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on July 1, 2016
I placed this order expecting to recieve the PSVITA 1001 With the OLED screen as described. I ended up with the 2001 in a smashed box. (amazon box is fine). Needless to say I would have gotten the 2001 cheaper from a different amazon vendor if that is the system I had wanted. Either way, after testing the vita does seem to be in working order, and undamaged. It just would have been nice to know I would be recieving the wrong system so I would not have to either send it back or the docking station that I ordered for the 1001
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on July 16, 2016
I'm not at all happy with my purchase. The model I bought is not the model I received. After reviewing many reviews I decided to buy the PSVita with OLED screen and have received the simplest slim model that has the worst comments. I feel even scammed because the model I bought is more expensive than the model that came to me. I do not want my money back, I want the model I bought, because I can not make a return from my current location
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on October 21, 2016
Generally I am very skeptical about purchasing pre-owned products, especially when it come to buying electronics and consoles. However, after shopping everywhere for a first gen OLED Vita, I found that my options were to either purchase a new Japanese model for far more than I wanted to spend, or purchase a pre-owned/refurbished console. After seeing the price on this, I was very surprised, considering that it is quite a bit lower than any other listing I could find. However, the seller has an excellent rating and I decided to take the chance. The Vita does not include any of the original packaging such as box and instructions, so if you want those, you should probably buy elsewhere. Personally, I already own a Vita 2000, so I don't need the instructions, nor do I hold onto the boxes. The Vita came wrapped with no scratches on either the front screen, nor the rear touch pad. Minor signs of wear along the side edges, but I would consider it "Very Good" condition for a pre-owned portable console. It works perfectly and the OLED looks amazing. I generally put a carbon fiber skin on my consoles, and after doing so with this, it looked new. I would definitely purchase from this seller again, and I doubt that you will find a similar quality product for the same price anywhere else.
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on July 31, 2017
No need to write a review of an old console that's on its way out. I'll just share that my experience with this refurb was perfect. I got an original OLED Vita with virtually no signs of wear. I have probably caused more wear on it than it came with.

The main negative of the original Vita (besides moderately worse battery life) is that there are fewer accessories for it. I especially want one of those grips that adds triggers by creating a mechanism that presses the right part of the rear touch, and makes it way more enjoyable to do remote play (main reason I bought it). It exists but only from third party sellers for over $100.

If I were to write just a quick list of loves and hates, then... I love the screen, the d-pad, the size/weight, remote play, the indie game selection, cross buy/play, psp homebrew, free ps+ games. I hate the start/select buttons, the back touch (especially when used to emulate L2/R2 in remote play), the sticks, the lack of L2/R2, the overpriced memory cards (nothing can be played without one, not even retail cards), the lack of 5 ghz wifi or ethernet that leaves you with no option for fast internet, the terrible slowness of psn downloads, the terrible UI for discovering games or even downloading old games, the fact that Sony abandoned something with so much promise. I don't mind the proprietary charger, it is sturdy and reliable, unlike micro-usb ports that if (when) they break will make your console unusable.

