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on October 11, 2013
i bought this as a second controller when i purchased a ps3 last winter. both this controller and the one included with the ps3 worked equally well with every game. i couldn't tell a difference in feel or playability between the controllers. however, this one only lasted about six months before the direction pad quit working.

my family is probably not the most careful with their game controllers, but i've never had any controller break on me until now. we even have our old ps1 and ps2 controllers that still work (not that they get much use anymore). the price of this product would lead me to believe that it is a genuine oem product, but the durability does not. perhaps i just got a lemon.

UPDATE 10/19/13
writing this review got me a bit miffed about the controller's shortcomings, so i took it apart to see if i could figure out why the D-pad quit working. everything appeared to be in order, so i then put it all back together. a word to the wise: these little guys are not the easiest to reassemble correctly, so be careful to get everything back in the correct place before closing it back up. anyways, i fired it up and everything worked on it! i guess it's possible that the sensors under the D-pad got mis-aligned if the controller was dropped or otherwise jarred about, and my tinkering with it must have seated them correctly again. i will raise my rating from three to four stars since it is fully functional once again.
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The only reason most people like myself buy these controllers is mainly because you sometimes want to have a more unique color controller to play with than the standard black or white one that comes with the console, but if you're expecting some truly great difference between this controller than the one with that comes with the PS3 console than don't even bother buying this than because there is no difference between them except their color. When most consoles come out you just get the controller color that matches the console that's why they release these controllers on a later date to give players the option to spruce up the color choices of which controller they wish to play with sometimes, it does help a little when you have three to four players at the same time and you want to differentiate between each others controllers and different color controllers do come in handy with this kind of situation. So at the end if you play with friends and want to make sure whose controller is whose than these will help you out but if you're buying these expecting something new in game play or design than you'll just end up loosing money with that expectation...
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on December 14, 2014
For a "Sony licensed" controller, the quality was extremely poor. The analog sticks made an awful sound when clicked (R3 and L3 buttons), the controller is rough compared to my other controller that's very smooth, the R1 and L1 buttons push down to far, and the R2 and L2 buttons lack the "trigger" effect in most games (in Hitman Absolution, you can't slowly pull the trigger for precise aiming, in GTA you can't adjust your speed while driving, etc.) On top of that, the charger is sold separately.

To be honest, Sony has become very greedy. After I got a refund on this controller, I bought a new one at Walmart for $60, and it was plain black coloured, and doesn't include a charger either! It is better quality than the Amazon one, but still not worthy of $60, let alone $30. I received a refund from Walmart, and I accidentally gave them my old controller. I don't feel bad though, my old controller was bought used and is probably better quality. After I got the Walmart refund, I purchased a new controller at Best Buy for $45 on sale. Still no charger, and it doesn't seem to be as good quality as the old one I had, but again better than the Amazon one.

I encourage everyone to complain to Sony. At most, it costs $10 for them to make their original good quality controllers. These new, "redesigned" controllers probably cost them $5 a pop. Yet, they expect us to pay $60 for the controller, then pay another $10 for a darn charger? You might as well buy generic brand controllers these days: get three or four for the same price as one "official" brand. Some generic controllers even have the Sixaxis motion sensors in them.
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on January 25, 2012
I bought this controller to add to my color variety and complete a set of 4. After looking around I found the best deal here at The controller works like it's supposed to. All buttons work fine, joystick and all. I usually play 1st Person Shooter games that require fast reactions and a responsive controller, this one takes care of that. The appearance is nice, if you like RED, this controller will make you happy as it was made with a nice strong tone of red. When it arrives it's nicely packaged in a Sony branded package, you are going to need some sharp scissors or a sharp blade to get it out. Just so you know "THERE IS NO USB CABLE INCLUDED" and you'll need to charge it for a good 2-4 hours. I've purchased 3 controllers and none come with a USB cable. I just use the usb cable that came with the PS3, whenever I watch a movie I just plugged it in and let it charge while movie plays. Controller HOLDS CHARGE like it's supposed, "a long time", I won't try to guess how long but if you don't remember when you charged it last then it's a pretty good charge hold. DON'T CHARGE IT UNLESS IT NEEDS IT to keep battery life, I suggest you charge it up only when PS3 gives you the warning on your TV screen at upper left corner. I PAID $43.26 delivered to my door and I've never paid more than $45.00 for one because I don't have to. Local retailer will get you for $55 or so plus tax if you can't wait 4 days, so it's your choice. So, whenever buying any controller for your PS3 just make sure it's made by Sony as there are a lot of "Compatible" Controllers out there that WILL NOT deliver your expectations; and if you look around you might find a Good Deal as I did at Amazon. Thank you,
My Controller Collection: Six Axis Controller(like the one that you got w PS3) 1 RED, 1 BLUE, 1 PINK, & 1 COSMIC BLUE. Move Controllers: Move Motion Controllers x 2, PS3 Move Sharp Shooter GUN, Move Navigation Controller, Move EYE Camera
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on December 6, 2014
After making the mistake of purchasing an after market non-name brand controller (Slickblue) I knew I made the right choice in buying a proper PS3 controller. Sony's are much better and much more smooth then the unit that I thought might save me a little money. It did not. Sony controllers may cost a bit more money, but they work better right out of the box. If you are thinking that an after market controller that cost half as much as a Sony PS3 is the way to go, good luck, you may be buying twice the problems.
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on January 30, 2015
I had been using a non-Dualshock 3 controller that I received with my launch-window 60GB PS3. The controller's left analog stick had begun to stick in place, and it was becoming quite frustrating to use.

