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on January 7, 2015
I purchased this from the seller GP&Associates. It is not an official Sony controller. It looks almost identical to the real thing, but the product sticker on the back is not the correct label, and the model number is not correct either. I've taken apart both this controller and a genuine Dualshock 3 controller, and the innards are vastly different as well. I've been severely dissapointed, so please be careful which company you purchase this controller from. The model number should be CECHZC2U, whereas this one is CECHZC2H
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on March 4, 2015
This is not the product I received, instead I received some generic thing that cost 11 bucks. I feel ripped off. I payed a price for a official Sony Controller, so no, I don't like being played with. Be careful of what you see on the picture and advertisement. I though the price was a bit low at $33, but though It was on discount or something, I checked and it was advertised as a Sony controller.
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on June 10, 2013
First off, I bought this controller from Worldwide Sales. They did a very good job and sold me a legit SONY controller. I purchased one earlier from a different retailer, and it was a very convincing fake. The battery was poor, and the controls were a little off. It wasn't bad, but once I looked more, it had a very convincing sticker on the back which indicates fake.

All in all, the controller that I bought from Worldwide Sales is an actual Sony, and it is working very well. Here are some tips to help judge between telling a Sony to a fake:

A real Sony feels heavier in your hand and sits better. Also, the PS button is centered and the LED indicators are flush with the controller, and it has a formed tag in the back that is plastic, not a sticker.

A FAKE is lighter, the PS button can be off center and the marking on the buttons can rub off after little use. If you have a fake, it will usually have just a sticker on the back that is poorly placed and the LED's are usually raised a bit. Also the battery is usually very poor, being dead within an hour of use. Finally, a fake will have a harder time pairing with the PS3.

When you look to purchase an authentic Sony, make sure that you do your research first. Make sure that the company is very good and has plenty of 5 star ratings. Also, check their return policy and make sure that if it is a fake, you can return it with no hassle.

If you are in doubt, buy it from a local store such as Best Buy where you shouldn't have a problem.

Lastly, just keep in mind that some of the fakes are very good fakes and you might not be able to tell the difference until you really start to play with it.

Good Luck!
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on February 14, 2017
Apparently I got the lemon in the basket. Lasted a little more than a month of normal play before the left analog stick broke.
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on October 14, 2013
My son gave me this controller as a birthday present because the original that came with the PS3 console developed a pronounced problem: the left analog stick started centering itself and sticking in a non-neutral position (characters walked and I didn't even need to touch the stick, menu options scrolled by so I'd wind up clicking the wrong one even as I tried to stop the scrolling). That controller wasn't even a year old ... but that's a different grumble.

I'm one who simply expects a $40 device, especially one with the Sony name attached to it, to be well-constructed and work, so appreciating the technical aspects of a controller, beyond making sure I've got the right one for the job, isn't a priority. The device rumbles. All the controls do what they are supposed to do. That level of detail is pretty much sufficient for me. However, out of the box, this controller's upper left button (L1) was loose, never seated properly and, while it did work, felt sloppy. Meanwhile, the right shoulder button was stable, solid, well-seated.

A controller's hand-feel is, to me, a huge part of the console gaming experience. When I play, I want to forget I have a controller in my hands, because being reminded by a problem pulls me out of the flow. I suffer Sony's controllers (much, much prefer the hand-feel of the Xbox controller) because certain games are PS3-only. I imagine a lot of ergonomic design goes into creating a great controller, but my hands assert Sony has always been second to Microsoft in this respect. It doesn't help that Sony controllers feel of lower quality construction overall and, in my experience, have been problem-prone.

I'd like to be clear and fair: I press the L1 button, and while it wiggles and is noisy, it does work. It has worked the first time and every time since. I'm disappointed in the quality, but I'm not exchanging the device. An annoying L1 button is peanuts compared to a seriously wonky left analog stick! But, at best, it secures this product's average rating.


Edit: Almost 11 months to the day, I replaced this controller (the black one), because it acquired the same problem as the Sony original it had replaced. However, *both* analog sticks on this replacement developed that annoying, documented non-centering/sticking problem. Both! In less than a year! What to do? Sigh disapprovingly and get another. This time I chose the blue version. I wasn't having much luck with black versions; the blue was less expensive; reviews said it felt sturdier than other non-black colors. I really, really don't care about the color of a game controller. I just want one that will work for longer than a year. (Don't tell me all controllers have a functional, max-one-year lifespan ... I still have my original XBox 360 controller. It still works like a champ.)