I got a Vita super-late, after it had already sorta ended its life, so I could do remote play and try out some of the back library and all the free ps+ games I'd accumulated over time. It is too bad what happened to the Vita, because a Vita 2 with all of its problems fixed could have been something great. Now the Switch is everything the Vita could have been and then some. Farewell, Vita, you never even had a chance to live.
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on July 25, 2017
Ahh the vita 1000, perfection in a handheld console; that is, if you are weeaboo/otaku anime fan like me. Vita haters who've never actually held or owned a vita don't understand how vastly superior the hardware (including an incredible battery life, charge time, sleep mode, and the fact that it automatically goes to sleep mode to prevent loss of data when battery is too low, on top of not being region locked like a 3DS.) AND UI is compared to the 3DS (and I do own a 3DS to back this claim) and this version having a fantastic OLED screen. It is quite a pity however of the overpriced proprietary memory cards and lack of strong first party support to market this system to the masses. For the hardcore anime fan however, the vita has a PLETHORA of anime or anime artstyle games, JRPGs, slash and hacks, dungeon crawlers, rhythm games, visual novels, you name it. But understandably, vita fans like myself are a very small niche of gamers in the west and thus you'd need titles with strong western gamer appeal which this system is sorely lacking. But hey man, if you want to jump in to the vita, here's a couple of titles to try out: Soul Sacrifice delta (SO underrated, this is NOT just another monster hunter clone, hell, Keiji Inafune helped in it's development), persona 4 golden (don't say this is JUST PS2 port, this added so much additional content, story, and an entirely new character and subplot and system revamps/reworks it's practically a new game), Disgaea 3/4 (similar to P4 golden, these are the definitive versions of the games and are vastly superior to the PS3 versions), Gravity Rush (one of the only games to utilize the full capacity of all the vita's controls), and Freedom wars. If you are already in the deep end of being a weeaboo/otaku anime fan, of course there's all the Hyperdimension Neptunia titles, Project Diva, Senran Kagura, VN's like Steins gate, and everything else in between. Again, HIGHLY underrated handheld console, and yet I would only recommend it if you like anime and anime artstyled games and would like to play them on the go or honestly, on the toilet or in bed since a lot of vita titles are being ported to PS4 or Steam. It still is THE definitive way to play Persona 4 golden and Disgaea 3 and 4 however, and still has nifty additional features like streaming PS4 games onto it or being able to play all your digital copies of PS1 and PSP games purchased on the PSN store.
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on March 20, 2018
Very unhappy about my purchase with this seller. So many things went wrong here I’m not even sure where to start.
1. I didn’t even receive the OLED model as advertised I got an LCD.
2. While I was fine with the “slight blemish or bezel that may or may not be on the back”, the console I received looked like it had just come back from the wars and was looking for a smoke, whiskey and screw before quietly dying while you weren’t looking. It was terrible scuffed dinged and just plain broken in some places.
3. This brings me to the culmination of the issues. If you are going to put a new piece of front glass on a glorified electric waste, could you at least make sure the touch screen works!? The device was completely unusable as the touch screen didn’t even work to unlock the console.

Never thought I’d be saying this, but tomorrow I will be going to Gamestop to inspect their used devices and if that doesn’t work, I’ll just have to buy a new device. Really thought this would be a better experience with all the positive reviews but hopefully this was just a fluke and not how this company usually operates.
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on September 5, 2017
My hands are like a wet sponge at all times, and to my dismay the stock oled ps vita locks up everytime I touched the screen. Also it would randomly say it had a low battery and shut down. However, after disconnecting and re connecting the battery it no longer has battery issues, 3+ hrs on full charge, and putting on a screen protector has fixed the screen and its now nice and snappy. Remote play alone makes it worth it, and if you like JRPG's there is no shortage of full fledge vita games. If your like me and have been thinking about getting one for ages, I'd pull the trigger now while they are still old and not vintage or collectable.

For big man hands
Aweek® Bracket Handgrip Handle Grip Case for Playstation Vita 1000 PSVita PS Vita - Blue
For wet sponge protection
Screen Protectors for Sony PlayStation Vita 1000 with Back Covers, AFUNTA 2 Pack (4 Pcs) Tempered Glass for Front Screen and HD Clear PET Film for the Back, PS Vita PSV PCH-1000 Film Accessory
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on February 17, 2016
This thing is magical. It's a shame that more AAA games weren't made for it, because then it would be more popular. But even as things are it has a really expansive library of good games to play on it, especially in the Playstation Store. Something that the Vita excels at is playing Indie games! Super Meat Boy, Minecraft, Shovel Knight, The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, Citizens of earth, just so many excellent indie games play wonderfully on this machine. There are new indie titles with plans to move to the PS Vita every week, and personally I hope that Undertale makes the transition at some point. There are a handful of great AAA titles too, and if you own one of these things you NEED to have both Tearaway and Little Big Planet. They both use all of the features of the Vita and they make them feel like they are SUPPOSED to be there. If you are like me then you probably raised an eyebrow when you heard that the entire back panel of the Vita is actually touch sensitive. When you play Tearaway and you see your finger pushing through the ground inside the game world, though, all of that skepticism just melts away.

Another interesting feature of the Vita is that it's Region Free. Meaning that if you like japanese games but they don't get released in the country that you live, you can have it shipped and it will play without any problems on the Vita. Well, one problem. you can't download DLC from japan if your playstation account is in a different country. Either way, if you like JRPG's, I've heard that this is a good way to play them. I wouldn't know personally, but there you go.