So, I pulled the trigger on this red Dualshock 3, and it arrived a few days later (thank you, Prime!).

I charged it up, and pairing with the PS3 worked first try.

Not much more I can say here.. great product! The red color is a nice change of pace from the traditional black.
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on July 21, 2012
I bought this expecting to receive a fake. I looked up all the videos to spot a fake. It does seem like I got a fake. One of the easiest signs was the light from diode going through the plastic. That's what I get on this red controller. I can see the red light shining right through the plastic. It also seems to be lighter than my black one I got with my system. What's important to me though is that it worked. I tested it out, since the last fake I got had buttons that didn't work or didn't work well, and everything seems to work just fine. The paint on the buttons seems in order as well. There is a little discount so I won't complain too, the main thing I want is a red controller that controls my ps3 and that's what this item did. Whether Sony really made it, I don't know and I doubt it.
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on January 25, 2016
I bought this for my son's birthday. (Age 29). I ordered it in solid red. The unit I received was TRANSPARENT RED, not solid as in the photo. I gave it to him anyway, & he was ok with it. Rather liked it. If not, it was going back. Surprised that they switched out an item on me without telling me. My son was happy with it in the end, so all's well.
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on December 29, 2015
I'm not sure if this is a real controller or not, but it behaves completely differently from the controller I got originally with my PS3.

For starters the joy stick is less sensitive and jerky when trying to aim in FPS games. There is a dead zone between the joy stick moving off center and the cursor moving.

Second: the controller turns off if you don't push a button for a few minutes. I noticed this during long cut scenes. The controller would turn off, and the game would pause. The original controller does not do this.

Third: battery life is terrible. My older original controller has much longer battery life than this one. I'm kinda disappointed Amazon doesn't do more to prevent vendors from selling counterfeit items when expecting items from the manufacturer.
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on May 9, 2014
I am new to the PS3 and a very late adopter. I bought my PS3 from Ebay and it came with a wired controller that had a cord so short that it made games virtually unplayable. I was so happy when I got this controller! If you are reading these reviews thinking about whether it's reeeally worth it to buy an official controller, especially when there are cheaper chinese replicas and gamestop 'alternatives' around, I have a simple answer: yes, it's worth it.

And here's why: this wireless controller has a response time that puts my previous wired controller to shame. In some games, that's the difference between winning and losing. Second: it easily connects to the PS3 and doesn't mysteriously disconnect 'randomly' (a problem you might find with some replicas). And third.. it feels nice and expensive in my hands, which is exactly how you want a controller to feel. A cheap plastic controller makes the whole experience feel cheap and childish. It might seem silly, but it really does make for a better experience. Not to mention... this is an item that will be sitting in your living room when guests visit. Nothing says "I'm a cheapskate" quite like a terrible knockoff controller.

About the red controller in particular: the color is very nice and fully opaque. For a color reference, think about the red case of a 'greatest hits' game. It is almost exactly that color.

So in summary: do yourself a favor and get a nice controller.
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