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on August 29, 2013
First off, it's nice to be able to get any kind of case for your system, no matter what the price or the quality, but you should always consider what you are getting versus what you are paying. Some cases are good, others are not so good. Some come with a nice assortment of extras, while others just offer you just one item and that's it.

This package is not exactly the best kind of package to get. The "case" (If you can all it a case) is nothing more than a clothe slip case you slide your PS Vita into, what looks like, a pocket. No zippers, no snaps. It uses a tight overlap flap to hold everything together. The main reason I don't like this package is that there's no extra slips for the power supply as well as nothing to put the extra items that comes with it. The extra items (Such as the game case to carry your extra games plus a spare memory card) are a nice plus, but good luck trying to find a place to put it in the case that comes with it. It's nothing more than just a case for your PS Vita, that's it. It's not an all in one case. This is not a very smart idea if you plan to make a package deal. If you are going to make a package with extras, you would think it would be ideal to make sure all the items with the package work together for an all in one purpose.

Overall, it's not a bad case, but the extras that come with it will have no place or purpose with the case. So when you get this package, you will have to find a place for the ear plugs and game case. The case itself is more for your PS Vita, nothing more.
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on May 26, 2017
the quality of the product seems to be good
(as expected of an official product of Sony)
and i have not received my Vita yet, but i have no doubt the fitment will be right too

i only wish I'd read the description more carefully. i wanted to buy a case for the Vita, but what's included in this is a pouch. no zipper or velcro. it's held in just by the elastic

the screen protector is aligned by the buttons and joystick so no worries of applying it crooked

game case is made of hard plastic, but not brittle. I'm not worried about this cracking any time soon.

the ear bud headphones appear to be cheaply made, but i have no intention of using them as i prefer over the ear headphones.

the cleaning cloth seems to be made of a lesser material than the one which comes with the psvr, but thats expected since it's an older product. i'm sure it works well for what it's for
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on December 30, 2016
Alright so price to what you get....worth it, SO - long four gig's is enough for you. The screen protector that Comes with this purchase is good, yet be extremely careful on application, it is old school in a manner of speaking bubbles if you slam it on are next to impossible to remove from under it. Headphones "cheap" but good to have. The case was a reason I personally picked it up and needed a card, was disappointed that it didn't come with the Vita like the PSP 1001 did when I got that years ago. So case/Sleeve. & the gig card...along with the trash is worth the money if you don't need nothing more.
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on September 29, 2014
This starter kit is really as stated "good enough" to get started with.
I will make several comparisons to the items which came inside the packaging of the original PSP1000
The case is neoprene and is not as thick or protective as the PSP case. I feel like the case, if not put on with care, could damage the analogue sticks so I always make sure that there is no pressure or torque on either stick once I get the vita seated in the case.
The screen protector is great and definitely a good thing to have. I recommend watching a how to apply video before attempting to put it on. No air bubbles is a must and its not that easy to get it perfectly centered, so watch a video or two first.
The cleaning cloth is a nice size and bigger than the ones that came with the PSP. It's the same cloth and has PSVita embossed in it.
I don't have any physical games so not really sure about the card case. It's nice and thin, and the memory card is in the vita so I have not had a chance to try it.
The earphones are fine but again feel like a slight downgrade when compared to those which came with the PSP. The cables are thinner and get tangled easier. I actually put these in the drawer and still prefer the white PSP earphones instead.
The memory card is just enough to "get started" with a couple of digital games and a few smaller demos. Lemmings and Escape Plan will fit with one or two demos to go with them but it's really just too small of a capacity.
This is really just a starter kit and if you can get it for less than half of the launch price it's enough to get you started, but the case is really just a scratch guard, and I'm not sure how much protecting of the analogue sticks it's actually doing. The earbuds are "meh", you can use your existing ones. You'll need the cloth to wipe the screen before you install the screen protector which is good to have. For the Vita1000, you NEED a memory card and after buying the system, this is the smallest one avail and it really feels too small. The game card case will hopefully come in handy for travel, but we'll see how many games on physical media I actually buy.
You're gonna need a bigger memory card and will probably want a better case if you take your system on the go but if the price is low enough, this is good enough to get ya started if money is tight after shelling out for the system. You're gonna need the screen protector anyway.
After owning two PSP-1000's, I feel that nearly all of this stuff should have come inside the original box along with the Vita.
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on December 19, 2014
This product was okay. I bought it for only $20 or so so I am not that upset over the contents. If I had paid full price I would have returned it.