The Vita is a good. You should buy it.
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on May 24, 2016
i'm actually very satisfied with this order! it came super fast and the product was to my surprise in better condition than described! it said it had medium wear and has damage on the edges of the frame and damage on the lanyard port. for the most part there right but i'd hardly call the damage "medium." there are deep gashes on the two loops on the sides of the vita but beyond that i can't find more than one scratch on the edges. so the damage only seems to be asthetic and hardly noticable. as for damage to the lanyard port i haven't noticed anything of the sort actually. all i noticed is that it's much more difficult for me to plug in my charger and pull it out and i mean really tough!! it almost seems like the charger is too big for the port, but it still charges and works. so no real issue just an annoyance. as mentioned by my title there is no memory card that comes with this ps vita, you only get a charger with your ps vita!!
this is actually annoying cause the ps vita memory cards are extremely overpriced right now. even a 4gig could easily run over $20 here on amazon. though i do admit the ps vita is priced pretty cheaply. getting it for $100 bucks i guess it's fair that i must buy my own memory card.
so all in all i'd buy from this seller again as the ps vita came WAY before it was supposed to. it said earliest arrival would be about one or two weeks i got it in TWO DAYS!! upon arrival the ps vita was packaged very very well i mean it was really buried in that little box it came in suffocated under many blankets of bubble wrap=) wich is what you wanna see. the charger actually seems new as it has that new chemical smell (no worries it wears off fast) and is not dirty or chipped or anything. also the ps vita came FULLY CHARGED!!! also the battery seems to last a long time. i was worried since it was "used" the battery life might be short. thus defeating the purpose of even having the darn thing, but nope it runs a long good time. so if this is any indication of the other ps vita's this seller has you may get the same or similar condition and treatment so i say go for it. for 100$ this was a pretty good buy!!
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on March 10, 2012
I bought a Vita for the sole fact that I am a big Sony fan, not always the case, but it happen when I was converted in the 8th Grade when the Sega Saturn sucked a big one. Ever since then I have been a fan. But even as a fan I will always admit that the Playstation brand launches have ALWAYS! been lackluster. But that all changed with the Vita. At launch Sony already had most of the online infrastructure for the Vita functional (in North America anyways). Games? Hot Shots Golf, Uncharted, Mod Nation Racer, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Ninja Gaiden, Escape Plan, just to name a few. The hardware itself is amazing, its basically a portable PS3 with a front touch-screen, a rear touch-pad, dual analog sticks and only missing two shoulder buttons but in some of the games out there the touch-pad and touch-screen make up for it, Trophy support, I can really go on and on about what I like about this system, but that would make this review too long.

But like anything else there are some slight drawbacks, first off the battery life is lacking when gaming, which is a bummer considering this is a gaming platform, some games out right now are really pushing the new tech like Touch-screen, Touch-pad and even the "Three-Axis" controls (motion controls) to the point where it starts to feel real gimmicky. The internet browser is terrible, but if you're really that desperate for a mobile browser buy a start phone or a tablet, this is for gaming.

But all in all this system is great, the few flaws that it has really don't hinder the power, performance and fun that can already be had with the system, unlike when the PS3 launch, where there was like 1 game for the first 6-months. And up until the Launch of the Vita that has been the case for just about every system launch in the last 20 years. PS3 - Resistance, X360 - Call of Duty 2, Wii - ??????? Wii Sports???, PS2 - SSX, Xbox - Halo, Dreamcast - Soul Caliber, Gamecube - Luigi's Mansion,
Really the last system I can think off that really took off is the Super Nintendo since it launched with Super Mario World. Everything after that up until the Vita was Meh.

So in the end if you really want a Vita I would say get one, there are games in just about every genre, so your bound to find something you like, Minus a shooter. But if you're on the fence about I would say hold off until the next revision comes out with a better battery life and possible slight improvements.

But for me, I am super happy I bought this at launch as it has rarely seen a day off since I got it and the only reason I haven't played it at times, is because life has gotten in the way. Stupid life and all its rules. 5 star product.
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