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on March 10, 2012
I bought a Vita for the sole fact that I am a big Sony fan, not always the case, but it happen when I was converted in the 8th Grade when the Sega Saturn sucked a big one. Ever since then I have been a fan. But even as a fan I will always admit that the Playstation brand launches have ALWAYS! been lackluster. But that all changed with the Vita. At launch Sony already had most of the online infrastructure for the Vita functional (in North America anyways). Games? Hot Shots Golf, Uncharted, Mod Nation Racer, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Ninja Gaiden, Escape Plan, just to name a few. The hardware itself is amazing, its basically a portable PS3 with a front touch-screen, a rear touch-pad, dual analog sticks and only missing two shoulder buttons but in some of the games out there the touch-pad and touch-screen make up for it, Trophy support, I can really go on and on about what I like about this system, but that would make this review too long.

But like anything else there are some slight drawbacks, first off the battery life is lacking when gaming, which is a bummer considering this is a gaming platform, some games out right now are really pushing the new tech like Touch-screen, Touch-pad and even the "Three-Axis" controls (motion controls) to the point where it starts to feel real gimmicky. The internet browser is terrible, but if you're really that desperate for a mobile browser buy a start phone or a tablet, this is for gaming.

But all in all this system is great, the few flaws that it has really don't hinder the power, performance and fun that can already be had with the system, unlike when the PS3 launch, where there was like 1 game for the first 6-months. And up until the Launch of the Vita that has been the case for just about every system launch in the last 20 years. PS3 - Resistance, X360 - Call of Duty 2, Wii - ??????? Wii Sports???, PS2 - SSX, Xbox - Halo, Dreamcast - Soul Caliber, Gamecube - Luigi's Mansion,
Really the last system I can think off that really took off is the Super Nintendo since it launched with Super Mario World. Everything after that up until the Vita was Meh.

So in the end if you really want a Vita I would say get one, there are games in just about every genre, so your bound to find something you like, Minus a shooter. But if you're on the fence about I would say hold off until the next revision comes out with a better battery life and possible slight improvements.

But for me, I am super happy I bought this at launch as it has rarely seen a day off since I got it and the only reason I haven't played it at times, is because life has gotten in the way. Stupid life and all its rules. 5 star product.
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on February 27, 2014
The good:
+ Analog sticks are very nice, a massive upgrade from the awful one on the PSP. And there's two of them!
+ The D-pad is also excellent. Much nicer than any other Sony D-pad I've seen.
+ PSN store is much easier to navigate than the 3DS eShop. In fact, it's easier to navigate PSN here than on the PS3.
+ Impressive graphics from many games I've played.
+ Feels solidly built, unlike any model of the PSP. Has a decent heft to it.
+ Game slot is covered, preventing accidental pop-outs like I've had on my 3DS.
+ Comfortable to hold.
+ Big OLED screen. Seriously, the colors on this are really impressive, and the contrast ratio is fantastic. Really high quality.

The bad:
- the UI doesn't look nice -- ugly circles on the main screen and oddly jiggly feel to everything, not stylish and clean like XMB
- some Vita games run at upscaled PSP resolution and look blurry for it
- copying things onto it is awful compared to the nice drag-and-drop system that the PSP used
- the back touchpad seems kind of worthless as an input feature, every game that uses it seems like it'd work better with L2/R2 buttons instead
- still has a somewhat tiny library at the time of this review
- expensive proprietary memory, not even supporting Sony's almost identically shaped M2 cards
- OLED display is almost completely washed out in the sun, so you can't really play this thing outside

I can't recommend it at the moment if you don't have a game you want for it in mind, but if you do, definitely go for it. It's a neat little handheld. The excellent controls and gorgeous high resolution display are worth it. I'd keep a PSP around if you have one, because it doesn't replace it.
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on September 5, 2017
My hands are like a wet sponge at all times, and to my dismay the stock oled ps vita locks up everytime I touched the screen. Also it would randomly say it had a low battery and shut down. However, after disconnecting and re connecting the battery it no longer has battery issues, 3+ hrs on full charge, and putting on a screen protector has fixed the screen and its now nice and snappy. Remote play alone makes it worth it, and if you like JRPG's there is no shortage of full fledge vita games. If your like me and have been thinking about getting one for ages, I'd pull the trigger now while they are still old and not vintage or collectable.