Not impressed. Two controllers in two years. But then, they do say third time's the charm. Or maybe blue's the charm. Or maybe this controller was made on a non-lemon day. Fingers crossed.


Edit (Summer 2016) The third controller stayed in the box for a year, as gaming had to be put on hold. 2015 saw us return to intensive gaming. Finally opening the box, we hoped 3rd time would be the charm. *sigh* Within the year, the problems were even worse than the previous 2 controllers. Both analog sticks stick, such that the camera will spin non-stop until you manually recenter the stick. As for the left stick, I can't tell you the number of times my PC has walked off edges and died because taking the thumb off the stick doesn't stop the directional movement. I don't know if this is a bootleg version. Having watched a few YouTube videos on spotting fakes, I see aspects that look like the original that came with the system. There are also aspects that don't. Either way, I'm dropping this review to one star. This level of poor performance is simply not acceptable! Not once and certainly not multiple times.
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on July 28, 2015
I bought this PS3 controller from SaleSpot on February 28th of this year (2015) and it's the first time I got disappointed by an Amazon bought. Several weeks ago it started to turn off by itself and while doing some research I found out that it is A FAKE CONTROLLER..!! Very disappointed, it was my fourth controller and now is f##ked up. I bought 2 on June 2012 and they're still working perfectly. It doesn't even look like an original controller, my friends were always laughing at it for looking/feeling like PLASTIC!!! Never again from SaleSpot!!
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on December 21, 2015
Bought two really bad controllers. One had a malfunctioning button (down key - you have to press REALLY hard for it to respond) and the other had a malfunctioning right analog (doesnt go back to center..stays wherever you move it to). Wanted to return them but made the dumb mistake of throwing out the boxes before checking the merchandise. I filed a return order and they told me they'd give me a full refund upon returning them but.. yeah. I can't return them now. I was actually so pissed (still am) I bought the ps4 because I wasted close to 100 dollars on two stupid and bad controllers when i could've easily upgraded. 2 stars for the customer service. Buy if you have the time to try them first..
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on October 22, 2013
I, like many of you, have gone through countless controllers from numerous versions of consoles over the years. Buttons fail, batteries die, and the controller becomes unusable.

Thankfully, this PS3 controller was built a bit better than those older controllers. I've had these two controllers for well over 4 years now and everything still works fine. Battery charge is still acceptable (I use the Energizer two-remote charger, also located here on Amazon) and doesn't seem to drain very fast. The buttons and analog sticks are still tight and function as expected. Add to the fact that this remote works through Bluetooth and you have a fairly nice package. No wires to fuss with and nothing to fray (or gnawed on by your pet).

The controller itself, however, isn't the most comfortable over long periods of time. Yes, it is better than the big and bulky XBOX controller - sorry for you XBOX controller fans - that thing is the size of a brick. This controller, however, slowly becomes uncomfortable as you hold it. I find myself shaking one hand or the other out during gameplay as my fingers begin to tense up. I'm not saying it is a bad design - just not ergonomic for the long gaming sessions. I'm not sure how they could make it better - but I am holding out hope that the PS4 controller is better to hold for extended periods.

Overall, I'd recommend this remote vs some of the cheaper 3rd party remotes, as it works and works well without any issue. I've not always said that in the past for other gaming consoles (I have owned numerous 3rd party remotes, as the one released with the gaming console was inferior) but can say that Sony came up with a reliable and useful remote that isn't designed to fail after some use. That being said - these are a bit more expensive than 3rd party remotes, but as the saying goes - you get what you pay for.
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Enthusiast: Petson January 25, 2017
+ Worked great at the beginning

- Charging this was a real pain. It was a hit or miss, tried another cord I ordered and the same thing. I sort of had to prop the controller at an angle so that it would continually charge.
- Shuts off quickly, which was a pain given I used it for gaming as well as Vue

If you are using Vue I would highly suggest this remote ( Excellent, makes using Vue flawlessly easy relative to this remote.
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on May 16, 2017
Works fine for me.

This is a update from earlier post. Many customers were complaining of fakes. I purchase my controller through "Direct Distributor." I'm a online gamer. Any competitive gamer can tell instantly, if a controller is not up to standard. This controller worked flawlessly.
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