The case is soft and probably would only protect the device from minor scratches and dings. I can just see this thing getting crushed in my backpack while I'm traveling and pulling my vita out of it to find the screen smashed like my dad's iPhone.

The headphones where broken on arrival. One of the earbuds worked but the other was dead. They also didn't feel very good in my ears. I would be more upset if I didn't have a thousand pairs just laying around but it is still upsetting to have something you just purchased be broken.


Everything else in the case is useful. The memory card is a little small but those things can be a little expensive so for $20 I am not going to complain. The screen protector fit great. I am glad I got it because my PSP got scratched so easily and I don't want the same fate to happen to my Vita. The screen wipe is okay, I mean its a screen wipe, whoopdedoo. And the game case if very helpful because the Vita cartridges are tiny and I am afraid for their safety.
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on August 5, 2014
For $20, it's a great value.

- The pouch was exactly what I was looking for. A protective bag or sleeve that was thick enough to protect my Vita from scratches, but not bulky that annoys having is stored on my backpack.

- The cleaning cloth is just right for cleaning the screen after playing, and stores easily on the pouch with the Vita. Also, it got a nice engraved PSVITA logo on it, making it feel as something exclusive for it.

- The headphones are great. Are comfortable enough to have them on for hours and are well built. I use them every single day at work, and it's been more than a year since I acquire them. One day I was playing with them and hit them on the desk. One of the ear-sets came apart, but with enough pressure they came back together with no harm done.

Basically, those are the 3 things that I bought this kit for, and that's a $20 value easily. But it also includes:

- The 4GB memory is not enough for storing games, even more if you have a PS+ membership, but can be used for storing MP3s and use your vita as a media player.

- The screen protector is just to small for my taste, I like the ones that cover the entire front, including the sides of the buttons.

- The case if good, but I only own a 16GBs memory card, and all the games are downloads from PS+, so basically is for storing the 4GB memory card that came included.

As I stated, for $20 that's a great deal.
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on September 4, 2014
Great little starter carrying kit for your Vita. I took a strip of Velcro and sewed it to back of Sleeve then glues the other side to the Game case to make it easier to carry as 1 piece and it works great. The sleeve is a little flimsy but keeps it from getting scratched up in my bag. The headset isn't the greatest but your not buying this for that. the inclusion of the 4gb memory card is nice even though you cant put much on it. All in all a solid item if your looking for a case. It fits my Vita 2000 great
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on January 19, 2016
Everything you need if you are new to a PS Vita. I was able to order a larger 32 gb card and use this one for the mean time. Headphones are not too shabby actually, albiet not the best fit for my ears but they do the job. Screen protector is screen only fits well. I would recommend upgrading to a full front and rear panel one. Cloth was not the best I don't care too much for it tbh, not the softest material. Case was great, mine was not a perfect rectangle though, a BIT puffy on top and bottom, not as flat as a book but everything did fit very well. Card was perfect, 4gb, and is going to ps tv. Sleeve has a hole for headphones jack, very soft, nice, durable materials. All together a great buy.
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on August 2, 2014
I was extremely reluctant to buy this but after actually buying it, I can safely say it was well worth the money just for the cover. The screen protector is also good it gets the job done. The card case has a couple of slots for memory cards and a few slots for games, even though I only have 2 physical games and many memory cards I still throw the memory cards in the game slots even though they don't fit but it keeps everything in one place for me. There is nothing much to say about the memory card. The ear phones are bad but that did not lessen my experience since I didn't really care about getting any in the first place. In conclusion I gave it 5/5 even with the earphone just because the entire package is worth it even if it didn't include them.
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on April 21, 2014
Sony does make quality products. Lately, they've also branched off into making inferior products and ripping people off. The memory card is their way of ripping you off. They charge twice as much for data cards that work only on the PS Vita. Why? Because they can, and because they like money. The real kicker with this starter kit though is that the carrying case included does not contain all of the products in the kit. The plastic package is thicker than it needs to be in order to trick you into thinking that the carrying case is deeper. The carrying case actually only holds the Vita itself. And not very well at that. I have to admit that the value is still good because it's so cheap. Just remember, you get what you pay for. Shell out more for an actual quality product.
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