For big man hands
Aweek® Bracket Handgrip Handle Grip Case for Playstation Vita 1000 PSVita PS Vita - Blue
For wet sponge protection
Screen Protectors for Sony PlayStation Vita 1000 with Back Covers, AFUNTA 2 Pack (4 Pcs) Tempered Glass for Front Screen and HD Clear PET Film for the Back, PS Vita PSV PCH-1000 Film Accessory
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on June 5, 2017
I actually received an EU 1000 Model but I am beyond satisfied with my Vita. Remote play was my main attraction and it was well worth the purchase. Even though mine was an EU model, I set it up as US and every game, both digital and physical, work without issue.
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There are so many in depth reviews on here of this system, I won't even bother to get into the technical aspects of this device. This is more my personal experience with this which I've had for about 6 months now. I got this system so I could play Uncharted: Golden Abyss. I'm a huge Uncharted fan and getting any and everything Uncharted I can get my hands on. This device, for me, is strictly a gaming device. My girlfriend likes to study in quiet or watch stuff on TV I don't want to watch (like anything on the E channel, except for The Soup) so I needed something to keep me busy when I'm too tired to read comics or draw. I have the newest Droid by Motorola, so I didn't get a Vita to take pictures. The camera isn't anything special on the Vita. Internet usage is about the same as doing it on my PS3, so I don't do It on the Vita, that's why I have a phone. I don't play games on my phone, THAT is why I got a vita. That is why the Vita is so awesome. It's OLED screen is immaculate, Rayman Origins (amazing game, a must own) and Uncharted: Golden Abyss look really great on here.

*Dual joysticks are great and make it easy to play games that could easily be home console games.
*Little slots for the game cards and data cards are small but easy enough to remove.
*Button scheme is identical to PSONE, PS2 and PS3 so it's familiar.
*It's fast, downloading movies and games from the PSN is quick, even with my slow internet connection. This device has power.
*Not too many games, but the great games are some of the best.
*Easy to use, lightweight, durable and fits well in hand.

This thing is great, plain and simple. There are great games to download like Retro City Rampage and Escape Plan, and great games to purchase like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Rayman Origins, and Assassins Creed III: Liberation.
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on May 24, 2016
i'm actually very satisfied with this order! it came super fast and the product was to my surprise in better condition than described! it said it had medium wear and has damage on the edges of the frame and damage on the lanyard port. for the most part there right but i'd hardly call the damage "medium." there are deep gashes on the two loops on the sides of the vita but beyond that i can't find more than one scratch on the edges. so the damage only seems to be asthetic and hardly noticable. as for damage to the lanyard port i haven't noticed anything of the sort actually. all i noticed is that it's much more difficult for me to plug in my charger and pull it out and i mean really tough!! it almost seems like the charger is too big for the port, but it still charges and works. so no real issue just an annoyance. as mentioned by my title there is no memory card that comes with this ps vita, you only get a charger with your ps vita!!
this is actually annoying cause the ps vita memory cards are extremely overpriced right now. even a 4gig could easily run over $20 here on amazon. though i do admit the ps vita is priced pretty cheaply. getting it for $100 bucks i guess it's fair that i must buy my own memory card.
so all in all i'd buy from this seller again as the ps vita came WAY before it was supposed to. it said earliest arrival would be about one or two weeks i got it in TWO DAYS!! upon arrival the ps vita was packaged very very well i mean it was really buried in that little box it came in suffocated under many blankets of bubble wrap=) wich is what you wanna see. the charger actually seems new as it has that new chemical smell (no worries it wears off fast) and is not dirty or chipped or anything. also the ps vita came FULLY CHARGED!!! also the battery seems to last a long time. i was worried since it was "used" the battery life might be short. thus defeating the purpose of even having the darn thing, but nope it runs a long good time. so if this is any indication of the other ps vita's this seller has you may get the same or similar condition and treatment so i say go for it. for 100$ this was a pretty good buy!!
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on February 17, 2016
This thing is magical. It's a shame that more AAA games weren't made for it, because then it would be more popular. But even as things are it has a really expansive library of good games to play on it, especially in the Playstation Store. Something that the Vita excels at is playing Indie games! Super Meat Boy, Minecraft, Shovel Knight, The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, Citizens of earth, just so many excellent indie games play wonderfully on this machine. There are new indie titles with plans to move to the PS Vita every week, and personally I hope that Undertale makes the transition at some point. There are a handful of great AAA titles too, and if you own one of these things you NEED to have both Tearaway and Little Big Planet. They both use all of the features of the Vita and they make them feel like they are SUPPOSED to be there. If you are like me then you probably raised an eyebrow when you heard that the entire back panel of the Vita is actually touch sensitive. When you play Tearaway and you see your finger pushing through the ground inside the game world, though, all of that skepticism just melts away.

Another interesting feature of the Vita is that it's Region Free. Meaning that if you like japanese games but they don't get released in the country that you live, you can have it shipped and it will play without any problems on the Vita. Well, one problem. you can't download DLC from japan if your playstation account is in a different country. Either way, if you like JRPG's, I've heard that this is a good way to play them. I wouldn't know personally, but there you go.

