chinese ripoff, which I find really weird odd the PS3 is still alive and well. Of course, these controllers should work, but if you're already paying 45-60 dollars on one, then get a genuine one instead of this.

Here is also a picture comparing the Chinese ripoff sticker (black) to an actual controller (gold) (ignore the quality of the gold controller, I bought it used with my ps3)
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