The Vita is a good. You should buy it.
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on October 22, 2015
The device itself ( the 1000 model ) is very beautiful. Premium feel and an amazing screen quality. I broke my last one so I tried repurchasing

My 2 stars is directed at this listing. MAKE SURE YOU ARE GETTING THE ORIGINAL OLED MODEL. I ordered and they sent me the newer 2000 model with the lower quality LCD screen. If you want the 2000 model, so can find better bundles and colors elsewhere for cheaper prices.
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on February 5, 2014
Decided to finally buy a Vita to compliment my PS4, but wow, I didn't expect it to completely take over all of my gaming time. I've spent about a total of 2 hrs on my PS4 this past week, while my Vita has gotten every other bit of my free time. That OLED screen is so nice and crisp. It really is an impressive little piece of hardware. While it may not have many big AAA games like its' console counterparts, it has a very nice collection and variety of games that will surely keep you busy, such as Persona 4: Golden, Guacamelee!, Killzone: Mercenary, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, Rayman Legends, etc. Bundle this with a PS Plus subscription and you may not even have to spend money on software due to the instant game collection with quality games available for free every month. However, if you're a PC gamer then you may not be that interested, considering many of the good games on Vita are available for PC and are ports. And oh! The remote play with the PS4 works flawlessly and is really great if someone is occupying your tv or your out and about and feel like playing your PS4. Overall, it's a great handheld and I'm glad I made the purchase. It has consumed all of my gaming time and with the backlog of free games I have from PS Plus, I don't see me going back to my PS4 for awhile.
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on March 4, 2012
Today is the 12th day since I got the Wi-Fi PS Vita on launch day and what is my take on it so far? I have to say it is the ultimate gamer's portable dream! It trumps any handheld gaming experience in history and the hardware just oozes with groundbreaking potential.

Out of the box, you will notice that it is satisfyingly larger than its older brother, the PSP-1000 (and its various slimmer versions), but it's noticably lighter because of the absence of the UMD drive. Also, despite of its size, it is still certainly surprisingly pocketable, not skinny jeans pocketable, but it will fit slacks pockets when needed. The exterior is still made of plastic, even the silver toned sides (ala iPhone 4), but it still feels solidly built and it has this comfortable heft. I would say, compared to the old PSP, I prefer the Vita's size because my hands don't feel as cramped and my thumbs fall naturally above the d-pad, buttons and the sticks without the constant contortions I had to do with the PSP, especially when pushing the X button. The Vita fits snugly in your palms and all the controls are ergonomically appropriate.

Turning it on, you are welcomed by the star of the show: the brilliant 5 inch OLED screen. The resolution is 960 by 544, not exactly Retina Display, but for a 5 incher, it remarkably screams HD. Play games like Uncharted Golden Abyss, Rayman Origins or Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus and you would say it's as close to PS3 graphics as you could without lugging around a TV. The old PSP-1000 screen looks dull. washed out and so SD in comparison. Colors are brilliant, blacks are amazing, contrast is excellent and since the screen is standard for all Vitas, everyone will see the game like the developers intended them to be seen. I notice some strange blotches in black loading screens, though, but I read that these are normal and it's an inherent flaw with OLED screens. It's a non-issue because they're gone as soon as images are displayed.

Now back to the controls. This is what makes the Vita finally a full-blown home console alternative: Dual analog sticks! The Vita's sticks are full-fledged sticks this time around and they mimic the PS3 Dual Shock 3 sticks admirably. Unlike the PSP analog nub though, the Vita's sticks are partially raised but because of this, they have excellent movement play. I would say the analog sticks were designed and positioned perfectly on the Vita. I just wished they they made them clickable as well (for L3 and R3).

The D-pad and the main buttons on the Vita are clicky and have less travel than the PSP and are less spongy. They are also smaller than the original PSP's but I prefer the Vita's despite of their size because of their perfect positions. Also, the shoulder buttons on the Vita are smoother and feel more solid than than the PSP's shoulder clickers.The Vita's Select and Start buttons I'm not a fan of though. They're flush and pressing them is a chore. This gets annoying with games like Uncharted where you constantly check the map and it is mapped to the Select button. Annoying but just my slight complaint.

Now, here's where the PS Vita sets itself apart from anything you have seen before. Coupled with the usual six-axis motion controls (gyroscope and accelerometer), it has a rear touchpad! The touchpad feels like your regular front touchscreen and owing to the Vita's great design, my fingers just fall on it naturally. Never did it feel awkward or forced. Some launch games incorporate the rear touchpad but its more like a shoe-horned feature. The only game I've seen so far that makes the touchscreen and all the other Vita's functions an enjoyable necessity is Little Deviants.

The PS Vita is also equipped with serviceable but so-so front and rear cameras. They're not meant for taking stellar photos but they're in the Vita more for their augmented reality gaming potential. The Vita comes with Augmented Reality cards out of the box and there are free AR games available in the PS Store. I have tried these games and although they're not exactly great, I can't wait what game developers could come up with in the future.

The Vita's built-in stereo speakers are more or less the same as the PSP's but they sound a bit crisper and fuller. You could still definitely game without headphones on and are definitely better than the iPhone or iPad's paltry single external speaker.
Headphone output is crisp and clear with the right headphones.

The slots for the game cards and the accessory port plus the volume controls are located on the top. The memory card slot and the charging port (which is proprietary) are located on the bottom. I am not really fond of the slot covers. You need fingernails to latch them open and the doors feel flimsy.

So, that I think covers what I think about the hardware, what about the built-in software? Well, since the Vita is reported to have a quad-core processor, 512 MB system RAM and 256 MB VRAM, everything feels zippy. There is no lag at all in the menus and since the games are all optimized, everything runs smoothly. There is even slight multitasking while gaming. Within a game, you could go back the menu and fire up certain things like the Vita's Twitter client, check your Friends via Near, update trophies, etc. So far, so good, no problems so far. I just hope future apps will remain optimized and won't cause any problems.

The main thing Sony is touting about the Vita, aside from the console quality gaming, is its location based features, The built-in software Near is surprisingly interesting. Although clunky, it lets you meet players around your current location, see their activity, check out what games are popular, exchange 'game goods' (these are in-game items) and add them as friends. It's like gaming with a social networking twist. I think Near may be the only main reason why you would want the 3G Vita instead of the Wifi one.

The other apps I have tried are your basic ones like Facebook, Livetweet (like I mentioned), Flickr, Maps, Foursquare and Netflix. All of these apps are formatted and optimized for the Vita. Netflix looks pretty much like the PS3 or the Smart TV version. Facebook was buggy on launch but they fixed it but it's still a little slow. Livetweet is great. You could even grab a screenshot of your game (by holding the Home button and Start simultaneously) and tweet it instantly.

The Vita browser, unfortunately, is like its PS3 brother. It's buggy and slow. Right now, it is even less usable because it doesn't support HTML5 nor Flash at all. I hope they resolve this soon but I don't really see myself using the Vita browser all the time.

I also haven't used the Vita's native music or video player which brings me to my next point. I am not planning on making my Vita my all around device. I got a Vita because I want cutting edge portable gaming technology right now. For all other stuff, I have a smartphone or a tablet, which frankly, I don't find really suitable for long gaming sessions. I still prefer tactile buttons against frustrating touchscreen controls and I want full-sized console quality gaming on the go and not the watered down games we get on today's all around devices. I know it's another device to carry, but for sheer satisfying complete gaming experiences you could get anytime, as a long-time gamer, it is worth it.

The only real downside for me about the Vita is the lack of internal storage. For storage, I had to buy a proprietary 8 gig memory card which is a bit overpriced. I could understand that there may be standardized card speeds that Sony is implementing to optimize the Vita's performance but they are still on the expensive side. And I think 8 Gig is the minimum if you planning on downloading game demos and other items from the PS Store.

The retail games also come in a tiny SD card sized cartridge with a relatively, ridiculously oversized case. There is just so much wasted space on the game cases, I just wished they designed them to have built-in compartments for other games. At this writing, the launch games are still hovering around $40-50, so they're not really cheap. There are cheap games on the PS Store called Minis and there's a catalog of backward-compatible PSP games you could buy and download. What I'm waiting for are the Playstation One games. As of this writing, they're still not available.

Oh, and about the Vita launch games. So far I have Little Deviants, Hot Shots Golf, Rayman Origins, Uncharted Golden Abyss and the Vita port of my favorite game of all time, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus. All of these games, I'd say are must buy if you want to experience a bit of what the Vita could. Eye-popping graphics, innovative control schemes, epic and complete gaming. (Ninja Gaiden is a pixel perfect port. Although it's just running 30fps, it's the Xbox and PS3 version in its entirety.)

So there, I have been gaming as long as I could remember and for me, I consider the PS Vita as THE next-gen of gaming, console or otherwise. I haven't touched any other gaming console since I got the PS Vita because it is more convenient, more relaxing and more personal than any existing gaming device right now. And most of all, it is a COMPLETE gaming experience on the go. So f you're getting bored with the current consoles, or you are totally afraid that this current casual gaming trend may take over because of smartphones or if you simply want your portable gaming mojo reinvigorated, do yourself a favor and GET A VITA now.
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